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Aad, G, De Santo, Antonella and ATLAS Collaboration, (2011) Search for supersymmetry using final states with one lepton, jets, and missing transverse momentum with the ATLAS detector in √s = 7 TeV pp collisions. Physical Review Letters, 106 (13). p. 131802. ISSN 0031-9007

Aad, G, De Santo, Antonella and The ATLAS Collaboration, (2011) Search for an excess of events with an identical flavour lepton pair and significant missing transverse momentum in √s=7 TeV proton–proton collisions with the ATLAS detector. The European Physical Journal C - Particles and Fields, 71 (7). p. 1647. ISSN 1434-6044

Aaltonen, T, Cerri, A and The CDF Collaboration, (2011) Measurement of the Bs0 Lifetime in Fully and Partially Reconstructed Bs0→Ds-(ϕπ-)X Decays in p̅ p Collisions at √s=1.96  TeV. Physical Review Letters, 107 (27). pp. 272001-272008. ISSN 0031-9007

Abbas, Syed Shahid, Venkataramanan, Vidya, Pathak, Garima and Kakkar, Manish (2011) Rabies control initiative in Tamil Nadu, India: a test case for the ‘One Health’ approach. International Health, 3 (4). pp. 231-239. ISSN 1876-3413

Abberley, Will (2011) Race and species essentialism in nineteenth-century philology. Critical Quarterly, 53 (4). pp. 45-60. ISSN 0011-1562

Abbott, Jessica K and Morrow, Edward H (2011) Obtaining snapshots of genetic variation using hemiclonal analysis. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 26 (7). pp. 359-368. ISSN 0169-5347

Abraham, John (2011) Evolving sociological analyses of 'pharmaceuticalization': a response to Williams, Martin and Gabe. Sociology of Health and Illness, 33 (5). pp. 726-728. ISSN 0141-9889

Abraham, John and Ballinger, Rachel (2011) Power, expertise, and the limits of representative democracy: genetics as scientific progress or political legitimation in pharmaceutical risk assessment? Journal of Community Genetics, Publis. pp. 1-13. ISSN 1868-310X

Abraham, John and Ballinger, Rachel (2011) The neo-liberal regulatory state, industry interests, and the ideological penetration of scientific knowledge: deconstructing the re-definition of carcinogens in pharmaceuticals. Science, Technology, and Human Values, 37 (5). pp. 443-477. ISSN 0162-2439

Abreu, Maria, Grinevich, Vadim, Kitson, Michael and Savona, Maria (2011) The changing face of innovation policy: implications for the Northern Ireland economy. Other. DETI Department of Trade and Industry Northern Ireland.

Acevedo-Arozena, Abraham, Kalmar, Bernadett, Essa, Shafa, Ricketts, Thomas, Joyce, Peter, Kent, Rosie, Rowe, Claire, Parker, Andy, Gray, Anna, Hafezparast, Majid, Thorpe, Julian R, Greensmith, Linda and Fisher, Elizabeth M C (2011) A comprehensive assessment of the SOD1G93A low-copy transgenic mouse, which models human amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Disease Models and Mechanisms, 4 (5). pp. 686-700. ISSN 1754-8403

Adams, Ubanesia Lolita (2011) Reinterpreting the implementation gap: a case based analysis of District Health System implementation in the Western Cape Province in South Africa. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Adamson, P, Andreopoulos, C, Armstrong, R, Auty, D.J, Ayres, D S, Backhouse, C, Barr, G, Bishai, M, Blake, A, Block, G.J, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Hartnell, J, Lefeuvre, G and et al, (2011) Measurement of the underground atmospheric muon charge ratio using the MINOS Near Detector. Physical Review D, D83 (3). 032011. ISSN 1550-7998

Adamson, P, Andreopoulos, C, Armstrong, R, Auty, D.J, Ayres, D.S, Backhouse, C, Barr, G, Bishai, M, Blake, A, Bock, G.J, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Hartnell, J, Lefeuvre, G and et al, (2011) Measurement of the neutrino mass splitting and flavor mixing by MINOS. Physical Review Letters, 106 (18). p. 181801. ISSN 0031-9007

Adamson, P, Andreopoulos, C, Auty, D., Ayres, D.S, Backhouse, C, Barr, G, Bishai, M, Blake, A, Block, G.J, Boehnlein, D.J, Devenish, N.E, Falk, E, Hartnell, J, Lefeuvre G, G and et al, (2011) First direct observation of muon antineutrino disappearance. Physical Review Letters, 107 (2). 021801. ISSN 0031-9007

Adamson, P, Andreopoulos, C, Auty, D.J, Ayres, D. S., Backhouse, C, Barr, G, Barrett, W.L, Bhattarai, P, Bishai, M, Blake, A, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Harris, P G, Hartnell, J, Lefeuvre, G and et al, (2011) Observation in the MINOS far detector of the shadowing of cosmic rays by the sun and moon. Astroparticle Physics, 34 (6). pp. 457-466. ISSN 0927-6505

Adamson, P, Auty, D J, Ayres, D S, Backhouse, C, Barr, G, Bishai, M, Blake, A, Bock, G J, Boehnlein, D J, Bogert, D, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Hartnell, J, Lefeuvre, G and et al, (2011) Search for the disappearance of muon antineutrinos in the NuMI neutrino beam. Physical Review D, D84. 071103. ISSN 1550-7998

Adamson, P, Auty, D J, Ayres, D S, Backhouse, C, Barr, G, Bishai, M, Blake, A, Bock, G.J, Boehnlein, D.J, Bogert, D, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Hartnell, J, Lefeuvre, G and et al, (2011) Active to Sterile Neutrino Mixing Limits from Neutral-Current Interactions in MINOS. Physical Review Letters, 107 (1). 011802. ISSN 0031-9007

Adamson, P, Auty, David, Ayres, D.S, Backhouse, C, Barr, G, Betancourt, M, Bishai, M, Blake, A, Bock, G.J, Boehnlein, D.J, Devenish, Nicholas, Falk, Elisabeth, Hartnell, Jeff and Lefeuvre, G (2011) Improved search for muon-neutrino to electron-neutrino oscillations in MINOS. Physical Review Letters, 107 (18). p. 181802. ISSN 0031-9007

Adelman, Richard (2011) Idle thought in Wordsworth’s Lucy cycle. Romanticism, 17 (1). pp. 94-105. ISSN 1354-991X

Adelman, Richard (2011) Idleness, contemplation and the aesthetic, 1750–1830. Cambridge Studies in Romanticism . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9780521190688

Adeniran, Ismail, McPate, Mark J, Witchel, Harry J, Hancox, Jules C and Zhang, Henggui (2011) Increased vulnerability of human ventricle to re-entrant excitation in hERG-linked variant 1 short QT syndrome. PLoS Computational Biology, 7 (12). e1002313. ISSN 1553-7358

Adu-Yeboah, Christine (2011) Constructing higher education experiences through narratives: selected cases of mature undergraduate women students in Ghana. Doctoral thesis (EdD), University of Sussex.

Ahmed, Allam (2011) Managing Knowledge and Innovation in the 21st Century and the Roadmap to Sustainability in the Arab Countries. In: Knowledge Management Conference, 23 October 2011, Abu Dhabi: UAE.

Ahmed, Allam (2011) The critical role of capacity building in achieving sustainable development in Africa. World Journal of Science, Technology and Sustainable Development, 8 (2/3). pp. 101-110. ISSN 2042-5945

Ahmed, Allam and Busler, Michael (2011) World Sustainable Development Outlook 2011: Sharing Knowledge Making a Difference: The Role of International Scientific Cooperation. Outlook Book Series, 9 . World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD), NJ, USA. ISBN 9781907106231

Ahmed, Allam and Hanson, Kobena T (2011) Leadership, capacity building and sustainable development in contemporary Africa. World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development, 7 (2/3/4). pp. 101-111. ISSN 2042-5961

Ahmed, Syud Amer, Diffenbaugh, Noah S, Hertel, Thomas W, Lobell, David B, Ramankutty, Navin, Rios, Ana R and Rowhani, Pedram (2011) Climate volatility and poverty vulnerability in Tanzania. Global Environmental Change, 21 (1). pp. 46-55. ISSN 0959-3780

Aicken, Catherine R H, Cassell, Jackie A, Estcourt, Claudia S, Keane, Frances, Brook, Gary, Rait, Greta, White, Peter J and Mercer, Catherine H (2011) Rationale and development of a survey tool for describing and auditing the composition of, and flows between, specialist and community clinical services for sexually transmitted infections. BMC Health Services Research, 11 (2). p. 30. ISSN 1472-6963

Akaguri, Luke Adorbila (2011) Household choice of schools in rural Ghana: exploring the contribution and limits of low-fee private schools to Education for All. Doctoral thesis , University of Sussex.

Akehurst, Tom, Purbrick, Louise and Robinson, Lucy (2011) Political protest and the police: young people in Brighton. Project Report. Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE) CAPPE, University of Brighton, Brighton.

Akerman, Simon, Reyes-Aldasoro, Constantino Carlos, Fisher, Matthew, Pettyjohn, Katie L, Bjorndahl, Meit A, Evans, Helen and Tozer, Gillian M (2011) Microflow of fluorescently labelled red blood cells in tumours expressing single isoforms of VEGF and their response to VEGF-R tyrosine kinase inhibition. Medical Engineering and Physics, 33 (7). pp. 805-809. ISSN 1350-4533

Akyeampong, Albert (2011) [Review] Birger Fredriksen and Jee-Peng Tan, ed. (2008) An African exploration of the East Asian education experience. Asia Pacific Journal of Education, 31 (3). pp. 361-363. ISSN 0218-8791

Akyeampong, Kwame, Pryor, John, Westbrook, Jo and Lussier, Kattie (2011) Teacher Preparation and Continuing Professional Development in Africa: Learning To Teach Early Reading and Maths. Project Report. Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, Brighton.

Al-Chalabi, Ammar, Shaw, Pamela J, Young, Carolyn A, Morrison, Karen E, Murphy, Caroline, Thornhill, Marie, Kelly, Joanna, Steen, I Nicholas and Leigh, Nigel (2011) Protocol for a double-blind randomised placebo-controlled trial of lithium carbonate in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (LiCALS) [Eudract number: 2008-006891-31]. BMC Neurology, 11 (1). pp. 111-125. ISSN 1471-2377

Al-Fartusie, Falah Sumoon Daghal (2011) Engineering and characterisation of novel protein covalent linkages in horseradish peroxidase (HRP): effect on structure and function. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Al-Hussaibi, Walid Awad (2011) High capacity multiuser multiantenna communication techniques. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Al-Zangana, Emad Bakr Abdulkareem (2011) The geometry of the plane of order nineteen and its application to error-correcting codes. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Alagramam, Kumar N, Goodyear, Richard J, Geng, Ruishuang, Furness, David N, Van Aken, Alexander F J, Marcotti, Walter, Kros, Corné J and Richardson, Guy P (2011) Mutations in protocadherin 15 and cadherin 23 affect tip links and mechanotransduction in mammalian sensory hair cells. PLoS ONE, 6 (4). e19183. ISSN 1932-6203

Aldair, A A and Wang, W J (2011) Design an intelligent controller for full vehicle nonlinear active suspension systems. International Journal on Smart Sensing and Intelligent Systems, 4 (2). pp. 224-243. ISSN 11785608

Aldair, Ammar A and Wang, Weiji J (2011) The energy regeneration of electromagnetic active suspension in full vehicle with neurofuzzy controller. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 2 (2). pp. 32-43. ISSN 0976-2191

Aldair, Ammar A and Wang, William (2011) Design Neural Control System for Full Vehicle Nonlinear Active Suspension with Hydraulic Actuators. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, 2 (2). pp. 266-274. ISSN 0976-5697

Alemu, Getahun, Ayele, Fasil Tekola, Daniel, Takele, Ahrens, Christel and Davey, Gail (2011) Burden of podoconiosis in poor rural communities in Guliso woreda, western Ethiopia. PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, 5 (6). e1184. ISSN 1935-2727

Ali, Khalid, Leong, Kevin Ming Wei, Houlder, Stephanie, Getov, Spas, Lee, Richard and Rajkumar, Chakravarthi (2011) The relationship between dipping profile in blood pressure and neurologic deficit in early acute ischemic stroke. Journal of Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases, 20 (1). pp. 10-5. ISSN 1052-3057

Ali, Khalid, Walker, Shan, Crook, David, Wingfield, David, Smith, Helen, Bulpitt, Chris and Rajkumar, Chakravarthi (2011) Experience from a pilot study of a nurse-led hypertension clinic in general practice. Journal of Evaluation In Clinical Practice, 17 (6). pp. 1239-1242. ISSN 1356-1294

Ali, MMU, Bagratuni, T, Davenport, EL, Nowak, PR, Silva-Santiestaban, MC, Hardcastle, A, McAndrews, C, Rowlands, MG, Morgan, GJ, Aherne, W, Collins, I, Davies, FE and Pearl, Laurence (2011) Structure of the Ire1 autophosphorylation complex and implications for the unfolded protein response. EMBO Journal, 30 (5). pp. 894-905. ISSN 0261-4189

Alissa, E A, Qadi, S G, Alhujaili, N A, Alshehri, A M and Ferns, G A (2011) Effect of diet and lifestyle factors on bone health in postmenopausal women. Journal of Bone and Mineral Metabolism, 29 (6). pp. 725-735. ISSN 0914-8779

Alissa, Eman M and Ferns, Gordon A (2011) Heavy metal poisoning and cardiovascular disease. Journal of Toxicology, 2011. p. 870125. ISSN 1687-8205

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Allais, Lucy (2011) Idealism enough: response to Roache. Kantian Review, 16 (3). pp. 375-398. ISSN 1369-4154

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Allais, Lucy (2011) Transcendental idealism and the transcendental deduction. In: Schulting, D and Verburgt, J (eds.) Kant's Idealism: New Interpretations of a Controversial Doctrine. The New Synthese Historical Library: Texts and Studies in the History of Philosophy (66). Springer, Dordrecht, Heidelberg, London and New York, pp. 91-108. ISBN 9789048197187

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Allen, Stephen and Guntrip, Edward (2011) The Kosovo question and Uti Possidetis: the potential for a negotiated settlement. In: Summers, James (ed.) Kosovo - a precedent? The declaration of independence, the advisory opinion and implications for statehood, self-determination and minority rights. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, Leiden, pp. 303-342.

Allsobrook, Christopher John (2011) 'On genealogy and ideology criticism'. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

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Alvarez Tinoco, Rocío (2011) Evolution of capabilities in agribusiness: the case of the Mexican dairy sector. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

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Amberbir, A, Medhin, G, Erku, W, Alem, A, Simms, R, Robinson, K, Fogarty, A, Britton, J, Venn, A and Davey, G (2011) Effects of Helicobacter pylori, geohelminth infection, and selected commensal bacteria on the risk of allergic disease and sensitization in 3 year old Ethiopian children. Clinical and Experimental Allergy, 41 (10). pp. 1422-1430. ISSN 0954-7894

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