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De Luca, Marino and Bobba, Giuliano (2015) The Primary Elections in the Italian public debate: between low visibility and growing personalisation. In: The primary game. The case of the Italian Democratic Party. Edizioni Epoké, pp. 51-70. ISBN 9788898014965

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Surprenant, Céline (2015) Neurosciences: The obverse side of Jacques Derrida's 'Freud and the scene of writing'. In: Morgan-Wortham, Simon and Alfano, Chiara (eds.) Desire in ashes : deconstruction, psychoanalysis, philosophy. Bloomsbury, London, pp. 121-137. ISBN 9781472529138

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Hudson, Brian (2015) The epistemology and methodology of curriculum: didactics. In: Wyse, Dominic, Hayward, Louise and Pandya, Jessica (eds.) The SAGE handbook of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. SAGE Publications, London, pp. 107-124. ISBN 9781446297025

Ozpinar, Ceren (2015) La biennale di Istanbul. In: Ferlenga, Alberto and Guarneri, Cristiano (eds.) Istanbul ritratti di città. LetteraVentidue, pp. 96-97. ISBN 9788862421478

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McSweeney, Anna (2015) Arthur von Gwinner und die Alhambra-Kuppel. In: Gonnella, Julia and Kröger, Jens (eds.) Wie die Islamische Kunst nach Berlin Kam. Der Sammler und Museumsdirektor Friedrich Sarre. Dietrich Reimer Verlag, Berlin, pp. 89-102. ISBN 978-3-496-01544-4

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Walter, Katie (2015) The child before the mother: Mary and the excremental in The Prickynge of Love. In: Carlquist, Jonas and Langum, Virginia (eds.) Words and matter: the Virgin Mary in late-medieval and early modern parish life. Scripta minora (24). Runica et Mediaevalia, Stockholm, pp. 149-163. ISBN 9789188568649

Elliott, Richard (2015) Words from the new world: adventure and memory in Patti Smith’s late voice. In: Chastagner, Claude (ed.) Patti Smith: Outside. Profils américains . Presses Universitaires de la Méditerranée, Montpellier, pp. 113-135. ISBN 9782367811758

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Morlacchi, Piera and Nelson, Richard R (2015) The evolution of the left ventricular assist device as treatment for heart failure. In: Consoli, Davide, Mina, Andrea, Nelson, Richard R and Ramlogan, Ronnie (eds.) Medical innovation: science, technology and practice. Routledge international studies in health economics . Routledge, New York. ISBN 9781138860346

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