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Ahmed, Allam and Alfaki, Ibrahim (2015) From oil to knowledge: transforming the United Arab Emirates into a knowledge-based economy. Greenleaf Publishing, Saltaire. ISBN 9781783533572

Danisi, Carmelo (2015) Tutela dei diritti umani, non discriminazione e orientamento sessuale. La ricerca del diritto nella comunita internazionale, 11 . Editoriale Scientifica, Napoli, Italy. ISBN 9788863428407

Sancho, David (2015) Youth, class and education in urban India: the year that can break or make you. Routledge, London. ISBN 9781138785861

Hitchcock, Tim and Shoemaker, Robert (2015) London lives: poverty, crime and the making of a modern city, 1690-1800. Cambridge University Press, Cambrdge. ISBN 9781107025271

Smith, Lindsay (2015) Lewis Carroll: photography on the move. Reaktion Books Ltd, London. ISBN 9781780235196

Elliott, Richard (2015) The late voice: time, age and experience in popular music. Bloomsbury Academic, New York. ISBN 9781628921182

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James, Malcolm (2015) Urban multiculture: youth, politics and cultural transformation in a global city. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9781137473806

Owens, Patricia (2015) Economy of force: counterinsurgency and the historical rise of the social. Cambridge Studies in International Relations . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9781107121942

Watts, Cedric (2015) Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar': a critical introduction. PublishNation, London. ISBN 9781326402372

O'Brien, Mahon (2015) Heidegger, history and the Holocaust. Bloomsbury Studies in Continental Philosophy . Bloomsbury Academic, London. ISBN 9781472510198

Schwittay, Anke (2015) New media and international development: representation and affect in microfinance. Rethinking development . Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9780415856072

Winch, Junko (2015) Code-switching: a new language in Japan? Scholars' Press, Germany. ISBN 9783639769951

Boxall, Peter (2015) The value of the novel. The value of . Cambridge University Press, New York. ISBN 9781107057494

Sangster, Alan (2015) Frank Wood's business accounting 2 [thirteenth edition]. Pearson Education, Harlow, UK. ISBN 9781292085050

Tunaru, Radu (2015) Model risk in financial markets: from financial engineering to risk management. World Scientific Publishing Company. ISBN 9789814663403

Szirtes, George and Watts, Carol (2015) Fifty-six. Arc Publication, Todmorden. ISBN 9781910345122

Mansfield, Andrew (2015) Ideas of monarchical reform: Jacobitism, Fénelon and the political works of the Chevalier Ramsay. Studies in early modern European history . Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9780719088377 0719088372

Collins, Ellen, Milloy, Caren and Stone, Graham (2015) Guide to open access monograph publishing for arts, humanities and social science researchers. OAPEN-UK and Jisc Collections.

Taheri, Ali (2015) Function spaces and partial differential equations: volume 1 - classical analysis. Oxford lecture series in mathematics and its applications, 1 . Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780198733133

Taheri, Ali (2015) Function spaces and partial differential equations: volume 2, contemporary analysis. Oxford lecture series in mathematics and its applications, 2 . Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780198733157

Sangster, Alan (2015) Frank Wood's business accounting 1 [thirteenth edition]. Pearson Education, Harlow, UK. ISBN 9781292084664

Sutherland, Keston (2015) Poetical works 1999-2015. Enitharmon, London. ISBN 9781907587900

Prentice, Rebecca (2015) Thiefing a chance: factory work, illicit labor, and neoliberal subjectivities in Trinidad. University Press of Colorado, Boulder, USA. ISBN 9781607323723

Abberley, Will (2015) English fiction and the evolution of language, 1850-1914. Cambridge Studies in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9781107101166

Tidd, Joseph and Bessant, John (2015) Innovation and entrepreneurship. Wiley, Hoboken. ISBN 9781118993095

Child, John and Ormerod, David (2015) Smith and Hogan's essentials of criminal Law. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199689569

Beverland, M, Nielson, B and Pryce, V (2015) Redesigning manufacturing: reimagining the business of making in the UK. Palgrave Macmillan, London. ISBN 9781137465214

Ashwin, Paul, Boud, David, Coate, Kelly, Hallett, Fiona, Keane, Elaine, Krause, Kerri-Lee, Leibowitz, Brenda, MacLaren, Iain, McArthur, Jan, McCune, Velda and Tooher, Michelle (2015) Reflective teaching in higher education. Reflective Teaching . Bloomsbury Academic, London. ISBN 9781441124463

De Luca, Marino (2015) Francois Hollande e il Partito socialista francese. Edizioni Carocci - La Nuova Italia. ISBN 9788843074594

Dancer, Helen (2015) Women, land and justice in Tanzania. Eastern Africa Series . James Currey, Woodbridge. ISBN 9781847011138

Winters, L Alan (2015) Non-tariff barriers, regionalism and poverty: essays in applied international trade analysis. World Scientific Studies in International Economics, 44 . World Scientific, Singapore. ISBN 9789814571265

Barnett, David (2015) A history of the Berliner Ensemble. Cambridge Studies in Modern Theatre . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9781107059795

Billaud, Julie (2015) Kabul Carnival: gender politics in postwar Afghanistan. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. ISBN 9780812246964

Wünschmann, Kim (2015) Before Auschwitz: Jewish prisoners in the prewar concentration camps. Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA and London. ISBN 9780674967595

Borgmann-Prebil, Yuri (2015) The rule of reason in European constitutionalism and citizenship. Discourses in law . Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415565295

Walker, Lara (2015) Maintenance and child support in private international law. Studies in private international law . Hart Publishing, Oxford. ISBN 9781849467179

Siraj, Iram, Kingston, Denise and Melhuish, Edward C (2015) Assessing quality in early childhood education and care: sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Wellbeing (SSTEW) Scale for 2 – 5 year olds provision. IOE Press, London. ISBN 9781858566580

Colwell, Jennifer, Beaumont, Helen, Bradford, Helen, Canavan, Julie, Cook, Emma, Kingston, Denise, Linklater, Holly, Lynch, Sue, McDonald, Catriona, Nutkins, Sheila, Ottewell, Sarah, Randall, Chris and Waller, Tim (2015) Reflective teaching in early education. Bloomsbury Academic, London. ISBN 9781441177988

Fairhead, James (2015) The captain and "the cannibal": an epic story of exploration, kidnapping, and the Broadway stage. Yale University Press, New Haven. ISBN 9780300198775

Jordan, Tim (2015) Information politics: liberation and exploitation in the digital society. Digital Barricades . Pluto Press, London. ISBN 9780745333670

Prentice, Rebecca (2015) Thiefing a chance : factory work, illicit labor, and neoliberal subjectivities in Trinidad. UPCC book collections on Project MUSE. . University Press of Colorado, Boulder. ISBN 9781607323754 1607323753

Voss, Georgina (2015) Stigma and the Shaping of the Pornography Industry. Taylor and Francis. ISBN 9781136741760 1136741763

Bennett, Andrew and Royle, Nicholas (2015) This thing called literature: reading, thinking, writing. Routledge, London and New York. ISBN 9781408254011

Dembour, Marie-Benedicte (2015) When humans become migrants : study of the European Court of Human Rights with an Inter-American counterpoint. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK. ISBN 9780199667833 0199667837 9780199667840 0199667845

Scott, Susie (2015) Negotiating identity: Symbolic Interactionist Approaches to Social Identity. Polity. ISBN 9780745669724

Ghouri, Ahmad Ali (2015) Interaction and conflict of treaties in investment arbitration. International Arbitration Law Library . Wolters Kluwer. ISBN 9789041154170

Zeitlyn, Benjamin (2015) Transnational childhoods: British Bangladeshis, identities and social change. Palgrave MacMillan. ISBN 9781137426437

Schecter, Darrow (2015) Marx'tan tugüne solun tahiri: kuramsal bakış açıları. Dipnot Yayınları, Ankara. ISBN 9786054878307

Sovacool, Benjamin K and Linnér, Björn-Ola (2015) The political economy of climate change adaptation. Palgrave Macmillan, Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire. ISBN 9781137496720

Surprenant, Céline and Demerliac, Jean (2015) Anthologies singulières à l'usage des lecteurs d'aujourd'hui. Hachette BNF, Paris, p. 27. ISBN 9782346020003

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