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Hazell, Richard J, Chmel, Kryštof, Riegert, Jan, Paul, Luda, Isua, Brus, Kaina, Graham S, Fibich, Pavel, Molem, Kenneth, Stewart, Alan J A, Peck, Mika R, Weiblen, George D and Novotny, Vojtech (2021) Spatial scaling of plant and bird diversity from 50 to 10,000 ha in a lowland tropical rainforest. Oecologia. ISSN 0029-8549

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Schuett, Wiebke, Järvistö, Pauliina E, Calhim, Sara, Velmala, William and Laaksonen, Toni (2017) Nosy neighbours: large broods attract more visitors. A field experiment in the pied flycatcher, Ficedula hypoleuca. Oecologia, 184 (1). pp. 115-126. ISSN 0029-8549

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