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Evangelista, Federica M, Maglott-Roth, Anne, Stierle, Matthieu, Brino, Laurent, Soutoglou, Evi and Tora, Laszlo (2018) Transcription and mRNA export machineries SAGA and TREX-2 maintain monoubiquitinated H2B balance required for DNA repair. Journal of Cell Biology, 217 (10). pp. 3382-3397. ISSN 0021-9525

Cao, Qi, Zhong, Xi Zoë, Zou, Yuanjie, Murrell-Lagnado, Ruth, Zhu, Michael X and Dong, Xian-Ping (2015) Calcium release through P2X4 activates calmodulin to promote endolysosomal membrane fusion. Journal of Cell Biology, 209 (6). pp. 879-894. ISSN 1540-8140

Barton, Olivia, Naumann, Steffen C, Diemer-Biehs, Ronja, Kunzel, Julia, Steinlage, Monika, Conrad, Sandro, Makharashvili, Nodar, Wang, Jiadong, Feng, Lin, Lopez, Bernard S, Paull, Tanya T, Chen, Junji, Jeggo, Penny A and Löbrich, Markus (2014) Polo-like kinase 3 regulates CtIP during DNA double-strand break repair in G1. Journal of Cell Biology, 206 (7). pp. 877-894. ISSN 0021-9525

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Göhler, Thomas, Sabbioneda, Simone, Green, Catherine M and Lehmann, Alan R (2011) ATR-mediated phosphorylation of DNA polymerase η is needed for efficient recovery from UV damage. Journal of Cell Biology, 192 (2). pp. 219-227. ISSN 0021-9525

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