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Essien, Nsikak B, Galvácsi, Antal T, Kállay, Csilla, Al-Hilaly, Youssra K, Gonzalez-Mendez, Ramon, Akien, Geoffrey, Tizzard, Graham J, Coles, Simon, Besora, Maria and Kostakis, George E (2023) Fluorine-based Zn salan complexes. Dalton Transactions. ISSN 1477-9226

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Amer Hamzah, Harina, Rixson, Daniel, Paul-Taylor, Joseph, Doan, Huan V, Dadswell, Christopher, Roffe, Gavin W, Sridhar, Arun, Hobday, Claire L, Wedd, Charlie, Düren, Tina, Hughes, William O H, Spencer, John and Burrows, Andrew D (2020) Inclusion and release of ant alarm pheromones from metal–organic frameworks. Dalton Transactions. ISSN 1477-9226

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Peng, Guo, Zhang, Ying-Ying, Li, Bo, Sun, Xiao-Fan, Cai, Hong-Ling, Li, De-Jing, Gu, Zhi-Gang and Kostakis, George E (2018) Single molecule magnetic behaviour in lanthanide naphthalenesulfonate complexes. Dalton Transactions, 47. pp. 17349-17356. ISSN 1477-9226

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Coles, Martyn P, Hitchcock, Peter B, Khvostov, Alexei V, Lappert, Michael F and Maron, Laurent (2011) Synthesis and structures of the [benzamidinato]3- complexes Li3(tmeda)(L1)]2 and [Li(thf) 4][Li5(L2)(OEt2)2] [L1 = N(SiMe3)C(Ph)N(SiMe3) and L2 = N(SiMe3)C(C6H4-4)NPh]. Dalton Transactions, 40 (12). pp. 3047-3052. ISSN 14779226

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Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Green, Jennifer C, Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F, Suter, James L and Wilson, D James (2009) Syntheses, structural studies, photoelectron spectra and density functional theory calculations of the “pseudo” tetraphospha-metallocenes [M(η-P2C3But3)2], (M = Ni, Pd, Pt). Dalton Transactions. pp. 1164-1171. ISSN 1477-9226

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