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Altmann, Gerry, Garnham, Alan and Dennis, Yvette (1992) Avoiding the garden path: Eye movements in context. Journal of Memory and Language, 31. pp. 685-712.

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Garnham, Alan, Oakhill, Jane and Cruttenden, Hannah (1992) The role of implicit causality and gender cue in the interpretation of pronouns. Language and Cognitive Processes, 7 (3-4). 231 - 255. ISSN 0169-0965

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Dittmar, Helga (1992) The social psychology of material possessions: to have is to be. Harvester Wheatsheaf and St. Martin's Press, Hemel Hempstead. ISBN 9780312085384

Kemm, J R and Booth, D (1992) Promotion of healthier eating: how to collect and use information for planning, evaluation and monitoring. HMSO, London. ISBN 9780117016187

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