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Zhang, Xiaoxiang, Zhang, Qiyu, Chen, Ding and Jun, Gu (2019) Financial integration, investor protection and imbalanced optimistically biased information timeliness in emerging markets. International Review of Financial Analysis, 64. pp. 38-56. ISSN 1057-5219

Wei, Jo-Ting, Chang, Yeun Wen, Zhang, Xiaoxiang and Wu, Hsin-Hung (2017) Performance measurement systems, TQM, and multi-level firm performance: a person-organisation fit perspective. Total Quality Management & Business Excellence. ISSN 1478-3363

Hu, W, Zhang, X and Mamatzakis, E (2017) Credit rating agencies and bank performance in emerging economies: the effects of credit rating, bank regulation and investor protection standards. In: IFABS Asia 2017 Ningbo Conference, 31 Auguest - 2 September 2017, Ningbo China.

Zhang, Xiaoxiang, Wei, Jo-Ting and Wu, Hsin-Hung (2017) Family firm and analyst forecasts in an emerging economy. Management Decision, 55 (9). pp. 2018-2037. ISSN 0025-1747

Zhang, Xiaoxiang, Yang, Xiaotong, Strange, Roger and Zhang, Qiyu (2017) Informed trading by foreign institutional investors as a constraint on tunneling: evidence from China. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 25 (4). pp. 222-235. ISSN 0964-8410

Zhang, Xiaoxiang and Chen, Ding (2017) Sources of private information risk and asset pricing: a comparison between NYSE and HKEX. In: The 3rd Symposium on Quantitative Finance and Risk Analysis (QFRA), 15-16 June, Corfu, Greece.

Zhang, Xiaoxiang and Wen, Jie (2016) The impacts of economic importance difference of a joint venture (JV) held by partners and partners' size difference on the extraction of rivalrous and non-rivalrous private benefits in a JV. International Review of Financial Analysis, 48. pp. 46-54. ISSN 1057-5219

Mamatzakis, E, Hu, W and Zhang, X (2016) Liquidity risk, deposit diversification and insurance of bank in G7 and BRIC countries. In: Portsmouth-Fordham Conference on Banking & Finance, 24-25 September 2016, Portsmouth, UK.

Mamatzakis, E, Wang, C and Zhang, X (2016) How the internal and external corporate governance mechanisms affect bank performance. In: IFABS 2016 Asia Conference, 16-18 August 2016, Brunei.

Wen, Jie and Zhang, Xiaoxiang (2016) Different impacts of a joint venture announcement on its parent firm’ stock market performance: reasons and implications for trading strategies. In: 23rd Annual conference Multinational Finance Society, 26-29 June 2016, Stockholm Sweden.

Zhang, Xiaoxiang, Piesse, Jenifer and Filatotchev, Igor (2015) Family control, multiple institutional block-holders and informed trading. The European Journal of Finance, 21 (10-11). pp. 826-847. ISSN 1351-847X

Zhang, Xiaoxiang and Yang, X (2015) Multiple levels of principal-principal conflicts, small foreign institutional investors' governance through trading and firm performance in an emerging economy. In: Chinese Economic Association Annual Conference 2015, September 2015, Nottingham, UK.

Zhang, X, Zhang, Q, Wang, C and Gu, J (2015) Largest controlling shareholder, information asymmetry and information timeliness. In: The 5th Chinese Capital Markets Conference, 16-17 July 2015, Winnipeg, Canada.

Yang, X and Zhang, X (2014) Tunnelling and QFII’s informed trading: evidence from listed real estate companies in China. In: BAFA NAG/IPSIG Annual Conference 2014, Newcastle Business School, UK.

Zhang, X, Chen, Y and Wei, J (2014) Large family shareholders, earning smoothness, and analyst forecasts, bounded rationality in earnings forecasts. In: The 2014 Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association, 2-6 August 2014, Atlanta, USA..

Molyneux, Philip, Nguyen, Linh H and Zhang, Xiaoxiang (2014) Executive compensation, board independence and bank efficiency in China: the effects of the financial crisis. Working Paper. University of St Andrews.

Yang, X and Zhang, X (2014) Qualified foreign institutional investors’ informed trading and firm valuation: evidence from listed real estate companies in China. In: Global Chinese Real Estate Congress, 10th July 2014, Nanjing, China.

Zhang, Xiaoxiang, Qureshi, Tabassum-Ur-Razaq, Chatwin, Chris and Wang, Wei (2014) Validity of using the Sheffield algorithm for the Sussex EIT MK4. In: 15th International Conference on the Biomedical Applications of EIT (EIT2014), 24 - 26 April 2014, Ganaoque, Canada.

Zhang, Xiaoxiang, Chatwin, Chris and Wang, Wei (2014) A comparison of two regularization methods based on the Sussex EIM MK4 system. In: 15th International Conference on the Biomedical Applications of EIT (EIT2014), 24-26 April 2014, Ganaoque, Canada.

Chen, Victor Zitan, Li, Jing, Shapiro, Daniel M and Zhang, Xiaoxiang (2014) Ownership structure and innovation: an emerging market perspective. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 31 (1). pp. 1-24. ISSN 0217-4561

Zhang, Xiaoxiang, Wei, Jo-Ting and Wu, Hsin-Hung (2013) Forced financial information restatements and management turnover: market discipline and large family shareholders’ intervention in an emerging economy. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 30 (4). pp. 1005-1029. ISSN 0217-4561

Zhang, X, Chen, Y, Wu, H and Wei, J (2013) Family firm, analyst forecast and earning smoothness. In: 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Accounting Association, 3-7 August 2013, Anaheim, California, USA.

Filatotchev, Igor, Zhang, Xiaoxiang and Piesse, Jenifer (2011) Multiple agency perspective, family control, and private information abuse in an emerging economy. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 28 (1). pp. 69-93. ISSN 0217-4561

He, Xinming, Zhang, Xiaoxiang, Li, Xiaoqing and Piesse, Jenifer (2011) Stakeholder orientation and organizational performance in an emerging market. Journal of General Management, 36 (3). pp. 67-91. ISSN 0306-3070

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