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Kanger, Laur, Geels, Frank, Sovacool, Benjamin and Schot, Johanes (2019) Technological diffusion as a process of societal embedding: Lessons from historical automobile transitions for future of electric mobility. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 71. pp. 47-66. ISSN 1361-9209

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Roberts, Cameron, Geels, Frank W, Lockwood, Matthew, Newell, Peter, Schmitz, Hubert, Turnheim, Bruno and Jordan, Andy (2018) The politics of accelerating low-carbon transitions: towards a new research agenda. Energy Research and Social Science, 44. pp. 304-311. ISSN 2214-6296

van Sluisveld, Mariësse A.E., Hof, Andries F, Carrara, Samuel, Geels, Frank, Nilsson, Måns, Rogge, Karoline, Turnheim, Bruno and van Vuuren, Detlef P (2018) Aligning integrated assessment modelling with socio-technical transition insights: an application to low-carbon energy scenario analysis in Europe. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. ISSN 0040-1625

Geels, Frank, Schwanen, Tim, Sorrell, Steven, Jenkins, Kirsten and Sovacool, Benjamin (2017) Reducing energy demand through low carbon innovation: a sociotechnical transitions perspective and thirteen research debates. Energy Research & Social Science, 40. pp. 23-35. ISSN 2214-6296

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Turnheim, Bruno and Geels, Frank W (2013) The destabilisation of existing regimes: Confronting a multi-dimensional framework with a case study of the British coal industry (1913–1967). Research Policy, 42 (10). pp. 1749-1767. ISSN 0048-7333

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Geels, Frank W (2009) Foundational ontologies and multi-paradigm analysis, applied to the socio-technical transition from mixed farming to intensive pig husbandry (1930-1980). Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 21 (7). pp. 805-832. ISSN 0953-7325

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Geels, Frank W and Schot, Johan (2007) Typology of sociotechnical transition pathways. Research Policy, 36 (3). ISSN 00487333

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Geels, Frank (2006) Co-evolutionary and multi-level dynamics in transitions: the transformation of aviation systems and the shift from propeller to turbojet (1930-1970). Technovation, 26 (9). pp. 999-1016. ISSN 01664972

Geels, Frank W (2006) The hygienic transition from cesspools to sewer systems (1840-1930): the dynamics of regime transformation. Research Policy, 35 (7). pp. 1069-1082. ISSN 00487333

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Geels, Frank (2004) Een lange termijn analyse van het Nederlandse rijkswegenbeleid (1950-2000): belemmeringen en mogelijkheden voor toekomstige systeeminnovaties. Tijdschrift Vervoerswetenschap, 40 (3). pp. 2-9.

Lintsen, H W, Disco, N and Geels, F W (2004) Hoe innovatief is de Rijkswaterstaat: Een lange termijn analyse van de wegen, rivieren en kustverdediging. Tijdschrift voor de waterstaatsgeschiedenis, 13 (1). pp. 13-28. ISSN 0927-3336

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Book Section

Geels, Frank W, Sovacool, Benjamin K and Sorrell, Steven (2019) Of emergence, diffusion and impact: a sociotechnical perspective on research and energy demand. In: Jenkins, Kirsten E H and Hopkins, Debbie (eds.) Transitions in energy efficiency and demand: the emergence, diffusion and impact of low-carbon ennovations. Routledge Studies in Energy Transitions . Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon, UK, pp. 15-33. ISBN 9780815356783

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Geels, Frank (2010) The role of the cities in technological transitions: analytical clarifications and historical examples. In: Bulkeley, Harriet, Castán Broto, Vanesa, Mike, Hodson and Simon, Marvin (eds.) Cities and low carbon transitions. Routledge studies in human geography . Routledge, pp. 13-28. ISBN 9780415586979

Geels, Frank W and Schot, Johan (2010) The dynamics of transitions: a socio-technical perspective. In: Grin, John, Rotmans, Jan and Schot, Johan (eds.) Transitions to sustainable development: new directions in the study of long term transformative change. Routledge, pp. 11-104. ISBN 9780415876759

Verbong, G and Geels, F (2008) Barriers and options for future energy transitions: Lessons from a historical analysis of the Dutch electricity system. In: Van Den Bergh, Jeroen C J M and Bruinsma, Frank R (eds.) Managing the transition to renewable energy : theory and practice from local, regional and macro perspectives. Edward Elgar, pp. 177-216. ISBN 9781847202291

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Geels, Frank and Kemp, René (2004) Technologische transities en duurzaamheid. In: Vollebergh, H R J and et al, (eds.) Milieubeleid en Technologische Ontwikkeling in de Nederlandse Economie. Den Haag, pp. 17-44. ISBN 9789012105828

Geels, Frank (2004) Understanding system innovations: a critical literature review and a conceptual synthesis. In: Elzen, B, Geels, FW and Green, K (eds.) System innovation and the transition to sustainability: theory, evidence and policyvidence and Policy. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK,, pp. 19-47. ISBN 978 1 84376 683 4

Geels, Frank (2002) Towards sociotechnical scenarios and reflexive anticipation: using patterns and regularities in technology dynamics. In: Sørensen, KH and Williams, R (eds.) Shaping technology, guiding policy: concepts, spaces and tools. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK,, pp. 359-385. ISBN 9781840646498

Geels, F W and Smit, W A (2000) Potholes in the road to the future: Lessons and pitfalls from failed technology futures. In: Brown, N, Rappert, B and Webster, A (eds.) Contested Futures: A Sociology of Prospective Techno-science. Ashgate Publishing Company: Burlington, pp. 129-155.

Reports and working papers

Scrase, I, Stirling, A, Geels, F W, Smith, A and Van Zwanenberg, P (2009) Transformative Innovation. Unset. Unset.


Geels, Frank (2005) Technological transitions and system innovations: a co-evolutionary and socio-technical analysis. Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, Cheltenham, UK,. ISBN 1845420098

Elzen, Boelie, Geels, Frank W and Green, Ken (2004) System Innovation and the Transition to Sustainability: Theory, Evidence and Policy. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. ISBN 1843766833

Edited Book

Geels, Frank W, Kemp, René, Dudley, Geoff and Lyons, Glenn, eds. (2012) Automobility in transition? A socio-technical analysis of sustainable transport. Routledge studies in sustainability transitions (2). Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415885058

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