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Van Der Pijl, Kees (2012) The limits of discipline, or how to make sense of the state of the world. Global Change, Peace & Security, 24 (1). pp. 25-30. ISSN 1478-1158

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2011) 'La discrepanza constituzionale in seno alla UE' [trans Claudio Mutti and Alessandra Bua]. Eurasia. Rivista di Studi Geopolitici, 8 (2). pp. 131-148.

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2011) Arab revolts and nation-state crisis. New Left Review, 70. pp. 27-49. ISSN 0028-6060

Van Der Pijl, Kees, Holman, Otto and Raviv, Or (2011) The resurgence of German capital in Europe: EU integration and the restructuring of Atlantic networks of interlocking directorates after 1991. Review of International Political Economy, 18 (3). pp. 384-408. ISSN 1466-4526

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2010) Ideologia transatlantica e capitalismo neoliberale [trans. Daniele Scalea]. Eurasia. Rivista di Studi Geopolitici, 7 (3). pp. 213-231.

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2010) (in Chinese) Contenders to Western hegemony in past and present. Contemporary World, 5 (11). pp. 14-16.

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2010) Historicising the international: modes of foreign relations and political economy. Historical Materialism, 18 (2). pp. 3-34. ISSN 1465-4466

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2009) Global and local rivalries in NATO's push towards the Caucasus. Spectrum: Journal of Global Studies, 1 (1). pp. 12-32. ISSN 1308-8432

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2008) God and gold: Britain, America and the making of the modern world. New Left Review, 50. ISSN 0028-6060

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2006) A Lockean Europe? New Left Review, 37. pp. 9-37. ISSN 0028-6060

Dunford, Mick, Graz, Jean-Christophe, Palan, Ronen and Van Der Pijl, Kees (2003) Die neue Dominanz der USA: Imperiale Regulation statt Global Governance? Weltwirtschaft, Ökologie und Entwicklung.

Dunford, Mick, Graz, Jean-Christophe, Palan, Ronen and van der Pijl, Kees (2003) Comment reguler le capitalisme?

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2003) Two modes of capitalist incorporation. Historical Materialism, 11 (3). p. 13. ISSN 1465-4466

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2002) Globalization or class society in transition? Science and Society, 65 (4). pp. 492-500. ISSN 0036-8237

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2002) Imperiale Ethik und Asthetisierung der Weltpolitik. Das Argument - Zeitschrift fur Philosophie und Sozialwissenschaften, 248 (4). pp. 802-817. ISSN 0004-1157

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2001) Restoring the radical imagination in political economy. New Political Economy, 6 (3). pp. 380-390. ISSN 1356-3467

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2001) From Gorbachev to Kosovo: Atlantic rivalries and the re-incorporation of eastern Europe. Review of International Political Economy, 8 (2). pp. 275-310. ISSN 0969-2290

Van Der Pijl, Kees (1996) A theory of transnational revolution: universal history according to Eugen Rosenstock-Heussy and its implications. Review of International Political Economy, 3 (2). 287 - 318. ISSN 0969-2290

Book Section

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2010) Western hegemony and transnational capital: a dialectical perspective. In: Marxism and World Politics: Contesting Global Capitalism. Routledge. ISBN 9780415478021

Holman, Otto and Van Der Pijl, Kees (2003) Structure and Process in Transnational European Business. In: Cafruny, Alan W and Ryner, Magnus (eds.) A Ruined Fortress. Neoliberal Hegemony and Transformation in Europe. Lanham, Maryland: Rowman & Littlefield.

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2002) Holding the middle ground in the transnationalisation process. In: Anderson, J (ed.) Transnational Democracy: political spaces and border crossings. Transnationalism . Routledge, London, pp. 171-194. ISBN 9780415223423

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2002) Historical materialism and the emancipation of labour. In: Rupert, M and Smith, H (eds.) Historical Materialism and Globalization: Essays on Continuity and Change. Routledge/Warwick Studies in Globalisation, 18 . Routledge, London, pp. 129-146. ISBN 9780415263702

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2001) What happened to the European option for eastern Europe? In: Bieler, A and Morton, AD (eds.) Social Forces in the Making of the New Europe. International Political Economy Series . Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, United Kingdom and New York, pp. 185-206. ISBN 9780333920671

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2001) International relations and capitalist discipline. In: Albritton, R, Itoh, M, Westra, R and Zuege, A (eds.) Phases of Capitalist Development. Booms, Crises and Globalizations. Palgrave, Hampshire, United Kingdom, pp. 1-16. ISBN 9780333753163

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2001) Lenin, Vladimir Ilitch. In: Jones, RJB (ed.) Routledge Encyclopedia of International Political Economy. Routledge, London and New York. ISBN 9780415243513

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2001) Die nationalen Grenzen der transnationalen Bourgeoisie. Oder: Wer sonst wird eine global integrierte Welt herbeifuhren? In: Bieling, H-J, Deppe, F, Unset and Unset (eds.) Flexibler Kapitalismus, Analysen-Kritik-Politische Praxis. VSA Verlag.

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2001) Private Weltpolitik? Zur Geschichte der liberalen Weltordnung. In: Bruhl, T, Debiel, T, Hamm, B, Hummel, H and Martens, J (eds.) Die Privatisierung der Weltpolitik. Entstaatlichung und Kommerzialisierung im Globalisierungsprozess. Dietz.

Van Der Pijl, Kees (1997) Transnational class formation and state forms. In: Gill, S and Mittelman, JH (eds.) Innovation and Transformation in International Studies. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 118 - 133. ISBN 9780521599030


Van Der Pijl, Kees (2014) The discipline of western supremacy. Modes of foreign relations and political economy, 3 . Pluto Press, London. ISBN 9780745323183

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2012) The making of an Atlantic ruling class. Verso, London. ISBN 9781844678716

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2010) The foreign encounter in myth and religion. Modes of foreign relations and political economy, 2 . Pluto Press, London & NY. ISBN 9780745323169

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2007) Nomads, empires, states: modes of foreign relations and political economy, volume I. Pluto. ISBN 9780745326016

Van Der Pijl, Kees and Arbor, A (2007) Modes of Foreign Relations and the Marxist Legacy (Vol 1 of Beyond International Relations). Pluto Press and University of Michigan Press.

Van Der Pijl, Kees (2006) Global rivalries from the Cold War to Iraq. Pluto Press, London. ISBN 9780745325422

Van Der Pijl, Kees (1998) Transnational classes and international relations. Routledge/RIPE Studies in Global Political Economy . Routledge, London & NY, xvi + 192 pp. ISBN 9780415192019

Van Der Pijl, Kees (1996) Vordenker der Weltpolitk. Einfuehrung in die Internationale Politik aus Ideengeschichtlicher Perspektive. Leske & Budrich, Germany, 368 pp. ISBN 9783810013293

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