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Bassett, Caroline (2019) The computational therapeutic: exploring Weizenbaum's ELIZA as a history of the present. AI and Society, 34 (4). pp. 803-812. ISSN 0951-5666

Bassett, Caroline and Roberts, Ben (2019) Automation now and then: automation fevers, anxieties and utopias. New Formations: A Journal of Culture, Theory, Politics, 98. pp. 9-28. ISSN 0950-2378

Bassett, Caroline (2015) Plenty as a response to austerity? Big Data expertise, cultures and communities. European Journal of Cultural Studies, 18 (4-5). pp. 548-563. ISSN 1367-5494

Bassett, Caroline, Hartmann, Maren and O'Riordan, Kate (2011) Revisiting digital media technologies? Understanding technosociality. Communications, 36 (3). pp. 283-290. ISSN 0341-2059

Bassett, Caroline (2011) Twittering machines: antinoise and other tricks of the ear. Differences, 22 (2-3). pp. 276-299. ISSN 1040-7391

Bassett, Caroline (2010) Digital media. Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, 18 (1). pp. 138-154. ISSN 1077-4254

Bassett, Caroline (2009) Up the garden path: or how to get smart in public. Second Nature, International Journal of Creative Media, 1 (2). pp. 42-63.

Bassett, Caroline (2008) New maps for old?: The cultural stakes of 2.0. Fibreculture Journal, 13. ISSN 1449-1443

Bassett, Caroline (2007) Of distance and closeness: the work of Roger Silverstone. New Media and Society, 9 (1). pp. 42-48. ISSN 1461-4448

Bassett, Caroline (2007) Forms of reconciliation: on contemporary surveillance. Cultural Studies, 21 (1). pp. 82-94. ISSN 0950-2386

Bassett, Caroline (2005) Life; here, after meaning: review essay of 'Network culture, politics for an information age', by Tiziana Terranova. Soundings (5). ISSN 1362-6620

Bassett, Caroline (2005) 'Hoeveel bewegingen?' Mobiele telefonie en transformaties binnen de stedelijke ruimte. Open: cahier over kunst en het publieke domein (9). pp. 38-47. ISSN 1570-4181

Bassett, Caroline (2002) Stretching before and after. Filozofski Vestnik, 23 (2). pp. 43-63. ISSN 0353-4510

Book Section

Bassett, Caroline (2017) What Perec was looking for: notes on automation, the everyday, and ethical writing. In: Wilken, Rowan and Clemens, Justin (eds.) The afterlives of George Perec. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 120-135. ISBN 9781474401241

Bassett, Caroline (2015) Not now? Feminism, technology, postdigital. In: Berry, David M and Dieter, Michael (eds.) Postdigital aesthetics: art, computation and design. Palgrave Macmillan UK, Basingstoke, pp. 136-150. ISBN 9781137437198

Bassett, Caroline (2014) Is this not a screen? Notes on the mobile phone and cinema. In: Kinder, Marsha and Mcpherson, Tara (eds.) Transmedia frictions: the digital, the arts the humanities. University of California Press, California, pp. 147-160. ISBN 9780520281851

Bassett, Caroline (2013) Feminism, expertise and the computational turn. In: Thornham, Helen and Weissmann, Elke (eds.) Renewing feminism: radical narratives, fantasies and futures in media studies. I B Tauris, London. ISBN 9781848858251

Bassett, Caroline (2012) Canonicalism and the computational turn. In: Berry, David M (ed.) Understanding digital humanities. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke ; New York, pp. 105-126. ISBN 9780230292642

Bassett, Caroline (2012) The real estate of the trained up self: (or is this England?). In: Wilken, R and Goggin, G (eds.) Mobile technology and place. Routledge, New York. ISBN 9780415889551

Bassett, Caroline (2010) Impossible, Admirable, Androgyne: Firestone, Technology, and Utopia. In: Merck, M and Sandford, S (eds.) Further adventures of the dialectic of sex. Palgrave, London. ISBN 9780230100299

Bassett, Caroline (2009) With a little help from her (new) friends. In: Slater, JB and van Mourik Broekman, P (eds.) Proud to be flesh: A Mute magazine anthology of cultural politics after the net. MUTE, London, pp. 131-136. ISBN 9781906496289

Bassett, Caroline (2009) To compute the meaning of words: the digital economy. In: Gillett, John and Harland, Beth (eds.) Winchester School of Art research anthology: 26 responses to 5 essays. Unset, pp. 51-54. ISBN 9781873451618

Bassett, Caroline (2006) Abcderius entries: yuck factor, remote sensing, identity theft. In: Jones, CA (ed.) Sensorium: embodied experience, technology and contemporary art. MIT Press., Cambridge, Mass.. ISBN 9780262101172

Bassett, Caroline (2006) Cultural studies and new media. In: Hall, Gary and Birchall, Clare (eds.) New cultural studies: adventures in theory. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, pp. 220-237. ISBN 9780748622092

Bassett, Caroline (2003) How many movements? In: Bull, M and Beck, L (eds.) Auditory culture reader. Berg, Oxford, pp. 343-354. ISBN 9781859736180

Bassett, Caroline (2002) Self, same, cyborg? In: Reiche, C and Sick, A (eds.) Technics of cyber<>feminism <mode=message>. Thealit Frauen.Kultur.Labor, Bremen, Germany, pp. 45-64. ISBN 9783930924035

Karl, I, Bassett, Caroline, Hartmann, M and Hills, M (2001) In the company of strangers: mobile phones and the conception of space. In: Munt, Sally (ed.) Technospaces: Inside the New Media. Critical Research in Material Culture . Continuum, pp. 205-223. ISBN 9780826450036

Bassett, Caroline (2000) Cyberspace and virtual reality. In: Spender, D and Kramarae, C (eds.) Routledge international encyclopedia of women. Routledge, New York, 283 - 286. ISBN 9780415920889

Bassett, Caroline and Wilbert, Chris (1999) Where you want to go today (like it or not): leisure practices in cyberspace. In: Crouch, David (ed.) Leisure/tourism geographies: practices and geographical knowledge. Critical geographies (3). Routledge, 181 - 195. ISBN 9780415181099

Bassett, Caroline (1999) The sweet hereafter. In: Boyd, F, Brickwood, C, Broeckmann, A, Haskel, L, Kluitenberg, E and Stikker, M (eds.) New media culture in Europe. Uitgeverij de Balie and The Virtual Platform, Amsterdam, pp. 53-55. ISBN 9789066172289

Conference or Workshop Item

Bassett, Caroline (2005) Anti-narrative: games, blogs and other non-linear forms. In: CP3 Film Education.

Bassett, Caroline (1999) A manifesto against manifestos. In: Next Cyberfeminist International, March 8-13th 1999, Rotterdam.


Bassett, Caroline, Kember, Sarah and O'Riordan, Kate (2019) Furious: technological feminism and digital futures. Digital Barricades . Pluto Press, London. ISBN 9780745340494

Bassett, Caroline (2007) The arc and the machine: narrative and new media. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9780719073427

Edited Book

Bassett, Caroline, Burns, Ryan, Glasson, Russell and O'Riordan, Kate, eds. (2015) The tablet book. REFRAME Books, Falmer. ISBN 9780993199615

Thornham, Prof Sue, Thornham, Prof Sue, Bassett, Dr Caroline and Morris, P, eds. (2009) Media Studies: A Reader. Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 978-0-7486-3784-3

Bassett, Caroline (2009) The media studies: a reader. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh. ISBN 9780748637843

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