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Vogler, Richard (2009) International standards in the treatment of foreign prisoners. Contemporary Issues in Law, 9 (2). pp. 112-129. ISSN 1357-0374

Vogler, Richard (2005) Reform trends in criminal justice: Spain, France and England and Wales. Washington University Global Studies Law Review, 4 (3). pp. 631-637. ISSN 1546-6981

Vogler, Richard (2004) Konsensuale Elemente im Strafprozess in England und Wales sowie in den USA. Zeitschrift fur die gesamte Strafrechtswisenschaft, 116 (1). pp. 129-149. ISSN 0084-5310

Vogler, Richard (2001) Mixed messages on the mixed bench. Legal Action. pp. 8-10. ISSN 0266-3953

Vogler, Richard (2001) The International Development of the Jury: The Role of the British Empire. Revue Internationale de Droit Penale, 72 (1-2). pp. 525-552. ISSN 02235404

Luckock, Barry, Vogler, Richard and Keating, Heather (1997) The Belgian Flemish child protection system - Confidentiality voluntarism and coercion. Child and Family Law Quarterly, 9 (2). pp. 101-113. ISSN 1358-8184

Luckock, Barry, Vogler, Richard and Keating, Heather (1996) Child Protection in France and England - authority legalism and social work practice. Child and Family Law Quarterly, 8 (4). pp. 297-312. ISSN 1358-8184

Vogler, Richard (1996) Il problema della protezione dei testimoni in Inghilterra. La Legizlazione Penale, 53 (3-4). pp. 632-640.

Book Section

Vogler, Richard and Fouladvand, Shahrzad (2016) The convention against illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances (1988) and the global drug prohibition regime. In: Hauck, Pierre and Peterke, Sven (eds.) International law and transnational organised crime. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198733737

Vogler, Richard and Fouladvand, Shahrzad (2016) Standards for making factual determinations in arrest and pre-trial detention: a comparative analysis of law and practice. In: Ross, Jacqueline E and Thaman, Stephen C (eds.) Comparative criminal procedure. Research handbooks in comparative law . Edward Elgar, pp. 191-216. ISBN 9781781007181

Vogler, Richard (2013) Transnational inquiries and the protection of human rights in the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. In: Ruggeri, Stefano (ed.) Transnational inquiries and the protection of fundamental rights in criminal proceedings: a study in memory of Vittorio Grevi and Giovanni Tranchina. Springer, Heidelburg, pp. 27-40. ISBN 9783642320118

Vogler, Richard (2012) Due process. In: Rosenfeld, M and Sajó, A (eds.) The Oxford handbook of comparative constitutional law. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 0199578613

Vogler, Richard (2011) Making International Criminal Procedure Work: From Theory to Practice. In: Exploring the Boundaries of International Criminal Justice. Ashgate, pp. 105-128. ISBN 978-0-7546-4979-3

Vogler, Richard (2008) Últimas Tendencias Probatorias en Inglaterra: En Especial, las Reglas de Exclusión. In: Prueba y Proceso Penal. Análisis Especial de la Prueba Prohibida en la Sistema Español y en el Derecho Comparado. Tirant Lo Blanch, pp. 403-420. ISBN 13-9788498760071

Vogler, Richard (2008) Introduction in Criminal Procedure in Europe. In: Vogler, Richard and Huber, B (eds.) Criminal Procedure in Europe. Strafrechtliche Forschungsberichte . Duncker & Humblot, Berlin. ISBN 9783428128105

Vogler, Richard (2005) Adversarialidad y el dominio angloamericano del proceso penal. In: Ambos, K and Lynett, EM (eds.) Constitución y sistema acusatorio : un estudio de derecho comparado. Universidad Externado de Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia, pp. 179-202. ISBN 9586169316

Vogler, Richard (2003) La perspectiva angloamericana sobre la policía y el estado de derecho. Implicaciones para latinoamérica. In: Ambos, K, Colomar, G and Vogler, Richard (eds.) La policía en los estados de derecho latinoamericanos. Ediciones Juridicas Gustavo Ibanez C, pp. 15-42. ISBN 9588192471

Vogler, Richard (1999) The Spanish criminal justice system. In: Bradley, C M (ed.) Criminal procedure: a worldwide study. Carolina Academic Press, Durham, N.C., pp. 361-393. ISBN 0890896704

Reports and working papers

Vogler, Richard, Welsh, Lucy, Clarke, Amy, Wiedlitzka, Susann and McDonnell, Liz (2021) The criminal cases review commission: legal aid and legal representatives. Final report. Project Report. University of Sussex.

Welsh, Lucy and Vogler, Richard (2020) Criminal cases review commission: legal aid and legal representatives. Stage 2 data analysis – final report. Other. University of Sussex, Brighton.

Vogler, Richard (2007) The Georgian criminal justice reform of 2007. Unset. Georgian Ministry of Justice.


Vogler, Richard (2005) A world view of criminal justice. International and comparative criminal justice . Ashgate, Aldershot, United Kingdom. ISBN 9780754624677

Hatchard, John, Huber, Barbara and Vogler, Richard (1996) Comparative Criminal Procedure. BIICL, p. 256. ISBN 0903067390

Edited Book

Vogler, Richard (2002) Justica consensual e processo penal. Processo Penal e Estado de Direito . Edicamp.

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