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Kärcher, Martin H and Ratnieks, Francis L W (2014) Killing and replacing queen-laid eggs: low cost of worker policing in the honey bee. American Naturalist, 184 (1). pp. 110-118. ISSN 0003-0147

Kärcher, Martin H and Ratnieks, Francis L W (2010) Honey bee guards recognise allospecific intruders via "different odours" not "harmful-intruder odours". Journal of Agricultural Research, 49 (3). pp. 270-277. ISSN 0021-8839

Couvillon, Margaret J, Barton, Sarah N, Cohen, Jennifer A, Fabricius, Onna K, Kärcher, Martin H, Cooper, Lee S, Silk, Matthew J, Helanterä, Heikki and Ratnieks, Francis L W (2010) Alarm pheromones do not mediate rapid shifts in honey bee guard acceptance threshold. Journal of Chemical Ecology, 36 (12). pp. 1306-1308. ISSN 0098-0331

Kärcher, Martin H and Ratnieks, Francis L W (2009) Standing and hovering guards of the stingless bee Tetragonisca angustula complement each other in entrance guarding and intruder recognition. Journal of Apicultural Research, 48 (3). pp. 209-214. ISSN 0021-8839

Kaercher, Martin (2008) Direct introduction of mated and virgin queens into queenless hives using smoke: a method that gives almost 100% acceptance when hives have been queenless for 2 days or more. Journal of Apicultural Research, 47. pp. 243-250. ISSN 2078-6913

Kärcher, Martin, Biedermann, Peter H W, Hrassnigg, Norbert and Crailsheim, Karl (2008) Predator-prey interaction between drones of Apis mellifera carnica and insectivorous birds. Apidologie, 39 (3). pp. 302-309. ISSN 0044-8435


Kaercher, Martin Hans (2011) Inter‐ and intracolonial conflicts in societies of honey bees and stingless bees. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

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