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Akyeampong, Kwame, Westbrook, Jo and Pryor, John (2020) The Speed School pedagogy and how it unlocks the creative and learning potential of disadvantaged children in Ethiopia. NISSEM Global Briefs, 2. pp. 34-53.

Pryor, John, Akyeampong, Albert and Westbrook, Jo (2012) Rethinking teacher preparation and professional development in Africa: an analysis of the curriculum of teacher education in the teaching of early reading and mathematics. Curriculum Journal, 23 (4). pp. 409-502. ISSN 0958-5176

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Book Section

Pryor, John (2015) Formative assessment: a success story? In: Scott, David and Hargreaves, Eleanore (eds.) The Sage handbook of learning. Teaching methods and learning styles . Sage Publications Limited, London. ISBN 9781446287569

Pryor, John, Croft, Alison and Tighe, Marisa (2013) Formative assessment in inclusive education. In: Florian, Lani (ed.) The Sage handbook of special education. Sage, London. ISBN 9781446210536

Pryor, John (2011) Pedagogies of in/equity: Formative assessment/Assessment for Learning. In: Krüger, Heinz-Hermann, Rabe-Kleberg, Ursula, Kramer, Rolf- Torsten and Budde, Jurgen (eds.) Bildungsungleichheit revisited? Studies in Education and Human Development/Studien zur Schul- und Bildungsforschung, 2 . VS Verlag Wiesbaden, pp. 145-160. ISBN 978-3-531-16672-8

Pryor, John (2010) Constructing Research questions: focus, methodology and theorisation. In: Thomson, Pat and Walker, Melanie (eds.) The Routledge Doctoral Student's Companion: Getting to Grips with Research in Education and the Social Sciences. Companions for PhD and DPhil Research . Routledge, Oxon & NY, pp. 161-171. ISBN 978-0-415-48411-4

Pryor, John (2009) History, geography and social studies: making sense of the learning self. In: Gill, Scherto (ed.) Exploring Selfhood: Finding Ourselves, Finding Our Stories in Life Narratives. Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace. ISBN 9780955478512

Torrance, Harry and Pryor, John (2008) Classroom assessment: producing and confronting the production of academic selection in England. In: Krüger, Heinz-Hermann, Werner, Helsper, Gesine, Foljanty-Jost, Rolf-Torsten, Kramer and Merle, Hummrich (eds.) Family, School, Youth Culture - International perspectives of pupil research / Heinz-Hermann Krüger ... [et al.], (eds.). Peter Lang. Frankfurt am Main. ISBN 978-3-631-55266-7

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Pryor, John (2002) The Fiankoma Project. In: Final Report to Department for International Development, September 2002. Unset.

Pryor, John (2001) Questions of power and the power of questions. In: Goodman, Wendy (ed.) Living (and teaching) in an unjust world: new perspectives on multicultural education. Heinemann. ISBN 9780325003818

Reports and working papers

Akyeampong, Albert, Delprato, Marcos, Sabates, Ricardo, James, Zoe, Pryor, John, Westbrook, Jo, Humphreys, Sarah and Tsegay, Haile (2018) Speed School Programme in Ethiopia. Tracking the progress of Speed School students 2011-2017. Project Report. University of Sussex.

Akyeampong, Kwame, Pryor, John, Westbrook, Jo, Abreham, Rahel, Adane, Teketel and Woldie, Solomon (2016) Research into the Speed School curriculum and pedagogy in Ethiopia. Documentation. Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

Westbrook, Jo, Durrani, Naureen, Brown, Rhona, Orr, David, Pryor, John, Boddy, Janet and Salvi, Francesca (2014) Pedagogy, curriculum, teaching practices and teacher education in developing countries. Technical Report. EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London., London.

Orr, David, Westbrook, Jo, Pryor, John, Durrani, Naureen, Sebba, Judy and Adu-Yeboah, Christine (2013) What are the impacts and cost-effectiveness of strategies to improve performance of untrained and under-trained teachers in the classroom in developing countries? Technical Report. University of London, London.

Akyeampong, Kwame, Pryor, John, Westbrook, Jo and Lussier, Kattie (2011) Teacher Preparation and Continuing Professional Development in Africa: Learning To Teach Early Reading and Maths. Project Report. Centre for International Education, University of Sussex, Brighton.

Crossouard, Barbara and Pryor, John (2004) The Use of the Internet for Teaching, Learning and Assessment at the University of Sussex. Project Report. Unset.

Conference or Workshop Item

Pryor, John (2009) Conceptualizing Formative Assessment in Higher Education - disciplinary spaces and identities. In: ESRC Seminar Series: Reimagining the University, July 2009, University of Sussex, Brighton.

Pryor, John (2008) Facing the challenges of teaching in Malawi through collaborative action research. In: Annual Research on Schools, Neighborhoods and Communities: Toward Civic Responsibility, 24-28 March, 2008, New York.

Pryor, John (2008) Formative assessment: the discursive construction of identities. In: Remembering Berlin: EARLI/Northumbria Assessment Conference 2008, 27-29 August 2008, Potsdam, Berlin.

Pryor, John (2008) Literacy and identity in vocational learning: a West African case study. In: UNESCO-UNEVOC International Seminar: Youth Transitions and Youth Labour Market, 10-12 November 2008, London, UK.

Pryor, John (2007) Formal and Informal Transitions: two case studies in Senegal. In: Forschungsfragen und Praxis des Globalen Lernens, October 8-9th 2007, Nürnberg, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Pryor, John (2007) Formative Assessment - learning and teaching by responding. In: Annual Conference on Teaching and Learning, April, 2007, University of Akureyri, Iceland.

Pryor, John and Crossouard, Barbara (2005) A SocioCultural Theorization of Formative Assessment. In: Sociocultural Theory in Educational Research and Practice Conference, University of Manchester.

Crossouard, Barbara, Pryor, John and Torrance, Harry (2003) Investigating the Development of Internet-based Teaching and Assessment in Higher Education. In: European Educational Research Association Annual Conference, Hamburg, Germany.

Alama, A, Crossouard, B and Pryor, J (2003) What are the essential features of support for online learning? In: 2nd Virtual Conference on Virtual Learning, September 2003, Oxford, UK.

Pryor, John (2003) Community Participation in Rural Schooling: The cart before the horse, a case study from Ghana. In: 3rd UKFIET Conference on Education and Development:- The State of Education: Quantity, Quality and Outcomes, 9-11 September, 2003, Oxford.

Pryor, John (2003) Bourdieu's concept of field: toward a dynamic analysis of schooling. In: American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting:- Accountability for Educational Quality: Shared Responsibility, IL, Chicago.

Pryor, John (2003) Lessons in Democracy? Student Councils in Ghana. In: Annual Meeting of American Education Research Association:- “Accountability for Educational Quality: Shared Responsibility, April 21-25, 2003, Chicago.

Pryor, John (2002) Schooling Technology and the Community: Prospects for Acquiring Social Capital in an African Village. In: BAICE 2002 Conference: 'Lifelong Learning and the Building of Human and Social Capital', University of Nottingham.

Pryor, J and Ghartey, A J (2002) The Value of Schooling in Africa: Listening to voices at village level. In: Annual Meeting of American Education Research Association "Validity and Value in Education Research ", April 1-5' 2002, New Orleans.


Dunne, Mairead, Pryor, John and Yates, Paul (2005) Becoming A Researcher: a reseach companion for the social sciences. Open University Press. ISBN 9780335213955

Dunne, Mairead, Pryor, John and Yates, Paul (2005) Becoming a Researcher: A companion to the Research Process. McGrawHill (Open University Press). ISBN 9780335213955

Pryor, John and Ampiah, Joseph Ghartey (2003) Understandings of education in an African village: the impact of information and communication technologies (ethnographic study). Educational papers . Department for International Development. ISBN 1-86192-570-0

Pryor, John and Torrance, Harry (1998) Investigating Formative Assessment: teaching, learning and assessment in the classroom. Open University Press, Maidenhead. ISBN 9780335197347

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