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Liarokapis, Fotis, Brujic-Okretic, V. and Papakonstantinou, S. (2007) Exploring urban environments using virtual and Augmented Reality. Journal of Virtual Reality and Broadcasting, 3 (5). pp. 1-13. ISSN 1860-2037

Liarokapis, Fotis (2006) An exploration from virtual to augmented reality gaming. Simulation and Gaming, 37 (4). pp. 507-533. ISSN 1046-8781

Liarokapis, Fotis and White, Martin (2005) Augmented Reality techniques for museum environments. Mediterranean Journal of Computers and Networks, 1 (2). pp. 90-96. ISSN 1744-2397

Liarokapis, Fotis, Mourkoussis, N, White, Martin, Darcy, J, Sifniotis, Maria, Petridis, Panagiotis, Basu, Anirban and Lister, P.F. (2004) Web3D and Augmented Reality to support engineering education. World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education, 3 (1). pp. 11-14. ISSN 1446-2257

Liarokapis, Fotis, Petridis, Panos, Lister, Paul F and White, Martin (2002) Multimedia Augmented Reality Interface for E-Learning (MARIE). World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education, 1 (2). pp. 173-176. ISSN 1446-2257

White, Martin, Jay, Emmanuel, Liarokapis, Fotis, Kostakis, Costas and Lister, Paul (2001) A Virtual Interactive Teaching Environment (VITE) using XML and Augmented Reality. International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education, 38 (4). pp. 316-329. ISSN 0020-7209

Book Section

Syliaou, S, Mania, A, Liarokapis, F, White, M, Walczack, K, Wojciechowski, R, Wiza, W and Patias, P (2015) Evaluation of a cultural heritage augmented reality game. In: Cartographies of Mind, Soul and Knowledge. Ziti Publications, Greece, pp. 153-174. ISBN 9789048173709

Sylaiou, Stella, White, Martin and Liarokapis, Fotis (2013) Digital heritage systems: the ARCO evaluation. In: Garcia-Ruiz, Miguel A (ed.) Cases on usability engineering: design and development of digital products. Advances in human and social aspects of technology . IGI Global, Hershey, PA, pp. 321-354. ISBN 9781466640467

Liarokapis, Fotis, Mountain, D, Papakonstantinou, S, Brujic-Okretic, V and Raper, Jennifer (2006) Mixed reality for exploring urban environments. In: Braz, Jos'e, Jorge, Joaquim A. and Ad'erito Marcos, Miguel Dias (eds.) Proceedings of the First International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications. INSTICC - Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication, Setubal, Portugal, pp. 208-215. ISBN 972-8865-39-2

Liarokapis, F (2005) Augmented reality scenarios for guitar learning. In: Liarokapis, Fotis (ed.) Proceedings of Eurographics UK Chapter, Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2005. Eurographics, pp. 163-170. ISBN 3905673568

Mountain, D and Liarokapis, Fotis (2005) Interacting with virtual reality scenes on mobile devices. In: Tscheligi, Manfred, Bernhaupt, Regina and Mihalic, Kristijan (eds.) Proceedings of the 7th international Conference on Human Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices & Services. ACM, pp. 331-332. ISBN 1-59593-089-2

Liarokapis, F, Greatbatch, I, Mountain, D, Gunesh, A, Brujic-Okretic, V and Raper, J (2005) Mobile augmented reality techniques for GeoVisualisation. In: Liarokapis, F (ed.) Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Information Visualisation. Information Visualisation . IEEE Computer Society, London, UK, pp. 745-751. ISBN 0-7695-2397-8

Sylaiou, S., Liarokapis, Fotis, Sechidis, L., Patias, P. and Georgoula, O. (2005) Virtual museums: first results of a survey on methods and tools. In: XXth International Symposium (the ICOMOS & ISPRS Committee on Documentation of Cultural Heritage), the CIPA International Archives for Documentation of Cultural Heritage,. CIPA, Torino, Italy, pp. 1138-1143. ISBN 1682-1777

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White, Martin, Mourkoussis, N, Darcy, J, Petridis, Panagiotis, Liarokapis, Fotis, Lister, P.F, Walczak, K, Wojciechowski, R, Cellary, W, Chmielewski, J, Stawniak, M, Wiza, W, Patel, M, Stevenson, J, Manley, J, Giorgini, F, Sayd, P and Gaspard, F (2004) ARCO: an architecture for digitization, management and presentation of virtual exhibitions. In: Computer Graphics International 2004 (CGI'04). IEEE, pp. 622-625.

White, Martin, Liarokapis, Fotis, Mourkoussis, N., Basu, Anirban, Darcy, J., Petridis, Panagiotis, Sifniotis, Maria and Lister, P.F. (2004) ARCOlite — an XML based system for building and presenting virtual museums using Web3D and augmented reality. In: Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics, 2004. Proceedings. IEEE, pp. 94-101. ISBN 0-7695-2137-1

Wojciechowski, R, Walczak, K, White, M and Liarokapis, F (2004) Using virtual and augmented reality for presenting cultural objects. In: Liarokapis, F (ed.) Proc. of EVA 2003. V. Cappellini et al. (Eds). . Pitagora Editrice Bologna, Florence, Italy, p. 9. ISBN 88-371-1391-9

White, M., Liarokapis, Fotis, Mourkoussis, N., Basu, Anirban, Darcy, J., Petridis, Panagiotis and Lister, P.F. (2004) A lightweight XML driven architecture for the presentation of virtual cultural exhibitions (ARCOLite). In: Guimaraes, Nuno and Isaias, Pedro (eds.) Proc. IADIS International Conference of Applied Computing 2004. IADIAS Press, Lisbon, pp. 205-212. ISBN 972-98947-3-6

Liarokapis, Fotis, Mourkoussis, N., Petridis, Panagiotis, Rumsey, S, Lister, P. F. and White, Martin (2002) An interactive Augmented Reality system for Engineering education. In: Proceedings of the 3rd Global Congress on Engineering Education. UICEE, pp. 334-337. ISBN 0-7326-2201-8

Conference or Workshop Item

Mourkoussis, N, Liarokapis, Fotis, Basu, Anirban, White, Martin and Lister, P.F. (2004) Using XML technologies to present digital content with Augmented Reality. In: Eurographics Ireland 2004 Workshop, 9 Sep 2004, University College Cork, Cork City.

Liarokapis, F, Mourkoussis, N, White, M and Lister, P. F (2004) The ARCO Project. In: ARCH-IT Symposium, EVA 2004, 28-30 July, 2004., London..

White, Martin, Liarokapis, Fotis, Mourkoussis, Nicholaos, Basu, Anirban, Petridis, Panagiotis, Darcy, Joe, Sifniotis, Maria and Lister, Paul (2004) ARCOLite: an XML based system for building and presenting Virtual Museum Exhibitions using Web3D and Augmented Reality. In: Theory and Practice of Computer Graphics 2004 Conference (TP.CG.04),, 10 June 2004., Bournemouth..

White, Martin, Mourkoussis, Nicholaos, Liarokapis, Fotis, Darcy, Joe, Petridis, Panos and Basu, Anirban (2003) ARCO Technology Demonstration. In: VAST 2003: The 4th International Symposium on Virtual Reality, Archaeology and Intelligent Heritage, incorporating First Eurographics Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage.

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