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Roll, Jarod (2010) "Out Yonder on the Road": Working Class Self-Representation and the 1939 Roadside Demonstration in Southeast Missouri. Southern Spaces. ISSN 1551-2754

Roll, Jarod (2010) Garveyism and the Eschatology of African Redemption in the Rural South, 1920-1936. Religion and American Culture, 20 (1). pp. 27-56. ISSN 1052-1151

Roll, Jarod (2009) [Review] Ken Fones-Wolf (2007) Glass towns: industry, labor, and political economy in appalachia, 1890-1930s. Labour History Review, 74 (3). pp. 389-390. ISSN 0961-5652

Roll, Jarod (2008) [Review] Ronald M. Carden (2007) William Montgomery Brown (1855 - 1937): the Southern Episcopal bishop who became a communist. Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 59 (3). pp. 585-586. ISSN 0022-0469

Roll, Jarod (2008) [Review] Chris Green, Rachel Rubin, and James Smethurst, ed. (2006) Radicalism in the south since reconstruction. Journal of Southern History, 74 (2). pp. 485-486. ISSN 0022-4642

Gellman, Erik S. and Roll, Jarod (2006) Owen Whitfield and the Gospel of the Working-Class in New Deal America, 1936-1946. Journal of Southern History, 72 (2). pp. 303-348. ISSN 0022-4642

Roll, Jarod (2004) From revolution to reaction: early Pentecostalism, radicalism and race in Southeast Missouri, 1910-1930. Radical History Review, 90. pp. 5-29. ISSN 0163-6545

Roll, Jarod H (2002) Gideon's Band: From Socialism to Vigilantism in Southeast Missouri, 1907-1916. Labor History, 43 (4). pp. 483-503. ISSN 0023-656X

Roll, Jarod (2000) `I am hoping for a speedy reunion': The Civil War Correspondence of Private Henry Hoberg. Missouri Historical Review, 94 (3). pp. 264-286. ISSN 0026-6582

Book Section

Roll, Jarod (2012) 'The Lazarus of American farmers': black agrarianism in the Jim Crow South, 1921-1938. In: Reid, Debra A and Bennett, Evan P (eds.) Beyond forty acres and a mule : African American landowning families since Reconstruction. University Press of Florida, Gainesville. ISBN 9780813039862

Roll, Jarod (2012) Agrarian producerism after populism: socialism and Garveyism in the rural South. In: Beeby, James M (ed.) Populism in the South revisited: new interpretations and new departures. University Press of Mississippi. ISBN 9781617032257

Conference or Workshop Item

Roll, Jarod (2011) Prophetic Front: New Era School of Social Action and Prophetic Religion and the Fight Against Jim Crow in the 1930s. In: 125th Annual Meeting of the American Historical Association, Boston, USA.

Roll, Jarod (2010) The Power of Prophecy: Religion and Black Politics in the Jim Crow American South. In: Marcus Cunliffe Lecture Series 2009-10: Between Race and Nation: Black Politics in the Age of Jim Crow, May 10, 2010, University of Sussex.

Roll, Jarod (2010) "The Gospel Sends You Home Mad": Rebellious Religion and Rural Protest in the 1930s South. In: 2010 Annual Meeting of the Organization of American Historians, 7th-10th April 2010, Washington DC.

Roll, Jarod (2010) New Heaven, New Earth: Garveyism and Religion in the Rural South. In: Cambridge University American History Seminar, Cambridge University, Cambridge, UK.

Roll, Jarod (2009) Agrarian Producerism after Populism. In: 2009 BrANCH Conference, Cambridge, UK.

Roll, Jarod (2009) "They don't believe in it": NAACP Organizing Struggles in the Rural South, 1923-1935. In: The NAACP: A Centenary Appraisal Conference 2009, September 24-25, 2009, Marcus Cunliffe Centre for the Study of the American South, University of Sussex, Brighton.

Roll, Jarod (2009) The Farmers are the Front Line: The Missouri Agricultural Workers' Council, the St. Louis CIO Industrial Council, and the Politics of the 1942 Cotton-Chopping Strike. In: Race, Labor and the City: Crises Old and New, Annual meeting of the Labor and Working-Class History Association, Chicago.

Roll, Jarod (2009) Prophetic Religion and Rural Rebellion in the Missouri Bootheel. In: Missouri Southern State University Annual Jeans Lecture, Missouri Southern State University.

Roll, Jarod (2009) Making a New Deal for Rural Workers: The Southern Tenant Farmers' Union and the Mississippi River Flood of 1937. In: Institute of Historical Research American History Seminar 2009, Institute of Historical Research, London.

Roll, Jarod (2008) 'Wilson's new freedom is sure hell': southern white radicalism and the limits of Jim Crow politics, 1900-1919. In: British Association for the American Studies Annual Meeting 2008, 27-30 March 2008, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Roll, Jarod (2007) Black Nationalism in the Rural South, 1921-1936. In: Unset.

Roll, Jarod H (2006) "Building Up a Country of Their Own": Garveyism and the African American Search for Rural Independence, 1920-1929. In: Race in Rural America, Saturday, February 25, 2006, 11:00am-3:00pm, Scholl Center for American History and Culture, Newberry Library, Chicago, IL..

Roll, Jarod (2006) Rural Labor's Wartime Battle for the Homefront, 1941-1945. In: Unset.

Roll, Jarod (2004) The 'Radical' Roots of the Far Right: The Interracial and Socialist Origins of American Pentecostalism. In: Unset.

Roll, Jarod (2003) Between Federal Reluctance and Local Resistance: Public Health and the Forgotten Man in the 1930s South. In: Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University.

Roll, Jarod (2003) The 1939 roadside demonstration and the politics of landscape in southeast Missouri, 1920-1939. In: 45th Missouri Conference on History, 24-26 April 2003, Southeast Missouri State University.


Gellman, Erik S. and Roll, Jarod (2011) The Gospel of the Working Class: Labor's Southern Prophets in New Deal America. University of Illinois Press. ISBN 978-0252078408

Roll, Jarod (2010) Spirit of Rebellion: Labor and Religion in the New Cotton South. The Working Class in American History . University of Illinois Press. ISBN 9780252077036

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