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Citron, Francesca M M, Gray, Marcus A, Critchley, Hugo D, Weekes, Brendan Stuart and Ferstl, Evelyn C (2014) Emotional valence and arousal affect reading in an interactive way: neuroimaging evidence for an approach-withdrawal framework. Neuropsychologia, 56. pp. 79-89. ISSN 0028-3932

Ferstl, Evelyn C, Garnham, Alan and Manouilidou, Christina (2011) Implicit causality bias in English: a corpus of 300 verbs. Behavior Research Methods, 43 (1). pp. 124-135. ISSN 1554-351X

Ferstl, Evelyn, Neumann, Jane, Bogler, Carsten and von Cramon, Yves (2008) The extended language network: A meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies on text comprehension. Human Brain Mapping, 29. pp. 581-593. ISSN 1065-9471

Ferstl, Evelyn C and von Cramon, D Yves (2007) Time, space and emotion: fMRI reveals content specific activation during text comprehension. Neuroscience Letters (427). pp. 159-164.

Siebörger, Florian, Ferstl, Evelyn and von Cramon, Yves (2007) Making sense of non-sense: An fMRI study of task induced coherence processes. Brain Research, 1186. pp. 77-91.

Ferstl, Evelyn C (2006) Text comprehension in middle aged adults: Is there anything wrong? Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition, 13 (1). pp. 62-85. ISSN 1382-5585

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Ferstl, E C and von Cramon, D Y (2005) Sprachverstehen im Kontext: Bildgebende Studien zu Kohärenzbildung und Pragmatik [Language comprehension in context: Neuroimaging studies on coherence building and pragmatics]. Sprache - Stimme - Gehoer (29). pp. 130-138.

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Sodian, Beate, Ferstl, Evelyn, Büchel, Christian, Gundel, H, Diehl, J and Förstl, H (2005) Bericht über das Symposium "Theory of Mind" in München: Zur Neurobiologie sittlichen Verhaltens. Nervenheilkunde, 24 (4). pp. 324-325. ISSN 0722-1541

Dick, Frederic, Bates, Elizabeth and Ferstl, Evelyn C (2003) Spectral and temporal degradation of speech as a simulation of morphosyntactic deficits in English and German. Brain and Language, 85 (3). pp. 535-542. ISSN 0093-934X

Zysset, Stefan, Huber, Oswald, Samson, Andrea, Ferstl, Evelyn and von Cramon, Yves (2003) Functional specialisation within the anterior medial prefrontal cortex: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study with human subjects. Neuroscience Letters, 335. pp. 183-186.

Ferstl, Evelyn C. and von Cramon, D. Yves (2002) What does the fronto-median cortex contribute to language processing: Coherence or Theory of Mind? Neuroimage, 17 (3). pp. 1599-1612. ISSN 1053-8119

Ferstl, Evelyn C, Guthke, Thomas and von Cramon, D Yves (2002) Text comprehension after brain injury: Left prefrontal lesions affect inference processes. Neuropsychology, 16 (3). pp. 292-308. ISSN 0028-3932

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Guthke, T, Hauptmann, A and Ferstl, Evelyn (2001) Empirische Untersuchung zur Textverarbeitung bei hirngeschädigten Patienten [An empirical study on text comprehension after brain damage]. Aphasie und verwandte Gebiete, 15. pp. 29-41.

Book Section

Citron, Francesca, Klingbiel, Kathrin A M, Weekes, Brendan S and Ferstl, Evelyn C (2009) Evaluation of lexical and semantic features for English emotion words. In: Brain talk: discourse with and in the brain. Media-Tryck, pp. 11-20. ISBN 978-91-633-5561-5

Ferstl, Evelyn C and Sieborger, Florian Th (2007) Neuroimaging studies of coherence processes. In: Schwarz-Friesel, Monika, Consten, Manfred and Knees, Mareile (eds.) Anaphors in Text: Cognitive, formal and applied approaches to anaphoric reference. Studies in Language Companion Series, 86 . John Benjamins Publishing Company, pp. 225-240. ISBN 9789027230966

Ferstl, Evelyn C (2007) The functional neuroanatomy of text comprehension: what's the story so far? In: Schmalhofer, Franz and Perfetti, Charles A (eds.) Higher Level Language Processes in the Brain: Inference and Comprehension Processes. Lawrence Erlbaum, pp. 53-102. ISBN 9780805852622

Ferstl, Evelyn C (2006) Theory-of-Mind und Kommunikation: Zwei Seiten derselben medaille? In: Forstl, Hans (ed.) Theory of Mind: Neurobiologie und Psychologie sozialen Verhaltens. Springer, pp. 67-78. ISBN 9783540272403

Ferstl, E C (2002) Learning from text. In: Smelser, Neil J and Baltes, Paul B (eds.) International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences. Elsevier, pp. 8605-8609. ISBN 9780080430768

von Cramon, DY, Brass, M, Ferstl, EC, Schubotz, RI, Ullsperger, U and Zysset, S (2001) Funktionelle Neuroanatomie des Frontalhirns [Functional neuroanatomy of the frontal lobes]. In: Neurologie. In J. Noth, H.-C. Diener, K. Felgenhauer, C. W. Wallesch, & E. Busch (Eds.). Stuttgart: Thieme, pp. 152-155.

Conference or Workshop Item

Citron, Francesca M M, Weekes, Brendan S and Ferstl, Evelyn C (2009) Disentangling Valence And Arousal Effects During Emotion Word Processing. In: 49th Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Psychophysiological-Research OCT 21-24, 2009, Berlin, Germany.

Citron, Francesca, Klingebiel, Kathrin A M, Weekes, Brendan S and Ferstl, Evelyn C (2008) Evaluation of lexical and semantic features of English emotion words. In: First Birgit Rausing Language Program Conference in Linguistics, Lund.


Volkmann, Britta, Siebörger, Florian Theodor and Ferstl, Evelyn (2008) Spass beiseite? Materialien zur neurologischen Rehabilitation . NAT-Verlag. ISBN 9783929450491

Ferstl, Evelyn (2006) The Functional Neuroanatomy of Text Comprehension. MPI Series in Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, 74 . Max-Planck-Institute of Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. ISBN 9783936816488

Edited Book

Ferstl, Dr Evelyn, ed. (2003) Beiträge zur 3 Jahrestagung der Gesellschaft für Aphasieforschung und -behandlung [Abstracts of the 3rd Annual Meeting of the Society for Aphasia Resarch and Therapy]. Max-Planck-Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience. ISBN 3-936-81630-1

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