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Becares, Laia and Kneale, Dylan (2022) Inequalities in mental health, self-rated health, and social support among sexual minority young adults during the COVID-19 pandemic: analyses from the UK Millennium Cohort Study. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. ISSN 0933-7954

Hayanga, Brenda, Stafford, Mai and Becares, Laia (2021) Ethnic inequalities in healthcare use and care quality among people with multiple long-term health conditions living in the United Kingdom: a systematic review and narrative synthesis. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 18 (23). a12599 1-23. ISSN 1660-4601

Stopforth, Sarah, Kapadia, Dharmi, Nazroo, James and Becares, Laia (2021) Ethnic inequalities in health in later life, 1993-2017: the persistence of health disadvantage over more than two decades. Ageing and Society. pp. 1-29. ISSN 0144-686X

Ahmad, Gargie, McManus, Sally, Becares, Laia, Hatch, Stephani L and Das-Munshi, Jayati (2021) Explaining ethnic variations in adolescent mental health: a secondary analysis of the Millennium Cohort Study. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology. ISSN 0933-7954

Kneale, Dylan and Bécares, Laia (2021) Discrimination as a predictor of mental health issues among LGBTQ+ people during the COVID-19 pandemic: cross-sectional analysis of the online Queerantine Study. BMJ Open, aa. a049405 1-11. ISSN 2044-6055

Breheny, Mary, Stevenson, Brendan, Bécares, Laia, Abelson, Jamie, Rafferty, Jane and Cormack, Donna (2021) Tabulating experiences of racism and racial discrimination across the life course. Stigma and Health. ISSN 2376-6972

Nazroo, James and Bécares, Laia (2020) Evidence for ethnic inequalities in mortality related to COVID-19 infections: findings from an ecological analysis of England. BMJ Open, 10 (12). a041750 1-6. ISSN 2044-6055

Becares, Laia (2020) Health and socio-economic inequalities by sexual orientation among older women in the United Kingdom: findings from the UK Household Longitudinal Study. Ageing and Society. pp. 1-31. ISSN 0144-686X

Westwood, Sue, Willis, Paul, Fish, Julie, Hafford-Letchfield, Trish, Semlyen, Joanna, King, Andrew, Beach, Brian, Almack, Kathryn, Kneale, Dylan, Toze, Michael and Becares, Laia (2020) Older LGBT+ health inequalities in the UK: setting a research agenda. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health. ISSN 0143-005X

Bécares, Laia, Kapadia, Dharmi and Nazroo, James (2020) The neglect of older ethnic minority people in UK research and policy: exclusion from population studies is a form of institutional racism. BMJ, 368 (8233). pp. 1-2. ISSN 1759-2151

O’Connor, Meregith, Slopen, Natalie, Becares, Laia, Burgner, David, Williams, David R and Priest, Naomi (2019) Inequalities in the distribution of childhood adversity from birth to 11 years. Academic Pediatrics. pp. 1-10. ISSN 1876-2859

Thayer, Zaneta, Becares, Laia and Carr, Polly Atatoa (2019) Maternal experiences of ethnic discrimination and subsequent birth outcomes in Aotearoa New Zealand. BMC Public Health, 19 (1). a1271. ISSN 1471-2458

Priest, Naomi, Kavanagh, Anne, Becares, Laia and King, Tania (2019) Cumulative effects of bullying and racial discrimination on adolescent health in Australia. Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 60 (3). pp. 344-361. ISSN 0022-1465

Zilanawala, Afshin, Becares, Laia and Benner, Apriele (2019) Race/ethnic inequalities in early adolescent development in the United Kingdom and United States. Demographic Research, 40 (6). pp. 121-154. ISSN 1435-9871

Godhwani, Simran, Jivraj, Stephen, Marshall, Alan and Bécares, Laia (2019) Comparing subjective and objective neighbourhood deprivation and their association with health over time among older adults in England. Health & Place, 55. pp. 51-58. ISSN 1353-8292

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Schofield, Peter, Thygesen, Malene, Das-Munshi, Jayati, Bécares, Laia, Cantor-Graae, Elizabeth, Agerbo, Esben and Pedersen, Carsten (2018) Neighbourhood ethnic density and psychosis — is there a difference according to generation? Schizophrenia Research, 195. pp. 501-505. ISSN 09209964

Almeida, Joanna, Bécares, Laia, Erbetta, Kristin, Bettegowda, Vani R and Ahluwalia, Indu B (2018) Racial/ethnic inequities in low birth weight and preterm birth: the role of multiple forms of stress. Maternal and Child Health Journal, 22 (8). pp. 1154-1163. ISSN 1092-7875

Bécares, Laia, Dewey, Michael E and Das-Munshi, Jayati (2017) Ethnic density effects for adult mental health: systematic review and meta-analysis of international studies. Psychological Medicine, 48 (12). pp. 2054-2072. ISSN 0033-2917

Zhang, Nan, Beauregard, Jennifer L, Kramer, Michael R and Bécares, Laia (2017) Neighbourhood ethnic density effects on behavioural and cognitive problems among young racial/ethnic minority children in the US and England: a cross-national comparison. Population Research and Policy Review, 36 (5). pp. 761-804. ISSN 0167-5923

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Webb, Elizabeth, Panico, Lidia, Bécares, Laia, McMunn, Anne, Kelly, Yvonne and Sacker, Amanda (2017) The inter-relationship of adolescent unhappiness and parental mental distress. Journal of Adolescent Health, 60 (2). pp. 196-203. ISSN 1054-139X

Lorant, Vincent, Soto Rojas, Victoria, Bécares, Laia, Kinnunen, Jaana M, Kuipers, Mirte A G, Moor, Irene, Roscillo, Gaetano, Alves, Joana, Grard, Adeline, Rimpelä, Arja, Federico, Bruno, Richter, Matthias, Perelman, Julian and Kunst, Anton E (2016) A social network analysis of substance use among immigrant adolescents in six European cities. Social Science and Medicine, 169. pp. 58-65. ISSN 0277-9536

Sanchez-Vaznaugh, E V, Bécares, L, Sallis, J F and Sánchez, B N (2016) Active school transport and fast food intake: are there racial and ethnic differences? Preventive Medicine, 91. pp. 281-286. ISSN 0091-7435

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Bécares, Laia and Atatoa-Carr, Polly (2016) The association between maternal and partner experienced racial discrimination and prenatal perceived stress, prenatal and postnatal depression: findings from the growing up in New Zealand cohort study. International Journal for Equity in Health, 15 (155). pp. 1-12. ISSN 1475-9276

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Zhang, Nan, Bécares, Laia, Chandola, Tarani and Callery, Peter (2015) Intergenerational differences in beliefs about healthy eating among carers of left-behind children in rural China: a qualitative study. Appetite, 95. pp. 484-491. ISSN 0195-6663

Bécares, Laia and Priest, Naomi (2015) Understanding the influence of race/Ethnicity, gender, and class on inequalities in academic and non-academic outcomes among eighth-grade students: findings from an intersectionality approach. PLoS ONE, 10 (10). a0141363 1-17. ISSN 1932-6203

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Bécares, Laia, Nazroo, James and Jackson, James (2014) Ethnic density and depressive symptoms among African Americans: threshold and differential effects across social and demographic subgroups. American Journal of Public Health, 104 (12). ISSN 0090-0036

Bécares, Laia (2014) Ethnic density effects on psychological distress among Latino ethnic groups: an examination of hypothesized pathways. Health & Place, 30. pp. 177-186. ISSN 1353-8292

Becares, Laia (2014) Ethnic density effects on psychotic symptomatology among Latino ethnic groups: an examination of hypothesized pathways. Health & Place, 30. pp. 177-186. ISSN 1353-8292

Morrison, Joana, Pons-Vigués, Mariona, Bécares, Laia, Burström, Bo, Gandarillas, Ana, Domínguez-Berjón, Felicitas, Diez, Èlia, Costa, Giuseppe, Ruiz, Milagros, Pikhart, Hynek, Marinacci, Chiara, Hoffmann, Rasmus, Santana, Paula and Borrell, Carme (2014) Health inequalities in European cities: perceptions and beliefs among local policymakers. BMJ Open, 4 (5). e004454. ISSN 2044-6055

Panico, Lidia, Bécares, Laia and Webb, Elizabeth Alice (2014) Exploring household dynamics: the reciprocal effects of parent and child characteristics. Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 5 (1). pp. 42-55. ISSN 1757-9597

Book Section

Nazroo, James and Bécares, Laia (2017) Islamophobia, racism and health. In: Elahi, Farah and Khan, Omar (eds.) Islamophobia: Still a challenge for us all. Runnymede, London, pp. 31-36. ISBN 9781909546257

Bécares, Laia and Nazroo, James (2015) Social capital, ethnic density and mental health among ethnic minority people in England: a mixed-methods study. In: Li, Yaojun (ed.) Handbook of research methods and applications on social capital. Handbooks of Research Methods and Applications . Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 242-261. ISBN 9780857935847

Bécares, Laia (2015) Which ethnic groups have the poorest health? In: Jivraj, Stephen and Simpson, Ludi (eds.) Ethnic identity and inequality in Britain: the dynamics of diversity. Policy Press, Bristol, UK, pp. 123-140. ISBN 9781447321811

Karlsen, Saffron, Roth, Marilyn and Bécares, Laia (2014) Racism, health and healthcare. In: Cockerham, William C, Dingwall, Robert and Quah, Stella (eds.) Wiley-Encyclopaedia of health, illness, behaviour and society. Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedias in Social Sciences . John Wiley and Sons, Chichester, UK. ISBN 9781444330762

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