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Husbands, Phil, Shim, Yoonsik, Garvie, Michael, Dewar, Alex, Domcsek, Norbert, Graham, Paul, Knight, James, Nowotny, Thomas and Philippides, Andrew (2021) Recent advances in evolutionary and bio-inspired adaptive robotics: exploiting embodied dynamics. Applied Intelligence. ISSN 0924-669X

Dewar, Alex D M, Wystrach, Antoine, Philippides, Andrew and Graham, Paul (2017) Neural coding in the visual system of Drosophila melanogaster: how do small neural populations support visually guided behaviours? PLoS Computational Biology, 13 (10). a1005735 1-21. ISSN 1553-7358

Wystrach, Antoine, Dewar, Alexander David McDonald, Philippides, Andrew and Graham, Paul (2016) How do field of view and resolution affect the information content of panoramic scenes for visual navigation? A computational investigation. Journal of Comparative Physiology A, 202 (2). pp. 87-95. ISSN 0340-7594

Dewar, Alex D M, Wystrach, Antoine, Graham, Paul and Philippides, Andrew (2015) Navigation-specific neural coding in the visual system of Drosophila. BioSystems, 136. pp. 120-127. ISSN 0303-2647

Gaffin, Douglas D, Dewar, Alexander, Graham, Paul and Philippides, Andrew (2015) Insect-inspired navigation algorithm for an aerial agent using satellite imagery. PLoS ONE, 10 (4). e0122077. ISSN 1932-6203

Dewar, Alexander D M, Philippides, Andrew and Graham, Paul (2014) What is the relationship between visual environment and the form of ant learning-walks? An in silico investigation of insect navigation. Adaptive Behavior, 22 (3). pp. 163-179. ISSN 1059-7123

Conference Proceedings

Pellatt, Lloyd, Dewar, Alex, Philippides, Andrew and Roggen, Daniel (2020) Mapping vicon motion tracking to 6-axis IMU data for wearable activity recognition. International Conference on Activity and Behavior Computing (ABC 2020), Kitakyushu, Japan, Aug. 26-29, 2020. Published in: Activity and behavior computing. 3-20. Springer, Singapore. ISSN 2190-3018 ISBN 9789811589430

Meyer, Stefan, Nowotny, Thomas, Graham, Paul, Dewar, Alex and Philippides, Andrew (2020) Snapshot navigation in the wavelet domain. Living Machines 2020, Freiburg, Germany, 28-30 July 2020. Published in: Vouloutsi, Vasiliki, Mura, Anna, Tauber, Falk, Speck, Thomas, Prescott, Tony J and Verschure, Paul F M J, (eds.) Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems. 12413 245-256. Springer Nature, Cham. ISSN 0302-9743 ISBN 9783030643126

Dewar, Alex, Graham, Paul, Nowotny, Thomas and Philippides, Andrew (2020) Exploring the robustness of insect-inspired visual navigation for flying robots. ALIFE 2020: The 2020 Conference on Artificial Life, Online, July 13 - 18, 2020. Published in: Bongard, Josh, Lovato, Juniper, Hebert-Dufrésne, Laurent, Dasari, Radhakrishna and Soros, Lisa, (eds.) Artificial Life Conference Proceedings. (32) 668-677. The MIT Press

Knight, James C, Sakhapov, Daniil, Domcsek, Norbert, Dewar, Alexander D M, Graham, Paul, Nowotny, Thomas and Philippides, Andrew (2019) Insect-inspired visual navigation on-board an autonomous robot: real-world routes encoded in a single layer network. ALife 2019: the 2019 conference on Artificial Life, Newcastle, July 29 - August 2, 2019. Published in: Proceedings of ALIFE 2019: The 2019 Conference on Artificial Life. (31) 60-67. MIT Press ISBN 9780262358446

Philippides, Andy, Steadman, Nathan, Dewar, Alex, Walker, Christopher and Graham, Paul (2016) Insect-inspired visual navigation for flying robots. Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems. Published in: Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems. Living Machines 2016.. 9793 263-274. Springer International Publishing ISSN 0302-9743 ISBN 9783319424170

Philippides, Andrew, Dewar, Alexander, Wystrach, Antoine, Mangan, Michael and Graham, Paul (2013) How active vision facilitates familiarity-based homing. Published in: Lepora, Nathan F, Mura, Anna, Krapp, Holger G, Verschure, Paul F M J, Prescott, Tony J and Unset, (eds.) Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Living Machines 2013: Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems; London, UK; 29 July – 2 August 2013. 8064 427-430. Springer Verlag, Heidelberg. ISSN 1611-3349 ISBN 9783642398018


Dewar, Alexander David McDonald (2016) A computational approach to understanding visually guided behaviours in insects. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

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