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Furszyfer Del Rio, Dylan D, Sovacool, Benjamin K, Bergman, Noam and Makuch, Karen E (2020) Critically reviewing smart home technology applications and business models in Europe. Energy Policy, 144. a111631. ISSN 0301-4215

Sovacool, Benjamin K, Bergman, Noam, Hopkins, Debbie, Jenkins, Kirsten E H, Hielscher, Sabine, Goldthau, Andres and Brossman, Brent (2020) Imagining sustainable energy and mobility transitions: valence, temporality, and radicalism in 38 visions of a low-carbon future. Social Studies of Science. pp. 1-38. ISSN 0306-3127

Bergman, Noam and Foxon, Timothy J (2019) Reframing policy for the energy efficiency challenge: insights from housing retrofits in the United Kingdom. Energy Research and Social Science, 63. a101386. ISSN 2214-6296

Bergman, Noam (2018) Impacts of the fossil fuel divestment movement: effects on finance, policy and public discourse. Sustainability, 10 (7). 25291 1-18. ISSN 2071-1050

Bergman, Noam, Schwanen, Tim and Sovacool, Benjamin K (2017) Imagined people, behaviour and future mobility: Insights from visions of electric vehicles and car clubs in the United Kingdom. Transport Policy, 59. pp. 165-173. ISSN 0967-070X

Bergman, Noam (2017) Stories of the future: personal mobility innovation in the United Kingdom. Energy Research and Social Science, 31. pp. 184-193. ISSN 2214-6296

Hamliton, Jo, Mayne, Ruth, Parag, Yael and Bergman, Noam (2015) Scaling up local carbon action: the role of partnerships, networks and policy. Carbon Management, 5 (4). pp. 463-476. ISSN 1758-3004

Bergman, Noam (2015) Climate Camp and public discourse of climate change in the UK. Carbon Management, 5 (4). pp. 339-348. ISSN 1758-3004

Bergman, Noam (2013) Why is renewable heat in the UK underperforming? A socio-technical perspective. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part A: Journal of Power and Energy, 227 (1). pp. 124-131. ISSN 0957-6509

Bergman, Noam and Eyre, Nick (2011) What role for microgeneration in a shift to a low carbon domestic energy sector in the UK? Energy Efficiency, 4 (3). pp. 335-353. ISSN 1570-646X

Staffell, Iain, Baker, Philip, Barton, John P, Bergman, Noam, Blanchard, Richard, Brandon, Nigel P, Brett, Daniel J L, Hawkes, Adam, Infield, David, Jardine, Christian N, Kelly, Nick, Leach, Matthew, Matian, Mardit, Peacock, Andrew D, Sudtharalingam, Sohansini and Woodman, Bridget (2010) UK microgeneration. Part II: Technology overviews. Proceedings of the ICE - Energy, 163 (4). pp. 143-165. ISSN 1751-4223

Köehler, Jonathan, Whitmarsh, Lorraine, Nykvist, Björn, Schilperoord, Michel, Bergman, Noam and Haxeltine, Alex (2009) A transitions model for sustainable mobility. Ecological Economics, 68 (12). pp. 2985-2995. ISSN 0921-8009

Bergman, N, Hawkes, A, Brett, D J L, Baker, P, Barton, J, Blanchard, R, Brandon, N P, Infield, D, Jardine, C, Kelly, N, Leach, M, Matian, M, Peacock, A D, Staffell, I, Sudtharalingam, S and Woodman, B (2009) UK microgeneration. Part I: policy and behavioural aspects. Proceedings of the ICE - Energy, 162 (1). pp. 22-36. ISSN 1751-4223

Schilperoord, Michel, Rotmans, Jan and Bergman, Noam (2008) Modelling societal transitions with agent transformation. Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory, 14 (4). pp. 283-301. ISSN 1381-298X

Messias, M-J, Watson, A J, Johannessen, T, Oliver, K I C, Olsson, K A, Fogelqvist, E, Olafsson, J, Bacon, S, Balle, J, Bergman, N, Budéus, G, Danielsen, M, Gascard, J-C, Jeansson, E, Olafsdottir, S R, Simonsen, K, Tanhua, T, Van Scoy, K and Ledwell, J R (2008) The Greenland Sea tracer experiment 1996-2002: horizontal mixing and transport of Greenland Sea intermediate water. Progress in Oceanography, 78 (1). pp. 85-105. ISSN 0079-6611

Bergman, Noam, Haxeltine, Alex, Whitmarsh, Lorraine, Köhler, Jonathan, Schilperoord, Michel and Rotmans, Jan (2008) Modelling socio-technical transition patterns and pathways. Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation, 11 (3). ISSN 1460-7425

Haxeltine, Alex, Whitmarsh, Lorraine, Bergman, Noam, Rotmans, Jan, Schilperoord, Michel and Kohler, Jonathan (2008) A conceptual framework for transition modelling. International Journal of Innovation and Sustainable Development, 3 (1-2). pp. 93-114. ISSN 1740-8822

Bergman, Noam, Lenton, Timothy M and Watson, Andrew J (2004) COPSE: A new model of biogeochemical cycling over Phanerozoic time. American Journal of Science, 304 (5). pp. 397-437. ISSN 0002-9599

Book Section

Bergman, Noam (2019) Electric vehicles and the future of personal mobility in the United Kingdom. In: Jenkins, Kirsten E H and Hopkins, Debbie (eds.) Transitions in energy efficiency and demand: the emergence, diffusion and Impact of low-carbon innovation. Routledge Studies in Energy Transitions . Routledge, pp. 53-71. ISBN 9781351127264

Hawkes, A, Bergman, N, Jardine, C, Staffell, I, Brett, D and Brandon, N (2010) A change of scale? Prospects for distributed energy resources. In: Skea, Jim, Ekins, Paul and Winskel, Mark (eds.) Energy 2050: Making the Transition to a Secure Low Carbon Energy System. Earthscan, pp. 219-257. ISBN 9781849710848

Reports and working papers

Bergman, Noam and Foxon, Tim (2021) Drivers and effects of digitalisation on energy demand in low carbon scenarios. Working Paper. SPRU.

Bergman, Noam and Foxon, Timothy (2018) Reorienting finance towards energy efficiency: the case of UK housing. Working Paper. SPRU Working Paper Series, University of Sussex.

Conference or Workshop Item

Bergman, Noam and Schwanen, Tim (2016) Imagined practices and the future of personal mobility. In: BEHAVE 2016: 4th European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency, 8-9 September 2016, University of Coimbra, Portugal.

Bergman, Noam and Schwanen, Tim (2016) Futures of personal mobility: a tale of two innovations. In: 4S/EASST Conference, 31 August - 3 September 2016, Barcelona.

Conference Proceedings

Bergman, Noam and Janda, Kathryn (2021) Recasting stories about energy in a post-pandemic world. eceee Summer Study 2021, Online, 7–11 June 2021. Published in: eceee Summer Study proceedings. eceee ISSN 1653-7025

Foxon, Timothy and Bergman, Noam (2021) The role of digitalisation in low carbon scenarios. eceee Summer Study 2021, Online, 7–11 June 2021. Published in: eceee Summer Study proceedings. eceee ISSN 1653-7025

Bergman, Noam (2019) Energy efficiency or energy demand? eceee 2019 Summer Study, France, 03–08 Jun 2019. Published in: eceee 2019 Summer Study proceedings. 351-360. eceee ISSN 1653-7025 ISBN 9789198387841


Bergman, Noam, Stapleton, Lee and Martiskainen, Mari (2015) Short-sighted Tory energy policies could undo years of effort. The Conversation.

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