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Ajwang, Frederick, Arora, Saurabh, Atela, Joanes, Onyango, Joel and Kyari, Mohammad (2022) Enabling modernisation, marginalising alternatives? Kenya's agricultural policy and smallholders. Journal of International Development. ISSN 0954-1748

Ghosh, Bipashyee and Arora, Saurabh (2022) Smart as (un)democratic? The making of a smart city imaginary in Kolkata, India. Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, 40 (1). pp. 318-339. ISSN 2399-6544

Arora, Saurabh and Van Dyck, Barbara (2021) Refusal as radical care? Moving beyond modern industrial agriculture. Development. ISSN 1011-6370

Stirling, Andy and Arora, Saurabh (2021) Whither the pluriverse? degrowth and coloniality. [weblog article, 22 Sept 2021].

Arora, Saurabh and Stirling, Andy (2021) Is degrowth already colonial? STEPS Centre.

Arora, Saurabh and Stirling, Andy (2021) Degrowth and the pluriverse: continued coloniality or intercultural revolution? STEPS Centre.

Arora, Saurabh and Stirling, Andy (2021) To meet the sustainable development goals, we must transform innovation. STRINGS [weblog article, 19 April 2021].

de Hoop, Evelien and Arora, Saurabh (2021) How policy marginalizes diversity: politics of knowledge in India’s biodiesel promotion. Science as Culture, 30 (2). pp. 261-286. ISSN 0950-5431

Arora, Saurabh, Van Dyck, Barbara, Sharma, Divya and Stirling, Andy (2020) Control, care, and conviviality in the politics of technology for sustainability. Sustainability: Science, Practice, and Policy, 16 (1). pp. 247-262. ISSN 1548-7733

Arora, Saurabh and Stirling, Andy (2020) Intervention – “Don’t Save ‘the World’; Embrace a Pluriverse!”. Antipode Online [weblog article, 27 Oct 2020].

Arora, Saurabh and Stirling, Andy (2020) Don’t save ‘the world’ – embrace a pluriverse! STEPS Centre.

Sharma, Divya, Vijayabaskar, M, Menon, Ajit and Arora, Saurabh (2020) Relational approaches to poverty in rural India: social, ecological and technical dynamics. Contemporary South Asia. pp. 1-16. ISSN 0958-4935

Arora, Saurabh and Sharma, Divya (2020) The COVID-19 pandemic shows how power produces poverty. STEPS Centre, Brighton.

Arora, Saurabh, Vijayabaskar, M, Sharma, Divya and Stirling, Andy (2019) Sustainable development through diversifying pathways in India. Economic and Political Weekly, 54 (46). pp. 32-37. ISSN 0012-9976

Arora, Saurabh (2019) Admitting uncertainty, transforming engagement: towards caring practices for sustainability beyond climate change. Regional Environmental Change, 19. pp. 1571-1584. ISSN 1436-3798

Arora, Saurabh, Van Dyck, Barbara, Argumedo, Alejandro and Wakeford, Tom (2019) Choreographed consensus: the stifling of dissent at CRISPRcon 2019. STEPS Centre.

Omori, Simone, Giatti, Leandro and Arora, Saurabh (2019) What can transdisciplinarity give back to communities? STEPS Centre [weblog article, 1 Feb 2019].

Ghosh, Bipashyee and Arora, Saurabh (2019) Smart as democratically transformative? An analysis of ‘Smart City’ sociotechnical imaginary in India. Working Paper. Steps Centre, IDS, Brighton.

Arora, Saurabh and Giatti, Leandro (2018) Democratizing public health and urban sustainability: how can nexus framings be useful? STEPS Centre [weblog article, 6 July 2018].

Hoop, Evelien de and Arora, Saurabh (2017) Policy democracy? Social and material participation in biodiesel policy-making processes in India. Working Paper. University of Sussex.

de Hoop, Evelien and Arora, Saurabh (2016) Material meanings: ‘waste’ as a performative category of land in colonial India. Journal of Historical Geography, 55. pp. 82-92. ISSN 0305-7488

Arora, Saurabh and Nijbroek, Ravic (2016) How to move beyond technology in 'sustainable intensification'. STEPS Centre, Brighton, UK.

Sanditov, Bulat and Arora, Saurabh (2016) Social network and private provision of public goods. Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 26 (1). pp. 195-218. ISSN 0936-9937

Arora, Saurabh (2016) To struggle against and to build with: what does student activism in Delhi mean for pathways to justice? STEPS Centre [weblog article, 24 Feb 2016].

Ariani Fatimah, Yuti and Arora, Saurabh (2016) Nonhumans in the practice of development: material agency and friction in a small-scale energy program in Indonesia. Geoforum, 70 (March). pp. 25-34. ISSN 0016-7185

Arora, Saurabh (2016) Rethinking ‘smart’ in India: the city as an ecology of practices. STEPS Centre [weblog article, 5 Feb 2016].

Fatimah, Yuti Ariani, Raven, Rob P J M and Arora, Saurabh (2015) Scripts in transition: protective spaces of Indonesian biofuel villages. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 99. pp. 1-13. ISSN 0040-1625

Arora, Saurabh and Sanditov, Bulat (2015) Cultures of caste and rural development in the social network of a south Indian village. Sage Open, 5 (3). ISSN 2158-2440

Smith, Adrian and Arora, Saurabh (2015) Mind your (innovation) language. STEPS Centre, Brighton, UK.

Arora, Saurabh, Romijn, Henny A and Caniels, Marjolein C J (2014) Governed by history: Institutional analysis of a contested biofuel innovation system in Tanzania. Industrial and Corporate Change, 23 (2). pp. 573-607. ISSN 0960-6491

Arora, Saurabh (2014) Gatherings of mobility and immobility: itinerant “criminal tribes” and their containment by the Salvation Army in colonial South India. Transfers, 4 (1). pp. 8-26. ISSN 2045-4813

Romijn, Henny, Heijnen, Sanne and Arora, Saurabh (2013) Standardizing sustainability: certification of Tanzanian biofuel smallholders in a global value chain. In: Lindgreen, Adam, Maon, François, Vanhamme, Joëlle and Sen, Sankar (eds.) Sustainable value chain management: a research anthology. Ashgate, pp. 473-488. ISBN 9781409471349

Arora, Saurabh, Hofman, Naomi Baan, Koshti, Vinod and Ciarli, Tommaso (2013) Cultivating compliance: governance of North Indian organic basmati smallholders in a global value chain. Environment and Planning A, 45 (8). pp. 1912-1928. ISSN 0308-518X

Arora, Saurabh and Romijn, Henny (2012) The empty rhetoric of poverty reduction at the base of the pyramid. Organization, 19 (4). pp. 481-505. ISSN 1350-5084

Arora, Saurabh (2012) Farmers' participation in knowledge circulation and the promotion of agroecological methods in South India. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 36 (2). pp. 207-235. ISSN 1044-0046

Arora, Saurabh, Baan Hofman, Naomi, Koshti, Vinod, Ciarli, Tommaso and Savona, Maria (2011) Standards at large: governance, governmentality and performativity in global commodity chains. Project Report. DIME.

van Leersum, Alexander and Arora, Saurabh (2011) Implementing seismic-resistant technologies in post-earthquake Pakistan: a process analysis of owner driven reconstruction. Habitat International, 35 (2). pp. 254-264. ISSN 0197-3975

Arora, Saurabh and Ozman, Muge (2007) Adoption of a new technology: the role of niche groups, network effects and learning. European Journal of Economic and Social Systems, 20 (2). pp. 187-209. ISSN 1292-8895

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