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Lacey, Kate (2018) Up in the air? The matter of radio studies. Radio Journal: International Studies in Broadcast & Audio Media, 16 (2). pp. 109-126. ISSN 1476-4504

Lacey, Kate (2018) Radio’s vernacular modernism: the schedule as modernist text. Media History, 24 (2). pp. 166-179. ISSN 1368-8804

Lacey, Kate and Hilmes, Michele (2015) Editors' introduction: Women and soundwork. Feminist Media Studies, 1 (4). pp. 1-4. ISSN 1468-0777

Lacey, Kate (2015) Listening in/To Germany, Pale Mother. The Cine-Files, 8. ISSN 2156-9096

Lacey, Kate (2014) Smart radio and audio apps: the politics and paradoxes of listening to (anti-) social media. Australian Journalism Review, 36 (2). pp. 77-90. ISSN 0810-2686

Lacey, Kate (2014) Publics and prejudice in radio research. Journal of Radio and Audio Media, 21 (2). pp. 196-198. ISSN 1937-6529

Lacey, Kate (2011) Listening overlooked: an audit of listening as a category in the public sphere. Javnost - The Public, 18 (4). pp. 5-20.

Lacey, Kate (2011) Öffentliches Zuhören: Eine alternative Geschichte des Radiohörens. Zeithistorische Forschungen, 2011 (2). ISSN 1612-6033

Lacey, Kate (2009) Ten years of radio studies: the very idea. Radio Journal, 6 (1). pp. 21-32. ISSN 1476-4504

Lacey, Kate (2007) Home, work and everyday life: Roger Silverstone at Sussex. International Journal of Communication, 1. pp. 61-69. ISSN 1932-8036

Lacey, Kate (2006) [Review] Konrad Dussel (2004) Deutsche rundfunkgeschichte. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television, 26 (2). pp. 286-288. ISSN 0143-9685

Lacey, Kate (2001) [Review] David Hendy (2000) Radio in the global age. New Media and Society, 3 (3). pp. 381-385. ISSN 1461-4448

Lacey, Kate (2000) Towards a periodization of listening: radio and modern life. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 3 (2). 279 - 288. ISSN 1367-8779

Lacey, Kate (1994) From Plauderei to propaganda: on women's radio in Germany, 1924-1935. Media, Culture & Society, 16 (4). pp. 589-608. ISSN 0163-4437

Book Section

Lacey, Kate (2020) Media studies. In: Worthington, Debra L and Bodie, Graham D (eds.) The Handbook of listening (Handbooks in communication and media). Handbooks in Communication and Media . Wiley, pp. 181-198. ISBN 9781119554141

Lacey, Kate (2017) Auditory capital, media publics and the sounding arts. In: Corbussen, Marcel, Meelberg, Vincent and Truax, Barry (eds.) The Routledge companion to sounding art. Routledge Music Companions . Routledge, New York, pp. 213-222. ISBN 9781138780613

Lacey, Kate (2016) A fair hearing: listening, gender and citizenship in the Weimar republic. In: Schumann, Dirk and Metzler, Gabrielle (eds.) Geschlechterordnung und politik in der Weimarer Republik. Schriftenreihe der stiftung reichspräsident-Friedrich-Ebert-Gedenkstätte, 16 . Dietz-Verlag, Bonn, pp. 201-216. ISBN 9783801242367

Lacey, Kate (2016) Reading the colloquium: undisciplined reflections. In: Gardner, Thomas and Vogelin, Salomé (eds.) Colloquium: Sound Art and Music. Zero Books, Alresford, Hants, pp. 103-112. ISBN 978-1-78279-895-8

Lacey, Kate (2016) From radio listening to television viewing in the 1950s: reflections on a blindspot in media history. In: Medhurst, Jamie, Nicholas, Siân and O'Malley, Tom (eds.) Broadcasting in the UK and US in the 1950s: historical perspectives. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 49-70. ISBN 9781443888998

Lacey, Kate (2016) Listening with mother: the cultivation of children's radio. In: Wesseling, Elisabeth (ed.) The child savage, 1890-2010: from comics to games. Studies in Childhood, 1700 to the Present . Ashgate, Aldershot, Hamps, pp. 151-170. ISBN 9781409455981

Lacey, Kate (2013) Assassination, insurrection and alien invasion: interwar wireless scares in cross-national comparison. In: Hayes, Joy and Battles, Kathleen (eds.) War of the worlds to social media: mediated communication in times of crisis. Peter Lang, New York. ISBN 978-1433118012

Lacey, Kate (2013) Listening in the digital age. In: Loviglio, Jason and Hilmes, Michele (eds.) Radio's new wave: global sound in the digital era. Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9780415509756

Lacey, Kate (2013) Speaking up and listening out: media technologies and the re-sounding of the public sphere. In: Zakharine, Dimitri and Meise, Nils (eds.) Electrified voices: medial technical, socio-historical and cultural aspects of voice transfer. V & R unipress, Göttingen, pp. 123-136. ISBN 9783847100249

Lacey, Kate (2011) Media studies. In: Making the future: a history of the University of Sussex. University of Sussex, pp. 249-256. ISBN 9780904242690

Lacey, Kate (2006) The invention of a listening public: radio and its audiences. In: Ross, C and Fuehrer, KC (eds.) Mass media, culture and society in 20th century Germany. Palgrave, New York, pp. 61-79. ISBN 9780230008380

Lacey, Kate (2005) Oeffentliches zuhoeren: eine alternative geschichte des radiohoerens. In: Gethmann, D and Stauff, M (eds.) Politiken der Medien. Diaphanes, Zürich, pp. 195-208. ISBN 9783935300551

Lacey, Kate (2004) Continuties and change in women's radio. In: Crisell, A (ed.) More than a music box: radio cultures and communities in a multi-media world. Berghahn Books, New York, pp. 145-164. ISBN 9781845450465

Lacey, Kate (2002) Radio & political transition: public service, propaganda & promotional culture. In: Hilmes, M and Loviglio, J (eds.) Radio reader: essays in the cultural history of radio. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415928212

Lacey, Kate (2001) Radio in the Great Depression: promotional culture, public service, and propaganda. In: Hilmes, M and Loviglio, J (eds.) Radio reader: essays in the cultural history of radio. Routledge, London, pp. 21-40. ISBN 9780415928212

Lacey, Kate (2000) From Plauderei to Propaganda: on women's radio in Germany, 1923-1935. In: Mitchell, C (ed.) Women and Radio: Airing Differences. Routledge, pp. 48-63. ISBN 978-0-415-22071-2

Lacey, Kate (1999) Langeweile, kitsch und zerstreuung: die modernisierung der hoerkunst (Bored to distraction: the modernisation of the art of listening). In: Marßolek, I and von Saldern, A (eds.) Radiozeiten: herrschaft, alltag, gesellschaft (1924-1960). Deutscher Rundfunkarchiv, Potsdam, Germany., 218 - 230. ISBN 9783932981449

Lacey, Kate (1996) Driving the message home: Nazi propaganda in the private sphere. In: Abrams, L and Harvey, E (eds.) Gender relations in German history: power agency and experience from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. Duke University Press, Durham, N.C., 189 - 210. ISBN 9780822318965

Lacey, Kate Communication in the radio century: thinking through radio. In: Hilmes, Michele and Bottomley, Andrew (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Radio Studies. Oxford University Press, Oxford. (Accepted)

Lacey, Kate Listening back: materiality, mediatisation and method in radio history. In: Lindgren, Mia and Loviglio, Jason (eds.) The Routledge companion to radio and podcast studies. Routledge Media and Cultural Studies Companions . Routledge, Oxford. ISBN 9780367432638 (Accepted)

Conference or Workshop Item

Lacey, Kate (2014) Auditing radio histories. In: Writing Music-Radio and Music/Radio History, 1-2 June 2014, University of Copenhagen.

Lacey, Kate (2014) Listening in transnational contexts. In: Transnational Infrastructures and Public Spheres symposium, part of the ‘Transnational Radio Encounters’ Network, 13-15 March 2014, European Broadcasting Union, Geneva.

Lacey, Kate (2013) Overpowering passivity: radio’s resilient refrain. In: Radio, the Resilient Medium, 11-13 September 2013, ECREA Radio Research Conference, London.

Lacey, Kate (2013) The politics of listening to (anti) social media. In: The Radio Conference 2013: A Transnational Forum, 9th-12th July 2013, University of Bedfordshire, Research Institute for Media, Arts and Performance.

Lacey, Kate (2013) Listening in/to media history: lessons for the digital age. In: What is Radio? Exploring the Past, Present and Future of Radio, 17-25 April 2013, University of Oregon, Portland, USA.

Lacey, Kate (2012) Listening in/to media history. In: Addressing the Audience: European Perspectives: Broadcasting History European Conference, 13 May 2012, University of Bournemouth.

Lacey, Kate (2011) Speaking up and listening out: media technologies and the re-sounding of the public sphere. In: Electrified voices: medial technical, socio-historical and cultural aspects of voice transfer, Konstanz, Germany.

Lacey, Kate (2010) Paradoxes and paradigms: broadcasting and its publics in the 1930s. In: Broadcasting in the 1930s: new media in a time of crisis, July 6th-9th, 2010, University of Madison, Wisconsin..

Lacey, Kate (2009) Listening overlooked: rethinking media in the public sphere. In: The Listening Project, University of Sydney 9th December 2009.

Lacey, Kate (2009) Listening in theory. In: The Radio Conference 2009: A Transnational Forum, 27-30 July 2009, York University, Toronto.

Lacey, Kate (2008) Radio and the ethics of listening. In: European Communications Research and Education Association Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

Lacey, Kate (2008) The public sphere as auditorium. In: Sounding Out 4, 4-6th September 2008, University of Sunderland, UK,.

Lacey, Kate (2007) Noise and the phonographic imagination in modernity. In: Cultural Studies Now, 19-22 July 2007, Docklands Campus, University of East London.

Lacey, Kate (2007) On the listening subject and the subject of listening in the public sphere. In: Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Chicago.

Lacey, Kate (2007) Radio in the round: the challenges of cultural history. In: The Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum, 16th-19th July 2007, University of Lincoln.

Lacey, Kate (2006) Sounds in body and mind: confrontations with the noise of modernity. In: Sounding Out 3, 7-9 September 2006., University of Sunderland,.

Lacey, Kate (2003) Radiogenie and the public horizon of experience. In: The Radio Conference: A Transnational Forum, University of Wisconsin, Madison 28-31 July 2003.

Lacey, Kate (2002) Once and future discourse of audio-realism. In: Broadcasting: Archaeologies, Histories, Impacts, Futures, University of Lancaster, 2002.

Lacey, Kate (2001) The mouthpiece of modernity: gender, consumption and the radio in the 1920s. In: Gender, consumption and history, Freie Universitat, Berlin, 2001.


Lacey, Kate (2013) Listening publics: the politics and experience of listening in the media age. Polity, Cambridge. ISBN 9780745660240

Lacey, Kate (1997) Feminine frequencies: gender, German radio and the public sphere, 1923-1945. Social History, Popular Culture and Politics in Germany . University of Michigan Press. ISBN 9780472096169


Tworek, Heidi J S, Greenberg, Udi, Ciarlo, David, Craig, Douglas B, Lacey, Kate and Panzer, Sarah (2020) H-Diplo Roundtable XXI-28 on Tworek. News from Germany: the competition to control world communications, 1900-1945. H-Net: Humanities & Social Sciences Online.

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