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Dunningham, Jacob, Keenan, Olivia, Soares, Cristobel, Benson, Veronica, Limbert, Michelle and Hepwood, Claire (2022) SEPnet: a sustainable model for a collaborative physics network. The Physics Educator, 04 (02). a2230001. ISSN 2661-3395

Barontini, G, Blackburn, L, Boyer, V, Butuc-Mayer, F, Calmet, X, Crespo Lopez-Urrutia, J R, Curtis, E A, Darquie, B, Dunningham, J, Fitch, N J, Forgan, E M, Georgiou, K, Keller, M, Kuipers, F, Sherrill, N and others, (2022) Measuring the stability of fundamental constants with a network of clocks. EPJ Quantum Technology, 9 (1). a12 1-52. ISSN 2196-0763

Cooling, J P and Dunningham, J A (2021) Quantum-enhanced atomic gyroscope with tunable precision. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 54 (19). a195502 1-9. ISSN 0953-4075

Jizba, Petr, Dunningham, Jacob and Prokš, Martin (2021) From Rényi entropy power to information scan of quantum states. Entropy, 23 (3). a334 1-24. ISSN 1099-4300

Kritsotakis, Michail, Dunningham, Jacob A and Haine, Simon A (2021) Spin squeezing of a Bose-Einstein condensate via quantum nondemolition measurement for quantum-enhanced atom interferometry. Physical Review A, 103 (2). ISSN 1050-2947

Rubio, Jesús, Knott, Paul A, Proctor, Timothy J and Dunningham, Jacob A (2020) Quantum sensing networks for the estimation of linear functions. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General, 53 (34). a344001 1-28. ISSN 0305-4470

Rubio, Jesus and Dunningham, Jacob (2020) Bayesian multiparameter quantum metrology with limited data. Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 101 (3). a032114. ISSN 1050-2947

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Palge, Veiko, Dunningham, Jacob, Groote, Stefan and Liivat, Hannes (2019) Maps generated by entangled momenta: exploring spin entanglement in relativity. Open Systems & Information Dynamics, 26 (1). pp. 1-13. ISSN 1230-1612

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Hayes, Anthony J, Dooley, Shane, Munro, William J, Nemoto, Kae and Dunningham, Jacob (2018) Making the most of time in quantum metrology: concurrent state preparation and sensing. Quantum Science and Technology, 3 (3). 035007 1 -13. ISSN 2058-9565

Fernández Lorenzo, Samuel, Dunningham, Jacob A and Porras, Diego (2018) Heisenberg scaling with classical long-range correlations. Physical Review A, 97 (2). ISSN 2469-9926

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Kok, Pieter, Dunningham, Jacob and Ralph, Jason F (2017) The role of entanglement in calibrating optical quantum gyroscopes. Physical Review A, 95 (1). a2326. ISSN 1050-2947

Knott, P A, Proctor, T J, Hayes, A J, Ralph, J F, Kok, P and Dunningham, J A (2016) Local versus global strategies in multi-parameter estimation. Physical Review A, 94 (6). a2312. ISSN 1050-2947

Jizba, Petr, Ma, Yue, Hayes, Anthony and Dunningham, Jacob A (2016) One-parameter class of uncertainty relations based on entropy power. Physical Review E, 93 (6). 0104. ISSN 1539-3755

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Knott, P A, Munro, W J and Dunningham, J A (2014) Attaining subclassical metrology in lossy systems with entangled coherent states. Physical Review A, 89. 053812. ISSN 1050-2947

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Knott, P A, Sindt, J and Dunningham, J A (2013) Detecting measurement-induced relative-position localization. Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 46 (9). 095501. ISSN 0953-4075

Knott, P A, Sindt, J and Dunningham, J A (2013) Detecting the relative localisation of quantum particles. Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 442. 012026. ISSN 1742-6588

Conference or Workshop Item

Knott, Paul and Dunningham, Jacob (2014) Precise phase measurements using an entangled coherent state. In: 2nd International Conference on Photonics, Optics and Laser Technology, 7 - 9 January 2014, Lisbon.

Conference Proceedings

Jizba, P, Hayes, A and Dunningham, J A (2019) Information scan of quantum states based on entropy-power uncertainty relations. Published in: Journal of Physics: Conference Series. 1275 (1) 012005. IOP Publishing ISSN 1742-6588

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