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Sutherland, Keston (2019) Sean Bonney's hate poems. Post45 (2). ISSN 2168-8206

Sutherland, Keston (2019) Free speech and the 'snowflake'. Mute.

Sutherland, Keston (2019) On Sexuality, power and capital. Extra Extra, 1 (12). pp. 64-78.

Sutherland, Keston and Tamplin, John (2016) An interview with Keston Sutherland. Blackbox Manifold (17).

Sutherland, Keston (2016) In light of thought. Textual Practice, 30 (7). p. 1184. ISSN 0950-236X

Sutherland, Keston (2016) Instincts on Trump university. The Third Rail (9). ISSN 2331-7566

Sutherland, Keston (2015) Simplicity. Blackbox, 1 (1). pp. 226-232.

Sutherland, Keston (2015) Marx's defence of poetry. World Picture (10). pp. 1-15.

Sutherland, Keston (2015) Night thoughts on poetry and violence. Magma (62). ISSN 1352-9269

Sutherland, Keston (2015) On the feeling that poetry can be written. The Volta (55).

Sutherland, Keston (2014) Sub Songs versus the subject: critical variations on a distinction between Prynne and Hegel. Hix Eros (4). pp. 123-143. ISSN 2056-8909

Sutherland, Keston (2013) Statement for ‘revolution and/or poetry’. Revolution and/or Poetry.

Sutherland, Keston (2013) Theses on anti-subjectivist dogma. Fiery Flying Roule.

Sutherland, Keston and Clover, Joshua (2013) Always totalize: poetry and revolution. The Claudius App, 5.

Sutherland, Keston (2012) The world and John Wieners. World Picture (7). pp. 1-10. ISSN 1938-1700

Sutherland, Keston (2012) Email to Josh Stanley, Dec 12, 2011 at 7:14pm. Damn the Caesars. pp. 205-206. ISSN 1557-0894-6-27-05

Sutherland, Keston (2012) Fetish and refuge: a mock pastoral. Damn the Caesars. pp. 243-254. ISSN 1557-0894-6-27-05

Sutherland, Keston (2012) Statement for the Helsinki Poetics Conference 2010. Damn the Caesars. pp. 217-222. ISSN 1557-0894-6-27-05

Sutherland, Keston and O'Brien, Geoffrey G (2011) A dialogue between Geoffrey G. O'Brien and Keston Sutherland. The Claudius App: A Journal of Fast Poetry, 1 (1).

Sutherland, Keston (2010) The Intimate Commodity: a critical evaluation of Leo Bersani's account of "impersonal narcissism.

Sutherland, Keston (2010) Hilarious absolute daybreak. Glossator: Practice and Theory of the Commentary, 2. pp. 115-147. ISSN 1942-3381

Sutherland, Keston (2010) Veronica Forrest-Thomson for readers. Kenyon Review. ISSN 0163-075X

Sutherland, Keston (2010) Wrong poetry. Textual Practice, 24 (4). pp. 765-782. ISSN 0950-236X

Sutherland, Keston (2009) Upstairs downstairs: from intensity to entitlement. Mute. ISSN 1356-7748

Sutherland, Keston (2009) [Review] Katherine Lunn-Rockliffe (2006) Tristan Corbière and the poetics of irony. Textual Practice, 23 (1). pp. 151-156. ISSN 0950-236X

Sutherland, Keston (2009) Happiness in writing. World Picture, 3. ISSN 1938-1700

Sutherland, Keston (2009) Life in Rodefer. Chicago Review, 54 (3). pp. 29-37. ISSN 0009-3696

Sutherland, Keston (2008) Ethica Nullius. Foreign Literature Studies, 30 (3). pp. 14-23. ISSN 1003-7519

Sutherland, Keston (2008) Close writing.

Sutherland, Keston (2008) Marx in jargon. World Picture, 1. ISSN 1938-1700

Sutherland, Keston (2008) The editor's parenthesis: Marxism and poetry. pp. 5-14.

Sutherland, Keston (2007) Poetics. Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory, 15 (1). pp. 111-127. ISSN 1077-4254

Sutherland, Keston (2007) To the honourable ambassador confer blank (on poetry and stupidity in general). Quid (18).

Sutherland, Keston (2006) The unconditonal: a letter to Simon Jarvis. Anonymous Poetry Reviews: On Company Time (1).

Sutherland, Keston (2006) Comment and homage. Quid (17).

Adnorno, Theodor and Sutherland, Keston (Trans) (2006) Theses on need.

Sutherland, Keston (2005) The Credit Shot. p. 207. ISSN 0009-3696

Sutherland, Keston (2004) The true, the good, the beautiful and the Baghdad Central Detention Centre. Quid, 14.

Sutherland, Keston (2004) Disappointment (Translation of Herbert Marcuse 'Enttauschung.

Sutherland, Keston (2004) For Carol Mirakove. Edinburgh Review, 114. pp. 186-190. ISSN 0267-6672

Sutherland, Keston (2004) Four theses on speed. Quid, 14. pp. 38-41.

Sutherland, Keston (2004) Prosody and reconciliation.

Sutherland, Keston (2004) What is called John Wilkinson?

Sutherland, Keston (2003) A short critique of pacifism. Circulars: Poets, Artists and Critics Respond to U.S. Global Policy.

Sutherland, Keston (2001) The trade in bathos. Jacket Magazine, 15.

Sutherland, Keston (2001) Edit Chant.

Sutherland, Keston (2000) Nervous breakdowns in Chris Emery's 'The Cutting Room'. Quid (5). pp. 10-15.

Book Section

Sutherland, Keston (2020) The consolation of new materialism. In: Osborne, Peter (ed.) Thinking art: materialisms, labours, forms. CRMEP Books, London, pp. 29-60. ISBN 9781999333744

Sutherland, Keston (2019) Free Dissociation/Logic. In: Jennison, Ruth and Murphet, Julian (eds.) Communism and Poetry: writing against capital. Modern and Contemporary Poetry and Poetics . Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 231-262. ISBN 9783030171551

Sutherland, Keston (2019) The poetics of capital. In: Alliez, Eric, Osborne, Peter and Russell, Eric-John (eds.) Capitalism: concept, idea, image. CRMEP Books, London, pp. 203-218. ISBN 9781999333706

Sutherland, Keston (2016) Infinite exhaustion. In: Navratil, Alexandra (ed.) Brittle land. Roma, Amsterdam, pp. 83-111. ISBN 9789491843594

Sutherland, Keston (2015) Poetry or emptying. In: De'Ath, Amy and Wah, Fred (eds.) Toward.Some.Air. Banff Centre Press, Banff, pp. 143-150. ISBN 9781894773805

Sutherland, Keston (2013) Disimpaction degree zero. In: Gygax, Raphael and Munder, Heike (eds.) Apologies : Stephen G. Rhodes. Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst : JRP Ringier, Zurich, pp. 31-43. ISBN 9783037643150

Sutherland, Keston (2011) 'this/is not a metaphor': the possibility of social realism in British poetry. In: Tucker, David (ed.) British social realism in the arts since 1945. Palgrave, Basingstoke, pp. 103-131. ISBN 9780230242456

Sutherland, Keston (2010) Close writing. In: Hampson, Robert and Montgomery, Will (eds.) Frank O'Hara now: new essays on the New York poet. Liverpool University Press, pp. 120-130. ISBN 9781846312311

Sutherland, Keston (2010) What is bathos? In: Crangle, Sara and Nicholls, Peter (eds.) On bathos. Continuum, pp. 7-26. ISBN 9781441105073

Sutherland, Keston (2009) XL Prynne. In: Brinton, Ian (ed.) A manner of utterance: the poetry of J H Prynne. Shearsman Books, pp. 104-132. ISBN 9781848610422

Sutherland, Keston (2009) Junk subjectivity. In: Berry Slater, Josephine, van Mourik Broekman, Pauline, Corris, Michael, Seymour, Benedict and Worthington, Simon (eds.) Proud to be flesh: a Mute Magazine anthology of cultural politics after the net. Mute publishing Ltd, pp. 534-536. ISBN 9781906496289

Sutherland, Keston (2007) Vagueness, poetry. In: Armand, Louis (ed.) Contemporary poetics. Northwestern University Press, Evanston, Ill, pp. 175-184. ISBN 9780810123601

Sutherland, Keston (2007) XL Prynne. In: Purves, Robin and Ladkin, Sam (eds.) Complicities: British poetry 1945-2007. Literaria Pragensia, Prague, pp. 43-73. ISBN 9788073081942

Sutherland, Keston (2006) Ethica nullius. In: Armand, Louis (ed.) Avant-post: the avant-garde under "post" conditions. Literaria Pragensia, pp. 239-255. ISBN 9788073081232

Sutherland, Keston (2006) 'Poetics' (review of books published in 2004). In: Unset Oxford University Press.

Sutherland, Keston (2005) What's the ugliest part of your market-researched anaclitic affect repertoire? In: Watson, Ben and Leslie, Esther (eds.) Academy Zappa : proceedings of the first international conference of esemplastic Zappology. SAF Publishing, London, pp. 119-133. ISBN 9780946719792

Sutherland, Keston (1999) The Accomplishment of Knowing One's Place. In: Dorward, N (ed.) Unset Unset.

Conference or Workshop Item

Sutherland, Keston (2012) Revolution and Really Being Alive. In: Poetry and Revolution, 25-27th May, Birkbeck, University of London.

Sutherland, Keston (2008) Niceties for cannibals, or, is there a "theory" of commodity fetishism in Das Kapital? In: Unset.


Sutherland, Keston (2020) Scherzos Benjyosos. The Last Books, Amsterdam. ISBN 9789491780325

Sutherland, Keston (2017) Whither Russia. Barque Press, London.

Sutherland, Keston (2015) Poetical works 1999-2015. Enitharmon, London. ISBN 9781907587900

Sutherland, Keston (2013) The odes to TL61P. Enitharman Press, London. ISBN 9781907587276

Sutherland, Keston (2011) Stupefaction: a radical anatomy of phantoms. Seagull Books, London ; New York. ISBN 9781906497972

Sutherland, Keston (2010) The stats on infinity. Crater Press.

Sutherland, Keston (2009) Stress Position. Barque Press. ISBN 9781903488690

Edited Book

Sutherland, Keston, ed. (2011) Complete critical prose of J.H. Prynne. Manchester University Press, Manchester. (Submitted)


Sutherland, Keston (2007) Hot White Andy; together with two essays on Keston Sutherland's poetry. [Composition]


Rhodes, Stephen G and Sutherland, Keston (2016) Responsible cats. [Video]


Sutherland, Keston (2017) [Poem] A paraphrase of Goethe's Götterdämmerung for May Day. Tumblr.

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