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Aad, G, Abbott, B, Abbott, D C, Allbrooke, B, Aparo, M, Asquith, L, Cerri, A, De Santo, A, Evans, M, Grandi, M, Kock, D M, Mcfayden, J, Salvatore, F, Sutton, M, Vivarelli, I, Xiotidis, I, ATLAS Collaboration, and others, (2022) Emulating the impact of additional proton–proton interactions in the ATLAS simulation by presampling sets of inelastic Monte Carlo events. Computing and Software for Big Science, 6 (3). pp. 1-35. ISSN 2510-2036

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Abdeldayem, Abdelrahman S, White, Martin T, Paggini, Andrea, Ruggiero, Marco and Sayma, Abdulnaser I (2022) Integrated aerodynamic and structural blade shape optimisation of axial turbines operating with supercritical carbon dioxide blended with dopants. ASME Turbo Expo 2022: Turbomachinery Technical Conference and Exposition, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 13 Jun 2022 - 17 Jun 2022. Published in: Proceedings of the ASME Turbo Expo. 9 1-14. American Society of Mechanical Engineers ISBN 9780791886083

Abdeldayem, Abdelrahman S, White, Martin T, Paggini, Andrea, Ruggiero, Marco and Sayma, Abdulnaser I (2022) Integrated aerodynamic and structural blade shape optimization of axial turbines operating with supercritical carbon dioxide blended with dopants. Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power, 144 (10). pp. 1-12. ISSN 0742-4795

Abdelhamid, Amira Adel Elsayed (2022) Governing and resisting how best to be Egyptian in the January Revolution: a queer analysis of figurations, governmentality, and counter-conduct in Egypt’s counter-revolution. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Abdou, Aly, Basdevant, Olivier, Dávid-Barrett, Elizabeth and Fazekas, Misi (2022) Assessing vulnerabilities to corruption in public procurement and their price impact. Working Paper. International Monetary Fund.

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Abed Abud, A, Abi, B, Alion, T, Asquith, L, Bezerra, T S, Borkum, A, Chisnall, G, De Icaza Astiz, I, Earle, A, Griffith, W, Hartnell, J, Kralik, R, Lasorak, P, Peeters, S, Porter, J, Valder, S, Wawrowska, K, Xie, F and others, (2022) Separation of track- and shower-like energy deposits in ProtoDUNE-SP using a convolutional neural network. European Physical Journal C, 82. a903 1-19. ISSN 1434-6044

Abed Abud, A, Abi, B, Alion, T, Bezerra, T J C, Asquith, L, Borkum, A, Chisnall, G, De Icaza Astiz, I L, Earle, A, Griffith, W C, Hartnell, J, Lasorak, P, Peeters, S J M, Porter, J, Xie, F, The DUNE Collaboration, and others, (2022) Design, construction and operation of the ProtoDUNE-SP Liquid Argon TPC. Journal of Instrumentation, 17 (1). aP01005 1-108. ISSN 1748-0221

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Abouaziza, Mohamed (2022) Farmer constraints and relational contracts: evidence from agricultural value chains in East Africa. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Abud, AA, Abi, B, Alion, T, Borkum, A, Asquith, L, Chisnall, G, De Icaza Astiz, I, Earle, A, Griffith, W, Hartnell, J, Lasorak, P, Peeters, S, Porter, J, Sogo Bezerra, T, Valder, S, Xie, F and others, (2022) Scintillation light detection in the 6-m drift-length ProtoDUNE Dual Phase liquid argon TPC. European Physical Journal C, 82. 618 1-29. ISSN 1434-6044

Acar, Yasmin G and Ulug, Ozden Melis (2022) Multi-level gains of fat activism and their impact on sustained activism for fat justice. Body Image, 43. pp. 34-40. ISSN 1740-1445

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Ackley, Caroline, Degefa, Ketema, Taye, Eyoel and Assefa, Nega (2022) Things that take from people’s bodies: rumours about minimally invasive tissue sampling and evil spirits in ethiopia. Nordic Journal of African Studies, 31 (3). pp. 207-223. ISSN 1235-4481

Adams, Ansellia and Luiz, John M (2022) Incomplete institutional change and the persistence of racial inequality: the contestation of institutional misalignment in South Africa. Journal of Management Studies. pp. 1-29. ISSN 0022-2380

Adbi, Arzi, Chatterjee, Chirantan and Mishra, Anant (2022) How do MNEs and domestic firms respond locally to a global demand shock? Evidence from a pandemic. Management Science. ISSN 0025-1909

Adhikari, P, Ajaj, R, Alpízar-Venegas, M, Auty, D J, Benmansour, H, Bina, C E, Bonivento, W, Boulay, M G, Cadeddu, M, Cai, B, Cárdenas-Montes, M, Cavuoti, S, Chen, Y, Cleveland, B T, Peeters, S J M, DEAP Collaboration, and others, (2022) First direct detection constraints on planck-scale mass dark matter with multiple-scatter signatures using the DEAP-3600 detector. Physical Review Letters, 128. a011801. ISSN 0031-9007

Adrian, Corinna, Griffith, Simon C, Naguib, Marc and Schuett, Wiebke (2022) Wild zebra finches are attracted towards acoustic cues from conspecific social groups. Behavioral Ecology, 33 (3). pp. 556-564. ISSN 1045-2249

Adwan, Sami, Alhaj-Ismail, Alaa and Jelic, Ranko (2022) Non-executive employee ownership and financial reporting quality: evidence from Europe. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting. ISSN 0924-865X

Agnarelli, Alessandro, Mitchell, Simon, Caalim, Gillian, Wood, C David, Milton-Harris, Leanne, Chevassut, Timothy, West, Michelle J and Mancini, Erika J (2022) Dissecting the impact of bromodomain inhibitors on the IRF4-MYC oncogenic axis in multiple myeloma. Hematological Oncology, 40 (3). pp. 417-429. ISSN 0278-0232

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Aguilar-Arevalo, A, Bertou, X, Canet, C, Cruz, M A, Deisting, A, Dias, A, D’Olivo, J C, Favela-Pérez, F, Garcés, E A, González García, E, González Muñoz, A, Guerra-Pulido, J O, Mancera-Alejandrez, J, Peeters, S, Turkoglu, C and other, (2022) Gamma-ray flux measurement and geotechnical studies at the selected site for the LABChico underground laboratory. European Physical Journal Plus, 137. a210 1-11. ISSN 2190-5444

Aguilar-Arevalo, A, Canet, C, Cruz-Pérez, M A, Deisting, A, Dias, A, D’Olivo, J C, Favela-Pérez, F, Garcés, E A, González Muñoz, A, Guerra-Pulido, J O, Mancera-Alejandrez, J, Marín-Lámbarri, D J, Martinez Montero, M, Monroe, J R, Paling, S, Peeters, S J M, Scovell, P R, Türkoğlu, C, Vázquez-Jáuregui, E and Walding, J (2022) Volume reduction of water samples to increase sensitivity for radioassay of lead contamination. Applied Water Science, 12 (7). a151 1-11. ISSN 2190-5487

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Ahmed, Md Shoaib (2022) [Poem] Guilty me! Emerald.

Ahmed, Md Shoaib and Uddin, Shahzad (2022) Workplace bullying and intensification of labour controls in the clothing supply chain: post-rana plaza disaster. Work, Employment and Society, 36 (3). pp. 539-556. ISSN 0950-0170

Ahmed, Zahir, Wickramasinghe, Danture and Hopper, Trevor (2022) From minnow to mighty: a hegemonic analysis of social accountability in BRAC - the world’s largest development NGO. Critical Perspectives on Accounting. pp. 1-20. ISSN 1045-2354

Aisher, Alexander (2022) How a storm feels: storying climate change in the Eastern Himalayas. In: Hoffman, Susanna M, Eriksen, Thomas Hylland and Mendes, Paulo (eds.) Cooling Down: Local Responses to Global Climate Change. Berghahn Books, pp. 49-64. ISBN 9781800734173

Ajl, Max and Sharma, Divya (2022) The Green Revolution and transversal countermovements: recovering alternative agronomic imaginaries in Tunisia and India. Canadian Journal of Development Studies. pp. 1-21. ISSN 0225-5189

Ajwang, Frederick, Arora, Saurabh, Atela, Joanes, Onyango, Joel and Kyari, Mohammad (2022) Enabling modernisation, marginalising alternatives? Kenya's agricultural policy and smallholders. Journal of International Development, 35 (1). pp. 1-18. ISSN 0954-1748

Akinbosede, Daniel Oluwatosin (2022) Haem scavenging by pathogenic Neisseriaceae bacteria through haemoglobin receptor HpuAB. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Akmal, K, Rendon-Morales, E, Rajak, S, Glovnea, R and Aviles-Espinosa, R (2022) Measuring consumer grade face masks degradation upon sterilization using bright field microscopy. In: Focus on Microscopy, 10th - 13th April 2022, Online.

Akter, Habiba and Phillips, Chris (2022) Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) for multi-constrained path calculation in a tunnelled network topology. In: EvoStar 2022, 20-22 April 2022, Madrid, Spain.

Akter, Habiba and Phillips, Chris (2022) Using evolutionary algorithms for multi-constrained path calculation in a tunnelled network topology. Evostar 2022, Madrid, Spain, 20-22 April 2022. Published in: EVO* 2022 - Proceedings in ArXiv - Late-Breaking Abstracts. 18-21. evostar

Akter, Habiba and Young, Rupert (2022) Evolutionary Algorithm (EA) for optimising fractal patterns and investigating its contribution to design engineering systems. In: EvoStar 2022, 20-22 April 2022, Madrid, Spain.

Akter, Habiba, Young, Rupert, Birch, Phil and Chatwin, Chris (2022) Implementing an evolutionary algorithm to optimise fractal patterns and investigate its possible contribution to the design of engineering systems. EvoStar 2022 conference, Madrid, Spain, 20-22 April 2022. Published in: EVO* 2022 - Proceedings in ArXiv - Late-Breaking Abstracts. 10-13. evostar

Akter, Sayema, Sarker, Malabika, Hossain, Puspita, Ahmad, Nezamuddin and Zaman, Shahaduz (2022) Solidarity and suffering: enrolled terminal patients’ and their caregiver’s experiences of the community-based palliative care programme in an urban slum of Bangladesh. Palliative Care and Social Practice, 16. pp. 1-12. ISSN 2632-3524

Al Hashmi, Ali (2022) The carriage of goods by sea contract under Omani maritime laws: a critical analysis of the carrier’s obligations and liabilities. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Al Ruwais, Nourah M (2022) Exploring early signs of structural brain changes in mid-age apolipoprotein E epsilon-4 carriers. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Al Sayed, Kinda (2022) Is metacognition indispensable for decision-making in design? In: The 1st Meta-Reasoning Conference, 4th-6th of December 2022, Jerusalem.

Al Sayed, Kinda, Cheng, Peter C H and Penn, Alan (2022) An investigation into the cognitive, metacognitive, and spatial markers of creativity and efficiency in architectural design. Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing, 35. pp. 1-15. ISSN 0890-0604

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Al Sayed, Kinda and Penn, Alan (2022) An investigation into the cognitive and spatial markers of creativity and efficiency in architectural design. In: Gero, John S (ed.) Ninth international conference on Design Computing and Cognition (DCC'20 or DCC20). Springer, Switzerland. ISBN 9783030906245

Al Sayed, Kinda, Sarkar, Dipto and Holloway, Paul (2022) Network and ABM models of SARS-CoV-2. In: the 69th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, 9th-12th of November 2022, Montreal. (Accepted)

Al-Abdullah, Bayan (2022) Novel reversible text data de-identification techniques based on native data structures. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Al-Aghbari, Ahmed (2022) From abundance to scarcity: exploring narratives and locked-in institutions around desalination in Bahrain. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Al-Hilaly, Youssra K, Marshall, Karen E, Lutter, Liisa, Biasetti, Luca, Mengham, Kurtis, Harrington, Charles R, Xue, Wei-Feng, Wischik, Claude M and Serpell, Louise C (2022) An additive-free model for tau self-assembly. In: Protein Aggregation. Humana, New York, NY, pp. 163-188. ISBN 9781071625972

Al-Khalili, Charlotte (2022) Martyrdom and destiny in time of revolution. Social Anthropology/Anthropologie Sociale, 30 (4). pp. 70-89. ISSN 0964-0282

Al-Khalili, Charlotte (2022) Towards an anthropology of defeat : rethinking the aftermath of the Syrian revolution. Condition humaine / Conditions politiques, 4. ISSN 2742-9318

Al-Rasheed, Abdulrahman S, Franklin, Anna and Maule, John (2022) A test of the ecological valence theory of color preference, the case of Arabic. Frontiers in Psychology, 13. e1010108 1-16. ISSN 1664-1078

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Alabi, Sunday (2022) Authentication technology methods for E-Commerce applications in Nigeria — a case for biometric digital security contactless palm vein authentication. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Albehaijan, Noorah Abdullah (2022) Applying temporal chunk signals analysis to measure programming competence by the transcription of Java program code. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Aleisa, Monirah, Alshahrani, Mona, Beloff, Natalia and White, Martin (2022) TAIRA-BSC - trusting AI in recruitment applications through blockchain smart contracts. IEEE Blockchain 2022, Espoo, Finland, August 22-25 2022. Published in: Blockchain 2022. 376-382. IEEE ISBN 9781665461047

Aleisa, Monirah Ali (2022) AIRM: a new AI Recruiting Model for the Saudi Arabian labour market. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Alexander, Anthony, Blome, Constantin and Beney, Helen (2022) Ecological entrepreneurial orientation and sustainable supply chain management. The formation of dynamic capabilities for social value creation: evidence from micro and small enterprises in the East London fashion cluster. In: Euroma Sustainability Forum, 21 - 22 March 2022, Zagreb, Croatia.

Alexander, Anthony, Blome, Constantin, Schleper, Martin and Roscoe, Samuel (2022) Managing the 'new normal': the future of operations and supply chain management in unprecedented times. International Journal of Operations and Production Management. ISSN 0144-3577

Alexander, Anthony, Walker, Helen and Delabre, Izabela (2022) A decision theory perspective on wicked problems, SDGs and stakeholders: the case of deforestation. Journal of Business Ethics. ISSN 0167-4544

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Alexander, Carol (2022) Generative avatar non-fungible token collections. Wilmott Magazine.

Alexander, Carol (2022) The behaviour of bitcoin implied volatility. Wilmott Magazine.

Alexander, Carol, Deng, Jun, Feng, Jianfen and Wan, Huning (2022) Net buying pressure and the information in bitcoin option trades. Journal of Financial Markets. a100764. ISSN 1386-4181

Alexander, Carol, Han, Yang and Meng, Xiaochun (2022) Static and dynamic models for multivariate distribution forecasts: proper scoring rule tests of factor-quantile vs. multivariate GARCH models. International Journal of Forecasting. pp. 2-19. ISSN 0169-2070

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Alexieva, D, Long, Y, Sarkar, R, Dhayan, H, Bruet, E, Winston, R, Vorechovsky, I, Castellano, L and Dibb, N J (2022) Background splicing as a predictor of aberrant splicing in genetic disease. RNA Biology, 19 (1). pp. 256-265. ISSN 1547-6286

Alford, Katie, Daley, Stephanie, Banerjee, Sube, Hamlyn, Elizabeth, Trotman, Daniel and Vera, Jaime H (2022) “A fog that impacts everything”: a qualitative study of health-related quality of life in people living with HIV who have cognitive impairment. Quality of Life Research. ISSN 0962-9343

Algera, Hiddo S B, Hodge, Jacqueline A, Riechers, Dominik A, Leslie, Sarah K, Smail, Ian, Aravena, Manuel, da Cunha, Elisabete, Daddi, Emanuele, Decarli, Roberto, Dickinson, Mark, Gim, Hansung B, Guaita, Lucia, Magnelli, Benjamin, Murphy, Eric J, Sargent, Mark T and others, (2022) COLDz: probing cosmic star formation with radio free-free emission. Astrophysical Journal, 924 (2). pp. 1-20. ISSN 0004-637X

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Ali, Ali (2022) Conceptualizing displacement: the importance of coercion. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. pp. 1-20. ISSN 1369-183X

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Ali, Md. Arfan, Bilal, Muhammad, Wang, Yu, Qiu, Zhongfeng, Nichol, Janet E, de Leeuw, Gerrit, Ke, Song, Mhawish, Alaa, Almazroui, Mansour, Mazhar, Usman, Habtemicheal, Birhanu Asmerom and Nazrul Islam, M (2022) Evaluation and comparison of CMIP6 models and MERRA-2 reanalysis AOD against Satellite observations from 2000 to 2014 over China. Geoscience Frontiers, 13 (2). a101325 1-21. ISSN 1674-9871

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Alizadehmohajer, Negin, Behmardi, Abtin, Najafgholian, Simin, Moradi, Shabnam, Mohammadi, Forogh, Nedaeinia, Reza, Haghjooy Javanmard, Shaghayegh, Sohrabi, Eshan, Salehi, Rasoul, Ferns, Gordon A, Emami Nejad, Asieh and Manian, Mostafa (2022) Screening of potential inhibitors of COVID-19 with repurposing approach via molecular docking. Network Modeling Analysis in Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, 11. pp. 1-11. ISSN 2192-6662

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