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Aad, G, De Santo, A, Salvatore, F and ATLAS Collaboration, (2010) Observation of a centrality-dependent dijet asymmetry in lead-lead collisions at vsNN=2.76 Tev with the ATLASO detector at the LHC. Physical Review Letters, 105 (25). ISSN 0031-9007

Aazam, Elham S and Coles, Martyn P (2010) Simple generation of neutral bimetallic aluminium and zinc alkyls Schiff bases bridged by a central resorcinol moiety. Central European Journal of Chemistry, 8 (6). ISSN 1895-1066

Abbaszadeh, Fatemah, Clingen, Peter H., Arlett, Colin F., Plowman, P.N, Bourton, E.C, Themis, M., Makarov, E.M., Newbold, R.F, Green, M H and Parris, C.N. (2010) A novel splice variant of the DNA-PKcs gene is associated with clinical and cellular radiosensivity in a patient with xeroderma pigmentosum. Journal of Medical Genetics, 47 (3). pp. 176-181. ISSN 00222593

Abberley, Will (2010) Narrator as time-travelling philologist in Wessex tales. Thomas Hardy Society Journal, 6 (2). ISSN 0268-5418

Abdool Karim, Quarraisha, Abdool Karim, Salim S, Frohlich, Janet A, Grobler, Anneke C, Baxter, Cheryl, Mansoor, Leila E, Kharsany, Ayesha B M, Sibeko, Sengeziwe, Mlisana, Koleka P, Omar, Zaheen, Gengiah, Tanuja N, Maarschalk, Silvia, Arulappan, Natasha, Mlotshwa, Mukelisiwe, Morris, Lynn, Taylor, Douglas, The CAPRISA 004 Trial Group, and Fisher, Martin (2010) Effectiveness and safety of tenofovir gel, an antiretroviral microbicide, for the prevention of HIV infection in women. Science, 329 (5996). pp. 1168-1174. ISSN 0036-8075

Abraham, John (2010) Les principaux défis sociopolitiques de la mise au point des produits pharmaceutiques, de leur réglementation et de la santé publique. In: Garnier, Catherine and Saives, Anne-Laure (eds.) Turbulences dans la chaîne des médicaments. Liber. ISBN 9782895782292

Abraham, John (2010) On the prohibition of conflicts of interest in pharmaceutical regulation: Precautionary limits and permissive challenges. A commentary on Sismondo (66:9, 2008, 1909¿14) and O'Donovan and Lexchin. Social Science and Medicine, 70 (5). pp. 648-651. ISSN 02779536

Abraham, John (2010) Pharmaceuticalization of society in context: theoretical, empirical and health dimensions. Sociology, 44 (4). pp. 603-622. ISSN 00380385

Abraham, John (2010) The Sociological Concomitants of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Medications. In: Bird, Chloe E, Conrad, Peter, Fremont, Allen M and Timmermans, Stefan (eds.) Handbook of Medical Sociology. Vanderbilt University Press, Nashville, pp. 290-308. ISBN 9780826517210

Abraham, John and Davis, Courtney (2010) Deconstructing pharmaceutical 'science', 'innovation', and 'therapeutic breakthrough': a case study in the ideologies and realities of drug regulation in the US and the supranational EU. In: Tracing Pharmacueticals' Conference, University of Edinburgh (17-20th June 2009).

Abraham, John and Davis, Courtney (2010) Discovery and Management of Adverse Drug Reactions: The Nomifensine Hypersensitivity Syndrome, 1977-1986. Social History of Medicine, 23 (1). pp. 153-173. ISSN 0951-631X

Abraham-Talks, Sunita (2010) Engaging with the political: examining the interface of NGOs, Panchayati Raj institutions and poor people in two Indian states. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Abrahamsen, B, Masud, T, Avenell, A, Anderson, F, Meyer, H E, Cooper, C, Smith, Helen, LaCroix, A Z, Torgerson, D, Johansen, A, Jackson, R, Rejnmark, L, Wactawski-Wende, J, Brixen, K, Mosekilde, L, Robbins, J A and Francis, R M (2010) Patient level pooled analysis of 68,500 patients from seven major vitamin D fracture trials in the US and Europe. BMJ, 340. b5463. ISSN 0959-8138

Abreu, Maria, Grinevich, Vadim, Kitson, Michael and Savona, Maria (2010) Policies to Enhance the 'Hidden' Innovation in Services: Evidences and Lessons from the UK. Service Industries Journal, 30 (1). pp. 99-118. ISSN 0264-2069

Acosta, Gerardo G, Fernandez-Leon, Jose A and Mayosky, Miguel A (2010) Artificial immune system inspired behavior coordination for autonomous mobile robot trajectory generation. In: IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation 2010, 18-23 July 2010, Barcelona.

Adams, Aaron (2010) Victorian representations and transformations: sacred place in Charles Dickens's Bleak House and Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Adamson, P, Andreopoulos, C, Arms, K E, Armstrong, R, Auty, D J, Ayres, D S, Backhouse, C, Barnes, Jr., P D, Barr, G, Barrett, W L, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Harris, P G, Hartnell, J and et al, (2010) Neutrino and antineutrino inclusive charged-current cross section measurements with the MINOS near detector. Physical Review D, D81 (7). 072002. ISSN 1550-7998

Adamson, P, Andreopoulos, C, Arms, K.E, Armstrong, R, Auty, D J, Ayres, D.S, Backhouse, C, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Harris, P G, Hartnell, J, Smith, C and et el, (2010) Observation of muon intensity variations by season with the MINOS far detector. Physical Review D, D81 (1). 012001. ISSN 1550-7998

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Adamson, P, Andreopoulos, C, Auty, D J, Ayres, D.S, Backhouse, C, Barnes, P.D., Barr, G, Barrett, W.L, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Harris, P G, Hartnell, J, Smith, C and et al, (2010) Search for sterile neutrino mixing in the MINOS long-baseline experiment. Physical Review D, 81 (5). 052004. ISSN 1550-7998

Adamson, P, Auty, D.J, Ayres, D.S, Backhouse, C, Barr, G, Barrett, W.L, Bishai, M, Blake, A, Bock, G.J, Devenish, N E, Falk, E, Harris, P G, Hartnell, J, Lefeuvre, G and et al, (2010) Search for Lorentz invariance and CPT violation with the MINOS far detector. Physical Review Letters, 105 (15). p. 151601. ISSN 0031-9007

Addai, Isaac Kwahene (2010) Growth and biochemistry of the common hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis L.) and the lily (Lilium longiflorum L.). Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Addisu, S, El-Metwally, T H, Davey, G, Worku, Y and Titheradge, M A (2010) The role of transforming growth factor-beta1 and oxidative stress in podoconiosis pathogenesis. British Journal of Dermatology, 162 (5). pp. 998-1003. ISSN 1365-2133

Addisu, S, El-Metwally, T H, Davey, G, Worku, Y and Titheradge, Michael (2010) The role of transforming growth factor-ß1 and oxidative stress in podoconiosis pathogenesis. British Journal of Dermatology, 162 (5). pp. 998-1003. ISSN 0007-0963

Adloff, C, Salvatore, F and The CALICE collaboration, (2010) Study of the interactions of pions in the CALICE silicon-tungsten calorimeter prototype. Journal of Instrumentation, 5. ISSN 0899-8205

Adriaens, D A, Goumans, T P M, Catlow, C R A and Brown, W A (2010) Computational study of carbonyl sulphide formation on model interstellar dust grains. Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114 (4). pp. 1892-1900. ISSN 0022-3654

Agbeko, Rachel S, Fidler, Katy J, Allen, Meredith L, Wilson, Peter, Klein, Nigel and Peters, Mark J (2010) Genetic variability in complement activation modulates the systemic inflammatory response syndrome in children. Pediatric Critical Care Medicine, 11 (5). pp. 561-567. ISSN 1529-7535

Agbeko, Rachel S, Holloway, John W, Allen, Meredith L, Ye, Shu, Fidler, Katy J, Pappachan, John, Goldman, Allan, Pontefract, David, Deanfield, John, Klein, Nigel J and Peters, Mark J (2010) Genetic polymorphisms in the endotoxin receptor may influence platelet count as part of the acute phase response in critically ill children. Intensive Care Medicine, 36 (6). pp. 1023-1032. ISSN 1432-1238

Aggleton, Peter and Maxwell, Claire (2010) Agency in action - young women and their sexual relationships in a private school. Gender and Education, 22 (3). pp. 327-343. ISSN 0954-0253

Aggleton, Peter and Parker, Richard (2010) A Handbook on Sexuality: Sexual Health and Sexual Rights. Routledge, London. ISBN 978-0-415-46864-0:

Aharmim, B, Peeters, S J M and et al, (2010) Searches for high-frequency variations in the 8B solar neutrino flux at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. Astrophysical Journal, 710 (1). pp. 540-548. ISSN 0004-637X

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Ahmed, Allam and Rigobert, Gale T C (2010) World Sustainable Development Outlook 2010: Towards Epistemic Sovereignty: (Re)-thinking Development in a Changing Global Political Economy. Outlook Book Series, 8 . World Association for Sustainable Development (WASD), London. ISBN 9781907106156

Ahmed, Maqsood, Anjum, Muhammad Akbar, Khan, Muhammad Qayyum, Pearce, Steve, Ahmed, Mohammad Jamil and Pearce, Stephen (2010) Evaluation of genetic diversity in Pyrus germplasm native to Azad Jammu and Kashmir (Northern Pakistan) revealed by microsatellite markers. African Journal of Biotechnology, 9 (49). pp. 8323-8333. ISSN 1684-5315

Ahn, Kyungjin, Shapiro, Paul R, Iliev, Ilian T, Koda, Jun, Mellema, Garrelt and Pen, Ue‐Li (2010) Cosmological Reionization by the First Stars in the H2-Dissociating Background. In: THE FIRST STARS AND GALAXIES: CHALLENGES FOR THE NEXT DECADE AIP CONFERENCE PROCCEEDINGS, Austin, Texas 8-11 March 2010.

Ahrens, Jill, King, Russell, Skeldon, Ronald and Dunne, Mairead (2010) Motivations of UK students to study abroad: a survey of school-leavers. Working Paper. University of Sussex, Brighton.

Ainsworth, Sophie J, Stanley, Rachael L and Evans, Darrell J R (2010) Developmental stages of the Japanese quail. Journal of Anatomy, 216 (1). pp. 3-15. ISSN 0021-8782

Akerman, Simon, Reyes-Aldasoro, Constantino Carlos, Fisher, Matthew, Pettyjohn, Katie L, Björndahl, Meit A, Evans, Helen and Tozer, Gillian M (2010) Microflow of fluorescently labelled red blood cells in tumours expressing single isoforms of VEGF and their response to vascular targeting agents. Medical Engineering & Physics, 33 (7). pp. 805-809. ISSN 1350-4533

Akyeampong, Kwame (2010) 50 years of educational progress and challenge in Ghana. Project Report. Unset, Brighton, UK.

Akyeampong, Kwame (2010) Government Policy and Teacher Education in Ghana. In: Elliott, Geoffrey, Fourali, Chahid and Issler, Sally (eds.) Education and Social Change: Connecting Local and Global Perspectives. Continuum International Publishing Group, London & NY, pp. 162-174. ISBN 9780826444097

Al Dhaheri, Mohamed Nekhaira (2010) The impact of criminalising the transmission of HIV/AIDS in the United Arab Emirates. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Al-Abdullah, Zainab, Shin, Yuyoung, Kler, Rantej, Perry, Christopher C, Zhou, Wuzong and Chen, Qiao (2010) The influence of hydroxide on the initial stages of anodic growth of TiO2 nanotubular arrays. Nanotechnology, 21 (50). pp. 1-8. ISSN 0957-4484

Al-Azzawi, A, Al-Guboori, A, Abdul-Sada, A and Al-Azzawi, M (2010) New alkaloids from the leaves of Tecoma stans L. Bignoniaceae grown in UAE. In: 7th Tannin Conference/58th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Medical-Plant-and-Natural-Product-Research, Berlin, GERMANY.

Al-Chalabi, A, Fang, F, Hanby, M F, Leigh, P N, Shaw, C E, Ye, W and Rijsdijk, F (2010) An estimate of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis heritability using twin data. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry, 81 (12). pp. 1324-6. ISSN 1468-330X

Al-Hamidi, Hiba, Edwards, Alison A, Mohammad, Mohammad A and Nokhodchi, Ali (2010) Erratum to To enhance dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs: glucosamine hydrochloride as a potential carrier in solid dispersion formulations [Colloids Surf. B: Biointerf., (2010), 76, 170-178]. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 79 (2). p. 535. ISSN 0927-7765

Al-Hamidi, Hiba, Edwards, Alison A, Mohammad, Mohammad A and Nokhodchi, Ali (2010) Glucosamine HCl as a new carrier for improved dissolution behaviour: effect of grinding. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 81 (1). pp. 96-109. ISSN 0927-7765

Al-Hamidi, Hiba, Edwards, Alison A, Mohammad, Mohammad A and Nokhodchi, Ali (2010) To enhance dissolution rate of poorly water-soluble drugs: Glucosamine hydrochloride as a potential carrier in solid dispersion formulations. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 76 (1). pp. 170-178. ISSN 0927-7765

Al-Kadi, Omar S (2010) Texture measures combination for improved meningioma classification of histopathological images. Pattern Recognition, 43 (6). 2043 -2053. ISSN 0031-3203

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Al-Manie, M A and Wang, W J (2010) Time-Frequency Analysis by Evolutionary Periodogram with Application in Mechanical Fault Diagnosis. International Journal of Wavelets, Multiresolution and Information Processing, 8 (5). pp. 679-693. ISSN 0219-6913

Al-Seraji, Najm Abdulzahra Makhrib (2010) The geometry of the plan of order seventeen and its application to error-correcting codes. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Alavi-Shahri, Jamshid, Behravan, Javad, Hassany, Mitra, Tatari, Farnoosh, Kasaian, Jamal, Ganjali, Rashin, Tavallaie, Shima, Sabouri, Somayeh, Sahebkar, Amirhossein, Oladi, Mohammadreza, Mirhosseini, Naghmeh, Shakeri, Mohammad T, Montaser-Kouhsari, Shideh, Omidvar Tehrani, Shahireh, Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid, Visvikis-Siest, Sophie and Ferns, Gordon (2010) Association between angiotensin II type 1 receptor gene polymorphism and metabolic syndrome in a young female Iranian population. Archives of Medical Research, 41 (5). pp. 343-349. ISSN 0188-4409

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Albury, Mary S, Elliott, Catherine and Moore, Anthony L (2010) Ubiquinol-binding site in the alternative oxidase: mutagenesis reveals features important for substrate binding and inhibition. BBA - Bioenergetics, 1797 (12). pp. 1933-9. ISSN 0005-2728

Aldair, Ammar A and Wang, Weiji (2010) FGPA Based Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference Controller for Full Vehicle Nonlinear Active Suspension Systems. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Applications, 1 (4). pp. 1-15. ISSN 0976-2191

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Aly, Ramy (2010) Media, Citizenship and Arab Transnational Television Cultures in London. In: Unset.

Aly, Ramy (2010) Transnational media use: London. Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism, 11 (6). pp. 746-751. ISSN 0022-5193

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