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Al-Darkazali, Mohammed, Young, Rupert, Chatwin, Chris and Birch, Philip (2013) Defining properties of speech spectrogram images to allow effective pre-processing prior to pattern recognition. Proceedings of the SPIE Laser Interactions with Materials, 8748. 87480G. ISSN 0277-786X

Dizqah, Arash M, Maheri, Alireza and Busawon, Krishna (2014) An accurate method for the PV model identification based on a genetic algorithm and the interior-point method. Renewable Energy, 72. pp. 212-222. ISSN 0960-1481

Dizqah, Arash M, Maheri, Alireza, Busawon, Krishna and Fritzson, Peter (2015) Standalone DC microgrids as complementarity dynamical systems: modeling and applications. Control Engineering Practice, 35. pp. 102-112. ISSN 0967-0661

Dizqah, Arash M, Maheri, Alireza, Busawon, Krishna and Kamjoo, Azadeh (2015) A multivariable optimal energy management strategy for standalone DC microgrids. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 30 (5). pp. 2278-2287. ISSN 0885-8950

Dizqah, Arash Moradinegade, Lenzo, Basilio, Sorniotti, Aldo, Gruber, Patrick, Fallah, Saber and De Smet, Jasper (2016) A fast and parametric torque distribution strategy for four-wheel-drive energy-efficient electric vehicles. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 63 (7). pp. 4367-4376. ISSN 0278-0046

Gotham, Douglas, Muthuraman, Kumar, Preckel, Paul, Rardin, Ronald and Ruangpattana, Suriya (2009) A load factor based mean-variance analysis for fuel diversification. Energy Economics, 31 (2). pp. 249-256. ISSN 0140-9883

Hall, Jim W, Rai, Neha, Watson, Jim W and et al, (2014) Assessing the long-term performance of cross-sectoral strategies for national infrastructure. Journal of Infrastructure Systems, 20 (3). ISSN 1076-0342

Holgado, Maria (2019) A systems engineering approach to performance-based maintenance services design. Processes, 7 (2). p. 59. ISSN 2227-9717

Kamjoo, Azadeh, Maheri, Alireza, Dizqah, Arash M and Putrus, Ghanim A (2016) Multi-objective design under uncertainties of hybrid renewable energy system using NSGA-II and chance constrained programming. International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems, 74. pp. 187-194. ISSN 0142‐0615

Kanarachos, Stratis, Dizqah, Arash Moradinegade, Chrysakis, Georgios and Fitzpatrick, Michael E (2018) Optimal design of a quadratic parameter varying vehicle suspension system using contrast-based fruit fly optimisation. Applied Soft Computing, 62. pp. 463-477. ISSN 1568‐4946

Ruangpattana, Suriya, Preckel, Paul V, Gotham, Douglas J, Muthuraman, Kumar, Velástegui, Marco, Morin, Thomas L and Uhan, Nelson A (2012) Diversification of fuel costs accounting for load variation. Energy Policy, 42. 400 - 408. ISSN 0301-4215

Zhu, Chunsheng, Sheng, Zhengguo, Leung, Victor C M, Shu, Lei and Yang, Laurence T (2015) Towards offering more useful data reliably to mobile cloudfrom wireless sensor network. IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing, 3 (1). pp. 84-94. ISSN 2168-6750

Reports and working papers

Dahlstrom, Eric, Pons Lorente, Arnau, Musilova, Michaela, Entrena Utrilla, Carlos, Soni, Anushree, Gásquez García, Oriol, Aliaj, Bora, Sisaid, Idriss, Hussein, Alaa, Naor, Roy and Stratton, Parker (2015) NASA’s in-situ materials challenge: team ISU final report. Technical Report. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Hacker, Jacob, Losekamm, Martin, Sardesai, Nikita, Johnson, Christopher, Bell, Robert, Rey, Daniel, Vigneron, Adam, Bettiol, Laura, Brack, Daniel, Braegen, Emma, Calder-Potts, George, Chatterjee, Joyeeta, Coderre, Kathleen, Côtè Bigras, Roxanne, Driedger, Matthew, Egen, Caitlin, Froeliger, Emilie, Gorur, Eren, Hankins, Weston, Hussein, Alaa, Jang, Ilji, Noyes, Matthew, Roberts, Lyle, Sarli, Bruno, Sinn, Thomas, Wen, Anne and Wille, Eric (2014) On-orbit servicing commercial opportunities with security implications. Project Report. Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), Toronto, Canada.

Hussein, Alaa, Soni, Anushree, Aliaj, Bora, Entrena, Carlos, Lee, Chanwoo, Shterman, Doron, Gonzalez, Fernando, Byrne, Hugh, Sisaid, Idriss, Silva, Jackelynne, McCreight, James, Reinert, Jessica, Faull, Jonathan, Hoving, Lars, Bettiol, Laura, Neophytou, Louis, Girard, Marianne, Glauber, Naama, Strzalkowski, Nicholas, Schmidt, Nikola, Rozenheck, Oshri, Stratton, Parker, Gourdon, Rémi, Meeran, Shajiha, Ouyang, Shangrong, Ji, Shitao, Call, Toby, Peters, Susanne, Dimitrov, Tihomir, Nambiar, Shrrirup, Parikh, Umang, Yang, Yunjun, Jia, Yuxian and Fang, Zheng (2015) Planetary Defense team project: READI (Roadmap for EArth Defense Initiatives). Project Report. International Space University (ISU), Ohio, USA.

Manuel Entrena Utrilla, Carlos, Soni, Anushree, Punch, Orla, Oliveira, Marta, Aliaj, Bora, Gasquez Garcia, Oriol, Musilova, Michaela and Hussein, Alaa (2015) The European Space Agency (ESA) moon challenge: Pandeia team technical report. Technical Report. European Space Agency (ESA), Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Conference or Workshop Item

Burke, Jim, Hussein, Alaa, Soni, Anushree, Thangavelu, Madhu, Schmidt, Nikola and Wilson, Thomas (2015) Planetary defence: a duty for world defenders. In: American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, 14-18 Dec 2015, San Francisco, USA.

Chatwin, Chris, Ajiboye, Soladoye, Birch, Philip and Young, Rupert (2017) A directory service for city video surveillance systems. In: Information Technologies, Systems and Networks, 17- 18 October 2017, Chisinau, Modlova.

Emanuele Chiuri, Daniele, Turconi, Andrea, Hussein, Alaa, Nader, Nourhane, Raval, Siddharth, Emanuelli, Matteo and Nasseri, Seyed Ali (2015) Active debris removal: overview and figures of merit of debris grabbing strategies. In: 66th International Astronautical Congress 2015 (IAC 2015) "Space - The Gateway for Mankind's Future", 12-16 Oct 2015.

Gourdon, Rémi, Hussein, Alaa, Soni, Anushree, Aliaj, Bora, Manuel Entrena Utrilla, Carlos, Sisaid, Idriss, Reinert, Jessica, Faull, Jonathan, Bettiol, Laura, Schmidt, Nikola, Nambiar, Shrrirup, Dimitrov, Tihomir and Thangavelu, Madhu (2015) The International Space University Space Studies Program 2015 Planetary Defense Project. In: 66th International Astronautical Congress 2015 (IAC 2015) "Space - The Gateway for Mankind's Future", 12-16 Oct 2015.

Hussein, Alaa, Chatwin, Chris and Young, Rupert (2015) Laser ablation for space debris mitigation. In: 66th International Astronautical Congress 2015 (IAC 2015) "Space - The Gateway for Mankind's Future", 12-16 Oct 2015, Jerusalem, Israel.

Hussein, Alaa, Chatwin, Chris and Young, Rupert (2013) Mitigating space debris in low earth orbit using high power pulsed lasers. In: Postgraduate Poster Presentation Event, 26 Jun 2013, University of Sussex, Brighton, United Kingdom.

Hussein, Alaa, Chatwin, Chris, Young, Rupert and Birch, Philip (2014) LEO space debris mitigation using laser ablation. In: 65th International Astronautical Congress 2014 (IAC 2014) "Our World Needs Space", 29 Sep - 03 Oct 2014, Toronto, Canada.

Hussein, Alaa, Chatwin, Chris, Young, Rupert and Birch, Philip (2014) Mitigating orbital debris in LEO with high power pulsed laser. In: 65th International Astronautical Congress 2014 (IAC 2014) "Our World Needs Space", 29 Sep - 03 Oct 2014, Toronto, Canada.

Hussein, Alaa, Chatwin, Chris, Young, Rupert and Birch, Philip (2014) Space debris mitigation by pulsed laser. In: Seventh International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (7th IAASS Conference) "Space Safety is No Accident", 20-22 Oct 2014, Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Nasseri, S Ali, Borriello, Ciro, Hussein, Alaa and Kebe, Fatoumata (2014) Active Debris Removal Mapping Project. In: 65th International Astronautical Congress 2014 (IAC-14) "Our World Needs Space", 29 Sep - 03 Oct 2014, Toronto, Canada.

Rozenheck, Oshri, Entrena Utrilla, Carlos M and Hussein, Alaa (2016) Detection and deflection techniques for short-time warning PHOs: ISU planetary defense project. In: 56th Annual Conference on Aerospace Sciences (ACAS), 9-10 March 2016.

Ruangpattana, Suriya, Gotham, Douglas J, Muthuraman, Kumar, Preckel, Paul V and Rardin, Ronald L (2008) Applying Load Factors to the Mean-Variance Analysis for Fuel Diversification. In: 10th International Conference on Probabilistic Methods Applied to Power Systems, 25-29th May, 2009, Rincon, PR, USA.

Ruangpattana, Suriya, Klabjan, Diego, Arinez, Jorge and Biller, Stephan (2011) Optimization of on-site renewable energy generation for industrial sites. In: The 2011 IEEE PES Power Systems Conference and Exposition (PSCE): The Next Generation Grid - Putting It All Together, 20-23rd March, 2011, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Conference Proceedings

Nambiar, Shrrirup P, Hussein, Alaa, Silva-Martinez, Jackelynne, Reinert, Jessica and Gonzalez, Fernando (2016) Architecture for mitigating short-term warning cosmic threats: READI project. 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT, USA, 5-12 March 2016. Published in: 2016 IEEE Aerospace Conference. 1-11. IEEE ISBN 9781467376761

Sahoo, Deepak Ranjan, Nakamuta, Takuto, Marzo, Asier, Omirou, Themis, Asakawa, Michihiro and Subramanian, Sriram (2016) JOLED: a mid-air display based on electrostatic rotation of levitated Janus objects. UIST 2016: 29th ACM User Interface Software and Technology Symposium, Tokyo, Japan, October 16-19, 2016. Published in: Proceedings of the 29th Annual Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology. 437-488. Association for Computing Machinery ISBN 9781450341899


Jordanous, Anna Katerina (2013) Evaluating computational creativity: a standardised procedure for evaluating creative systems and its application. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Studer, Gregory Michael (2011) Computing multi-scale organizations built through assembly. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

Virgo, Nathaniel David (2011) Thermodynamics and the structure of living systems. Doctoral thesis (DPhil), University of Sussex.

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