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Begum, S, Yiu, A, Stebbing, J and Castellano, L (2018) Novel tumour suppressive protein encoded by circular RNA, circ-SHPRH, in glioblastomas. Oncogene. ISSN 1476-5594

Stebbing, Justin, Shah, Kalpit, Lit, Lei Cheng, Gagliano, Teresa, Ditsiou, Angeliki, Wang, Tingting, Wendler, Franz, Simon, Thomas, Szabo, Krisztina Sára, O’Hanlon, Timothy, Dean, Michael, Roslani, April Camilla, Cheah, Swee Hung, Lee, Soo-Chin and Giamas, Georgios (2018) LMTK3 confers chemo-resistance in breast cancer. Oncogene. ISSN 1476-5594

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