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Romagnolo, Alberto, Balestrino, Roberta, Imbalzano, Gabriele, Ciccone, Giovannino, Riccardini, Franco, Artusi, Carlo Alberto, Bozzali, Marco, Ferrero, Bruno, Montalenti, Elisa, Montanaro, Elisa, Rizzone, Mario Giorgio, Vaula, Giovanna, Zibetti, Maurizio and Lopiano, Leonardo (2020) Neurological comorbidity and severity of COVID-19. Journal of Neurology. ISSN 0340-5354

van de Ven, Nikolien, Vera, Jaime, Jones, John R, Vundavalli, Sriram and Ridha, Basil H (2019) Sporadic CJD in association with HIV. Journal of Neurology, 266 (1). pp. 253-257. ISSN 0340-5354

Olivito, G, Lupo, M, Iacobacci, C, Clausi, S, Romano, S, Masciullo, M, Molinari, M, Cercignani, M, Bozzali, M and Leggio, M (2018) Structural cerebellar correlates of cognitive functions in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2. Journal of Neurology, 265 (3). pp. 597-606. ISSN 1432-1459

Pinto-Grao, Marta, Costello, Emmet, O'Connor, Sarah, Elamin, Marwa, Burke, Tom, Heverin, Mark, Pender, Niall and Hardiman, Orla (2017) Assessing behavioural changes in ALS: cross-validation of ALS-specific measures. Journal of Neurology, 264 (7). pp. 1397-1401. ISSN 0340-5354

Greenaway, L P, Martin, N H, Lawrence, V, Janssen, A, Al-Chalabi, A, Leigh, P N and Goldstein, L H (2015) Accepting or declining non-invasive ventilation or gastrostomy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: patients' perspectives. Journal of Neurology, 262 (4). pp. 1002-1013. ISSN 0340-5354

Stanton, Biba R, Leigh, P Nigel, Howard, Robert J, Barker, Gareth J and Brown, Richard G (2013) Behavioural and emotional symptoms of apathy are associated with distinct patterns of brain atrophy in neurodegenerative disorders. Journal of Neurology, 260 (10). pp. 2481-2490. ISSN 0340-5354

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Davies, G. R., Altmann, D. R., Hadjiprocopis, A., Rashid, W., Chard, D. T., Griffin, C. M., Tofts, P. S., Barker, G. J., Kapoor, R., Thompson, A. J. and Miller, D. H. (2005) Increasing normal-appearing grey and white matter magnetisation transfer ratio abnormality in early relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Journal of Neurology, 252 (9). pp. 1037-1044. ISSN 0340-5354

Dehmeshki, J., Chard, D. T., Leary, S. M., Watt, H. C., Silver, N. C., Tofts, P. S., Thompson, A. J. and Miller, D. H. (2003) The normal appearing grey matter in primary progressive multiple sclerosis: a magnetisation transfer imaging study. Journal of Neurology, 250 (1). pp. 67-74. ISSN 0340-5354

Silver, NC, Good, C, Sormani, MP, MacManus, DG, Thompson, A J, Filippi, M and Miller, D H (2001) A modified protocol to improve the detection of enhancing brain and spinal cord lesions in multiple sclerosis. Journal of Neurology, 248. pp. 215-224. ISSN 0340-5354

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