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Antoniades, Andreas (2015) The Greek crisis: and now what? Unset.

Appleton, Samuel James (2015) The World Bank and the origins of the Washington Consensus: negotiating the imperatives of American finance. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Ayeb-Karlsson, Sonja, Tanner, Thomas, van der Geest, Kees and Warner, Koko (2015) Livelihood resilience in a changing world - 6 global policy recommendations for a more sustainable future. Working Paper. UNU-EHS, Bonn.


Baker, Lucy (2015) Renewable energy in South Africa's minerals-energy complex: a ‘low carbon’ transition? Review of African Political Economy, 42 (144). pp. 245-261. ISSN 0305-6244

Baker, Lucy and Wlokas, Holle Linnea (2015) South Africa’s renewable energy procurement: a new frontier? Project Report. Energy Research Centre, Cape Town.

Brock, Andrea (2015) “Love for sale”: biodiversity banking and the struggle to commodify nature in Sabah, Malaysia. Geoforum, 65. pp. 278-290. ISSN 0016-7185


Cemgil, Can M (2015) Dialectic of foreign policy and international relations: a social theory of a disciplinary gap. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Coleman, Lara Montesinos (2015) Big oil’s ethical violence / La violencia de la ética petrolera. Le Monde Diplomatique.

Coleman, Lara Montesinos (2015) Ethnography, commitment and critique: departing from activist scholarship. International Political Sociology, 9 (3). pp. 263-280. ISSN 1749-5687

Coleman, Lara Montesinos (2015) Struggles, over rights: humanism, ethical dispossession and resistance. Third World Quarterly, 36 (6). pp. 1060-1075. ISSN 0143-6597

Cornwall, Andrea and Rivas, Althea-Maria (2015) From ‘gender equality and ‘women’s empowerment’ to global justice: reclaiming a transformative agenda for gender and development. Third World Quarterly, 36 (2). pp. 396-415. ISSN 0143-6597


Devereux, Stephen, Masset, Edoardo, Sabates-Wheeler, Rachel, Samson, Michael, Rivas, Althea and Te Lintelo, Dolf (2015) Evaluating the targeting effectiveness of social transfers: a literature review. Working Paper. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton.


Edwards, Guy and Roberts, J Timmons (2015) A Fragmented Continent: Latin America and the Global Politics of Climate Change. MIT Press, Massachusetts, USA. ISBN 9780262528115

Elbe, Stefan, Hoffman, Steven J, Caleo, Grazia M, Daulaire, Nils, Matsoso, Precious, Mossialos, Elias, Rizvi, Zain and Røttingen, John-Arne (2015) Strategies for achieving global collective action on antimicrobial resistance. Other. Bulletin of the World Health Organisation.

Elbe, Stefan, Roemer-Mahler, Anne and Long, Christopher (2015) Medical countermeasures for national security: a new government role in the pharmaceuticalization of society. Social Science and Medicine, 131. pp. 263-271. ISSN 0277-9536


Faulkner, Alex (2015) Usership of regenerative therapies: age, ageing and anti-ageing in the global science and technology of knee cartilage repair. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 93. pp. 44-53. ISSN 0040-1625

Fishwick, Adam (2015) Industrialisation and the working class: the contested trajectories of ISI in Chile and Argentina. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Fishwick, Adam (2015) Paternalism, Taylorism, socialism: the battle for production in the Chilean textile industry 1930-1970. In: van der Pijl, Kees (ed.) Handbook of the international political economy of production. Handbooks of research on international political economy series . Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 211-228. ISBN 9781783470211


Gammon, Earl and Wigan, Duncan (2015) Veblen, Bataille and financial innovation. Theory, Culture and Society, 32 (4). pp. 105-131. ISSN 0263-2764

Gardner, John, Faulkner, Alex, Mahalatchimy, Aurelie and Webster, Andrew (2015) Are there specific translational challenges in regenerative medicine? Lessons from other fields. Regenerative Medicine, 10 (7). pp. 885-895. ISSN 1746-0751

Gray, Kevin and Jang, Youngseok (2015) Labour unrest in the global political economy: the case of China's 2010 strike wave. New Political Economy, 20 (4). pp. 594-613. ISSN 1356-3467

Gray, Kevin and Lee, Jong-Woon (2015) Following in China’s footsteps? The political economy of North Korean reform. Pacific Review. pp. 51-73. ISSN 0951-2748

Green, Jasper Karim Dominik (2015) Cross-strait economic integration and the transnationalization of Taiwan. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.


Haberly, Daniel and Wójcik, Dariusz (2015) Regional blocks and imperial legacies: mapping the global offshore FDI network. Economic Geography, 91 (3). pp. 251-280. ISSN 0013-0095

Haberly, Daniel and Wójcik, Dariusz (2015) Tax havens and the production of offshore FDI: an empirical analysis. Journal of Economic Geography, 15 (1). pp. 75-101. ISSN 1468-2702

Hilberg, Eva (2015) Promoting health or securing the market? The right to health and intellectual property between radical contestation and accommodation. Third World Quarterly, 36 (6). pp. 1237-1252. ISSN 0143-6597


Jang, Youngseok and Gray, Kevin (2015) The race to the bottom halted? Passive revolution and workers' resistance in China. In: van der Pijl, Kees (ed.) Handbook of the International Political Economy of Production. Handbooks of Research on International Political Economy series . Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 318-333. ISBN 9781783470204


Karp, David Jason (2015) The concept of human rights protection and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In: Mills, Kurt and Karp, David Jason (eds.) Human rights protection in global politics: responsibilities of states and non-state actors. Global issues series . Palgrave, Basingstoke, pp. 137-158. ISBN 9781137463166

Karp, David Jason (2015) The responsibility to protect human rights and the RtoP: prospective and retrospective responsibility. Global Responsibility to Protect, 7 (2). pp. 142-166. ISSN 1875-9858

Karp, David Jason and Mills, Kurt (2015) Introduction: human rights responsibilities of states and non-state actors. In: Mills, Kurt and Karp, David Jason (eds.) Human rights protection in global politics: responsibilities of states and non-state actors. Global issues . Palgrave, Basingstoke, pp. 3-22. ISBN 9781137463166

Kirby, Paul (2015) Ending sexual violence in conflict: the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative and its critics. International Affairs, 91 (3). pp. 457-472. ISSN 1468-2346


Lane, Richard (2015) The nature of growth: the postwar history of the economy, energy and the environment. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.


Mahalatchimy, Aurelie, Rial-Sebbag, Emmanuelle, Duguet, Anne-Marie, Taboulet, Florence and Cambon-Thomsen, Anne (2015) The impact of European embryonic stem cell patent decisions on research strategies. Nature biotechnology, 33 (1). pp. 41-43. ISSN 1546-1696

Mehta, Akanksha (2015) The aesthetics of “everyday” violence: narratives of violence and Hindu right-wing women. Critical Studies on Terrorism, 8 (3). pp. 416-438. ISSN 1753-9153

Moody, George Byron (2015) The renovation of Western hegemony: European alternatives in international relations. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.


Newell, Peter, Bulkeley, Harriet, Turner, Karen, Shaw, Christopher, Caney, Simon, Shove, Elizabeth and Pidgeon, Nicholas (2015) Governance traps in climate change politics: re-framing the debate in terms of responsibilities and rights. WIREs Climate Change, 6 (6). pp. 535-540. ISSN 1757-7799


Odysseos, Louiza (2015) The question concerning human rights and human rightlessness: disposability and struggle in the Bhopal gas disaster. Third World Quarterly, 36 (6). pp. 1041-1059. ISSN 0143-6597

Odysseos, Louiza and Selmeczi, Anna (2015) The power of human rights/the human rights of power: an introduction. Third World Quarterly, 36 (6). pp. 1033-1040. ISSN 0143-6597

Owens, Patricia (2015) Economy of force: counterinsurgency and the historical rise of the social. Cambridge Studies in International Relations . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. ISBN 9781107121942

Owens, Patricia (2015) Introduction: historicizing the social in international thought. Review of International Studies, 41 (4). pp. 652-653. ISSN 0260-2105

Owens, Patricia (2015) Method or madness: sociolatry in international thought. Review of International Studies, 41 (4). 655 -674. ISSN 0260-2105


Petito, Fabio (2015) The contemporary ambiguities of religions as a source of civilisational identity. In: Herrington, Luke, McKay, Alasdair and Haynes, Jeffrey (eds.) Nations under God: The Geopolitics of Faith in the Twenty-First Century. E International Relations publishing, pp. 63-70. ISBN 9781910814048

Petito, Fabio and Thomas, Scott M (2015) Encounter, dialogue, and knowledge: Italy as a special case of religious engagement in foreign policy. The Review of Faith and International Affairs, 13 (2). pp. 40-51. ISSN 1557-0274


Rivas, Althea (2015) No longer a last resort: a review of the remote programming landscape. Working Paper. Kenya and Somalia: DFID.

Rivas, Althea (2015) The role of donors in remote management in Somalia: eyes wide shut. In: World disaster report 2015: local actors at the centre of effective humanitarian action. pp. 133-135. Project Report. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Roemer-Mahler, Anne (2015) The pharmaceutical industry as a global institution: the tension between private mandate and public function. In: Brennan, Kate (ed.) Making global institutions work: power, accountability and change. Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415631334


Schwittay, Anke (2015) New media and international development: representation and affect in microfinance. Rethinking development . Routledge, Abingdon. ISBN 9780415856072

Scott, James and Wilkinson, Rorden (2015) China as a system preserving power in the WTO. In: Lesage, Dries and Van De Graaf, Thijs (eds.) Rising powers and multilateral institutions. Palgrave, Basingstoke, pp. 199-218. ISBN 9781137397591

Selby, Jan and Messerschmid, Clemens (2015) Misrepresenting the Jordan River Basin. Water Alternatives, 8 (2). pp. 258-279. ISSN 1965-0175

Selwyn, Benjamin (2015) Commodity chains, creative destruction and global inequality: a class analysis. Journal of Economic Geography, 15 (2). pp. 253-274. ISSN 1468-2702

Selwyn, Benjamin (2015) Elite development theory: a labour-centred critique. Third World Quarterly, 37 (5). pp. 781-799. ISSN 0143-6597

Selwyn, Benjamin (2015) Elite development theory: a labour-centred critique. Third World Quarterly, 5 (37). pp. 781-799. ISSN 0143-6597

Selwyn, Benjamin (2015) Friedrich Hayek: in defense of dictatorship. OpenDemocracy.

Selwyn, Benjamin (2015) Harsh labour: bedrock of global capitalism. OpenDemocracy.

Selwyn, Benjamin (2015) Twenty-first-century International Political Economy: a class-relational perspective. European Journal of International Relations, 21 (3). pp. 513-537. ISSN 1354-0661

Selwyn, Benjamin (2015) A few dollars more: Labour pursues the impossible dream of being middle class. Le Monde Diplomatique.

Sheikh, Faiz and May, Samantha (2015) Remembering the umma in the confines of the nation state. In: Hausner, Sondra L and Garnett, Jane (eds.) Religion in Diaspora cultures of citizenship. Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship . Palgrave Macmillan UK, Hampshire, pp. 80-99. ISBN 9781137400291

Stavrianakis, Anna (2015) Militarism. International encyclopedia of the social and behavioral sciences (Second edition). pp. 490-49.


Teschke, Benno and Cemgil, Can (2015) The dialectic of the concrete: reconsidering dialectic for IR and foreign policy analysis. In: Brincat, Shannon (ed.) Dialectic in world politics. Rethinking globalizations (38). Routledge, London, pp. 25-45. ISBN 9780415625272

Teschke, Benno and Wenten, Frido (2015) Marxismus in den Internationalen Beziehungen. In: Masala, Carlo and Sauer, Frank (eds.) Handbuch Internationale Beziehungen, 2nd edition. Springer Verlag, Wiesbaden, pp. 107-140. ISBN 9783531199542


Verweijen, Judith (2015) Coping with the barbarian syndrome: the challenges of researching civilian-military interaction 'from below' in the eastern DR Congo. In: Nakray, Keerty, Alston, Margaret and Whittenbury, Kerry (eds.) Social Science Research Ethics for a Globalizing World: Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives. Routledge, pp. 243-257. ISBN 9780415716222

Verweijen, Judith (2015) From autochthony to violence? Discursive and coercive social practices of the Mai-Mai in Fizi, eastern DR Congo. African Studies Review, 58 (2). pp. 157-180. ISSN 0002-0206

Verweijen, Judith (2015) The disconcerting popularity of popular in/justice in the Fizi/Uvira region, Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. International Journal of Minority and Group Rights, 22 (3). pp. 335-359. ISSN 1385-4879

Verweijen, Judith and Vlassenroot, Koen (2015) Armed mobilisation and the nexus of territory, identity, and authority: the contested territorial aspirations of the Banyamulenge in eastern DR Congo. Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 33 (2). pp. 191-212. ISSN 0258-9001


Weber, Cynthia (2015) Good citizenship is…. In: The Future Citizen Guide. Tate, London, pp. 28-36. ISBN 9781849763554

Weber, Cynthia (2015) Why is there no queer international theory? European Journal of International Relations, 21 (1). pp. 27-51. ISSN 1354-0661

Weiss, Oliver (2015) Dependency theory and Eastern bloc trade: reformulating a forgotten paradigm. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Weiss, Thomas G and Wilkinson, Rorden (2015) Change and continuity in global governance. Ethics & International Affairs, 29 (4). pp. 397-406. ISSN 0892-6794

Weiss, Thomas G and Wilkinson, Rorden (2015) Introduction: drivers and change in global governance. Ethics & International Affairs, 29 (04). pp. 391-395. ISSN 0892-6794

Wilkinson, Rorden (2015) Changing power relations in the WTO – why the India–U.S. trade agreement should make us worry more, rather than less, about global trade governance. Geoforum, 61. pp. 13-16. ISSN 00167185

Wilkinson, Rorden (2015) Multilateral trade and the post 2015 development agenda. In: Nethersole, Jane (ed.) Ministers reference book: Commonwealth 2015. Henley Media Group, London, pp. 94-96. ISBN 9780992802011

Wilkinson, Rorden (2015) Talking trade: common sense knowledge in the multilateral trade regime. In: Hannah, Erin, Scott, James and Trommer, Silke (eds.) Expert knowledge in global trade. Global Institutions . Routledge, London, pp. 21-40. ISBN 9781138787773

Wilkinson, Rorden and Weiss, Thomas G. (2015) Continuity and change in global governance: a normative quest. In: Gaskarth, Jamie (ed.) Rising powers, global governance and global ethics. Routledge Global Institutions Series (95). Routledge, London, pp. 41-56. ISBN 9781138826878

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