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Amao, Olufemi (2016) Rethinking bank directors’ duties in the aftermath of the financial crisis: the legal basis of the sui generis nature of bank directors’ duties. Australian Journal of Corporate Law, 30. pp. 235-258. ISSN 1037-4124

Anderson, Jack and Partington, Neil (2016) The scope of the duty of care in sport: a submission in relation to UK Government's review. LawInSport.

Armeni, Chiara (2016) Participation in environmental decision-making: reflecting on planning and community benefits for major wind farms. Journal of Environmental Law, 28 (3). pp. 415-441. ISSN 0952-8873

Arvind, T T and Stirton, Lindsay (2016) Legal ideology, legal doctrine and the UK's top judges. Public Law, 2016 (July). pp. 418-436. ISSN 0033-3565


Baldi, Giorgia (2016) Liberal paradoxes: women’s body, religious expression, and gender equality in a secular age. AG AboutGender, 5 (10). pp. 166-185. ISSN 2279-5057

Baldi, Giorgia (2016) The ‘humanity’ of the secular legal subject’: reading the European Court of Human Rights’ decisions over the practice of veiling. Working Paper. Birmingham Law School - Institute of European Law.

Beaumont, Paul, Walker, Lara and Holliday, Jayne (2016) Conflicts of EU Courts on Child Abduction: Country Reports. Project Report. University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Beaumont, Paul, Walker, Lara and Holliday, Jayne (2016) Conflicts of EU courts on child abduction: the reality of Art 11(6)-(8) Brussels IIa proceedings across the EU. Journal of Private International Law, 12 (2). pp. 211-260. ISSN 1744-1048

Beaumont, Paul, Walker, Lara and Holliday, Jayne (2016) Parental responsibility and international child abduction in the proposed recast of Brussels IIa Regulation and the effect of Brexit on future child abduction proceedings. International Family Law Journal, Nov. pp. 307-318. ISSN 1369-5762

Berry, Stephanie (2016) The siren’s call? Exploring the implications of an additional protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights on national minorities. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 23. ISSN 1385-4879

Berry, Stephanie E (2016) The continuing relevance of the Copenhagen Document – Muslims in Western Europe and the security dimension. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues, 15 (2). pp. 78-103. ISSN 1617-5247

Bjarnadóttir, María Rún (2016) Does the internet limit human rights protection? The case of revenge porn. Journal of Intellectual Property, Information Technology and E-Commerce Law, 7 (3). pp. 204-215. ISSN 2190-3387

Bremner, Phillip (2016) International surrogacy and same-sex parenthood: legal interventions in parenting journeys. In: CRFR International Conference 2016: Unequal Families and Relationships, 13-15 Jun 2016, Edinburgh.

Bremner, Phillip (2016) The legal Response to male-led parenting and reproductive collaborations. In: Eastern Sociological Society: Sociology of Reproduction Conference, 17- 20 Mar 2016, Boston.

Bu, Qingxiu (2016) Migrant labour standards and human rights of multinational companies’ supply chains: reshaping a playing field in China – part II. Business Law Review, 37 (5). pp. 181-189. ISSN 0143-6295

Bu, Qingxiu (2016) Migrant labour standards and human rights of multinational companies’ supply chains: reshaping a playing field in China: part I. Business Law Review, 37 (4). pp. 129-133. ISSN 0143-6295

Bu, Qingxiu (2016) The Ralls implications for the National Security Review. Commercial Law Quarterly, 30 (1). pp. 3-16. ISSN 0819-4262

Bu, Qingxiu (2016) The impact of the Chinese sovereign wealth funds (SWFs) on Sino-EU relations: the leverage between investment and human rights. Asian Journal of Law and Economics, 7 (2). pp. 197-225. ISSN 2194-6086

Burchardt, Tania and Dustin, Moira (2016) Editorial. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 24 (1). pp. 3-5. ISSN 1759-8273

Byrne, Gavin and Child, John (2016) Attacks on the mind and the legal limits of the seduction industry. In: Reed, Alan, Bohlander, Michael, Wake, Nicola and Smith, Emma (eds.) Consent: domestic and comparative perspectives. Substantive issues in criminal law . Routledge, London. ISBN 9781472469953


Coughlan, John, Heusel, Wolfgang, Szyszczak, Erika, Patrini, Valentina and Pauer, Andreas (2016) Study on judges' training needs in the field of European competition law: final report. Technical Report. European Commission, Brussels.

Craig, Elizabeth (2016) Minority rights, integration and education in the Western Balkans. Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly, 67 (4). pp. 453-471. ISSN 0029-3105

Craig, Elizabeth (2016) [Review] Eduardo J. Ruiz Vieytez (2014) United in diversity? On cultural diversity, democracy and human rights. International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, 23 (2). pp. 271-277. ISSN 1385-4879

Craig, Elizabeth (2016) Who are the minorities? The role of the right to self-identity within the European minority rights framework. Journal on Ethnopolitics and Minority Issues, 15 (2). pp. 6-30. ISSN 1617-5247

Craig, Elizabeth, Danisi, Carmelo, Dustin, Moira, Ferreira, Nuno, Held, Nina, Millns, Susan, Taggart, Paul, Velluti, Samantha and Walters, Mark (2016) Written submission from the School of Law, Politics and Sociology, University of Sussex (OEU0007)to the Women and equalities Committee inquiry: ensuring strong equalities legislation after EU exit. Houses of Parliament.


Dancer, Helen (2016) Transformation in realising women's land rights and access to justice: lessons from the law in action in Tanzania. ASA/AAA/CODESRIA African Futures Conference, Dakar, Senegal, 1-3 June 2016. Published in: Proceedings of the African Futures Conference. 1 (1) 163-173. Wiley ISSN 2573-508X ISBN 9781931303583

Danisi, Carmelo and Balboni, Marco (2016) Fostering accessibility and respect to rule of law in Sahrawi refugees’ camps. Technical Report. University of Bologna, Bologna.

Davies, Chantal, Ferreira, Nuno, Morris, Anne and Morris, Debra (2016) Editorial: The Equality Act 2010: five-years on. SAGE Publications.

Dawar, Kamala (2016) The 2016 EU International Procurement Instrument’s amendments to the 2012 buy European proposal: a retrospective assessment of its prospects. Journal of World Trade, 50 (5). pp. 845-865. ISSN 1011-6702

Dawar, Kamala (2016) Government procurement in the WTO: a case for greater integration. World Trade Review, 15 (4). pp. 645-670. ISSN 1474-7456

Dawar, Kamala (2016) Sustainability Impact Assessment (SIA) in support of an investment protection agreement between the European Union and the Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Technical Report. European Commission / Development Solutions, Brussels.

Dawar, Kamala (2016) Transcending mercantilism: identifying the positive externalities from international public procurement agreements. Public Procurement Law Review, 25 (5). 181 -196. ISSN 0963-8245

Dawar, Kamala and Ronen, Eyal (2016) How necessary? A comparison of legal and economic assessments under GATT dispute settlements, article XX(b), TBT 2.2 & SPS 5.6. Trade Law and Development, 8 (1). pp. 1-28. ISSN 0976-2329

Dawar, Kamala and Skalova, Monika (2016) The evolution of EU public procurement rules and its interface with WTO: SME promotion and policy space. In: Sanchez Graells, Albert and Skovgaard Ølykke, Grith (eds.) Reformation or deformation of the EU Public Procurement Rules. Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, pp. 59-79. ISBN 9781785361807

Dawar, Kamala and Sübidey, Togan (2016) Bringing EU-Turkey trade and investment relations up to date? Technical Report. European Parliament Policy Department, Brussels.

Demetriou, Stavros (2016) Not giving up the fight: a review of the Law Commission’s scoping report on non-fatal offences against the person. Journal of Criminal Law, 80 (3). pp. 188-200. ISSN 0022-0183

Demir, Ebru (2016) The role of the United Nations women, peace and security agenda in promoting gender justice in post-conflict societies: is the agenda transformative. International Journal of Rule of Law, Transitional Justice and Human Rights, 7 (7). pp. 81-91. ISSN 2232-7541

Dustin, Moira (2016) Culture or masculinity? Understanding gender-based violence in the UK. Journal of Poverty and Social Justice, 24 (1). pp. 51-62. ISSN 1759-8273


Evans, Matthew (2016) Structural violence, socioeconomic rights, and transformative justice. Journal of Human Rights, 15 (1). pp. 1-20. ISSN 1475-4835


Ferreira, Nuno (2016) Refugees and asylum seekers in Portugal: an assessment and the case of LGBTI individuals. Le Monde Diplomatique (Portuguese version) (111). pp. 10-11.

Ferreira, Nuno (2016) [Review] Tarunabh Khaitan (2015) A theory of discrimination law. International Journal of Discrimination and the Law, 16 (4). pp. 247-250. ISSN 2047-9468

Ferreira, Nuno (2016) The human face of the European Union: are EU law and policy humane enough? An introduction. In: Ferreira, Nuno and Kostakopoulou, Dora (eds.) The human face of the European Union: are EU law and policy humane enough? Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 1-14. ISBN 9781107077225

Ferreira, Nuno and Kostakopoulou, Dora (2016) The Roma and European Union citizenship: in search of a humane answer from the EU. In: Ferreira, Nuno and Kostakopoulou, Dora (eds.) The human face of the European Union: are EU law and policy humane enough? Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 206-234. ISBN 9781107077225

Finchett-Maddock, Lucy (2016) Protest, property and the commons: performances of law and resistance. Social justice . Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415858953

Finchett-Maddock, Lucy (2016) Time’s up – resisting private limitations on rights to housing and protest. In: Regulating the City: Contemporary Urban Housing Law. Studies in Housing Law . Eleven International Publishing. ISBN 9789462367111

Fouladvand, Shahrzad (2016) Identifying and investigating cases of forced labour and human trafficking. In: Humber Modern Slavery Conference, 1st March 2016, The Octagon.

Fouladvand, Shahrzad (2016) Tackling human trafficking: a tale of two protocols. In: 'Roundtable on Modern Slavery' hosted by The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), September 2016, The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).

Frabboni, Maria (2016) France. In: Garnett, Kevin and Davies, Gillian (eds.) Moral Rights, 2nd Edition. Sweet and Maxwell, pp. 415-454. ISBN 9780414055575

Frabboni, Maria (2016) Italy. In: Garnett, Kevin and Davies, Gillian (eds.) Moral Rights, 2nd Edition. Sweet and Maxwell, pp. 539-560. ISBN 9780414055575

Frabboni, Maria (2016) Open access and remuneration of researchers: considerations on the author’s perspective. ALAI Congress 2015: Remuneration for the Use of Works - Exclusivity vs. Other Approaches, Bonn - Germany, June 18 - June 19, 2015. Published in: von Lewinski, Silke, (ed.) Remuneration for the use of works, exclusivity vs. other approaches. 391-399. De Gruyter, Berlin. ISBN 9783110478198

Frost, Tom (2016) Fulfilling our potential: teaching excellence, social mobility and student choice - consultation response for Department of Business, Innovation and Skills. Department for Business, Innovation & Skills, London.

Frost, Tom (2016) 'Neoliberalism and democracy – is there no alternative?' [Review] Wendy Brown (2015) Undoing the demos: neoliberalism’s stealth revolution. European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, 3 (1). pp. 129-137. ISSN 2325-4823

Frost, Tom (2016) 'Redemption between politics and ontology: Agamben on the coming politics' [Review] Abbott, M (2014) The figure of this world: Agamben and the question of political ontology; Whyte, J (2014) Catastrophe and redemption: the political thought of Giorgio Agamben. Ephemera: Theory and Politics in Organization, 16 (2). pp. 127-138. ISSN 2052-1499


Garrod, Matthew (2016) The British influence on the laws of war and the punishment of war criminals: from the Grotius Society to the United Nations War Crimes Commission. In: McCorquodale, Robert and Gauci, Jean-Pierre (eds.) British influences on international law, 1915-2015. Brill | Nijhoff, Leiden, pp. 317-366. ISBN 9789004284166

Ghouri, Ahmad (2016) Towards greater integration? Legal and policy directions of Chinese investments in Pakistan on the advent of the silk road economic belt. The Chinese Journal of Comparative Law, 4 (1). pp. 36-68. ISSN 2050-4802

Griffiths, Danielle and Mullock, Alexandra (2016) The medical exception and cosmetic surgery: culpable doctors and harmful enhancement? In: Fovargue, Sara and Mullock, Alexandra (eds.) The legitimacy of medical treatment: what role for the medical exception? Biomedical law and ethics library . Routledge, London, pp. 105-123. ISBN 9781138819634

Guadamuz, Andres (2016) The monkey selfie: copyright lessons for originality in photographs and internet jurisdiction. Internet Policy Review, 5 (1). ISSN 2197-6775

Guntrip, Edward (2016) Human rights in ICSID arbitration. In: Work in Progress Seminar, 18 March 2016, Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary University of London.

Guntrip, Edward (2016) Self-determination and foreign direct investment: reimagining sovereignty in international investment law. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 65 (4). pp. 829-857. ISSN 0020-5893


Harder, Sirko (2016) Evaluating a lost opportunity to sue. Bond Law Review, 28 (1). pp. 1-19. ISSN 1033-4505

Harder, Sirko (2016) Professional service provided to friends: Burgess & Burgess v Lejonvarn. Journal of Professional Negligence, 32 (4). pp. 276-280. ISSN 1746-6709

Harder, Sirko (2016) The scope of the rule against contractual penalties: a new divergence. In: Robertson, Andrew and Tilbury, Michael (eds.) Divergences in Private Law. Hart Publishing, Oxford, pp. 135-157. ISBN 9781782256601

Harder, Sirko and Witzleb, Normann (2016) The private international law implications of a privacy tort under state or territory legislation. Media and Arts Law Review, 21. pp. 121-148. ISSN 1325-1570

Henderson, Christian (2016) Introducing perspectives on the Joint Committee’s drones report. Journal on the Use of Force and International Law, 3 (2). pp. 194-197. ISSN 2053-1702

Holmes, Peter and Dawar, Kamala (2016) The TTIP trade deal is lost at sea. The Conversation. ISSN 2201-5639

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Howe, Helena R (2016) Making wild law work - the role of 'connection with nature' and education in developing an ecocentric property law. Journal of Environmental Law, 29 (1). pp. 19-45. ISSN 0952-8873

Hutton, Marie A (2016) Visiting time: a tale of two prisons. Probation Journal, 63 (3). pp. 347-361. ISSN 0264-5505


Iglesias-Rodriguez, Pablo (2016) Paradigm shift in financial-sector policymaking models: from industry-based to civil society-based EU financial services governance? In: Iglesias-Rodriguez, Pablo, Triandafyllidou, Anna and Gropas, Ruby (eds.) After the financial crisis: shifting legal, economic and political paradigms. Palgrave Studies in European Political Sociology . Palgrave Macmillan UK, London, pp. 23-73. ISBN 9781137509543

Irving, Henry and Townend, Judith (2016) Censorship and national security: information control in the Second World War and present day. History & Policy.

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Islam, Aminul (2016) To what extent do the rights of anticipatory and pre-emptive self-defense exist under international law. Indian Journal of Law and Justice, 2 (7). pp. 106-123. ISSN 0976-3570


Jupp, John (2016) [Overview Report] Strengthening legal protections and support for victims of acts terrorism during criminal proceedings in Afghanistan. Project Report. United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime.

Jupp, John (2016) Strengthening support and assistance for victims of terrorism: dilemmas in Afghanistan. In: Strengthening Legal Protections and Support for Victims of Terrorism During Criminal Proceedings in Afghanistan, 1-2 December 2016, United Nations, Vienna.


Kagu, Abubakar Bukar (2016) ‘New humanitarianism’, a disguised code for militarised interventionism. Al-Muqaddimah. (Accepted)

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Li, Phoebe (2016) 3D bioprinting technologies: patents, innovation and access. In: Brocher Foundation Workshop. 3D bioprinting: a new medical and ethical frontier?, 24-26 May 2016, Geneva.

Li, Phoebe (2016) Intellectual property of 3D printing. In: International Symposium of Additive Manufacturing Taiwan, 31 Aug - 1 Sep 2016, Taipei, Taiwan.

Li, Phoebe (2016) Mass customisation governance: regulation, liability and intellectual property of re-distributed manufacturing in 3D printing. In: Taipei Representative Office in the UK Symposium in Science & Technology Academic Research, Southampton.

Li, Phoebe (2016) Regulation of bio-3D printing in the UK. In: International Symposium of Additive Manufacturing Taiwan, 31 Aug - 1 Sep 2016, Taipei, Taiwan.

Li, Phoebe (2016) Risk, intellectual property and food labelling. In: International Summer School (Food law and policy course), 8-19 Aug 2016, University of East Finland.

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Li, Phoebe and Griffin, James (2016) 3D printing and intellectual property research in the UK. In: 3D Printing and Intellectual Property Seminar, Central South University, Changsha, China.

Li, Phoebe and Griffin, James (2016) The necessity of 'privacy justice' in the era of technological regulation. In: 35th Annual ATRIP Congress: Intellectual Property as Functional Pluralism: the Parameters, Challenges and Opportunities of Variation, 26-29 Jun 2016, Krakow, Poland.

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Moscati, Maria, Buratto, Enrico and Infante, Vittorio (2016) 哈囉!我是米洛。他們是我的家長,大衛跟彼得。. University of Sussex.

Moscati, Maria, Buratto, Enrico and Infante, Vittorio (2016) Duga nakon oluje: Mylo i njegovi idu kod izmiritelja. University of Sussex.

Moscati, Maria, Buratto, Enrico and Infante, Vittorio (2016) Rainbow after the storm: Mylo and his dads go to the mediator. University of Sussex.

Moscati, Maria, Buratto, Enrico and Infante, Vittorio (2016) Rainbow after the storm: Mylo. i suoi due papà e la mediazione. University of Sussex.

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