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Alkharashi, Suliman Abdullah (2015) Human rights in the stage of criminal investigation: a comparison between Law and practice in Saudi Arabia and England and Wales. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Sussex.

Armeni, Chiara (2015) Global experimentalist governance, international law and climate change technologies. International and Comparative Law Quarterly, 64 (4). pp. 875-904. ISSN 0020-5893

Ashton, Jeanette (2015) 15 years of whistleblowing protection under the public interest disclosure act 1998: are we still shooting the messenger? Industrial Law Journal, 44 (1). pp. 29-52. ISSN 0305-9332

Ashton, Jeanette (2015) When is whistleblowing in the public interest? 'Chesterton Global Ltd. & Another v Nurmohamed' leaves this question open. Industrial Law Journal, 44 (3). pp. 450-459. ISSN 0305-9332


Bachmann, Sascha-Dominik and Frost, Tom (2015) Justice in transition: on territory, restitution and history. In: Bachmann, Sascha-Dominik and Szablewska, Natalia (eds.) Current issues in transitional justice: towards a more holistic approach. Springer series in transitional justice (4). Springer, pp. 83-108. ISBN 9783319093895

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Barnett, Steven and Townend, Judith (2015) Plurality, policy and the local. Journalism Practice, 9 (3). pp. 332-349. ISSN 1751-2786

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Beaumont, Paul and Walker, Lara (2015) Recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters in the Brussels I recast, and some lessons from it and the recent Hague Conventions for the Hague Judgments Project. Journal of Private International Law, 11 (1). pp. 31-63. ISSN 1744-1048

Beaumont, Paul, Walker, Lara and Holliday, Jayne (2015) Not heard and not returned: the reality of Article 11(8) proceedings. International Family Law (2). pp. 124-133. ISSN 1369-5762

Berry, Stephanie (2015) ‘New’ minorities, integration policies and the UN declaration on Minorities. In: Hofmann, Rainer and Caruso, Ugo (eds.) The United Nations Declaration on Minorities: an academic account on the occasion of its 20th anniversary (1992-2012). Studies in International Minority and Group Rights, 9 . Brill Academic Publishers, pp. 192-214. ISBN 9789004251557

Borgmann-Prebil, Yuri (2015) The rule of reason in European constitutionalism and citizenship. Discourses in law . Routledge, London. ISBN 9780415565295

Bremner, Phillip (2015) Birth registration and same-sex parenting in the UK and Canada: some unanswered questions. In: Socio-Legal Studies Annual Conference 2015, University of Warwick, 31st March - 2nd April 2015, University of Warwick.

Bremner, Phillip (2015) Collaborative co-parenting: a comparative study of the legal response to poly-parenting in Canada and the UK. Doctoral thesis (PhD), University of Exeter.

Bremner, Phillip (2015) Same-sex parenting, birth certificates and court orders: access to justice in the UK and Canada. In: EU Litigious Love Project Final Conference, University of Bergamo, 22nd - 23rd May 2015, University of Bergamo.

Bremner, Phillip (2015) What has sex got to do with family law? In: Researching Sex and Sexualities Conference 2015, University of Sussex, 8th - 9th May 2015, University of Sussex.

Bremner, Phillip (2015) The legal construction of same-sex collaborative co-parenting in the UK and Canada. In: Centre for Research on Families and Relationships New Researchers Conference 2015, University of Edinburgh, 26th - 27th May 2015, Edinburgh.

Bridgeman, Jo (2015) Misunderstanding, threats, and fear, of the law in conflicts over children’s healthcare: in the matter of Ashya King [2014] EWHC 2964. Medical Law Review, 23 (3). pp. 477-489. ISSN 0967-0742

Bridgeman, Jo (2015) The right to responsible parents? Making decisions about the healthcare of young and dependent children. In: Diduck, Alison, Peleg, Noam and Reece, Helen (eds.) Law in society: reflections on children, family, culture and philosophy. Koninklijke Brill, Leiden, pp. 453-468. ISBN 9789004261488

Bu, Qingxiu (2015) Can suppliers fix final prices? The contribution of China to the debate on resale price maintenance. Journal of European Competition Law and Practice, 6 (2). pp. 110-122. ISSN 2041-7764

Bu, Qingxiu (2015) China’s dual enforcement system regarding resale price maintenance agreements. World Competition, 38 (2). pp. 235-252. ISSN 1011-4548

Bu, Qingxiu (2015) Neither rock nor hard place? The foreign sovereign compulsion defence in antitrust litigation. Journal of International Dispute Settlement, 6 (2). pp. 427-453. ISSN 2040-3585

Bu, Qingxiu (2015) Qihu360 v Tencent: the unsettled antitrust war in China’s IT sector. European Competition Law Review, 36 (9). pp. 369-378. ISSN 0144-3054

Bu, Qingxiu (2015) Will Chinese legal culture constrain its corporate governance-related laws? Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 15 (1). pp. 103-125. ISSN 1473-5970

Bu, Qingxiu (2015) The anatomy of Chinese multinationals’ overseas behavior: human rights perspectives. African Journal of Legal Studies, 8 (1). pp. 127-180. ISSN 2210-9730


Challendar, Dan, Harrop, Stuart and McMillan, Douglas (2015) Understanding markets to conserve trade-threatened species in CITES. Biological Conservation, 187. pp. 249-259. ISSN 0006-3207

Challendar, Daniel W S, Harrop, Stuart R and MacMillan, Douglas C (2015) Towards informed and multi-faceted wildlife trade interventions. Global Ecology and Conservation, 3. pp. 129-148. ISSN 2351-9894

Chang, Chueh, Lee, Po-Han, Wen, Kuei-Chun and Chang, Chu-Hui (2015) International human rights law and the right to mental health. Formosa Journal of Mental Health, 28 (3). pp. 449-468. ISSN 1023-7283

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Dancer, Helen (2015) Journeys for justice in Tanzania. Allegra lab.

Dancer, Helen (2015) Women, land and justice in Tanzania. Eastern Africa Series . James Currey, Woodbridge. ISBN 9781847011138

Dancer, Helen and Sulle, Emmanuel (2015) Gender implications of agricultural commercialisation: the case of sugarcane production in Kilombero District, Tanzania. Working Paper. Future Agricultures Working Paper 118, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton.

Dancer, Helen and Tsikata, Dzodzi (2015) Researching land and commercial agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa with a gender perspective: concepts, issues and methods. Working Paper. Future Agricultures Working Paper 132, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton.

Danisi, Carmelo (2015) La donna nel diritto internazionale e dell’Unione europea: verso il superamento o la riaffermazione dei “tradizionali ruoli femminili”? In: Pitino, A (ed.) Interventi di contrasto alla discriminazione e alla violenza sulle donne nella vita pubblica e privata. Un’analisi multidisciplinare. Giappicchelli, Torino, Italy, pp. 117-143. ISBN 9788892102620

Danisi, Carmelo (2015) Protecting the Human Rights of people living with HIV/AIDS: A European approach? Groningen Journal of International Law, 3 (2). pp. 47-79. ISSN 2352-2674

Danisi, Carmelo (2015) Tutela dei diritti umani, non discriminazione e orientamento sessuale. La ricerca del diritto nella comunita internazionale, 11 . Editoriale Scientifica, Napoli, Italy. ISBN 9788863428407

Davies, Mark (2015) Academic freedom: a lawyer's perspective. Higher Education, 70 (6). pp. 987-1002. ISSN 0018-1560

Davies, Mark (2015) Commoditizing legal services – the potential solicitors’ negligence implications. Journal of Professional Negligence, 31 (3). pp. 181-185. ISSN 1746-6709

Davies, Mark (2015) Professional negligence in 2014: the year in review. Journal of Professional Negligence, 31 (1). pp. 5-17. ISSN 1746-6709

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Eijkholt, Marleen and Stirton, Ruth (2015) Law and humanity: exploring organ donation using the Brazier method. In: Stanton, Catherine, Devaney, Sarah, Farrell, Anne-Maree and Mullock, Alexandra (eds.) Pioneering healthcare law: Essays in honour of Margaret Brazier. Routledge, Abingdon, Oxon, UK, pp. 168-180. ISBN 9781138861091

Evans, Matthew (2015) Trade unions as human rights organizations. Journal of Human Rights Practice, 7 (3). pp. 466-483. ISSN 1757-9619


Ferreira, Nuno (2015) The Bologna process and LLM programmes. Society of Legal Scholars.

Ferreira, Nuno (2015) Child labour and EU law and policy: a regional solution for a global issue. In: Iusmen, Ingi and Stalford, Helen (eds.) The EU as a children's rights actor: law, policy and structural dimensions. Verlag Barbara Budrich, pp. 259-288. ISBN 9783847401933

Ferreira, Nuno (2015) Child labour in Europe: a challenge to be tackled, not ignored. The Conversation Trust (UK) Limited.

Ferreira, Nuno (2015) German court rules against banning veil in schools, but Europe remains divided. The Conversation Trust (UK) Limited.

Ferreira, Nuno (2015) Portuguese refugee law in the European context: the case of sexuality-based claims. International Journal of Refugee Law, 27 (3). pp. 411-432. ISSN 0953-8186

Ferreira, Nuno (2015) The Supreme Court in a final push to go beyond Strasbourg. Public Law, 2015 (3). pp. 367-375. ISSN 0033-3565

Ferreira, Nuno (2015) The legal struggle over Europe's veil bans. BBC.

Finchett-Maddock, Lucy (2015) The changing architectures of adverse possession and a political aesthetics of squatting. In: O'Mahony, Lorna Fox, O'Mahony, David and Hickey, Robin (eds.) Moral rhetoric and the criminalisation of squatting :vulnerable demons? Taylor and Francis. ISBN 9780415740616

Foster, Nicholas H D, Moscati, Maria Federica and Palmer, Michael, eds. (2015) Interdisciplinary studies and comparative law. Journal of Comparative Law, 9 (2). ISSN 1477-0814

Fouladvand, Shahrzad (2015) Human trafficking and cannabis cultivation: new horizon of crime and risk in the countryside. In: Inaugural Seminar of the Rural Security Research Group (RSRG), 9 Oct 2015, Harper Adams University, UK.

Fouladvand, Shahrzad (2015) Seeking justice and reconciliation for the Gatumba. In: Commemoration of 11th Anniversary of the Gatumba Massacre, 15 Aug 2015, Bolton, U.K..

Frost, Tom (2015) The Modern University, Ltd. The Journal Jurisprudence, 27. pp. 335-364. ISSN 1836-0955

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Guntrip, Edward (2015) Re-thinking International Investment Law's 'Utopia'. In: Socio-Legal Studies Association Annual Conference 2015, 31 March 2015 - 2 April 2015, University of Warwick.


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