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Ahmed, Zubair M, Goodyear, Richard, Riazuddin, Saima, Lagziel, Ayala, Legan, P Kevin, Behra, Martine, Burgess, Shawn M, Lilley, Kathryn S, Wilcox, Edward R, Riazuddin, Sheikh, Griffith, Andrew J, Frolenkov, Gregory I, Belyantseva, Inna A, Richardson, Guy P and Friedman, Thomas B (2006) The tip-link antigen, a protein associated with the transduction complex of sensory hair cells, is protocadherin-15. Journal of Neuroscience, 26 (26). pp. 7022-7034. ISSN 0270-6474

Ateh, D, Hussain, I, Mustafa, A, Price, K M, Nickols, C D, Bird, M M, Greensmith, L, Schiavo, G, Hafezparast, M, Fisher, E M C, Baker, C S and Martin, J E (2006) Subcellular functional specificity of dynein-dynactin complex subunits - normal distribution and disturbances in neurodegenerative disease. Journal of Pathology, 208 (S1). 23A-23A. ISSN 0022-3417

Ateh, D D, Hussain, I, Mustafa, A, Price, K M, Nickols, C D, Bird, M M, Greensmith, L, Schiavo, G, Hafezparast, M, Fisher, E M C, Baker, C S and Martin, J E (2006) Normal subcellular distribution of dynein-dynactin complex subunits and disturbances in neurodegenerative disease. Neuropathology and Applied Neurobiology, 32 (2). pp. 234-235. ISSN 0305-1846


Darcy, Kevin J, Staras, Kevin, Collinson, Lucy M and Goda, Yukiko (2006) Constitutive sharing of recycling synaptic vesicles between presynaptic boutons. Nature Neuroscience, 9. pp. 315-321. ISSN 1097-6256

Darcy, Kevin J, Staras, Kevin, Collinson, Lucy M and Goda, Yukiko (2006) An ultrastructural readout of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching using correlative light and electron microscopy. Nature Protocols, 1. pp. 988-994. ISSN 1754-2189


Goodyear, Richard J, Kros, Corné J and Richardson, Guy P (2006) The development of hair cells in the inner ear. In: Eatock, Ruth Anne, Fay, Richard R and Popper, Arthur N (eds.) Vertebrate Hair Cells. Springer Verlag. ISBN 978-0-387-95202-4


Hatakeyama, D, Sadamoto, H, Watanabe, T, Wagatsuma, A, Kobayashi, S, Fujito, Y, Yamashita, M, Sakakibara, M, Kemenes, G and Ito, E (2006) Requirement of new protein synthesis of a transcription factor for memory consolidation: paradoxical changes in mRNA and protein levels of C/EBP. Journal of Molecular Biology, 356 (3). pp. 569-577.


Kemenes, György, Kemenes, Ildikó, Michel, Maximilian, Papp, Andrea and Mueller, Uli (2006) Phase-dependent molecular requirements for memory reconsolidation: differential roles for protein synthesis and protein kinase A activity. Journal of Neuroscience, 26 (23). pp. 6298-6302. ISSN 0270-6474

Kemenes, Ildikó, Straub, Volko A, Nikitin, Eugeny S, Staras, Kevin, O'Shea, Michael, Kemenes, György and Benjamin, Paul R (2006) Role of delayed nonsynaptic neuronal plasticity in long-term associative memory. Current Biology, 16 (13). pp. 1269-1279. ISSN 0960-9822


Marcotti, Walter, Erven, Alexandra, Johnson, Stuart L, Steel, Karen P and Kros, Corné J (2006) Tmc1 is necessary for normal functional maturation and survival of inner and outer hair cells in the mouse cochlea. Journal of Physiology, 574. pp. 677-698. ISSN 0022-3751

McGee, JoAnn, Goodyear, Richard J, McMillan, D Randy, Stauffer, Eric A, Holt, Jeffrey R, Locke, Kirsten G, Birch, David G, Legan, P Kevin, White, Perrin C, Walsh, Edward J and Richardson, Guy P (2006) The very large G-protein coupled receptor VLGR1: a component of the ankle link complex required for the normal development of auditory hair bundles. Journal of Neuroscience, 26 (24). pp. 6543-6553. ISSN 0270-6474


Nikitin, E S, Kiss, T, Staras, K, O'Shea, M, Benjamin, P R and Kemenes, G (2006) Persistent sodium current is a target for cAMP-induced neuronal plasticity in a state-setting modulatory interneuron. Journal of Neurophysiology, 95 (1). pp. 453-463. ISSN 0022-3077


O'Shea, Michael and Sneltvedt, Sol (2006) Mindscape: An attempt to visualise the workings of the brain. Leonardo, 39 (5). pp. 455-457. ISSN 0024-094X


Phillips, Kelli R, Tong, Song, Goodyear, Richard, Richardson, Guy P and Cyr, Janet L (2006) Stereociliary Myosin-1c Receptors Are Sensitive to Calcium Chelation and Absent from Cadherin 23 Mutant Mice. Journal of Neuroscience, 26 (42). pp. 10777-10788. ISSN 0270-6474


Somerville, Liz and Bonell, J (2006) The Marine Shell. Sussex Archaeological Collections, 144. pp. 94-97.

Straub, Volko A, Kemenes, Ildikó, O'Shea, Michael and Benjamin, Paul R (2006) Associative memory stored by functional novel pathway rather than modifications of preexisting neuronal pathways. Journal of Neuroscience, 26 (15). pp. 4139-4146. ISSN 0270-6474


Wells, D J, Maconochie, M and et al, (2006) Assessing the welfare of genetically altered mice. Laboratory Animals, 40 (2). pp. 111-114. ISSN 0023-6772

Williamson, Christine M, Turner, Martin D, Ball, Simon T, Nottingham, Wade T, Glenister, Peter, Fray, Martin, Tymowska-Lalanne, Zuzanna, Plagge, Antonius, Powles-Glover, Nicola, Kelsey, Gavin, Maconochie, Mark and Peters, Jo (2006) Identification of an imprinting control region affecting the expression of all transcripts in the Gnas cluster. Nature Genetics, 38. pp. 350-355. ISSN 1061-4036


Zhu, Yan, Guthrie, Sarah and Murakami, Fujio (2006) Ephrin A/EphA controls the rostral turning polarity of a lateral commissural tract in chick hindbrain. Development, 133 (19). pp. 3837-3846. ISSN 0950-1991

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