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Abdullah, Aminah and Khadaroo, Iqbal (2016) The governmentality and accountability of UK national museums and art galleries. Accounting Forum, 41 (3). pp. 266-276. ISSN 0155-9982

Adonis, Leegale, Paramanund, Jithen, Basu, Debashis and Luiz, John (2016) Framing preventive care messaging and cervical cancer screening in a health-insured population in South Africa: implications for population-based communication? Journal of Health Psychology. ISSN 1359-1053

Afshari-Mofrad, Masoud, Ghazinoory, Sepehr, Montazer, Gholamali and Rashidirad, Mona (2016) Groping toward the next stages of technology development and human society: a metaphor from an Iranian poet. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 109. pp. 87-95. ISSN 0040-1625

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Aussenegg, W, Chen, L, Jelic, R and Maringer, D (2016) Time-varying impact of liquidity on euro corporate bond returns. In: Behavioural Finance Working Group Conference, 13-14 June 2016, Queen Mary University of London.

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Bailey, Catherine (2016) Employee engagement: do practitioners care what academics have to say – and should they? Human Resource Management Review. ISSN 1053-4822

Bailey, Catherine and Madden, Adrian (2016) What makes work meaningful - or meaningless? MIT Sloan Management Review, 57 (4). ISSN 1532-9194

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Bailey, Katie (2016) Engagement and well-Being: are they linked? CIPD, Wimbledon.

Bailey, Katie (2016) How work can be made meaningful. The Conversation. ISSN 2201-5639

Bailey, Katie (2016) [Institute for Employment Studies] Meaningful work. Part 2: how to destroy the meaning of work. IES.

Bailey, Katie (2016) Meaningful work. Part 1: Where can we find it? IES.

Bailey, Katie and Madden, Adrian (2016) We’re not scum, we’re human: recognition, inter-subjectivity and the role of the ‘other’ in meaningful work. In: 2nd Symposium on Meaningful Work, 1-2 December 2016, AUT, New Zealand.

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Bailey, Katie, Yeoman, Ruth, Madden, Adrian, Thompson, Marc and Kerridge, Gary (2016) A narrative evidence synthesis of meaningful work: progress and a research agenda. In: 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 5-9 August, 2016, Anaheim, California.

Bamiatzi, Vasiliki (2016) Organisational slack and post-merger performance: evidence from domestic and international takeovers. In: Academy of International Business Annual Meeting 2016, 27-30 Jun 2016, New Orleans.

Bamiatzi, Vasiliki, Bozos, Konstantinos, Cavusgil, S Tamer and Hult, G Tomas M (2016) Revisiting the firm, industry, and country effects on profitability under recessionary and expansion periods: a multilevel analysis. Strategic Management Journal, 37 (7). pp. 1448-1471. ISSN 0143-2095

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Barkemeyer, Ralf and Preuss, Lutz (2016) Corporate engagement with the challenge of corruption: the perspective of the developing country firm. In: 8th Asia-Pacific Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting (APIRA) Conference, 13-15 Jul 2016, Melbourne, Australia.

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Blome, Constantin, Foerstl, Kai and Schleper, Martin C (2016) Antecedents of green supplier championing and greenwashing: an empirical study on leadership and ethical incentives. In: 25th Annual IPSERA Conference, 20-23 Mar 2016, Dortmund, Germany.

Blome, Constantin, Foerstl, Kai and Schleper, Martin C (2016) Antecedents of green supplier championing and greenwashing: an empirical study on leadership and ethical incentives. In: 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 5-9 August 2016, Anaheim, California, USA.

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Bozkurt, Ödül (2016) Academics must not give up on monographs. Times Higher Education. ISSN 0049-3929

Bozkurt, Ödül (2016) To drive Bond-style classic cars into the future, Britain needs a new generation of Qs. The Conversation. ISSN 2201-5639

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Busse, Christian, Schleper, Martin C, Niu, Menglei and Wagner, Stephan M (2016) Supplier development for sustainability: contextual barriers in global supply chains. In: 76th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, 5-9 August 2016, Anaheim, California, USA.

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