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Amerizadeh, Forouzan, Rezaei, Nastaran, Rahmani, Farzad, Hassanian, Seyed Mahdi, Moradi-Marjaneh, Reyhaneh, Fiuji, Hamid, Boroumand, Nadia, Nosrati-Tirkani, Abolfazl, Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid, Ferns, Gordon A, Khazaei, Majid and Avan, Amir (2018) Crocin synergistically enhances the anti-proliferative activity of 5-FU through Wnt/PI3K pathway in a mouse model of colitis-associated colorectal cancer. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 119 (12). pp. 10250-10261. ISSN 0730-2312


Baddeley, Benjamin, Sornalingam, Sangeetha and Cooper, Maxwell (2018) Social prescribing in general practice. InnovAiT, 11 (2). pp. 119-121. ISSN 1755-7380

Bagherniya, Mohammad, Khayyatzadeh, Sayyed Saeid, Bakavoli, Ali Reza Heidari, Ferns, Gordon A, Ebrahimi, Mahmoud, Safarian, Mohammad, Nematy, Mohsen and Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid (2018) Serum high sensitive C reactive protein is associated with dietary intakes in diabetic patients with and without hypertension: a cross-sectional study. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry, 55 (4). pp. 422-429. ISSN 0004-5632

Bahrami, A, Avan, A, Sadeghnia, HR, Esmaeili, H, Tayefi, M, Ghasemi, F, Salehkhani, FN, Arabpour-Dahoue, M, Rastegar, A, Ferns, G, Bahrami-Taghanaki, H and Ghayour-Mobarhan, M (2018) High dose vitamin D supplementation can improve menstrual problems, dysmenorrhea and premenstrual syndrome in adolescents. Gynecological Endocrinology, 34 (8). pp. 659-663. ISSN 1473-0766

Bahrami, Afsane, Mehramiz, Mehrane, Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid, Bahrami-Taghanaki, Hamidreza, Ardekani, Kiana Sadeghi, Tayefi, Maryam, Sadeghzade, Mahsa, Rashidmayvan, Mohammad, Ghalezou, Maryam Safari, Ferns, Gordon A, Avan, Amir and Sadeghnia, Hamid Reza (2018) A genetic variant in the cytochrome P450 family 2 subfamily R member 1 determines response to vitamin D supplementation. Clinical Nutrition, 38 (2). pp. 676-681. ISSN 0261-5614

Binabaj, Maryam Moradi, Bahrami, Afsane, Bahreyni, Amirhossein, Shafiee, Mojtaba, Rahmani, Farzad, Khazaei, Majid, Soleimanpour, Saman, Ghorbani, Elnaz, Fiuji, Hamid, Ferns, Gordon A, Ryzhikov, Mikhail, Avan, Amir and Hassanian, Seyed Mahdi (2018) The prognostic value of long noncoding RNA MEG3 expression in the survival of cancer patients: a meta-analysis. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 119 (11). pp. 9583-9590. ISSN 0730-2312

Borai, A, Bahijri, S, Balloon, D, Al Sofyani, A, Farzal, A, Saleh, A, Alrowali, D and Ferns, G (2018) Study of biochemical changes after plateletpheresis in healthy male donors. Clinical Laboratory, 64 (07+08). ISSN 1433-6510

Brinkman, David J, Tichelaar, Jelle, Mokkink, Lidwine B, Christiaens, Thierry, Likic, Robert, Maciulaitis, Romaldas, Costa, Joao, Sanz, Emilio J, Maxwell, Simon R, Richir, Milan C and van Agtmael, Michiel A (2018) Key learning outcomes for clinical pharmacology and therapeutics education in Europe: a modified Delphi study. Clinical Pharmacololgy and Therapeutics, 104 (2). pp. 317-325. ISSN 0009-9236


Connolly, S A, Gillingwater, T H, Chandler, C, Grant, A W, Grieg, J, Meskell, M, Ross, M T, Smith, C F, Wood, A F and Finn, G M (2018) The Anatomical Society’s core anatomy syllabus for undergraduate nursing. Journal of Anatomy, 232 (5). pp. 721-728. ISSN 0021-8782

Cowen, Jake, Morris, Hilary and Cooper, Maxwell (2018) ‘Not only the King and all his court, but all the continent and possibly Bonaparty himself’: an early historical case of schizophrenia? Notes and Queries, 65 (2). pp. 258-259. ISSN 0029-3970


Dearnley, Nicola and Scott-Smith, Wesley (2018) Accelerated learning at masters’ level: problem based learning of diagnostic reasoning skills by physician associate students. Pedagogic Research Conference 2017, University of Brighton, Sussex, UK, February 3rd 2017. Published in: Research Matters: Articles from the Pedagogic Research Conference 2017. Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Brighton Press ISBN 9781910172193

Diss, L, Sharp, A, Scott, F, Moore, L, Daniel, P, Menon, S and Smith, C F (2018) [Abstract] Re-living anatomy: medical student use of lecture capture. In: Symposium abstracts: Solving clinical problems with anatomical solutions : Anatomical Society Winter Meeting, Dundee, Scotland, 18th-20th December 2017, In Journal of Anatomy (2018) VOL 232 Issue 6, pp.1038-1064.


Fergusson, Stuart J, Aka, Justine, Hennessy, Catherine M, Wilson, Andrew J, Parson, Simon H, Harrison, Ewen M, Finn, Gabrielle M and Gillingwater, Thomas H (2018) Examining the impact of audience response systems on student performance in anatomy education: a randomized controlled trial. Scottish Medical Journal, 63 (1). pp. 16-21. ISSN 0036-9330

Fergusson, Stuart J, Aka, Justine J, Hennessy, Catherine, Wilson, Andrew J, Parson, Simon H, Harrison, Ewen M, Finn, Gabrielle M and Gillingwater, Thomas H (2018) Examining the impact of audience response systems on student performance in anatomy education: a randomised controlled trial. Scottish Medical Journal, 63 (1). pp. 16-21. ISSN 0036-9330

Ferns, Gordon (2018) Cause, consequence or coincidence: the relationship between psychiatric disease and metabolic syndrome. Translational Metabolic Syndrome Research, 1. pp. 22-23. ISSN 2588-9303

Ferns, Gordon (2018) The use of the non-fasted triglycerides in assessing cardiovascular risk [Response to Managing dyslipidaemia for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease]. British Medical Journal (BMJ). ISSN 0959-8138

Ferns, Gordon A A, Ghayour-Morbarhan, Majid, Unset and Unset (2018) Metabolic syndrome in Iran: a review. Translational Metabolic Syndrome Research. ISSN 2588-9303

Finn, Gabrielle M, Connolly, Siobhan A, Gillingwater, Thomas H and Smith, Claire F (2018) [Letter to editor] Putting gross anatomy into the curriculum: New anatomy syllabi for nursing and pharmacy students. Anatomical Sciences Education, 11 (4). pp. 427-428. ISSN 1935-9772

Finn, Gabrielle M, Hitch, Geeta, Apampa, Buge, Hennessy, Catherine M, Smith, Claire F, Stewart, Jane and Gard, Paul R (2018) The Anatomical Society core anatomy syllabus for pharmacists: outcomes to create a foundation for practice. Journal of Anatomy, 232 (5). pp. 729-738. ISSN 0021-8782


Gonoodi, Kayhan, Moslem, Alireza, Darroudi, Susan, Ahmadnezhad, Mahsa, Mazloum, Zahra, Tayefi, Maryam, Zadeh, Seyed Amir Tabatabaei, Eslami, Saeid, Shafiee, Mojtaba, Khashaiarmanesh, Zahra, Haghighi, Hamideh Moalemzadeh, Ferns, Gordon A and Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid (2018) Serum and dietary zinc and copper in Iranian girls. Clinical Biochemistry, 54. pp. 25-31. ISSN 0009-9120

Gonzales, R, Smith, C and Ferns, G (2018) [Abstract] The impact of spatial awareness training on the spatial ability of medical students learning anatomy. In: Symposium of abstracts: Anatomical Society Summer Meeting : Anatomists on the Edge, NUI, Galway, Ireland, 27-29 June 2017 In Journal of Anatomy (2018) VOL 232 Issue 2, pp.304-355.


Hall, Samuel, Harrison, Charlotte H, Stephens, Jonny, Andrade, Matheus Gesteria, Seaby, Eleanor G, Parton, William, McElligott, Simon, Myers, Matthew A, Elmansouri, Ahmed, Ahn, Michael, Parrott, Rachel, Smith, Claire F and Border, Scott (2018) The benefits of being a near-peer teacher. Clinical Teacher, 15 (5). pp. 403-407. ISSN 1743-4971

Hennessy, Catherine (2018) The social media mentor club: coinvestigating social media professionalism for medical students. In: Students Annual Teaching and Learning Conference at University of Sussex, Tuesday 15 May 2018, University of Sussex.

Hesari, AmirReza, Moghadam, Seyed Ali Golrokh, Siasi, AmirShayan, Ferns, Gordon A, Ghasemi, Faezeh and Avan, Amir (2018) Tumor-derived exosomes: potential biomarker or therapeutic target in breast cancer? Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, 119 (6). pp. 4236-4240. ISSN 0730-2312

Hoggins, Rhiannon, Scott-Smith, Wesley and Okorie, Michael (2018) UK Physician Associate primary care placements: staff and student experiences and perceptions. International Journal of Medical Education (9). pp. 286-292. ISSN 2042-6372


Keep, H, Martyn, K, Ball, L and Macaninch, E (2018) Does the General Medical Council nutritional competency framework adequately prepare junior doctors to deliver nutrition care? In: NNEdPro 4th Annual International Summit: International Conference on Medical and Public Health Nutrition Education and Research, 20th July 2018, University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine, Addenbrooke’s Biomedical Campus, Cambridge..

Kennedy, Maria, Haq, Inam, Ferns, Gordon, Williams, Sian and Okorie, Michael (2018) Optimal teaching and learning methods in practical prescribing for medical undergraduates. In: British Pharmacological Society Annual Meeting, 18-20th December 2018, Queen Elizabeth 2 Conference Centre, London. (Accepted)

Kennedy, Maria, Haq, Inam, Ferns, Gordon, Williams, Sian and Okorie, Michael (2018) UK medical students’ perspective on the impact of the national prescribing safety assessment on their practical prescribing skills. In: Pharmacology 2018, 18-20 DEC 2018, Queen Elizabeth 2 Conference Centre, London.


McCleery, Jenny, Abraham, Rajesh P, Denton, David A, Rutjes, Anne W S, Chong, Lee-Yee, Al-Assaf, Aalya S, Griffith, Daniel J, Rafeeq, Shireen, Yaman, Hakan, Malik, Muzaffar A, Di Nisio, Marcello, Martínez, Gabriel, Vernooij, Robin W M and Tabet, Naji (2018) Vitamin and mineral supplementation for preventing dementia or delaying cognitive decline in people with mild cognitive impairment (review). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2018 (11). pp. 1-95. ISSN 1469-493X

Mehramiz, Mehrane, Hassanian, Seyed Mahdi, Mardan-Nik, Maryam, Pasdar, Alireza, Jamialahmadi, Khadijeh, Fiuji, Hamid, Moetamani-Ahmadi, Mehrdad, Parizadeh, Seyed Mohammad Reza, Moohebati, Mohsen, Heidari-Bakavoli, Alireza, Ebrahimi, Mahmoud, Ferns, Gordon, Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid and Avan, Amir (2018) The interaction between a HSP-70 gene variant with dietary calories in determining serum markers of inflammation and cardiovascular risk. Clinical Nutrition, 37 (6). pp. 2122-2126. ISSN 0261-5614

Moghadam, Azam Rastgar, Mehramiz, Mehramiz, Entezar, Malihe, Aboutalebi, Hamideh, Kohansal, Fatemeh, Dadjoo, Parisa, Fiuji, Hamid, Nasiri, Mohammadreza, Aledavood, Seyed Amir, Simab, Saeideh Ahmadi, Khorrami, Mohammad Sadegh, Moradi, Ali, Hassanian, Seyed Mahdi, Ferns, Gordon A, ShahidSales, Soodabeh and Avan, Amir (2018) A genetic polymorphism in the CYP1B1 gene in patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus: an Iranian Mashhad cohort study recruited over 10 years. The Pharmacogenomics Journal, 19 (6). pp. 539-546. ISSN 1470-269X,

Moradi-Marjaneh, Reyhaneh, Khazaei, Majid, Seifi, Sima, Hassanian, Seyed Mahdi, Ferns, Gordon A and Avan, Amir (2018) Pharmacogenetics of anticancer drug sensitivity and toxicity in colorectal cancer. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 24 (23). pp. 2710-2718. ISSN 1381-6128


Noble, Lorraine M, Scott-Smith, Wesley, O'Neill, Bernadette and Salisbury, Helen (2018) Consensus statement on an updated core communication curriculum for UK undergraduate medical education. Patient Education and Counseling, 101 (9). pp. 1712-1719. ISSN 0738-3991


Okorie, Michael, Ali, Khalid, Bremner, Stephen, Quirk, Richard, Jackson, Stephen, Potter, John, Beckett, Nigel, Bulpitt, Christopher and Rajkumar, Chakravarthi (2018) [Abstract] P-33 treatment of white coat Hypertension in the Very Elderly Trial (HYVET 2) – A UK feasibility study for a randomised controlled trial. In: British and Irish Hypertension Society Annual Scientific Meeting, 24-26 September 2018, Robinson College Cambridge.


Parizadeh, Seyed Mostafa, Esfehani, Reza Jafarzadeh, Ghandehari, Maryam, Seifi, Sima, Parizadeh, Seyed Mohammad Reza, Moetamani-Ahmadi, Mehrdad, Hassanian, Seyed Mahdi, Khazaei, Majid, Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid, Ferns, Gordon A and Avan, Amir (2018) Epigenetic drug therapy in the treatment of colorectal cancer. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 24 (23). pp. 2701-2709. ISSN 1381-6128

Parizadeh, Seyed Mostafa, Ghandehar, Maryam, Heydari-Majd, Motahareh, Seifi, Sima, Mardani, Ramin, Parizadeh, Seyed Mohamahdreza, Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid, Ferns, Gordon, Hassanian, Seyed Mahdi and Avan, Amir (2018) Toll-like receptors signaling pathways as a potential therapeutic target in cardiovascular disease. Current Pharmaceutical Design, 24 (17). pp. 1887-1898. ISSN 1381-6128

Pera, Alejandra, Bano, Aalia and Kern, Florian (2018) Role of cytomegalovirus in driving cytotoxic CD28null T cells. In: Handbook of Immunosenescence. Springer, Cham, pp. 1-19. ISBN 9783319645971


Satkeviciute, Ieva and Dilley, Andrew (2018) Neuritis and vinblastine-induced axonal transport disruption lead to signs of altered dorsal horn excitability. Molecular Pain, 14. pp. 1-15. ISSN 1744-8069

Scott-Smith, Wesley and Dearnley, Nicola (2018) [Abstract] Do the experiences of novice simulation faculty reflect national standards? 9th ASPiH annual conference 2018, Southport, England, 13-15 November 2018. Published in: BMJ Simulation & Technology Enhanced Learning. 4 (2) A5. BMJ ISSN 2056-6697

Shafiee, Mojtaba, Ahmadnezhad, Masha, Tayefi, Maryam, Arekhi, Soheil, Vatanparast, Hassanali, Esmaeli, Habibollah, Moohebati, Mohsen, Ferns, Gordon A, Mokhbar, Naghmeh, Arefhosseini, Seyed Rafie and Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid (2018) Depression and anxiety symptoms are associated with prooxidant-antioxidant balance: a population-based study. Journal of Affective Disorders, 238. pp. 491-498. ISSN 0165-0327

Sharp, Abigail, Diss, Lucy, Scutt, Freya, Moore, Lewis, Smith, Claire and Dilley, Andrew (2018) [Abstract] Stripping off for anatomy: Student attitudes on the use of ultrasound in pre-clinical medical education. In: Symposium Abstracts: Solving clinical problems with anatomical solutions : Anatomical Society Winter Meeting, Dundee, Scotland, 18th-20th December 2017, In Journal of Anatomy (2018) VOL 232 Issue 6, pp.1038-1064.

Shaw, Sebastian C K (2018) Learned helplessness in doctors with dyslexia: time for a change in discourse? Nurse Education in Practice, 32. pp. 99-100. ISSN 1471-5953

Shaw, Sebastian C K (2018) Role conflict within medical education. Clinical Teacher, 15 (4). pp. 344-345. ISSN 1743-4971

Shaw, Sebastian C K and Anderson, John L (2018) Phenomenological research in medical education: an overview of its philosophy, approaches, and conduct. In: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2. SAGE. ISBN 9781526447319

Shaw, Sebastian C K and Anderson, John L (2018) The experiences of medical students with dyslexia: an interpretive phenomenological study. Dyslexia, 24 (3). pp. 220-233. ISSN 1076-9242

Shaw, Sebastian C K, Grant, Alec J and Anderson, John L (2018) Autoethnography in action: a research methods case study on the use of a collaborative autoethnography to explore the culture of studying medicine with dyslexia. In: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2. SAGE. ISBN 9781526427229

Smith, C, Burton, M and Harry, L (2018) [Abstract] Cadaveric surgical simulation – what is the best model? In: Symposium abstracts: Anatomical Society Summer Meeting : Anatomists on the Edge, NUI, Galway, Ireland, 27-29 June 2017 In Journal of Anatomy (2018) VOL 232 Issue 2, pp.304-355.

Smith, C, Finn, G, Hennessy, C, Stewart, J and McHanwell, S (2018) [Abstract] The impact of the anatomical society core syllabus in gross anatomy. In: Symposium of abstracts: Anatomical Society Summer Meeting : Anatomists on the Edge, NUI, Galway, Ireland, 27-29 June 2017 In Journal of Anatomy (2018) VOL 232 Issue 2, pp.304-355.

Smith, C F (2018) 3D Printing in Anatomy is it the future? In: Anatomical Society Summer Meeting - Anatomists on the Edge Conference, 27-29 June 2017, NUI, Galway, Ireland.

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Smith, Claire F and Border, Scott (2018) The twelve cranial nerves of Christmas: mnemonics, rhyme, and anatomy - seeing the lighter side. Anatomical Sciences Education. ISSN 1935-9772

Smith, Claire F, Stabile, R Isabel and Finn, Gabrielle M (2018) Pedagogic research in anatomical sciences: a best practice guide. European Journal of Anatomy, 22 (3). pp. 257-268. ISSN 1136-4890

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Soflaei, Sara Saffar, Darroudi, Susan, Tayefi, Maryam, Tirkani, Abolfazl Nosrati, Moohebati, Mohsen, Ebrahim, Mahmoud, Esmaily, Habibollah, Parizadeh, Seyed Mohammad Reza, Heidari-Bakavoli, Ali Reza, Ferns, Gordon A and Ghayour-Morbarham, Majid (2018) Hookah smoking is strongly associated with diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity: a population-based study. Diabetology & Metabolic Syndrome, 10 (33). pp. 1-6. ISSN 1758-5996


Tayefi, Maryam, Hassanian, Seyed Mahdi, Maftouh, Mona, Moohebati, Mohsen, Bahrami, Afsane, Parizadeh, Seyed MohammadReza, Mahdizadeh, Adeleh, Ghazizadeh, Hamideh, Bazeli, Javad, Heidari-Bakavoli, Alireza, Kianifar, Hamidreza, Mohammadzadeh, Elham, Rahmani, Farzad, Esmaeili, Habibollah, Ebrahimi, Mahmoud, Azarpazhooh, Mahmoud Reza, Nematy, Mohsen, Safarian, Mohammad, Ferns, Gordon, Avan, Amir and Ghayour-Mobarhan, Majid (2018) Relationship between platelet count and platelet width distribution and serum uric acid 1 concentrations in patients with untreated essential hypertension. BioFactors, 44 (6). pp. 532-538. ISSN 0951-6433


van Marwijk, Harm and Scott-Smith, Wesley (2018) UK Doctors united. Family Practice, 35 (6). pp. 649-651. ISSN 0263-2136


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Youssef, Elaney, Wright, Juliet, Delpech, Valerie, Davies, Kevin, Brown, Alison, Cooper, Vanessa, Sachikonye, Memory and deVisser, Richard (2018) Factors associated with testing for HIV in people aged ≥50 years: a qualitative study. BMC Public Health, 18 (1204). pp. 1-12. ISSN 1471-2458

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