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Al-Ktaifani, Mahmoud M, Chapman, Daniel P, Francis, Matthew D, Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F and Nyulászi, Laszlo (2001) The hexaphosphapentaprismane P(6)C(4)tBu(4): A "Jaws-like" cage molecule that bites! Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 40 (18). pp. 3474-3477. ISSN 1433-7851

Al-Matar, Hamad, Abdul-Sada, Alaa, Avent, Anthony G and Taylor, Roger (2001) Isolation and characterization of unsymmetrical C60Me5O3H, a cage-opened bisepoxide ketone: Tautomerism involving a fullerene cage bond. Organic Letters, 3 (11). pp. 1669-1671. ISSN 1523-7060


Bartsch, Rainer, Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Green, Jennifer C, Matos, Robson M, Nixon, John F, Suffolk, Roger J, Suter, James L and Wilson, D James (2001) A Study of the Molecular and Electronic Structure of Iron (II) and Ruthenium (II) 1,3-Di and 1,2,4-Triphospholyl sandwich compounds by Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Density Functional Theory. Dalton Transactions. pp. 1013-1022.

Billingham, N C and Gracia-Trabajo, P (2001) Physical Chemistry of a Phosphite Processing Stabiliser in Polypropylene Part 1: Solubility. Polymer Engineering and Science, 41 (3). pp. 417-425.

Billingham, N C and Lazare, L (2001) Diffusion of a UV-stabiliser in some poly (ester-block-ether) copolymers. Polymer, 42 (23). pp. 9461-9467. ISSN 0032-3861

Billingham, Norman (2001) Advanced Analytical Techniques for Studying Polymer Oxidation: Chemiluminescence Combined with Scanning Calorimetry. In: Mallinson, Les (ed.) Ageing Studies and Lifetime Extension of Materials. Springer, pp. 241-248. ISBN 9780306464775

Billingham, Norman, Armes, Steven and Butun, V (2001) Selective quaternisation of 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate residues in tertiary amine methacrylate diblock copolymers. Macromolecules, 34 (5). pp. 1148-1159. ISSN 0024-9297

Billingham, Norman C, Bigger, Stephen W and Hodgson, Steven C (2001) Studying synthetic polymers in the undergraduate chemistry curriculum - A review of the educational literature. Journal of Chemical Education, 78 (4). pp. 555-556. ISSN 0021-9584

Blakey, I, George, G A and Billingham, N C (2001) Energy transfer and activated chemiluminescence during thermal oxidation of polypropylene: Evidence for chemically induced electron exchange luminescence. Macromolecules, 34 (26). pp. 9130-9138.

Boltalina, Olga V, de La Vaissiere, Benoit, Lukonin, Andrei Yu, Fowler, Patrick W, Abdul-Sada, Ala'a K, Street, Joan M and Taylor, Roger (2001) Isolation and characterisation of bis(oxahomo)fullerene derivatives of C60F18. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 2, 4. pp. 550-556. ISSN 1472-779X

Glaxo Group Limited, Cox, B et al (2001) New uses potassium channel openers, such as the treatment of epilepsy. WO/2001/001970.

Butun, V, Armes, S P and Billingham, N C (2001) Synthesis and aqueous solution properties of near-monodisperse tertiary amine methacrylate homopolymers and diblock copolymers. Polymer, 42 (14). pp. 5993-6008.

Butun, Vural, Armes, Steven P, Billingham, Norman C, Tuzar, Zdenek, Rankin, A, Eastoe, J and Heenan, R K (2001) The remarkable `flip-flop' self assembly of a diblock copolymer in aqueous solution. Macromolecules, 34 (5). pp. 1503-1511.


Caddick, Stephen, Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Clentsmith, Guy K B, Hitchcock, Peter B, McKerrecher, Darren, Titcomb, Lisa R and Williams, Meredith R V (2001) An improved synthesis of bis(1, 3-di-N-tert-buylimidazol-2-ylidene)palladium(0) and its use in C-C and C-N coupling reactions. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 617-61. pp. 635-639. ISSN 0022328X

Chaudhry, A N and Billingham, N C (2001) Characterisation and oxidative degradation of a room-temperature vulcanised poly(dimethylsiloxane) rubber. Polymer Degradation and Stability, 73 (3). pp. 505-510. ISSN 0141-3910

Chen, Q, Frankel, D J, Lee, C W and Richardson, N V (2001) Linear dichroism electron scattering from chiral surfaces. Chemical Physics Letters, 349 (3-4). pp. 167-171. ISSN 0009-2614

Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F and Vickers, David M (2001) Metal vapour synthesis of phospha-organometallic compounds via reaction of cobalt atoms with the phospha-alkyne tBuC_P: synthesis and structural characterisation of the sandwich compounds [Co(n5-P3C2tBu2)(n4-P2C2tBu2)],[Co(n5 P2C3tBu3)(n4P2C2tBu2)] and the protonated tetraphospha-barrelene complex [Co(n4-P4C4 tBu4H)(n4-P2C2 tBu2)], the latter as its [W(CO)5] adduct. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 635 (1-2). pp. 212-221. ISSN 0022328X

Cloke, Geoff (2001) Organometallic pentalene complexes. Pure and Applied Chemistry, 73 (2). pp. 233-238. ISSN 00334545

Coles, Martyn and Hitchcock, Peter B (2001) Synthesis and X-ray Crystal Structure of Polymeric and Dimeric Copper(I) Cyanide Complexes Incorporating A Bicyclic Guanidine Ligand. Polyhedron, 20 (24-25). 3027 - 3032. ISSN 0277-5387

Coles, Martyn p and Hitchcock, Peter B (2001) Titanium Complexes Incorporating Bicyclic Guanidinate Ligands. Structure of a Novel Titanium-Aluminium Complex. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, - (8). 1169 - 1171. ISSN 1472-7773

Cox, Brian (2001) The structure activity relationships of sodium channel blockers. In: The role of sodium channel blockers in disease, 2003, Society for Medicines Research, London.


Fearon, Peter K, Marshall, Niall, Billingham, Norman C and Bigger, Stephen W (2001) Evaluation of the Oxidative Stability of Multi-Extruded Polypropylene as Assessed by Physicomechanical Testing and Simultaneous Differential Scanning Calorimetry-Chemiluminescence. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 79 (4). pp. 733-741.

Fearon, Peter K, Whiteman, David J, Billingham, Norman C and Bigger, Stephen W (2001) The Second Time Derivative Analysis of Chemiluminescence Emission Profiles and its Application to the Accurate Determinataion of Oxidative Induction Times,. Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 79 (11). pp. 1986-1993.


Giudice, Emmanuel, Varnai, Peter and Lavery, Richard (2001) Energetic and conformational aspects of A: T base-pair opening within the DNA double helix. ChemPhysChem, 2 (11). pp. 673-677. ISSN 1439-4235

Goryunkov, A A, Markov, V Y, Boltalina, O V, Zemva, B, Abdul-Sada, A K and Taylor, R (2001) Reaction of silver(I) and (II) fluorides with C-60: thermodynamic control over fluorination level. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 112 (2). pp. 191-196. ISSN 0022-1139


Karadogan, Burhan and Parsons, Philip J (2001) Synthesis of racemic brevioxime and related analogues. Tetrahedron, 57 (41). pp. 8699-8703. ISSN 00404020


Lazare, L and Billingham, N C (2001) Solubility of a UV-stabiliser in some poly(ester-block-ether) copolymers. Polymer, 42 (3). pp. 1001-1007.

Ley, S V, Healy, M P and Cox, B (2001) Studies toward the total synthesis of the potent antimitotic agent: Spongistatin. In: 222nd American Chemical Society National Meeting, August 26 - 30, 2001, Chicago, IL USA.

Liu, Shiyong, Billingham, Norman C and Armes, Steven P (2001) A schizophrenic water-soluble diblock copolymer. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 40 (12). pp. 2328-2331. ISSN 1433-7851

Lobb, Emma J, Ma, Iris, Billingham, Norman C, Armes, Steven P and Lewis, Andrew L (2001) Facile synthesis of well-defined, biocompatible phosphorylcholine-based methacrylate copolymers via atom transfer radical polymerization at 20 C. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 123 (32). pp. 7913-7914.


Main, E R G, Fulton, Kate F, Daggett, Valerie and Jackson, S E (2001) A Comparison of Experimental and Computational Methods for Mapping the Interactions Present in the Transition State for Folding of FKBP12. Journal of Biological Physics, 27 (2-3). pp. 99-117. ISSN 0092-0606

McGregor, Emma, Kempster, Lee, Wait, Robin, Welson, Sandy Y, Gosling, Martin, Dunn, Michael J and Powell, Janet T (2001) Identification and mapping of human saphenous vein medial smooth muscle proteins by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 1 (11). pp. 1405-1414. ISSN 1615-9853

Milling, Andrew J, Richards, Randal L, Baines, Fiona L, Armes, Steven P and Billingham, Norman C (2001) Surface viscoelastic parameters of poly(( dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate-methyl methacrylate) diblock copolymer solutions: pH dependence of the evolution of the equilibrium values. Macromolecules, 34 (12). pp. 4173-4179.


Nixon, John F, Hitchcock, Peter B and Buyukkidan, Nurgun Sakarya (2001) Remarkable organophosphorus cage compounds from the reaction of cobaltocene and the triphosphole (P3C2Bu2CH)-C-t(SiMe3)(2): crystal and molecular structures of [Co(eta(C5H5)-C-5)(eta(H4CHCHP6C4Bu4t)-H-4)] and (P6C4Bu4CH)-C-t(SiMe3). Chemical Communications, 24 (24). pp. 2720-2721. ISSN 1359-7345


Osborne, M A, Barnes, C L, Balasubramanian, S and Klenerman, D (2001) Probing DNA surface attachment and local environment using single molecule spectroscopy. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 105 (15). pp. 3120-3126. ISSN 1089-5647


Parsons, Philip J, Charles, Mark D, Harvey, Darren M, Sumoreeah, L Ravi, Shell, Adrian, Spoors, Grant, Gill, Adrian L and Smith, Steve (2001) A general approach to the galanthamine ring system. Tetrahedron Letters, 42 (11). pp. 2209-2211. ISSN 00404039

Parsons, Philip J, Karadogan, Burhan and Macritchie, Jacqueline A (2001) A rapid synthesis of racemic brevioxime. Synlett, - (2). pp. 257-259. ISSN 09365214

Penkett, Clive S and Simpson, Iain D (2001) Oxidative rearrangements of bicyclic 2-alkenyl aziridines. Tetrahedron Letters, 42 (16). pp. 3029-3032. ISSN 0040-4039

Penkett, Clive S and Simpson, Iain D (2001) The stereoselective addition of organocuprates to cyclopentenyl aziridine derivatives. Tetrahedron Letters, 42 (6). pp. 1179-1181. ISSN 0040-4039


Rowlands, Gareth (2001) Ambifunctional cooperative catalysts. Tetrahedron, 57 (10). pp. 1865-1882. ISSN 00404020


Schweizer, Stefan, Schelper, Michael, Thies, Claudia, Parsons, Philip J, Noltemeyer, Mathias and Meijere, Armin de (2001) The dichotomy between benzene and fulvene formation in palladium-catalyzed domino tricyclizations of 2-bromotetradec-1-ene-7,13-diynes. Synlett, - (SP ISS). pp. 920-922. ISSN 09365214

Soldan, Pavel, Lee, Edmond P F, Lozeille, Jerome, Murrell, John N and Wright, Timothy G (2001) High-quality interatomic potential for Li+ center dot He. Chemical Physics Letters, 343 (3-4). pp. 429-436. ISSN 0009-2614

Streicher, Hansjorg, Meisch, Jons and Bohner, Christoph (2001) Synthesis of L-xylose derived cyclohexenephosphonates - versatile precursors of sialidase inhibitor libraries. Tetrahedron, 57 (42). pp. 8851-8859. ISSN 0040-4020


Titcomb, Lisa R, Caddick, Stephen, Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Wilson, D James and McKerrecher, Darren (2001) Unexpected reactivity of two-coordinate palladium carbene complexes; synthetic and catalytic implications. Chemical Communications (15). pp. 1388-1389. ISSN 13597345

Topf, Maya, Varnai, Peter and Richards, W Graham (2001) Quantum mechanical/molecular mechanical study of three stationary points along the deacylation step of the catalytic mechanism of elastase. In: 10th International Congress of Quantum Chemistry, NICE, FRANCE.


Vamvakaki, M, Hadjiyannokou, S C, Loizidou, E, Patrickios, C S, Armes, S P and Billingham, N C (2001) Synthesis and characterization of novel networks with nano-engineered structures: Cross-linked star homopolymers. Chemistry of Materials, 13 (12). pp. 4738-4744.

Vamvakaki, M, Unali, G F, Butun, V, Boucher, S, Robinson, K L, Billingham, N C and Armes, S P (2001) Effect of partial quaternization on the aqueous solution properties of tertiary amine-based polymeric surfactants: Unexpected separation of surface activity and cloud point behavior. Macromolecules, 34 (20). pp. 6839-6841.

Vamvakaki, Maria, Billingham, Norman C, Armes, Steven P, Watts, John F and Greaves, Stephen J (2001) Controlled structure copolymers for the dispersion of highperformance ceramics in aqueous media. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 11 (10). pp. 2437-2444.

Varnai, Peter and Richards, W Graham (2001) A density functional study of the interconversion of carbonyls and alcohols in the solution: Comparison of reaction mechanisms involving NADPH, histidine, and tyrosine. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry, 84 (2). pp. 276-281. ISSN 0020-7608


Walker, N R, Wright, R R, Barran, P E, Cox, H and Stace, A J (2001) Unexpected stability of [Cu center dot Ar](2+), [Ag center dot Ar](2+), [Au center dot Ar](2+), and their larger clusters. Journal of Chemical Physics, 114 (13). pp. 5562-5567. ISSN 0021-9606

Walker, Nicholas R, Wright, Rossana R, Barran, Perdita E, Murrell, John N and Stace, Anthony J (2001) Comparisons in the behavior of stable copper(II), silver(II), and gold(II) complexes in the gas phase: Are there implications for condensed-phase chemistry? Journal of the American Chemical Society, 123 (18). pp. 4223-4227. ISSN 0002-7863

Wei, Xue-Hong, Darwish, Adam D, Boltalina, Olga V, Hitchcock, Peter B, Street, Joan M and Taylor, Roger (2001) The remarkable stable emerald green C60F15[CBr(CO2Et)(2)](3): The first [60]fullerene that is also the first [18]trannulene. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 40 (16). pp. 2989-2992. ISSN 1433-7851

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