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Adams, Benjamin, Beresford, Kenneth J M, Whyte, Sheena M and Young, Douglas W (2000) Stereochemistry of the reaction of the inhibitor β-chloroalanine with mercaptoethanol, a β-substitution reaction catalysed by an aminotransferase. Chemical Communications, 7. 619 - 620.

Al-Juaid, Salih S, Eaborn, Colin, Hitchcock, Peter B, Hill, Michael S and Smith, J David (2000) A versatile bulky bidentate ligand for both main group and transition metals. Derivatives of lithium potassium magnesium chromium manganese and cobalt containing the C(SiMe3)2(SiMe2C5H4N-2). Organometallics, 19. pp. 3224-3231.

Al-Matar, Hamad, Hitchcock, Peter B, Avent, Anthony G and Taylor, Roger (2000) Isolation and characterisation ofCs-symmetryC60Me5O2OH, the first methylatedfullerenol; a bis-epoxide with two oxygens in a pentagonal ring. Chemical Communications, 12. 1071 - 1072. ISSN 1359-7345

Apperley, David C, Chaloner, Penny A, Crowe, Lindsey A, Harris, Robin K, Harrison, Robin M, Hitchcock, Peter B and Lagier, Claudia M (2000) X-Ray diffraction and phosphorous-31 NMR studies of the dynamically disordered 3:2 phenol-triphenylphosphine oxide complex. Phisical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 2. 3511 - 3518. ISSN 1463-9084

Arcon, Denis, Prassides, Kosmas, Maniero, Anna-Lisa and Brunel, Louis C (2000) Low Temperature Magnetic Instabilities in Triply Charged Fulleride Polymers. Physical Review Letters, 84. 562 - 565. ISSN 0031-9007

Avent, Anthony G, Bonafoux, Dominique, Eaborn, Colin, Hill, Michael S, Hitchcock, Peter B and Smith, J David (2000) Crowded organometallic compounds of the alkali metals with diphenylphosphino substituents in the organic group. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions (13). 2183 - 2190. ISSN 2183-2190

Avent, Anthony G, Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Francis, Matthew D, Hitchcock, Peter B and Nixon, John F (2000) Synthesis, crystal and molecular structures of the novel, structurally different, cage compounds P6C4Bu(t)4SiI2 and P6C4Bu(t)4GeI2, resulting from intra-molecular coupling of two 1,2,4-triphospholyl rings. Chemical Communications (10). pp. 879-880. ISSN 13597345

Bates, Vanessa M E, Clentsmith, Guy K B, Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Green, Jennifer C and Jenkin, Huw D Ll (2000) Theoretical investigation of the pathway for reductive cleavage of dinitrogen by a vanadium diamidoamine complex. Chemical Communications, - (11). pp. 927-928. ISSN 13597345

Boltalina, Olga V, de La Vaissiere, Benoit, Fowler, Patrick W, Hitchcock, Peter B, Sandall, John P B, Troshin, Pavel A and Taylor, Roger (2000) C60F18O the first characterised intramolecular fullerene ether. Chemical Communications. 1325 - 1326. ISSN 1359-7345

Boltalina, Olga V, de La Vaissiere, Benoit, Fowler, Patrick W, Lukonin, Andrei Yu, Abdul-Sada, Ala'a K, Street, Joan M and Taylor, Roger (2000) Isolation and characterisation of two oxahomofullerene derivatives of C60F18. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 2 (11). pp. 2212-2216. ISSN 1472-779X

Booker-Milburn, Kevin I, Cox, Brian, Grady, Mick, Halley, Frank and Marrison, Shaun (2000) Fe(III)/Cu(II) mediated 5- and 6-exo oxidative ring expansion/cyclisation of cyclopropyl ethers: studies towards dictyol C and α-eudesmol. Tetrahedron Letters, 41 (23). pp. 4651-4655. ISSN 0040-4039

Brown, Wendy A and King, David A (2000) NO chemisorption and reactions on metal surfaces: A new perspective. Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 104 (12). 2578 - 2595. ISSN 1089-5647

Burbidge, S, Main, M, Cryan, J, Cox, B and Clare, J (2000) Modulation of KCNQ potassium channels by retigabine. In: Potassium Channels: Structure, Function and Therapeutic Utilities, 2000, Keystone Symposium, Tahoe City.

Burgess, Gillian M, Perkins, Martin N, Rang, Humphrey P, Campbell, Elizabeth A, Brown, Michael C, McIntyre, Peter, Urban, Laszlo, Dziadulewicz, Edward K, Ritchie, Timothy J, Hallett, Allan, Snell, Christopher R, Wrigglesworth, Roger, Lee, Wai, Davis, Clare, Phagoo, Steve B, Davis, Andrew J, Phillips, Elsa, Drake, Gillian S, Hughes, Glyn A, Dunstan, Andrew and Bloomfield, Graham C (2000) Bradyzide, a potent non-peptide B2bradykinin receptor antagonist with long-lasting oral activity in animal models of inflammatory hyperalgesia. British Journal of Pharmacology, 129 (1). pp. 77-86. ISSN 0007-1188

Caddick, S, Shering, C L and Wadman, SN (2000) Radical Catalysed Cyclisations onto Sulfone-Substituted Indoles. Tetrahedron, 56 (3). 465 - 473.

Clare, Suzanne and McCaffery, Anthony J (2000) Quasi-resonant vibration-rotation transfer a collisional pumping mechanism for highly excited molecules. Institute of Physics, 33. 1121 - 1134.

Clendenning, Scott B, Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F and Nyulászi, Laszlo (2000) Remarkable carbene-induced transformation of 246-tri- tert -butyl-135-triphosphabenzene P3C3But3 to the 124-triphosphole P3C2But2CBut(carbene). Crystal and molecular structure of the planar triphosphole complex[Mo(CO)3( h 5-P3C2But2CBut(carbene)). Chemical Communications, 14. 1305 - 1306.

Clentsmith, Guy K B, Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Francis, Matthew D, Green, Jennifer C, Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F, Suter, James L and Vickers, David M (2000) A study of the molecular and electronic structures of the indium(i) phospholyls [InOf-PBuS] and [InOf-PaCaBu'j] by X-ray diffraction, photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional theory t. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions (11). pp. 1715-1721. ISSN 1470479X

Cloke, F G N, Charmichael, D, Dias, A R, Galvão, A M and Silva, J L, Ferreira da (2000) Metal vapour synthesis and conformational analysis of bis(2-trimethylsilyl-3-methyl-phosphobenzene. In: Published in: Applied Organometallic Chemistry.

Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Unset, Green, Jennifer C, Hanks, John R, Nixon, John F and Suter, James L (2000) Photoelectron spectroscopy and electronic structure of the hexaphosphatitanocene [Ti(¿5-P3C2But2)2]. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions (20). pp. 3534-3536. ISSN 1470479X

Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F and Wilson, D James (2000) First catalytic dihydroamination of a phosphaalkyne. Crystal and molecular structure of trans-[PdCl2{P(Pr(i)NH)2CH2Bu(t)}2]. Chemical Communications, - (23). pp. 2387-2388. ISSN 13597345

Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F and Wilson, D James (2000) Remarkable Transformation of 2,4,6-Tri-tert-butyl-1,3,5-triphosphabenzene into the 2,4,5-Tri-tert -butyl-1,3-diphosphacyclopentadienide Anion. Organometallics, 19 (3). pp. 219-220. ISSN 02767333

Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F, Wilson, D James, Schiemann, U and Streubel, R (2000) Syntheses of complexes containing the novel 1,2,3-azadiphosphole and 1,2,5-azadiphosphole ring systems: Crystal and molecular structure of[Ir (¿-C5Me5)(¿4-(Bu(t)CPNBu(t)PCBu(t)]. Chemical Communications (17). pp. 1659-1660. ISSN 13597345

Cloke, Geoff (2000) Trialkylsilyl-substituted pentalene ligands. Organometallics, 19 (26). ISSN 02767333

Coles, Martyn P, Lugmair, Claus G, Terry, Karl W and Tilley, T Don (2000) Titania-Silica Materials from the Molecular Precursor Ti[OSi(OtBu)3]4: Selective Epoxidation Catalysts. Chemistry of Materials, 12 (1). 122 - 131. ISSN 0897-4756

Collier, Philip E, Pugh, Stephen M, Clark, Howard S C, Love, Jason B, Blake, Alexander J, Cloke, F Geoffrey N and Mountford, Philip (2000) Titanium and niobium imido complexes derived from diamidoamine ligands. Inorganic Chemistry, 39 (9). ISSN 00201669

Constantine, Steven P, Cox, Hazel, Hitchcock, Peter B and Lawless, Gerard A (2000) Parallel Metallocenes of Germanium Tin and Lead. Organometallics, 19 (3). 317 - 326. ISSN 02767333

Cox, Brian (2000) Calcium channel blockers and pain therapy. Current Review of Pain, 4 (6). pp. 488-498. ISSN 1069-5850

Glaxo Group Limited, Cox, B et al (2000) Pyrazine compounds. WO/2000/012488.

Cox, Brian, Merritt, Andy T, Binnie, Alastair, Donnelly, Mary C, Mander, Tom H, Denyer, Jane C, Evans, Brian, Green, Darren V S, Lewis, Jane A, Valler, Martin J and Watson, Stephen P (2000) Application of high-throughput screening techniques to drug discovery. Progress in Medicinal Chemistry, 37. pp. 83-133. ISSN 0079-6468

Cox, Brian, Morley, Nicolas, Procopiou, Panayiotis A, Sharratt, Peter J, Watson, Nigel S and Wild, Deborah (2000) The squalestatins: tricyclic 3,4-β-lactone and 3,4-oxetane systems. Tetrahedron Letters, 41 (39). pp. 7547-7550. ISSN 0040-4039

D'Arbeloff-Wilson, Sarah E, Hitchcock, Peter B, Krill, Steffen, Nixon, John F, Nyulászi, Laszlo and Regitz, Manfred (2000) Syntheses and Theoretical and Mechanistic Aspects of 1-Thia-24- and 1-Thia-34-disphosphole Formed from CS2 and tBuCP and Crystal and Molecular Structure of the First 1-Thia-34-disphosphole Complex: cis-[\{PtCl2(PEt3)\}2(P2SC2tBu2)]. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 122. 4557 - 4562. ISSN 0002-7863

Dagorne, Samuel, Guzei, Ilia A, Coles, Martyn P and Jordan, Richard F (2000) Synthesis and Structures of Cationic Aluminium and Gallium Amidinate Complexes. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 122 (2). 274 - 289. ISSN 0002-7863

Davies, Sian C, Hughes, David L, Janas, Zofia, Jerzykiewicz, Lucjan B, Richards, Raymond L, Sanders, J Roger, Silverston, James E and Sobota, Piotr (2000) Vanadium Complexes of the N(CH2CH2S)33- and O(CH2CH2S)22- Ligands with Coligands Relevant to Nitrogen Fixation Processes. Inorganic Chemistry, 39. 3485 - 3498. ISSN 0020-1669

Davies, Sian C, Hughes, David L, Richards, Raymond L and Sanders, J Roger (2000) Molybdenum and tungsten complexes of the N(CH2CH2S)33− (NS3) ligand with oxide, sulfide, diazenide, hydrazide and nitrosyl co-ligands. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 5. 719 - 725. ISSN 1472-7773

Dziadulewicz, Edward K, Ritchie, Timothy J, Hallett, Allan, Snell, Christopher R, Ko, Soo Y, Wrigglesworth, Roger, Hughes, Glyn A, Dunstan, Andrew R, Bloomfield, Graham C, Drake, Gillian S, Brown, Michael C, Lee, Wai, Burgess, Gillian M, Davis, Clare, Yaqoob, Mohammed, Perkins, Martin N, Campbell, Elizabeth A, Davis, Andrew J and Rang, Humphrey P (2000) 1-(2-Nitrophenyl)thiosemicarbazides: a novel class of potent, orally active non-peptide antagonist for the Bradykinin B2 receptor. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 43 (5). pp. 769-771. ISSN 0022-2623

Eaborn, Colin, Hill, Michael S, Hitchcock, Peter B, Patel, Deepa, Smith, J David and Zhang, Suobo (2000) Oxidative addition to a monomeric stannylene to give four-coordinate tin compounds containing the bulky bidentate ligand C(SiMe3)2SiMe2CH2CH2Me2Si(Me3Si)2C. Crystal structures of CH2Me2Si(Me3Si)2CSnC(SiMe3)2SiMe2CH2, CH2Me2Si(Me3Si)2CSnMe(OCOCF3)C(SiMe3)2SiMe2CH2, and (CF3COO)2MeSnC(SiMe3)2SiMe2CH2CH2Me2Si- (Me3Si)2CSnMe(OCOCF3)2. Organometallics, 19 (1). 49 - 53. ISSN 0276-7333

Eaborn, Colin, Hill, Michael S, Hitchcock, Peter B and Smith, J David (2000) Structural diversity in organolithium -sodium and -potassium cycanocuprates. Organometallics, 19. pp. 5780-5783. ISSN 0276-7333

Eaborn, Colin, Hill, Michael S, Hitchcock, Peter B and Smith, J David (2000) The first structurally characterised -bonded organonickel(I) compound. Crystal structures of [Ni C(SiMe3)2(SiMe2C5H4N-2)(PPh3)] [Ni\{C(SiMe3)(SiMe2C5H4N-2)(SiMe2O)]2 and {Pd(m -Cl) C(SiMe3)2(SiMe2C5H4N-2)]2. Chemical Communications. 691 - 692.

Eaborn, Colin, Hill, Michael S, Hitchcock, Peter B and Smith, J David (2000) The first structurally characterised s -bonded organonickel(I) compound. Crystal structures of [Ni\{C(SiMe3)2(SiMe2C5H4N-2)\}(PPh3)] [Ni\{C(SiMe3)(SiMe3)(SiMe2C5H4N-2)(SiMe2O)\}] and [Pd( m -Cl)\{C(SiMe3)2(SiMe2C5H4N-2)\}]2. Chemical Communications. pp. 691-692. ISSN 1359-7345

Ewels, C P, Leoni, S, Heggie, M I, Jemmer, P, Hernandez, E, Jones, R and Briddon, P R (2000) Hydrogen Interaction with Dislocations in Si. Physical Review Letters, 84 (4). 690 - 693. ISSN 0031-9007

Fernandez Galan, Rafael, Hitchcock, Peter B, Lappert, Michael F, Antinolo, Antonio and Rodriguez, Ana M (2000) Synthesis and structural characterisation of new ansa -bis(propene)s and ansa -bis(allyl) alkali metal and ansa -bis(allyl) transition metal complexes. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, 11. 1743 - 1749.

Fryzuk, Michael D, Jafarpour, Lalah, Kerton, Francesca M, Love, Jason B and Rettig, Steven J (2000) Dinuclear p Complexes of Yttrium and Lutetium with Sandwiched Naphthalene and Anthracene Ligands: Evidence for Rapid Intramolecular Inter-Ring Rearrangements. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 39:04:. p. 767. ISSN 1433-7851

Gamblin, Stuart D, Daire, Sophia E, Lozeille, Jerome and Wright, Timothy G (2000) Further Investigations of the A <- X transition of the Kr.NO and Xe.NO complexes using (1+1) REMPI spectroscopy. Chemical Physics Letters, 325 (1-3). 232 - 240. ISSN 0009-2614

Gehrhus, Barbara, Hitchcock, Peter and Lappert, Michael (2000) {The diverse reactions of the silylene Si[(NCH2But)2C6H4-12] with Li[Si(SiMe3)3](thf)3 and K[N(SiMe3)2]. Chemical Communications. pp. 1427-1428.

Gehrhus, Barbara, Hitchcock, Peter B and Lappert, Michael F (2000) Crystalline (NN)C-M(NN) complexes: synthesis structure bonding and lability [M = Si Ge Sn or Pb; (NN) = 12-(ButCH2N)2C6H4]. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions. pp. 3094-3099. ISSN 1472-7773

Golledge, J, Gosling, M, Turner, R J, Standfield, N J and Powell, J T (2000) Arterial flow induces changes in saphenous vein endothelium proteins transduced by cation channels. European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery, 19 (5). pp. 545-550. ISSN 1078-5884

Gun'ko, Yurii K, Lappert, Michael F and Hitchcock, Peter (2000) Nonclassical Organolanthanoid Metal Chemistry: [K([18]-crown-6)( h 2-PhMe)2]X (X=[(LnCpt3)2( m -H)] [(LnCp''2)2( m - h 6: h 6-PhMe)]) from [LnCpx3]K and [18]-crown-6 in Toluene (Ln=La Ce; Cpt = h 5-C5H4SiMe2But;Cp'' = h 5-C5H3(SiMe3)2-13). Organometallics, 19. 2832 - 2834. ISSN 0276-7333

Hitchcock, Peter B, Lappert, Michael F, Layh, Marcus, Liu, Dian-Sheng, Sablong, Rafael and Shun, Tian (2000) Reactions of LiCHR2 and related lethium alkyls with a -H free nitriles and the crystal structures of eleven representative lithium 1,3-diazaallyls, 1-azaallyls and b-diketiminates. Journal of the Chemical Society. 2301 - 2312.

Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F and Sakarya, Nurgun (2000) Ligating similarities between the novel five-electron-donor h 4-P3C2But2(R)H ring system (R=CH(SiMe3)2) and the h 5-cyclopentadienyl ring. Syntheses crystal and molecular structures of[Co2(CO)5( m -P3C2But2CH(SiMe3)2)] and [Co(CO)2( h 4-P3C2But2H(CH(S. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, 601. 335 - 340. ISSN 0022-328X

Hitchcock, Peter B, Nixon, John F and Sakarya, Nurgun (2000) Syntheses of the novel cage compounds P3Se3C3But3 and P3Se4C3But3 and an unusual insertion reaction of [PtCl2(PMe3)] into the Se-Se bond of the latterto give the six-coordinate Pt(IV) complex [PtCl2(PMe3)P3Se4C3But3]. Chemical Communications, 18. 1745 - 1746. ISSN 1359-7345

Hodgson, David M, Bailey, James M, Villalonga-Barber, Carolina, Drew, Michael G B and Harrison, Timothy (2000) Selectivity in the cycloadditions of carbonyl ylides with glyoxylates: an approach to the zaragozic acids—squalestatins. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1 (20). pp. 3432-3443. ISSN 0300-922X

Hsu, Wen-Kuang, Change, Bao He, Zhu, Yan Qiu, Qiang Han, Wei, Terrones, Humberto, Terrones-Maldonado, Mauricio, Grobert, Nicole, Cheetham, Anthony K, Kroto, Harold W and Walton, David R M (2000) An alternative route to molybdenum disulfide nanotubes. Journal of the American Chemical Society, 122. pp. 10155-10158. ISSN 0002-7863

BASF Aktiengesellschaft; Kristen, Marc O; Görtz, Hans-Helmut; Deelmann, Berth-Jan; Lappert, Michael F; Leung, Wing-Por; Lee, Hung-Kay (2000) Polymerization catalysts containing β-diketiminates ligands. US006034258A.

Leary, P, Ewels, C P, Heggie, M I, Jones, R and Briddon, P R (2000) Modelling Carbon for Industry: Radiolytic Oxidation. Physica Status Solidi (B), 217 (1). pp. 429-447. ISSN 0370-1972

Lemieux, Raymond U, Ling, Chang-Chun, Sharon, Nathan and Streicher, Hansjorg (2000) The epitope of the H-type 2 trisaccharide recognized by Erythrina corallodendron lectin. Evidence for both attractive polar and strong hydrophobic interactions for complex formation involving a lectin. Israel Journal of Chemistry, 40 (3-4). pp. 167-176. ISSN 0021-2148

Lozeille, Jerome, Daire, Sophia E, Gamblin, Stuart D and Wright, Timothy G (2000) The <-- X^{\bar} (1+1) REMPI spectrum and high-level ab initio calculations of the complex between NO and N2. Journal of Chemical Physics, 113:24. 10952 -10961. ISSN 0021-9606

Lozeille, Jerome, Gamblin, Stuart D, Daire, Sophia E, Wright, Timothy G and Smith, David M (2000) The A2 S+ state of Ar.NO. Journal of Chemical Physics, 113. 7224 - 7236. ISSN 0021-9606

Main, Martin J, Cryan, Jennifer E, Cox, Brian, Dupere, Joe R B, Clare, Jeffrey J and Burbidge, Stephen A (2000) Modulation of KCNQ 2/3 potassium channels by the novel anticonvulsant retigabine. Molecular Pharmacology, 58 (2). pp. 253-262. ISSN 0026-895X

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Parsons, Philip J and Cowell, Justin K (2000) A Rapid Synthesis of (-)- Tetrahydrolipstatin. Synlett, 1. 107 - 109. ISSN 09365214

Parsons, Philip J, Gold, Helen, Semple, Graeme and Montagnon, Tamsyn (2000) The synthesis of highly functionalised dienes for natural product synthesis. Synlett, - (8). pp. 1184-1186. ISSN 09365214

Parsons, Philip J, Thomson, Peter, Taylor, Andrew and Sparks, Timothy (2000) A facile route to acyclic substituted a,ß-unsaturated aldehydes: The allene claisen rearrangement. Organic Letters, 2 (5). ISSN 15237060

Penkett, Clive S and Byrne, Paul W (2000) Synthetic Methods Part(I) Free-Radical Reactions. Annual Reports Section B: Organic Chemistry, 96. pp. 3-21. ISSN 0069-3030

Percy, M J, Barthet, C, Lobb, J C, Khan, M A, Lascelles, S F, Vamvakaki, M and Armes, S P (2000) {Synthesis and Characterization of Vinyl Polymer-Silica Colloidal Nanocomposites. Langmuir, 16. 6913 - 6920.

Pugh, Stephen M, Trosch, Dominique J M, Wilson, D James, Bashall, Alan, Cloke, F Geoffrey N, Gade, Lutz H, Hitchcock, Peter B, McPartlin, Mary, Nixon, John F and Mountford, Philip (2000) Cycloaddition reactions of the titanium imide [Ti(NBut){MeC(2-C5H4N)(CH2NSiMe 3)2}(py)] with ButCP and MeCN. Organometallics, 19 (16). ISSN 02767333

Racero, Juan C, Macias-Sanchez, Antonio J, Hernandez-Galan, Rosario, Hitchcock, Peter B, Hanson, James R and Collado, Isidro G (2000) Novel Rearrangement of an Isocaryolane Sesquiterpenoid under Mitsunobu Conditions. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 65. 7786 - 7791.

Rulkens, Ron, Coles, Martyn P and Tilley, T Don (2000) Synthesis and Structure of the (tetrahydroxy)oligosiloxane [(tBuO)3SiOSi(OH)2]2O. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions, - (5). 627 - 628. ISSN 0300-9246

Sanderson, John M, Singh, P, Fishwick, Colin W G and Findlay, John B C (2000) The synthesis and reactivity of optically pure amino acids bearing side-chain thioamides. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1, 19. 3227 - 3231. ISSN 0300-922X

Streicher, Hansjorg, Schmid, Walther, Wenzl, Irmgard, Fiedler, Christian, Kahlig, Hanspeter and Unger, Frank M (2000) Synthesis and binding to plant lectins of sulfur-containing analogues of beta Gal1,3 alpha GalNAc (T-antigen). Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 10 (12). pp. 1369-1371. ISSN 0960-894X

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