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Aoufouchi, Said, Patrick, Tina, Lindsay, Howard D, Shall, Sydney and Ford, Chris C (1997) Post-translational activation of non-homologous DNA end-joining in i Xenopus oocyte extracts. European Journal of Biochemistry, 247. pp. 518-525. ISSN 0014-2956


Buratovich, M A, Phillips, R G and Whittle, J R S (1997) Genetic relationships between the mutations spade and Stemopleural and the wingless gene in Drosophila development. Developmental Biology, 185. pp. 244-260. ISSN 0012-1606


Dudley, P, Wood, C K, Pratt, J R and Moore, A L (1997) Developmental regulation of the plant mitochondrial matrix located HSP70 chaperone and its role in protein import. FEBS Letters, 417. pp. 321-324. ISSN 0014-5793


Flowers, T J, Garcia, A, Koyama, M L and Yeo, A R (1997) Breeding for salt tolerance in crop plants - the role of molecular biology. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, 19 (4). pp. 427-433. ISSN 0137-5881


Hill, David A (1997) Seasonal variation in the feeding behavior and diet of Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata yakui) in lowland forest of Yakushima. American Journal of Primatology, 43 (4). pp. 305-322. ISSN 1098-2345

Huber, Heidrun and Hutchings, Michael J (1997) Differential response to shading in orthotropic and plagiotropic shoots of the clonal herb Glechoma hirsuta. Oecologia, 112 (4). pp. 485-491.

Hughes, David L, Hitchcock, Peter B, Larkworthy, Leslie F, Leigh, G Jeffery, Marmion, Celine J, Sanders, Roger J, Smith, Gallienus W and de Souza, Jaisa S (1997) New compounds containing the i triangulo- trichlorotrivanadium(II) moiety. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions. 1127 - 1135. ISSN 1472-7773

Hutchings, Michael (1997) The Structure of Plant Populations. In: Crawley, Micheal J (ed.) Plant Ecology (2nd Edition). Wiley-Blackwell, Chichester, pp. 325-357. ISBN 9780632036394

Hutchings, Michael J (1997) Resource Allocation Patterns in Clonal Herbs and Their Consequences for Growth. In: Bazzaz, Fakhri A and Grace, John (eds.) Plant Resource Allocation. Physiological Ecology . Academic Press, San Diego and London, pp. 161-189. ISBN 9780080539072

Hutchings, Michael J, Turkington, Roy, Klein, Elena and Carey, Peter (1997) Morphological plasticity in Trifolium repens L.: the effects of clone genotype, soil nutrient level, and the genotype of conspecific neighbours. Canadian Journal of Botany, 75 (8). pp. 1382-1393. ISSN 1916-2790

Hutchings, Michael J and Wijesinghe, Dushyantha K (1997) Patchy habitats division of labour and growth dividends in clonal plants. Trends in Ecology and Evolution, 12 (10). pp. 390-394. ISSN 01695347

Hutchings, Michael J and Wijesinghe, Dushyantha K (1997) The effects of spatial scale of environmental heterogeneity on the growth of a clonal plant: an experimental study with Glechoma hederacea. Journal of Ecology, 85 (1). pp. 17-28. ISSN 0022-0477


John, Elizabeth and Turkington, Roy (1997) A 5-year study of the effects of nutrient availability and herbivory on two boreal forest herbs. Journal of Ecology, 85 (4). pp. 419-430. ISSN 0022-0477


Monna, Fabrice, Lancelot, Joël, Croudace, Ian W, Cundy, Andrew B and Lewis, James T (1997) Pb isotopic composition of airborne particulate material from France and the southern United Kingdom: implications for Pb pollution sources in urban areas. Environmental Science & Technology (including News & Research Notes), 31 (8). 2277 - 2286. ISSN 0013-936X


Peck, Joel R and Waxman, David (1997) What determines fitness when dispersal is limited? Evolution, 51. 1036 - 1043. ISSN 0014-3820


Roper, Timothy J and Marples, Nicola M (1997) Odour and colour as cues for taste-avoidance learning in domestic chicks. Animal Behaviour, 53 (6). pp. 1241-1250. ISSN 0003-3472

Russell, I J and Nilsen, K E (1997) The location of the cochlear amplifier: Spatial representation of a single tone on the guinea pig basilar membrane. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 94 (6). pp. 2660-2664. ISSN 00278424


Suzuki, J and Hutchings, M J (1997) Interactions between shoots in clonal plants and the effects of stored resources on the structure of shoot populations. In: Kroon, Hans de and Groenendael, J.-M van (eds.) The ecology and evolution of clonal plants. Backhuys Publishers, pp. 311-330. ISBN 9789073348738


Wijesinghe, Dushyantha K and Hutchings, Michael J (1997) Environmental heterogeneity and the growth of Glechoma hederacea: the effects of scale of heterogeneity on performance. Journal of Ecology, 85. pp. 17-28.

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