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Affourtit, Charles and Moore, Anthony L (2004) Purification of the plant alternative oxidase from Arum maculatum: measurement, stability and metal requirement. BBA - Biochimica et Biophysica Acta, 1608 (2-3). pp. 181-189. ISSN 0006-3002

Cairns, N J, Grossman, M, Arnold, SE, Burn, D J, Jaros, E, Perry, RH, Duyckaerts, C, Stankoff, B, Pillon, B, Skullerud, K, Cruz-Sanchez, F F, Bigio, E H, Mackenzie, I R, Gearing, M, Juncos, J L, Glass, J D, Yokoo, H, Nakazato, Y, Mosaheb, S, Thorpe, J R, Uryu, K, Lee, V M and Trojanowski, J Q (2004) Clinical and neuropathologic variation in neuronal intermediate filament inclusion disease (NIFID). Neurology, 63 (8). pp. 1376-1384. ISSN 1526-632X

Choi, Woong, Zibaee, Shahin, Jakes, Ross, Serpell, Louise C, Davletov, Bazbek, Crowther, R Anthony and Goedert, Michel (2004) Mutation E46K increases phospholipid binding and assembly into filaments of human alpha-synuclein . FEBS Letters, 576 (3). pp. 363-368. ISSN 0014-5793

Coldwell, Mark J, Hashemzadeh-Bonehi, Lida, Hinton, Tracey M, Morley, Simon J and Pain, Virginia M (2004) Expression of fragments of translation initiation factor eIF4GI reveals a nuclear localisation signal within the N-terminal apoptotic cleavage fragment N-FAG. Journal of Cell Science, 117. pp. 2545-2555. ISSN 0021-9533

Cowan, Joanne L and Morley, Simon J (2004) The proteasome inhibitor, MG132, promotes the reprogramming of translation in C2C12 myoblasts and facilitates the association of hsp25 with the eIF4F complex. FEBS Journal, 271 (17). pp. 3596-3611. ISSN 1742-464X

Crichton, Paul G, Affourtit, Charles, Albury, Mary S, Carré, Jane E and Moore, Anthony L (2004) Regulation of the plant alternative oxidase by pyruvate. p. 164. ISSN 0005-2728

Dafforn, Timothy R, Rajendra, Jacindra, Halsall, David J, Serpell, Louise C and Rodger, Alison (2004) Protein Fiber Linear Dichroism for Structure Determination and Kinetics in a Low-Volume, Low-Wavelength Couette Flow Cell. Biophysical Journal, 86 (1). pp. 404-410. ISSN 0006-3495

George, Richard A, Spriggs, Ruth V, Thornton, Janet M, Al-Lazikani, Bissan and Swindells, Mark B (2004) SCOPEC: a database of protein catalytic domains. Bioinformatics, 20. I130-I136. ISSN 1367-4803

Ghafourian, T and Cronin, M T (2004) Comparison of electrotopological-state indices versus atomic charge and superdelocalisability indices in a QSAR study of the receptor binding properties of halogenated estradiol derivatives. Molecular Diversity, 8 (4). pp. 343-355. ISSN 1381-1991

Ghafourian, Taravat, Barzegar-Jalali, Mohammad, Hakimiha, Nasim and Cronin, Mark T D (2004) Quantitative structure-pharmacokinetic relationship modelling: apparent volume of distribution. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, 56 (3). pp. 339-350. ISSN 0022-3573

Ghafourian, Taravat and Cronin, Mark T D (2004) The endocrine disrupting activity of pesticides. Outlooks on Pest Management, 15 (5). pp. 211-214. ISSN 1743-1026

Ghafourian, Taravat and Dearden, John C (2004) The use of molecular electrostatic potentials as hydrogen-bonding-donor parameters for QSAR studies. Farmaco, 59 (6). pp. 473-479. ISSN 0014-827X

Ghafourian, Taravat, Zandasrar, Parinaz, Hamishekar, Hamed and Nokhodchi, Ali (2004) The effect of penetration enhancers on drug delivery through skin: A QSAR study. Journal of Controlled Release, 99 (1). pp. 113-125. ISSN 0168-3659

Goggin, Melissa M, Nelsen, Christopher J, Kimball, Scot R, Jefferson, Leonard S, Morley, Simon and Albrecht, Jeffrey H (2004) Rapamycin-sensitive induction of eukaryotic initiation factor 4F in regenerating mouse liver. Hepatology, 40 (3). pp. 537-544. ISSN 1665-2681

Green, Jeffrey and Paget, Mark S (2004) Bacterial redox sensors. Nature Reviews Microbiology, 2 (12). pp. 954-966. ISSN 1740-1526

Hayes, Michelle J., Koundouris, Anna, Gruis, Nelleke, Bergman, Wilma, Peters, Gordon G. and Sinclair, Alison J. (2004) p16INK4A-independence of Epstein–Barr virus-induced cell proliferation and virus latency. Journal of General Virology, 85 (6). pp. 1381-1386. ISSN 0022-1317

Hong, Hee-Jeon, Hutchings, Matthew I, Neu, John M, Wright, Gerard D, Paget, Mark S B and Buttner, Mark J (2004) Characterization of an inducible vancomycin resistance system in Streptomyces coelicolor reveals a novel gene (vanK) required for drug resistance. Molecular Microbiology, 52 (4). pp. 1107-1121. ISSN 0950-382X

Jennings, Barbara H, Shah, Sheetal, Yamaguchi, Yuki, Seki, Masayuki, Phillips, Roger G, Handa, Hiroshi and Ish-Horowicz, David (2004) Locus-specific requirements for Spt5 in transcriptional activation and repression in Drosophila. Current Biology, 14 (18). pp. 1680-1684. ISSN 0960-9822

Jones, Sue (2004) An overview of the basic helix-loop-helix proteins. Genome Biology, 5 (6). ISSN 1465-6906

Makin, O Sumner and Serpell, Louise C (2004) Structural characterisation of islet amyloid polypeptide fibrils. Journal of Molecular Biology, 335 (5). pp. 1279-1288. ISSN 0022-2836

Makin, O Sumner and Serpell, Louise C (2004) The Structure of Amyloid. Fibre Diffraction Review, 12. pp. 29-35. ISSN 1463-8401

Makin, O Sumner and Serpell, Louise C (2004) X-Ray Diffraction Studies of Amyloid Structure. Methods in Molecular Biology, 299. pp. 67-80. ISSN 1064-3745

Mancini, E J, Kainov, D E, Wei, H, Gottlieb, P, Tuma, R, Bamford, D H, Stuart, D I and Grimes, J M (2004) Production, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of the bacteriophage φ12 packaging motor. Acta Crystallographica Section D: Biological Crystallography, 60 (3). pp. 588-590. ISSN 0907-4449

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Medina-Palazon, Cahora, Bernard, Emmanuelle, Frost, Victoria, Morley, Simon and Sinclair, Alison J. (2004) KIPase activity is a novel caspase-like activity associated with cell proliferation. FEBS Journal, 271 (13). pp. 2716-2723. ISSN 1742-464X

Meyer, Philippe, Prodromou, Chrisostomos, Liao, Chunyan, Hu, Bin, Roe, S Mark, Vaughan, Cara K, Vlasic, Ignacija, Panaretou, Barry, Piper, Peter W and Pearl, Laurence H (2004) Structural basis for recruitment of the ATPase activator Aha1 to the Hsp90 chaperone machinery. EMBO Journal, 23 (6). pp. 1402-1410. ISSN 0261-4189

Meyer, Philippe, Prodromou, Chrisostomos, Liao, Chunyan, Hu, Bin, Roe, S Mark, Vaughan, Cara K, Vlasic, Ignacija, Panaretou, Barry, Piper, Peter W and Pearl, Laurence H (2004) Structural basis for recruitment of the ATPase activator Aha1 to the Hsp90 chaperone machinery. EMBO Journal, 23. pp. 511-519. ISSN 0261-4189

Millson, Stefan H, Truman, Andrew W, Wolfram, Francis, King, Victoria, Panaretou, Barry, Prodromou, Chrisostomos, Pearl, Laurence H and Piper, Peter W (2004) Investigating the protein-protein interactions of the yeast Hsp90 chaperone system by two-hybrid analysis: potential uses and limitations of this approach. Cell Stress and Chaperones, 9 (4). pp. 359-368. ISSN 1355-8145

Moore, Anthony (2004) Kinetic studies on the purifed alternative oxidase protein from Arum maculatum and its regulation by organic acids. BBA - Bioenergetics, 1658. p. 163. ISSN 0005-2728

Naegele, Susanne and Morley, Simon J (2004) Molecular Cross-talk between MEK1/2 and mTOR Signaling during Recovery of 293 Cells from Hypertonic Stress. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279 (44). pp. 46023-46034. ISSN 0021-9258

Perry, Ashlee, Tambyrajah, Winston, Grossman, J Günter, Lian, Lu-Yun and Scrutton, Nigel S (2004) "Solution structure of the two-iron rubredoxin of Pseudomonas oleovorans determined by NMR spectroscopy and solution X-ray scattering, and interactions with rubredoxin reductase". Biochemistry, 43. pp. 3167-3182.

Pueyo, Jose Ignacio and Couso, Juan Pablo (2004) Chip-mediated partnerships of the homeodomain proteins Bar and Aristaless with the LIM-HOM proteins Apterous and Lim1 regulate distal leg development. Development, 131 (13). pp. 3107-3120. ISSN 0950-1991

Roe, S Mark, Ali, Maruf M U, Meyer, Philippe, Vaughan, Cara K, Panaretou, Barry, Piper, Peter W, Prodromou, Chrisostomos and Pearl, Laurence H (2004) The mechanism of Hsp90 regulation by the protein kinase-specific cochaperone p50(cdc37). Cell, 116 (1). pp. 87-98. ISSN 0092-8674

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Shanahan, Hugh P, Garcia, Mario A, Jones, Susan and Thornton, Janet M (2004) Identifying DNA-binding proteins using structural motifs and the electrostatic potential. Nucleic Acids Research, 32 (16). pp. 4732-4741. ISSN 0360-4012

Siligardi, Giuliano, Hu, Bin, Panaretou, Barry, Piper, Peter W, Pearl, Laurence H and Prodromou, Chrisostomos (2004) Co-chaperone regulation of conformational switching in the Hsp90 ATPase cycle. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279 (50). pp. 51989-51998. ISSN 0021-9258

Tambyrajah, Winston S, Doran, Elena, Wood, Jeffrey D and McGivan, John D (2004) "The pig CYPE2E1 promoter is activated by COUP-TF1 and HNF-1 and is inhibited by androstenone". Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics, 431. pp. 252-260. ISSN 0003-9861

Thorpe, Julian, Mosaheb, S, Hashemzadeh-Bonehi, L, Cairns, NJ, Kay, John Edward, Morley, Simon and Rulten, Stuart (2004) Shortfalls in the peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase protein Pin1 in neurons are associated with frontotemporal dementias. Neurobiology of Disease, 17 (2). pp. 237-249. ISSN 0969-9961

Triantafilou, Kathy and Triantafilou, Martha (2004) Coxsackievirus B4-inducted cytokine production in pancreatic cells is mediated through TLR4. Journal of Virology, 78 (20). pp. 11313-11320. ISSN 0022-538X

Triantafilou, Martha, Manukyan, Maria, Mackie, Alan, Morath, Siegfried, Hartung, Thomas, Heine, Holger and Triantafilou, Kathy (2004) Lipoteichoic acid and Toll-like receptor 2 internalization and targeting to the Golgi is lipid raft dependent. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 279 (39). pp. 40882-40889. ISSN 0021-9258

Triantafilou, Martha, Morath, Siegfried, Mackie, Alan, Hartung, Thomas and Triantafilou, Kathy (2004) Lateral diffusion of Toll-like receptors reveals that they are transiently confined within lipid rafts on the plasma membrance. Journal of Cell Science, 117 (17). pp. 4007-4014. ISSN 0021-9533

West, Michelle J, Webb, Helen M, Sinclair, Alison J and Woolfson, Derek N (2004) Biophysical and Mutational Analysis of the Putative bZIP Domain of Epstein-Barr Virus EBNA 3C. Journal of Virology, 78 (17). pp. 9431-9445. ISSN 0022-538X

Winzor, Donald J, Jones, Susan and Harding, Stephen E (2004) Determination of protein charge by capillary zone electrophoresis. Analytical Biochemistry, 333 (2). pp. 225-229. ISSN 00032697

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