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Allais, Lucy (2009) Kant, nonconceptual content, and the representation of space. Journal of the History of Philosophy, 47 (3). pp. 383-413. ISSN 0022-5053

Allais, Lucy (2009) Kant: the possibility of metaphysics. In: Le Poidevin, R, Simons, P, McGonigal, A and Cameron, R (eds.) Routledge Companion to Metaphysics. Routledge, Oxfordshire, p. 15. ISBN 9780415396318


Besson, Corine (2009) Externalism, internalism and logical truth. The Review of Symbolic Logic, 2 (1). pp. 1-29. ISSN 1755-0203

Besson, Corine (2009) Logical knowledge and Gettier cases. Philosophical Quarterly, 59 (234). pp. 1-19. ISSN 0031-8094

Booth, Anthony (2009) Motivating epistemic reasons for action. Grazer Philosophische Studien, 78. pp. 265-271. ISSN 0165-9227

Booth, Anthony R (2009) Compatibilism and free belief. Philosophical Papers, 38 (1). pp. 1-12. ISSN 0556-8641


Chitty, Andrew (2009) Species-being and capital. In: Chitty, Andrew and McIvor, Martin (eds.) Karl Marx and contemporary philosophy. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. ISBN 9780230222373

Chitty, Andrew and McIvor, Martin (2009) Karl Marx and Contemporary Philosophy. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780230222373


Deligiorgi, Katerina (2009) [Review] Schiller as Philosopher, by Frederick Beiser; Schiller oder die Erfindung des deutschen Idealismus, by Rüdiger Safranski. European Journal of Philosophy, 17 (2). pp. 327-332. ISSN 0966-8373

Deligiorgi, Katerina (2009) The convergence of ethics and aesthetics: Schiller's concept of the 'naive' and the objects of distant antiquity. In: Adlam, Carol and Simpson, Juliet (eds.) Critical exchange: art criticism of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Russia and Western Europe. Peter Lang, New York, US, pp. 63-80. ISBN 9783039115563


Finlayson, James Gordon (2009) Morality and critical theory: on the normative problem of Frankfurt School social criticism. Telos, 2009 (146). pp. 7-41. ISSN 0090-6514

Finlayson, James Gordon (2009) The work of art and the promise of happiness in Adorno. World Picture (3). ISSN 1938-1700


Ganeri, Jonardon (2009) Intellectual India: reason, identity, dissent. New Literary History, 40 (2). pp. 247-263. ISSN 0028-6087

Ganeri, Jonardon and Carpenter, Amber (2009) "Can you seek the answer to this question? (Meno in India)". Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 88 (4). pp. 571-594. ISSN 0004-8402


Lewis, Michael (2009) 'Lacan'. In: Continuum Companion to Continental Philosophy. Continuum, London and New York.


Morris, Michael (2009) [Review] Myra Jehlen (2008) Five fictions in search of truth. British Journal of Aesthetics, 49 (3). pp. 310-312. ISSN 0007-0904

Morris, Michael (2009) The question of idealism in McDowell. Philosophical Topics, 37 (1). pp. 95-114. ISSN 0276-2080

Morris, Michael and Dodd, Julian (2009) Mysticism and Nonsense in the Tractatus. European Journal of Philosophy, 17 (2). pp. 247-276. ISSN 0966-8373


Ramachandran, Murali (2009) Anti-Luminosity: four unsuccessful strategies. Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 87 (4). pp. 659-673. ISSN 0004-8402

Ramachandran, Murali (2009) Descriptions with an attitude problem. Philosophical Quarterly, 59 (237). pp. 721-723. ISSN 0031-8094


Staehler, Tanja (2009) Husserl, Derrida und die krise der vernunft. Topos, 22 (2). ISSN 0942-752X

Staehler, Tanja (2009) Plato and Levinas: the ambiguous out-side of ethics. Routledge, New York. ISBN 9780415991803

Staehler, Tanja (2009) Review] James Dodd (2004) Crisis and reflection: an essay on Husserl's Crisis of the European sciences. Husserl Studies, 25 (2). pp. 177-183. ISSN 0167-9848

Staehler, Tanja (2009) Rough cut: phenomenological reflections on Pina Bausch's choreography. Janus Head, 11 (1-2). pp. 347-365. ISSN 1524-2269

Stock, Kathleen (2009) Definitions of art. In: Cooper, D, Davies, S, Higgins, K, Hopkins, R and Stecker, R (eds.) A Companion to Aesthetics. Wiley-Blackwell, United Kingdom, pp. 231-234. ISBN 9781405169226

Stock, Kathleen (2009) Fantasy, Imagination and Film. British Journal of Aesthetics, 49 (4). pp. 357-369. ISSN 0007-0904

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