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Bull, Michael (2001) [Review] David Morley (2000) Home territories: media, mobility and identity. New Media and Society, 3 (4). pp. 501-504. ISSN 1461-4448

Bull, Michael (2001) [Review] Theodor W. Adorno (2000) Metaphysics: concept and problems. Sociology, 35 (2). pp. 583-584. ISSN 0038-0385

Bull, Michael (2001) The world according to sound: investigating the world of walkman users. New Media and Society, 3 (2). pp. 179-197. ISSN 1461-4448

Grant, Catherine (2001) Secret agents: feminist theories of women's film authorship. Feminist Theory, 2 (1). pp. 113-130. ISSN 1464-7001

Highmore, Ben (2001) Obligation to the ordinary: Michel de Certeau, ethnography and ethics. Strategies: Journal of Theory, Culture and Politics, 14 (2). pp. 253-263. ISSN 1040-2136

Jolly, Margaretta (2001) Coming out of the Coming Out Story: Writing Queer Lives. Sexualities, 4 (4). pp. 475-497. ISSN 13634607

Jolly, Margaretta (2001) Historical Entries: Mass-Observation Diarists 1937-2001. New Formations, 44. pp. 110-127. ISSN 09502378

Jordan, Tim (2001) Language and libertarianism: the politics of cyberculture and the culture of cyberpolitics. Sociological Review, 49 (1). pp. 1-17. ISSN 0038-0261

Jordan, Tim (2001) Mapping hacktivism: Mass Virtual Direct Action (MVDA), Individual Virtual Direct Action (IVDA) And cyber-wars. Computer Fraud and Security, 2001 (4). pp. 8-11. ISSN 1361-3723

Jordan, Tim (2001) Measuring the Internet: host counts versus business plans. Information, Communication and Society, 4 (1). pp. 34-53. ISSN 1369-118X

Jordan, Tim (2001) Time to protest: the environment and direct action. Time and Society, 10 (1). pp. 135-139. ISSN 0961-463X

Krutnik, Frank (2001) Trop de pensionnaires dans la maison de l'amour. L'idylle revisitee dans 'The More the Merrier' (Plus on est de fous) et 'Walk, Don't Run' (Rien ne sert de courir). Les Cahiers du CIRCAV (Centre Interdisiplinaire de Recherche sur la Communication Audio Visuelle) (13). pp. 169-193. ISSN 1254-0196

Lacey, Kate (2001) [Review] David Hendy (2000) Radio in the global age. New Media and Society, 3 (3). pp. 381-385. ISSN 1461-4448

O'Riordan, Kate (2001) [Review] Eileen Green and Alison Adam, ed. (2001) Virtual gender: technology, consumption and identity. New Media and Society, 3 (4). pp. 504-508. ISSN 1461-4448

Spinelli, Martin (2001) Analog echoes: a poetics of digital audio editing. Object, 10. pp. 34-40.

Book Section

Bull, Michael (2001) Personal stereos and the aural reconfiguration of representational space. In: Munt, Sally R (ed.) Technospaces: inside the new media. Critical Research in Material Culture . Continuum, London ; New York, pp. 239-254. ISBN 9780826450036

Karl, I, Bassett, Caroline, Hartmann, M and Hills, M (2001) In the company of strangers: mobile phones and the conception of space. In: Munt, Sally (ed.) Technospaces: Inside the New Media. Critical Research in Material Culture . Continuum, pp. 205-223. ISBN 9780826450036

Krutnik, Frank (2001) Jerry Lewis: the deformation of the comic. In: Rickman, G (ed.) The film comedy reader. Limelight Editions, New York. ISBN 9780879102951

Lacey, Kate (2001) Radio in the Great Depression: promotional culture, public service, and propaganda. In: Hilmes, M and Loviglio, J (eds.) Radio reader: essays in the cultural history of radio. Routledge, London, pp. 21-40. ISBN 9780415928212

Lashmar, Paul (2001) West Europe and North America. In: Global corruption report. Global corruption reports, 1 . Transparency International, pp. 138-151. ISBN 9783935711005

Medhurst, Andy (2001) King and queen : interpreting sexual identity in "Jason King". In: Gough-Yates, A and Osbergy, B (eds.) Action TV: tough-guys, smooth operators and foxy chicks. Routledge, London, pp. 169-187. ISBN 9780415226219

Munt, Sally (2001) The well of shame. In: Doan, Laura and Prosser, Jay (eds.) Palatable poison: critical perspectives on "the well of loneliness". Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 199-215. ISBN 9780231118750

Munt, Sally R (2001) Technospaces: inside the new media. In: Munt, Sally R (ed.) Technospaces: Inside the New Media. Critical Research in Material Culture . Continuum, London and New York, pp. 1-18. ISBN 9780826450036

Munt, Sally R (2001) The butch body. In: Holliday, Ruth and Hassard, John (eds.) Contested bodies. Routledge, London and New York, pp. 95-106. ISBN 9780415196369

O'Riordan, Kate (2001) Playing with Lara in virtual space. In: Munt, Sally (ed.) Technospaces - Inside the New Media. Critical Research in Material Culture . Cassell, pp. 224-238. ISBN 9780826450043

Thornham, Sue (2001) Second wave feminism. In: Gamble, S (ed.) The Routledge companion to feminism and postfeminism (2nd edition). Routledge, London, pp. 25-35. ISBN 9780415243100

Conference or Workshop Item

Grant, Catherine (2001) The director must not be credited: authorship, auteurism and the Films of Dogme '95'. In: Annual Conference of the Society for Cinema Studies, Washington DC.

Lacey, Kate (2001) The mouthpiece of modernity: gender, consumption and the radio in the 1920s. In: Gender, consumption and history, Freie Universitat, Berlin, 2001.

Munt, Sally (2001) The homosexual nation. In: Other(ing) England, 9 June 2001, University of Buckinghamshire..


Friend, Melanie (2001) No place like home : echoes from Kosovo. Midnight Editions, San Francisco. ISBN 9781573441193

Gaber, Ivor and Barnett, Steve (2001) Westminster tales: the twenty-first-century crisis in political journalism. Bloomsbury Academic. ISBN 9780826450203

Edited Book

Munt, Sally R, ed. (2001) Technospaces: Inside the New Media. Critical Research in Material Culture . Continuum, New York and London. ISBN 9780826450036

Highmore, Ben, ed. (2001) The everyday life reader. Routledge, London; New York. ISBN 978-0-415-23024-7


Friend, Melanie (2001) Homes and gardens: documenting the invisible, and The Guide. [Show/Exhibition]


Goycoolea, Adrian (2001) Lock and Load. [Image]


Goycoolea, Adrian (2001) Instant vacation. [Video]

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