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Austin, Thomas (2000) From Antz to Titanic: reinventing film analysis. Pluto Press, London. ISBN 9780745315843

Austin, Thomas (2000) [Review] Steve Neale and Murray Smith, ed. (1998) Contemporary Hollywood cinema. Scope. ISSN 1465-9166


Barker, Martin and Austin, Thomas (2000) A Very Deep Impact. In: From Antz to Titanic: reinventing film analysis. Pluto Press, 155 - 173. ISBN 9780745315799

Bassett, Caroline (2000) Cyberspace and virtual reality. In: Spender, D and Kramarae, C (eds.) Routledge international encyclopedia of women. Routledge, New York, 283 - 286. ISBN 9780415920889

Bull, Michael (2000) Sounding out the city: personal stereos and the management of everyday life. Materialising Culture . Berg, Oxford. ISBN 9781859733424


Cawson, Alan (2000) The top 200 web sites on e-commerce. Kogan Page, 128pp. ISBN 0749432675


Friend, Melanie (2000) (Catalogue) John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award. In: John Kobal photographic portrait award 2000. National Portrait Gallery, London. ISBN 9781855143180

Fuery, Patrick (2000) Cultural studies and critical theory. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780195512946

Fuery, Patrick (2000) New developments in film theory. Macmillan Press. ISBN 0333744918

Fuery, Patrick (2000) The paradox of love. In: Scheer, E (ed.) One hundred years of cruelty: essays on Artaud. Power Press, Sydney. ISBN 9781864872910


Goycoolea, Adrian (2000) Quentin. [Show/Exhibition]

Grant, Catherine (2000) Entertainment and Dystopia: Music and Performance in El lugar sin límites. In: Conference on Music and Film, University of Newcastle.

Grant, Catherine (2000) Intimista transformations: María Luisa Bemberg's first feature films. In: King, J, Whittaker, S and Bosch, R (eds.) An Argentine passion: Maria Luisa Bemberg and her films. Verso, London. ISBN 1859847889

Grant, Catherine (2000) [Review] Michael T. Martin, ed. (1997) New Latin American cinema: volume one - theory, practices and transcontinental articulations; Michael T. Martin, ed. (1997) New Latin American cinema: volume two - studies of national cinemas; Robert Stam (1997) Tropical multiculturalism: a comparative history of race in Brazilian cinema and culture; Donald F. Stevens, ed. (1997) Based on a true story: Latin Amercian history at the movies; Ismail Xavier (1997) Allegories of underdevelopment: aesthetics and politics in modern Brazilian cinema. Screen, 41 (3). pp. 339-347. ISSN 0036-9543

Grant, Catherine (2000) Still moving images: photographs of the disappeared in films about the "dirty war" in Argentina. In: Hughes, Alex and Noble, Andrea (eds.) Phototextualities: intersections of photography and narrative. University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, pp. 63-86. ISBN 9780826328250

Grant, Catherine (2000) Screen, 41 (1). pp. 101-108. ISSN 0036-9543


Highmore, Ben (2000) Awkward moments: avant-gardism and the dialectics of everyday life. In: Scheunemann, D (ed.) European avant-Garde: new perspectives. Avant-Garde Critical Studies no. 15 . Editions Rodopi, Amsterdam, pp. 245-264. ISBN 9042012048

Highmore, Ben (2000) Crashed-out: laundry vans, photographs and a question of consciousness. In: Arthurs, Jane and Grant, Iain (eds.) Crash cultures: modernity, mediation and the material. Intellect, Bristol, pp. 53-62. ISBN 9781841500911

Highmore, Ben (2000) The Death of the Planner? Paris circa 1968. In: Sadler, Simon and Hughes, Jonathan (eds.) Non-plan: essays on freedom, participation and change in modern architecture and urbanism. Architectural Press, Oxford, pp. 156-165. ISBN 0750640839

Highmore, Ben (2000) Dwelling on the daily: on the term everyday life as used by Henri Lefebvre and Michel de Certeau. Daidalos: Architecture, Art, Culture [The Everyday], 75. pp. 38-43. ISSN 1561 0152

Highmore, Ben (2000) Opaque, stubborn life: everyday life and resistance in the work of Michel de Certeau. XCP - Cross-Cultural Poetics, 7. pp. 90-101. ISSN 1086-9611


Jolly, Margaretta (2000) The Exile and the Ghost-Writer: East-West Biographical Politics and The Private Life of Chairman Mao. Biography, 23 (3). pp. 481-503. ISSN 01624962

Jolly, Margaretta (2000) Feminism and After: Pat Barker, Penelope Lively and Contemporary Women's Writing. In: Sinfield, A and Davies, A (eds.) British Culture of the Post-War: An Introduction to Literature and Society 1945-1999. Routledge, London, pp. 58-82. ISBN 9780415128117

Jordan, Tim (2000) Cyberpower: the culture and politics of cyberspace and the Internet. Routledge. ISBN 9780415170789

Jordan, Tim (2000) [Review] Paul A. Taylor (1999) Hackers: crime in the digital sublime. New Media and Society, 2 (2). pp. 245-247. ISSN 1461-4448


Krutnik, Frank (2000) Inventing Jerry Lewis. Smithsoinan Institution Press, Washington, D. C.. ISBN 978-1560983699


Lacey, Kate (2000) From Plauderei to Propaganda: on women's radio in Germany, 1923-1935. In: Mitchell, C (ed.) Women and Radio: Airing Differences. Routledge, pp. 48-63. ISBN 978-0-415-22071-2

Lacey, Kate (2000) Towards a periodization of listening: radio and modern life. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 3 (2). 279 - 288. ISSN 1367-8779


Medhurst, Andy (2000) Batman, deviance and camp. In: Harrington, L and Bielby, D (eds.) Popular Culture: Production and Consumption. Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, pp. 24-35. ISBN 9780631217107

Medhurst, Andy (2000) Burke's peerage. Sight and Sound, 10 (4). pp. 30-32. ISSN 0037-4806

Medhurst, Andy (2000) Every wart and pustule: Gilbert Harding and television stardom. In: Buscombe, E (ed.) British television: a reader. Oxford University Press, Oxford. ISBN 9780198742654

Medhurst, Andy (2000) 'Film of the month' [Review] Stephen Frears (2000) High fidelity. Sight and Sound, 10 (8). p. 36. ISSN 0037-4806

Medhurst, Andy (2000) Funny games. Sight and Sound, 10 (11). pp. 28-31. ISSN 0037-4806

Medhurst, Andy (2000) If anywhere: class identification and cultural studies academics. In: Munt, Sally (ed.) Cultural studies and the working class: subject to change. Cassell, London, pp. 19-35. ISBN 9780304705498

Medhurst, Andy (2000) [Review] Adrian Edmondson (1999) Guest house paradiso. Sight and Sound, 10 (1). ISSN 0037-4806

Medhurst, Andy (2000) [Review] Jim Fall (1999) Trick. Sight and Sound, 10 (5). p. 63. ISSN 0037-4806

Munt, Sally (2000) Challenging divisions: queer feminism. In: WERRC 10th Annual Conference: Trends in Feminist Thought, 1-2nd December, 2000, University College Dublin, Ireland.

Munt, Sally (2000) Contributory essay "Crime Fiction and Feminism". In: Kramarae, Cheris and Spender, Dale (eds.) Routledge International Encyclopedia of Women. Routledge, London and New York.

Munt, Sally (2000) [Review] Margaret Wertheim (1999) The pearly gates of cyberspace: a history of space from Dante to the Internet. New Media and Society, 2 (2). pp. 248-251. ISSN 1461-4448

Munt, Sally (2000) The lesbian flâneur. In: Borden, I, Kerr, J, Pivaro, A and Rendell, J (eds.) The unknown city: contesting architecture and social space. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, pp. 247-262. ISBN 9780262024716

Munt, Sally R (2000) [Review] Gordon Brent Ingram, Anne-Marie Bouthillette and Yolanda Retter, ed. (1997) Queers in space: communities/public places/sites of resistance; Susan Hardy Aiken, Ann Brigham, Sallie A. Marston and Penny Waterstone (1998) Making worlds: gender, metaphor, materiality. Signs, 26 (1). pp. 255-257. ISSN 0097-9740

Munt, Sally R (2000) [Review] Judith Halberstam (1988) Female masculinity. Journal of Gender Studies, 9 (1). pp. 87-88. ISSN 0958-9236

Munt, Sally R (2000) Shame/pride dichotomies in 'Queer as Folk'. Textual Practice, 14 (3). pp. 531-546. ISSN 0950-236X


Neale, Steve and Krutnik, Frank (2000) Broadcast comedy and sitcom. In: Buscombe, Edward (ed.) British Television: A Reader. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198742654


Schefer, J-L and Smith, Paul, trans (2000) The enigmatic body: essays on the arts. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, xxii + 186 pp. ISBN 0521372046

Spinelli, Martin (2000) Democratic rhetoric and emergent media: the marketing of participatory community on radio and the Internet. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 3 (2). pp. 268-278. ISSN 1367-8779

Spinelli, Martin (2000) Interference and the public service: the history and impact of low-power FM. Social Policy, 31 (1). pp. 16-25.

Spinelli, Martin (2000) Viva Frankenstein. Greater New York exhibition catalog.


Taylor, Richard, Wood, Nancy, Graffy, Julian and Iordanova, Dina (2000) The BFI Companion to Eastern European and Russian Cinema. British Film Institute, 288 pp. ISBN 0851707521

Thornham, Sue (2000) Feminist theory and cultural studies. Arnold, London. ISBN 9780340718988

Thornham, Sue (2000) "The thief in the night": feminism and cultural studies. In: 4th European Feminist Research Conference: Body Gender and Subjectivity: Crossing Diciplinary and Institutional Borders, 28th September - 1st October 2000, Bologna, Italy.

Thynne, Lizzie (2000) Being seen: "the lesbian" in British television drama. In: Alderson, D and Anderson, L (eds.) Territories of desire in queer culture: reconfiguring contemporary boundaries. Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 202-212. ISBN 9780719057618

Thynne, Lizzie (2000) Women in television in the multi-channel age. Feminist Review, 64. pp. 65-82. ISSN 0141-7789


Winship, Janice (2000) New disciplines for women and the rise of the chain store in the 1930s. In: Andrews, Maggie and Talbot, Mary M (eds.) All the world and her husband: women in twentieth-century consumer culture. Cassell, London ; New York, 23 - 45. ISBN 9780304701520

Winship, Janice (2000) Women outdoors: advertising controversy and disputing feminism in the 1990s. International Journal of Cultural Studies, 3 (1). 27 - 55. ISSN 1367-8779

Winship, Janice (2000) A culture of restraint: the chain store in the 1930s. In: Jackson, P, Lowe, M, Miller, D and Mort, F (eds.) Commercial cultures: economies, practices, spaces. Berg Publishing, 15 - 34. ISBN 9781859733820

Wood, Nancy (2000) The Papon trial in an 'era of testimony'. In: Golsan, R (ed.) Memory and justice on trial. Routledge, London, 96 - 114. ISBN 415923646

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