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Armstrong, Jared and Timms, Ted (2006) Souvenirs of Vienna 1924: The Legacy of David Josef Bach. Austrian Studies, 14 (1). pp. 61-97. ISSN 13507532


Barron, Hester (2006) 'Tis very embarrassing, say what you like, to be a good vicar in a valley on strike': The Church of England and its relationship with the Durham miners at the time of the 1926 lockout. Twentieth Century British History, 17 (3). pp. 350-372. ISSN 0955-2359

Barron, Hester (2006) Women of the Durham coalfield and their reactions to the 1926 miners' lockout. Historical Studies in Industrial Relations, 22. pp. 53-83. ISSN 1362-1572


Campbell, Peter (2006) The Paris parlement in the 1780s. In: Campbell, P (ed.) The origins of the French Revolution. Palgrave, pp. 87-111. ISBN 0-333-71704-0

Campbell, Peter (2006) Voltaire et le parlement de Paris. Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, 2006 (10). pp. 301-14. ISSN 0435-2866

Campbell, Peter (2006) Voltaire et le parlement de Paris. SVEC, 2006 (10). pp. 301-314. ISSN 0435-2866

Campbell, Peter (2006) The origins of the French Revolution in focus. In: The Origins of The French Revolution. Palgrave Macmillan.

Cesari, J and DeWan, P (2006) Securitization and religious divides in Europe: Islamophobia in Western Europe. Project Report. Unset.

Cuttica, Cesare (2006) Sir Francis Kynaston: The importance of the ‘Nation’ for a 17th-century English royalist. History of European Ideas, 32 (2). pp. 139-161. ISSN 0191-6599


Damodaran, Vinita (2006) British colonial perceptions of race and tribe in India in the nineteenth century. In: Levai, C (ed.) Europe and the world. Edizoni, pp. 161-175.

Damodaran, Vinita (2006) Colonial constructions of the 'tribe' in India: the case of Chotangapur. Indian Historical Review, 33 (1). pp. 44-76. ISSN 0376-9836

Damodaran, Vinita (2006) Indigenous forests: rights, discourses, and resistance in Chotanagpur, 1860-2002. In: Cederlof, Gunnel and Sivaramakrishnan, K (eds.) Ecological nationalisms: nature, livelihoods, and identities in South Asia. Culture, place, and nature: studies in anthropology and environment . University of Washington Press. ISBN 9780295985312

Damodaran, Vinita (2006) [Review] N C Durham (2005) Environmentality: technologies of government and the making of subjects. Journal for Asian Studies, 65 (4). pp. 837-838. ISSN 0021-9118

Damodaran, Vinita (2006) Rights discourses and resistance in Chotangapur. In: Cederlof, Gunnel and Shivaramakrishnan, K (eds.) Ecological nationalisms: nature, livelihoods and identities in South Asia. Culture, place, and nature: studies in anthropology and environment . University of Washington Press, pp. 115-150. ISBN 9780295985312

Damodaran, Vinita (2006) The politics of marginality and the construction of indigeneity in Chotanagpur. Postcolonial Studies, 9 (2). pp. 179-196. ISSN 1466-1888

Dubow, Saul (2006) Thoughts on South Africa: some preliminary ideas. In: Stolten, Hans-Eric (ed.) History making and present day politics: the meaning of collective memory in South Africa. Nordiska Afrikainstitutet. ISBN 9789171065810

Dubow, Saul (2006) A commonwealth of knowledge: science, sensibility, and white South Africa. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780199296637


Endersby, Jim (2006) 'Wallace redux?' [Review] Ross A. Slotten (2004) The heretic at Darwin’s court: the life of Alfred Russel Wallace; Martin Fichman (2004) An elusive Victorian: the evolution of Alfred Russel Wallace. Minerva, 44 (2). pp. 209-218. ISSN 0026-4695


Gazeley, Ian (2006) The levelling of pay in Britain during the Second World War. European Review of Economic History, 10 (2). pp. 175-204. ISSN 1474-0044

Gross, Raphael (2006) Zum fortwirken der NS-Moral. Adolf Eichmann und die deutsche gesellschaft. In: Gross, Raphael and Weiss, Yfatt (eds.) Jüdische geschichte als Allgemeine geschichte: festschrift für Dan Diner zum 60. geburtstag. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, pp. 212-234. ISBN 9783525362884

Grove, Richard and Damodaran, Vinita (2006) Imperialism and environmental change: unearthing the origins and evolution of global environmental history from Edmond Halley to John Richards: 1676-2000. In: Chakrabarti, Ranjan (ed.) Does environmental history matter?: shikar, subsistence, sustenance, and the sciences. Readers Service, Kolkata, pp. 35-86. ISBN 8187891610

Grove, Richard and Damodaran, Vinita (2006) Imperialism, Intellectual Networks and Environmental Change: Origins and Evolution of Global Environmental History, 1676-2000: Part II. Economic and Political Weekly, 41 (42). pp. 4497-4505. ISSN 0012-9976


Haakonssen, Knud (2006) German natural law. In: Goldie, Mark and Wokler, Robert (eds.) The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century political thought. The Cambridge history of political thought . Cambridge University Press, pp. 251-290. ISBN 9780521374224

Haakonssen, Knud (2006) Introduction: the coherence of Smith's thought. In: The Cambridge companion to Adam Smith. Cambridge companions to philosophy . Cambridge University Press, pp. 1-21. ISBN 9780521770590

Haakonssen, Knud (2006) The history of eighteenth-century philosophy: history or philosophy? In: Haakonssen, Knud (ed.) The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century philosophy. 2 volume hardback boxed set, 1 . Cambridge University Press, pp. 3-25. ISBN 9780521418546

Haakonssen, Knud and Winch, Donald (2006) The Legacy of Adam Smith. In: Haakonssen, Knud (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Adam Smith. Cambridge University Press, pp. 366-394. ISBN 0-521-77059-9

Hammel, Andrea (2006) Online database of British archival resources relating to German-speaking refugees, 1933-1950 (BARGE). In: Krohn, Claus-Dieter, Rotermund, Erwin, Winckler, Lutz and Koepke, Wulf (eds.) Exilforschung 24/2006. Kindheit und jugend im exil: ein generationenthema. Edition Text + Kritik. ISBN 9783883778440

Hitchcock, Timothy and Shoemaker, Robert (2006) Tales from the hanging court. Hodder and Arnold, London. ISBN 9780340913758

Howkins, Alun (2006) Death and rebirth? English rural society, 1920-1940. In: Brassley, Paul, Burchardt, Jeremy and Thompson, Lynne (eds.) The English countryside between the wars: Regeneration or decline? Boydell Press. ISBN 9781843832645


Iliffe, Robert (2006) Friendly criticism: Richard Simon, John Locke, Isaac Newton and the Johannine comma. In: Hessayon, Ariel and Keene, Nicolas (eds.) Scripture and scholarship in early modern England. Ashgate, pp. 137-157. ISBN 9780754638933

Iliffe, Robert (2006) [Review] Margaret Schabas and Neil De Marchi (2003) Oeconomies in the age of Newton. Isis, 97 (3). pp. 559-561. ISSN 0021-1753


Jensen, Uffa (2006) A communicative gap: bourgeois Jews and Protestants in the public space of early imperial Germany. History of European Ideas, 32 (3). pp. 295-312. ISSN 0191-6599


Langhamer, Claire (2006) Adultery in post-war England. History Workshop Journal, 62 (1). pp. 86-115. ISSN 1363-3554

Livesey, Jim (2006) Intellectual history and the history of science. In: Whatmore, Richard and Young, Brian (eds.) Palgrave advances in intellectual history. Palgrave. ISBN 9781403939005

Livesey, Jim (2006) Republicanism. In: Merriman, John (ed.) The Scribner library of modern Europe: 1789-1914. Charles Scribner's Sons, p. 5. ISBN 9780684313597


Madden, Deborah (2006) Medicine, science and intellectual history. In: Whatmore, Richard and Young, Brian (eds.) Palgrave Advances in Intellectual History. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 147-170. ISBN 9781403939012

Madden, Deborah (2006) The limitation of human knowledge: faith and the empirical method in John Wesley's medical holism. History of European Ideas, 32 (2). pp. 162-172. ISSN 0191-6599


Reuveni, Gideon (2006) Reading, advertising and consumer culture in the Weimar period. In: Führer, Karl Christian and Ross, Corey (eds.) Mass media, culture and society in twentieth-century Germany. New perspectives in German political studies . Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 204-216. ISBN 9780230008380

Robinson, Lucy (2006) Three revolutionary years: The impact of the counter culture on the development of the gay liberation movement in Britain. Cultural and Social History, 3 (4). pp. 445-471. ISSN 1478-0038

Rock, Stella (2006) Nationalist myth-making in the post-Soviet Russian media: an overview. Centre for German-Jewish Studies Research Papers (5). ISSN 1468-4721

Rock, Stella (2006) Russian piety and orthodox culture 1380-1589. In: Angold, Michael (ed.) Cambridge history of Christianity: Volume 5, Eastern Christianity. Cambridge University Press, pp. 253-275. ISBN 9780521811132


Somos, Mark, trans. (2006) An introduction to the intellectual history of global capitalism. Working Paper. Unset.


Tadmor, Naomi (2006) Friends and neighbours in early modern England: Biblical translations and social norms. In: Rubin, Miri, Gowling, Laura and Hunter, Michael (eds.) Love, friendship and faith in Europe,1300-1800. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 150-176. ISBN 9781403991478

Tadmor, Naomi (2006) Women and wives: the language of marriage in early modern English biblical translations. History Workshop Journal, 62 (1). pp. 1-27. ISSN 1477-4569

Tal, D (2006) Weapons without influence: British arms supply policy and the Egyptian-Czech arms deal, 1945-55. The Journal of Imperial and Commonwealth History, 34 (3). pp. 369-388. ISSN 0308-6534

Tal, David (2006) The Secretary of State versus the Secretary of Peace: the Dulles-Stassen controversy and US disarmament policy, 1955-58. Journal of Contemporary History, 41 (4). 721-740+782. ISSN 0022-0094

Tal, David (2006) The burden of alliance: the NPT negotiations and the NATO factor. In: Nuenlist, Christian and Locher, Anna (eds.) Transatlantic relations at stake: aspects of NATO, 1956-1972. CSS Zürcher Beiträge (78). Center for Security Studies, Zurich, pp. 97-124.

Timms, Edward (2006) School for socialism: Karl Seitz and the cultural politics of Vienna. Austrian Studies, 14. pp. 37-59. ISSN 1350-7532

Timms, Ted (2006) Remembering refugees lost at sea: The Struman, the Wilhelm Gustloff and the Casp Anamur. In: Stephens, Alan and Walden, Raphael (eds.) For the sake of humanity: Essays in honour of Clemens N Nathan. Koninklijke Brill, pp. 325-349. ISBN 9789004141254

Tribe, Keith (2006) Cameralism and the staatswissenschaften. In: Goldie, Mark and Wokler, Robert (eds.) The Cambridge history of eighteenth-century political thought. The Cambridge history of political thought . Cambridge University Press, pp. 525-546. ISBN 9780521374224


Warne, Christopher (2006) Music, youth and moral panics in France, 1960 to the present. Historia Actual Online, 11. pp. 51-64. ISSN 1696-2060

Webb, Clive (2006) 'Ain't worth a damn for nothin'': The New Deal and child labor in Southern textiles. In: Godden, Richard and Crawford, Martin (eds.) Reading Southern poverty between the wars 1918-1939. University of Georgia Press, pp. 108-124. ISBN 9780820327082

Webb, Clive (2006) Closing ranks: Montgomery Jews and civil rights, 1954-1960. In: Bauman, Mark K (ed.) Dixie diaspora: an anthology of Southern Jewish history. Judaic studies, 32 (3). University of Alabama Press, pp. 331-350. ISBN 9780817315047

Webb, Clive (2006) [Review] Eric L. Goldstein (2006) The price of whiteness: Jews, race, and American identity. Journal of American History, 93 (3). pp. 912-913. ISSN 0021-8723

Webb, Clive (2006) [Review] William P. Jones (2005) The tribe of black Ulysses: African American lumber workers in the Jim Crow south. Labor History, 47 (4). pp. 596-597. ISSN 0023-656X

Webb, Clive (2006) A tangled web: black-Jewish relations in the twentieth century South. In: Cohen Ferris, Marcie and Greenberg, Mark I (eds.) Jewish roots in southern soil: a new history. Brandeis University Press, pp. 192-209. ISBN 9781584655886

Westwood, Louise (2006) Separatism and exclusion: women in psychiatry, 1900-1950. In: Dale, Pamela and Melling, Joseph (eds.) Mental illness and learning disability since 1850: finding a place for mental disorder in the United Kingdom. Routledge Studies in the Social History of Medicine . Routledge, pp. 91-111.

Whatmore, Richard (2006) Intellectual history and the history of political thought. In: Whatmore, Richard and Young, Brian (eds.) Palgrave advances in intellectual history. Palgrave advances . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, pp. 109-129. ISBN 9781403939005

Whatmore, Richard (2006) Rousseau and the representants: the politics of the Lettres ecrites de la montagne. Modern Intellectual History, 3 (3). pp. 385-413. ISSN 1479-2451

Whatmore, Richard (2006) Venturi and republicanism in eighteenth-century Geneva. In: Albertone, Manuela (ed.) Il repubblicanesimo moderno. L'idea di repubblica nella riflessione storica di Franco Venturi. Serie studi (31). Bibliopolis. ISBN 9788870884982

Wiese, Christian (2006) 'Doppelgesichtigkeit des Nationalismus.' Die Ambivalenz zionistischer Identität bei Robert Weltsch und Hans Kohn. In: Schatz, Andrea and Wiese, Christian (eds.) Janusfiguren: 'jüdische heimstätte', exil und nation im deutschen zionismus. Minima judaica (2). Metropol-Verlag. ISBN 9783932482885

Wiese, Christian (2006) The Janus face of nationalism: the ambivalence of Zionist identity in Robert Weltsch and Hans Kohn. Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, 51 (1). pp. 103-130. ISSN 0075-8744

Wiese, Christian (2006) Samuel Holdheim's 'most powerful comrade in conviction': David Einhorn and the discussion about Jewish universalism in the radical reform movement. In: Wiese, Christian (ed.) Redefining Judaism in an age of emancipation: Comparative perspectives on Samuel Holdheim (1806-1860). Studies in European Judaism (13). Brill Publishers, pp. 1-68. ISBN 9789004152656

Wolf, Gerhard (2006) Die Deutschen Minderheiten in Polen als Instrument der expansiven Außenpolitik Berlins. In: Kochanowski, Jerzy and Sach, Maike (eds.) Die "Volksdeutschen" in Polen, Frankreich, Ungarn und der Tschechoslowakei: Mythos und Realität. Einzelveröffentlichungen des Deutschen Historischen Instituts Warschau (12). Fibre Verlag, Osnabrück, 22 - 52. ISBN 9783929759846

Wolf, Gerhard (2006) Mac Goldsmith: a Jewish career in the German automobile industry (1925 - 1936). Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook, 51 (1). 153 - 189. ISSN 0075-8744

Wolf, Gerhard (2006) Rassistische Utopien und ökonomische Zwänge: die rassischen Selektionen polnischer Arbeitskräfte durch die SS in den Lagern der Umwandererzentralstelle. In: Jah, Akim, Kopke, Christoph and Stiller, Alexander (eds.) Nationalsozialistische Lager: neue Beiträge zur NS-Verfolgungs- und Vernichtungspolitik und zur Gedenkstättenpädagogik. Klemm & Oelschläger, Münster, 125 - 146. ISBN 9783932577550

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