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Benedict, Michael Les (1997) Salmon P Chase and constitutional politics. Law and Social Inquiry, 22 (2). 459 - 500. ISSN 0897-6546


Campbell, Peter (1997) New light on old regime politics. Historical Journal, 40 (3). pp. 835-843. ISSN 0018-246X


Damodaran, Vinita (1997) Environment ethnicity and history in Chotanagpur India 1850-1970. Environment and History, 3 (3). pp. 273-298. ISSN 0967-3407

Damodaran, Vinita (1997) Introduction. In: Grove, Richard H, Damodaran, Vinita and Sangwan, Satpal (eds.) Nature and the orient: The environmental history of south and southeast Asia. Studies in social ecology and environmental history . Oxford University Press, pp. 1-26. ISBN 9780195638967

Dubow, Saul (1997) Colonial nationalism, the Milner kindergarten and the rise of ‘South Africanism’, 1902–10. History Workshop Journal, 43 (1). pp. 53-85. ISSN 1363-3554

Dubow, Saul (1997) [Review] Iain R. Smith (1996) The origins of the South African war 1899-1902. Journal of Southern African Studies, 23 (1). pp. 156-157. ISSN 0305-7070

Dubow, Saul (1997) [Review] Mordechai Tamarkin (1996) Cecil Rhodes and the Cape Afrikaners: the imperial colossus and the colonial parish pump. African Affairs, 96 (384). pp. 450-453. ISSN 0001-9909

Dubow, Saul and Marks, Shula (1997) Patriotism of place and race: Hancock on South Africa. In: Low, D A (ed.) Keith Hancock: The legacies of an historian. Melbourne University Press. ISBN 9780522849387

Dyhouse, Carol (1997) Signing the pledge? Women's investment in university education and teacher training before 1939. History of Education: Journal of the History of Education Society, 26 (2). pp. 207-223. ISSN 0046-760X


Endersby, Jim (1997) The evolving museum. Public Understanding of Science, 6 (2). pp. 185-206. ISSN 0963-6625

Erickson, Amy (1997) Using probate accounts. In: Sogner, S (ed.) Fact, fiction and forensic evidence: The potential of judicial sources for historical research in the early modern period. Tid og tanke . Department of History, University of Oslo, pp. 83-96. ISBN 9788255010548


Gross, Raphael (1997) Geschichte und gericht. Überlegungen zur institutionalisierung einer unabhängigen geschichtsbarkeit. In: Armenien, Arbeitskreis (ed.) Völkermord und verdrängung: der genozid an den Armeniern - die schweiz und die Shoah. Chronos. ISBN 9783905312409

Gross, Raphael (1997) 'Jüdisches gesetz und Christliche gnade'. Carl Schmitts kritik an Hans Kelsen. Mittelweg 36, 3 (Juni/J). pp. 75-94. ISSN 0941-6382


Howkins, Alun (1997) Land, locality, people, landscape: The nineteenth century countryside. In: Rosenthal, Michael (ed.) Prospects for the nation: Recent essays in British landscape, 1750-1880. Paul Mellon centre for studies in British art . Yale University Press Newhaven, pp. 97-115. ISBN 9780300063837


Iliffe, Robert (1997) Boyle's industry. History of Science, 35 (4). pp. 455-84. ISSN 0073-2753

Iliffe, Robert (1997) Mathematical characters: Flamsteed and Christ's Hospital Royal Mathematical School. In: Willmoth, Frances (ed.) Flamsteed's stars: New perspectives on the life and work of the First Astronomer Royal, 1646-1719. Boydell Press, pp. 115-44. ISBN 9780851157061

Iliffe, Robert (1997) [Review] Ann Goldgar (1995) Impolite learning: Conduct and community in the republic of letters, 1680-1750. Economic History Review, 50 (2). pp. 395-396. ISSN 0013-0117

Iliffe, Robert (1997) [Review] Cesare S. Maffioli (1994) Out of Galileo: the science of waters, 1628-1718. British Journal for the History of Science, 30 (02). pp. 234-235. ISSN 0007-0874

Iliffe, Robert (1997) [Review] Dennis L. Sepper (1994) Newtons optical writings: a guided study. Isis, 88 (1). pp. 146-147. ISSN 0021-1753

Iliffe, Robert (1997) [Review] Michael Hunter (1994) Robert Boyle: By himself and his friends; with a fragment of William Wotton's lost life of Boyle. History of Science, 35 (110). pp. 455-484. ISSN 0073-2753

Iliffe, Robert (1997) [Review] Michael Hunter (2003) Robert Boyle reconsidered. History of Science, 35 (110). pp. 455-484. ISSN 0073-2753

Iliffe, Robert (1997) [Review] Peter Dear (1995) Discipline & experience: the mathematical way in the scientific revolution. Annals of Science, 54 (1). pp. 97-98. ISSN 0003-3790

Iliffe, Robert (1997) [Review] Rose-Mary Sargent (1995) The diffident naturalist: Robert Boyle and the philosophy of experiment. History of Science, 35 (110). pp. 455-484. ISSN 0073-2753

Iliffe, Robert and Willmoth, Frances (1997) Domestic science: Margaret Flamsteed and Caroline Herschel as assistant-astronomers. In: Hutton, Sarah and Hunter, Lynette (eds.) Women, Science and Medicine 1500-1700: Mothers and Sisters of the Royal Society. Sutton Pub Ltd, pp. 335-65. ISBN 9780750913430


Livesey, James (1997) Agrarian ideology and commercial republicanism in the French Revolution. Past and Present, 157 (1). pp. 94-121. ISSN 0031-2746

Livesey, Jim (1997) Speaking the nation: radical republicans and the failure of political communication in 1848. French Historical Studies, 20 (3). pp. 459-480. ISSN 0016-1071

Livesey, Jim and Murray, Stuart (1997) 'Post-colonial theory and modern Irish culture' [Review] Declan Kiberd (1996) Inventing Ireland; Luke Gíbbons (1996) Transformations in Irish culture. Irish Historical Studies, 30 (119). pp. 452-461. ISSN 0021-1214


Schecter, Darrow (1997) [Review] Maria Ida Gaeta, ed. (1995) Giovanni Gentile: la filosofia, la politica, l'organizzazione della cultura. Modern Italy, 2 (1). 114 - 116. ISSN 1353-2944

Somos, Mark and Nuseibeh, G (1997) UK Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals' Report on Extremism and Violence on Campus. Working Paper. Unset.


Warne, Chris (1997) The impact of world music in France. In: Hargreaves, Alec G and McKinney, Mark (eds.) Post-colonial cultures in France. Routledge, pp. 133-149. ISBN 9780415144889

Warne, Christopher (1997) Articulating identity from the margins: "le mouv" and the rise of hip-hop and ragga in France. In: Perry, Sheila and Cross, Maire (eds.) Voices of France: social, political and cultural identity. Frances Pinter Publishers. ISBN 9781855673946

Warne, Christopher (1997) Les musiques amplifiées en France: une culture en mal de reconnaissance? In: Whyte, P J and Lloyd, Christopher (eds.) La culture populaire en France. Durham modern languages series . University of Durham. ISBN 9780907310372

Webb, Clive (1997) 'Harriet Tubman', 'Nat Turner,' 'Theodore Weld'. In: Parish, PJ (ed.) Reader's guide to American history. Reader's guide series . Routledge, 701-02, 703. ISBN 9781884964220

Wiese, Christian (1997) Jahwe - ein gott nur für Juden? Der disput um das gottesverständnis zwischen wissenschaft des Judentums und protestantischer alttestamentlicher wissenschaft im kaiserreich. In: Siegele-Wenschkewitz, Leonore (ed.) Christlicher antijudaismus und antisemitismus. Theologische und kirchliche programme deutscher Christen. Haag und Herchen. ISBN 9783861371878

Worden, Blair (1997) Cromwellian Oxford. In: Tyacke, Nicholas (ed.) The History of the University of Oxford: Volume IV seventeenth-century Oxford. Clarendon Press, pp. 733-772. ISBN 9780199510146

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