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Allison, Robert, Kemling, I, Petley, DN and Long, AJ (2005) Monitoring mining subsidence in rural areas with a temperate climate using radar-interferometry. In: Proceedings of the 2004 Envisat & ERS Symposium (ESA SP-572). 6-10 September 2004, Salzburg, Austria.

Anderson, Bridget and Rogaly, Ben (2005) Forced labour and migration to the UK. Project Report. Trades Union Congress, London.


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Black, Richard, Natali, Claudia and Skinner, Jessica (2005) Migration and Inequality. Technical Report. World Bank.


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Christou, Anastasia (2005) Conflictual and converging conceptualisations of identification in discourse, time and space: a preliminary comparative reflection of the human geography of migration and return migration in the field and in poetry. In: Tsokalidou, R and Paparousi, M (eds.) Θέματα ταυτότητας στην ελληνική διασπορά: Γλώσσα και Λογοτεχνία (Issues of identity in the Greek Diaspora: Language and Literature). Metechmio, Athens, pp. 219-232. ISBN 9789603758488

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Dornbusch, Uwe (2005) Glacier-rock glacier relationships as climatic indicators during the late Quaternary in the Cordillera Ampato, Western Cordillera of southern Peru. Geological Society Special Publication, 242. pp. 75-82.

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Dornbusch, Uwe, Moses, Cherith, Robinson, David and Williams, Rendel (2005) Soft copy photogrammetry to measure shore platform erosion on decadal time scales. In: CoastGIS '05 defining and building a marine and coastal spatial data infrastructure : full proceedings, Aberdeen, Scotland, UK, 21-23 Jul 2005, Aberdeen, UK.

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Frances, Jennifer, Barrientos, Stephanie and Rogaly, Ben (2005) Temporary Workers in UK Agriculture and Horticulture. Unset. Precision Prospecting for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Framlingham, Suffolk.


Gray, Emily and Statham, Paul (2005) Becoming European? The transformation of the British pro-migrant NGO sector in response to Europeanization. Journal of Common Market Studies, 43 (4). pp. 877-898. ISSN 0021-9886

Griffin, Carl (2005) Wood-taking and customary practice: William Hunt’s justices notebook, 1744-49. Regional Historian (13). pp. 19-24.

Griffin, Carl J (2005) 'Social conflict and control in Hanoverian and Victorian England' [Review] Timothy Shakesheff (2003) Rural conflict, crime and protest: Herefordshire, 1800–1860. Journal of Historical Geography, 31 (1). pp. 168-176. ISSN 0305-7488

Grove, Richard (2005) Revolutionary weather: the climatic and economic crisis of 1788-1795 and the discovery of El Nino. In: Sherratt, Tim, Griffiths, Tom and Robin, Libby (eds.) A change in the weather: climate and culture in Australia. National Museum of Australia Press, pp. 128-140. ISBN 9781876944285


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Murton, J B, Whiteman, C A, Waller, R I, Pollard, W H, Clark, I D and Dallimore, S R (2005) Basal ice facies and supraglacial melt-out till of the Laurentide Ice Sheet, Tuktoyaktuk Coastlands, western Arctic Canada. Quaternary Science Reviews, 24. pp. 681-708.

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Skeldon, Ronald (2005) Cracking down on the HIV/AIDS crisis: can global targets work? ID21.

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Zeitlyn, Benjamin (2005) The rise of Islamic radicalism among British Bangladeshis. Journal of Peace Studies, 12 (1).

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