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Barrett, Hazel R, Ilbery, Brian W, Brown, Angela W and Binns, Tony (1999) Globalisation and the changing networks of food supply: The importation of fresh horticultural produce from Kenya into the UK. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers, NS24. pp. 159-174.

Binns, Tony and Nel, Etienne (1999) Beyond the development impasse: the role of local economic development and community self-reliance in rural South Africa. Journal of Modern African Studies, 37 (3). pp. 389-408. ISSN 0022-278X

Brunsden, Denys and Moore, Roger (1999) Engineering geomorphology on the coast: lessons from West Dorset. Geomorphology, 834 (1-4). pp. 391-409. ISSN 0169-555X


Carswell, Grace M. (1999) Sustainable Livelihoods in Southern Ethiopia. Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK. ISBN 9781858643113

Christou, Anastasia (1999) Narratives of place, culture and identity: second-generation Greek-Americans return 'home'. IMISCOE Dissertations . Amsterdam University Press. ISBN 9789053568781

Christou, Anastasia (1999) The transcendence of diversity. Reflections on identity formation: the case of the Greek diaspora. Unset. Unset.


Frogley, M R, Lawson, I T, Heaton, T H and Holmes, J A (1999) A 20,000 year high-resolution palaeoclimatic record from NW Greece. In: EOS Transactions American Geophysical Union, Boston, USA.

Frogley, M R, Lawson, I T, Heaton, T H E and Holmes, J A (1999) A 20,000 year high-resolution palaeoclimatic record from NW Greece. In: Forum on Isotopes in Palaeoclimate Research, University of Leicester, UK.

Frogley, M R, Tzedakis, P C and Heaton, T H E (1999) Climate variability in northwest Greece during the last interglacial. Science, 285 (5435). pp. 1886-1889. ISSN 0036-8075

Funnell, D C and Parish, R (1999) Complexity cultural theory and strategies for intervention in the High Atlas of Morocco. Geogrfiska Annaler, 81B (3). pp. 131-144.


Kniveton, Dominic (1999) Variations in precipitation efficiency and the cosmic ray flux. In: Royal Met. Soc. Satellite application special interest group meeting on `Microwave Remote Sensing, 12 October 1999, RAL, Dicot.

Kniveton, Dominic and Kidd, C (1999) Screening approaches for the retrieval of rainfall over land using Data from the tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission. In: In proceedings from RSS 99 Earth Observation: From Data to Information, University of Wales, Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales.

Kniveton, Dominic and de, G (1999) Using remote sensing data to predict the initiation of debris flow activity in the French Alps. In: XXIV General assembly of the European Geophysical Society, The Hague, Netherlands.

Koopmans, Ruud and Statham, Paul (1999) Challenging the liberal nation‐state? Postnationalism, multiculturalism, and the collective claims making of migrants and ethnic minorities in Britain and Germany. American Journal of Sociology, 105 (3). pp. 652-696. ISSN 0002-9602

Koser, Khalid and Black, Richard (1999) Limits to harmonization: The temporary protection of refugees in the European Union. International Migration, 37 (3). pp. 521-544. ISSN 00207985


Lester, Alan (1999) Historical geographies of imperialism. In: Graham, Brian and Nash, Catherine (eds.) Modern historical geographies. Longman, pp. 100-120. ISBN 9780582357792


Parish, R and Funnell, D C (1999) Climatic change in mountain regions: Some possible consequences in the Moroccan High Atlas. Global Environmental Change, 9. pp. 45-58.


Rogaly, Ben (1999) Dangerous liaisons? Seasonal migration and agrarian change in West Bengal. In: Rogaly, Ben, Harriss-White, Barbara and Bose, Sugata (eds.) Sonar Bangla?: Agricultural Growth and Agrarian Change in West Bengal and Bangladesh. Sage, New Delhi; London, pp. 357-380. ISBN 9780761993070

Rogaly, Ben, Fisher, Thomas and Mayo, Ed (1999) Poverty, Social Exclusion and Microfinance in Britain. New Economics Foundation . Oxfam GB and the New Economics Foundation, Oxford. ISBN 9780855984137

Rycroft, Simon and Cosgrove, D (1999) Regional Survey for Pedagogy and Planning. In: Buttimer, Anne, Brunn, Stanley D and Wardenga, Ute (eds.) Text and Image: the Social Construction of Regional Knowledges. Beiträge zur regionalen Geographie . Institut für Länderkunde, Leipzig. ISBN 9783860820339

Rycroft, Simon and Cosgrove, D (1999) Regional knowledge for pedagogy and planning: Dudley Stamp and the Land Utilisation Survey. In: Buttimer, A, Brunn, SD and Wardenga, U (eds.) Text and Image: Social Construction and Regional Knowledges. Beitraege zur Regionalen Geographie 49. Buttimer A. Brunn S.D and Wardenga (U. (eds). Beitraege zur Regionalen Geographie, pp. 122-129. ISBN 3-86082-033-8


Statham, Paul (1999) Political mobilisation by minorities in Britain: negative feedback of ‘race relations'? Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 25 (4). pp. 597-626. ISSN 1369-183X


Tate, N J, Kniveton, D R, Todd, M C and Vries, K (1999) Statistical modelling of the precipitation climate of Mozambique. In: 11th European Colloquium on Quantitative and Theoretical Geography, Durham.

Todd, M and Kniveton, D R (1999) A combined satellite infrared and passive microwave technique for estimation of small scale rainfall over the global tropics and subtropics. In: In proceedings from RSS 99 Earth Observation: From Data to Information, University of Wales, Cardiff, Cardiff, Wales.


Yeung, Godfrey (1999) The people's liberation army and the market economy. In: Benewick, Robert and Wingrove, Paul (eds.) China in the 1990s. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 158-168. ISBN 9780333759738

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