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Bailes, Sara Jane and Derno, Maiken (2002) Trafficking Boundaries: Introduction. Women and Performance, 12.2 (24). pp. 7-20. ISSN 0740-770X

Barnett, David (2002) Heiner Müller as the end of Brechtian dramaturgy. Müller on Brecht in two lesser-known fragments. Theatre Research International, 27 (1). pp. 49-57. ISSN 0307-8833

Blanch, Sophie (2002) The sacred space of the "Mother-House": reading maternal metaphors in Antonia White's "Frost in May". Journal of the Association for Research on Mothering, 4 (2). pp. 121-128. ISSN 1488-0989

Boxall, Peter (2002) Samuel Beckett: towards a political reading. Irish Studies Review, 10 (2). pp. 159-170. ISSN 0967 0882


Cummings, Brian (2002) Animal passions and human sciences: shame, blushing and nakedness in early modern Europe and the New World. In: Fudge, Erica, Gilbert, Ruth and Wiseman, Susan (eds.) At the borders of the human: beasts, bodies and natural philosophy in the early modern period. Macmillan, 26 - 50. ISBN 9780333973844

Cummings, Brian (2002) Iconoclasm and bibliophobia in the English reformations 1521 - 1558. In: Dimmock, Jeremy, Simpson, James and Zeeman, Nicolette (eds.) Images, idolatry and iconoclasm in late medieval England. Oxford University Press, Oxford & New York, pp. 185-206. ISBN 9780198187592

Cummings, Brian (2002) Reformed literature and literature reformed. In: Wallace, David (ed.) The Cambridge history of medieval English literature. The New Cambridge History of English Literature . Cambridge University Press, 821 - 851. ISBN 9780521890465

Cummings, Brian (2002) The literary culture of the Reformation: grammar and grace. Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780198187356

Currell, Sue (2002) American studies and the Internet. [Teaching Resource]

Currell, Susan (2002) [Review] Cary Nelson (2001) Revolutionary memory: recovering the poetry of the American left; Saverio Giovacchini (2001) Hollywood modernism: film and politics in the age of the new deal; Robert Shulman (2000) The power of political art: the 1930s literary left reconsidered". Textual Practice, 16 (2). pp. 397-404. ISSN 0950-236X


DeCaires Narain, Denise (2002) Contemporary Caribbean women's poetry: making style. Routledge, London ; New York. ISBN 9780415218122


Ginzburg, Carlo (2002) Wooden Eyes: Nine reflections on Distance (Occhiacci di Legno: nove riflessioni sulla distanza). Verso and Columbia University Press. ISBN 9781859846377 (Verso); 9780231119603 (Columbia University Press)

Gualtieri, Elena (2002) Virginia Woolf: essayiste européenne. In: Bernard, Catherine and Reynier, Christine (eds.) Virginia Woolf: le pur et l'impur. Presses Universitaire de Rennes. ISBN 9782868476937


Hadfield, Andrew (2002) Foul men and Luther's beer. TLS : Times Literary Supplement (5201). p. 24. ISSN 0307-661X

Hadfield, Andrew (2002) Macbeth, IV.Iii.140-158, Edward the Confessor, and Holinshed's 'Chronicles'. Notes and Queries, 49 (2). pp. 234-236. ISSN 0029-3970

Hadfield, Andrew (2002) Tarquin's everlasting banishment: Republicanism and constitutionalism in the Rape of Lucrece and Titus Andronicus. Parergon, 19 (1). pp. 77-104. ISSN 03136221

Hadfield, Andrew (2002) The king of the book. TLS : Times Literary Supplement (5188). p. 12. ISSN 0307-661X

Healy, Margaret (2002) Bodily regimen and the fear of the beast: 'plausability' in Renaissance domestic tragedy. In: Fudge, Erica, Wiseman, Susan and Gilbert, Ruth (eds.) At the borders of the human: beasts, bodies and natural philosophy in the early modern period. Palgrave Macmillan, 51 - 73. ISBN 9780333973844

Healy, Margaret (2002) Monstrous tyrannical appetites: '& what wonderfull monsters have there now lately ben borne in Englande'. In: Herbert McAvoy, Liz and Walters, Teresa (eds.) Consuming narratives: gender and monstrous appetite in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, pp. 157-172. ISBN 9780708317433


Kohlenbach, Margarete (2002) Das Unbehagen an der Wissenschaft: Betrachtungen zum Werk Thomas Bernhards und seiner Rezeption. In: Huber, Martin and Schmidt-Dengler, Wendelin (eds.) Wissenschaft als Finsternis? Boehlau, pp. 27-38. ISBN 9783205994541

Kohlenbach, Margarete (2002) Walter Benjamin: self-reference and religiosity. Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke ; New York. ISBN 9780333993590


Lane, Jeremy (2002) James Joyce's book of laughter and forgetting. In: Pfister, Manfred (ed.) A history of English laughter: laughter from Beowulf to Beckett and beyond. Internationale Forschungen zur Allgemeinen und Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft (57). Rodopi, Amsterdam and New York, pp. 137-152. ISBN 9789042012882


Marcus, Laura (2002) The European dimensions of the Hogarth Press. In: Caws, Mary Ann and Luckhurst, Nicola (eds.) The reception of Virginia Woolf in Europe. Continuum, London & New York, pp. 328-356. ISBN 9780826455888

McEvoy, William (2002) Gien, The 'Syringa Tree'. p. 19. ISSN 0307-661X

McEvoy, William (2002) 'The People Are Friendly'. The Times Literary Supplement (5178). p. 20. ISSN 0307-661X

McEvoy, William (2002) Racine 'Phaedra'. TLS : Times Literary Supplement. p. 20. ISSN 0307-661X

McEvoy, William (2002) Winterson, The 'Powerbook'. p. 11. ISSN 0307-661X


Newell, Stephanie (2002) Introduction. In: Newell, Stephanie (ed.) Readings in African popular fiction. International African Institute / Indiana University Press, London ; Bloomington, pp. 1-10. ISBN 9780253215109

Newell, Stephanie (2002) Literary culture in colonial Ghana: 'how to play the game of life'. Manchester University Press, Manchester. ISBN 9780719062742

Nicholls, Peter (2002) Against nature: time and artifice in Pound's early work. In: Pratt, William (ed.) Ezra Pound: nature and myth. AMS, New York, pp. 125-138. ISBN 9780404615932

Nicholls, Peter (2002) 'Arid clarity': Ezra Pound, Mina Loy, and Jules Laforgue. Yearbook of English Studies, 32. pp. 52-64. ISSN 0306-2473

Nicholls, Peter (2002) Modernising modernism: from Pound to Oppen. Critical Quarterly, 44 (2). pp. 41-58. ISSN 0011-1562

Nicholls, Peter (2002) "The pastness of landscape": Susan Howe's 'Pierce-Arrow'. Contemporary Literature, 43 (3). pp. 441-460. ISSN 0010-7484


Packham, Catherine (2002) The physiology of political economy: vitalism and Adam Smith's 'Wealth of nations'. Journal of the History of Ideas, 63 (3). pp. 465-481. ISSN 0022-5037

Piazza, Roberta (2002) The pragmatics of conducive questions in academic discourse. Journal of Pragmatics, 34 (5). pp. 509-527. ISSN 0378-2166


Ryle, Martin (2002) For pleasure and enlightenment. Radical Philosophy, 112. pp. 50-51. ISSN 0300-211X

Ryle, Martin (2002) Oppositional mentalities: intellectuals, protest and the Left. Radical Philosophy, 114. pp. 2-6. ISSN 0300-211X

Ryle, Martin (2002) Theoretical approaches: after 'organic community': ecocriticism, nature and human nature. In: Parham, John (ed.) The environmental tradition in English literature. Ashgate, pp. 11-23. ISBN 9780754603023

Ryle, Martin and Soper, Kate (2002) To Relish the Sublime? Culture and Self-Realisation in Postmodern Times. Verso. ISBN 1859844618


Sinfield, Alan (2002) 'Below sea-level, the mark is inverted': benchmarking and the reader. Textual Practice, 16 (3). pp. 435-441. ISSN 0950-236X

Sinfield, Alan (2002) Is there a queer tradition, and is Orton in it? In: Coppa, Francesca (ed.) Joe Orton: A Casebook. Routledge, New York & London, pp. 85-94. ISBN 9780815336273

Sinfield, Alan (2002) Lesbian and gay taxonomies. Critical Inquiry, 29 (1). pp. 120-138. ISSN 0096-1896

Smith, Lindsay (2002) 'There is a garden in her face': Madame Yevonde's photographic colour. Women: A Cultural Review, 13 (2). pp. 121-139. ISSN 0957-4042

Smith, Lindsay (2002) 'Thinking blues': the memory of colour in nineteenth century photography. In: Luckhurst, Roger and McDonagh, Josephine (eds.) Transactions and encounters: science and culture in the nineteenth century. Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 55-74. ISBN 9780719059117

Smith, Lindsay (2002) The foxglove and the rose: Ruskin's involute of childhood. In: Birch, Dinah and O'Gorman, Francis (eds.) Ruskin and gender. Palgrave, Basingstoke, pp. 47-63. ISBN 9780333968970

Spurlin, William (2002) Adrienne Rich. In: Aldrich, Robert and Wotherspoon, Garry (eds.) Who's who in gay and lesbian history: from World War II to the present day. Routledge, London & New York. ISBN 9780415291613

Spurlin, William (2002) Audre Lorde. In: Aldrich, Robert and Wotherspoon, Garry (eds.) Who's who in gay and lesbian history. Vol II: from world war II to the present day (2nd ed.). Routledge. ISBN 9780415291613

Spurlin, William (2002) Gertrude Stein. In: Aldrich, Robert and Wotherspoon, Garry (eds.) Who's who in gay and lesbian history: from antiquity to World War II. Routledge, pp. 419-421. ISBN 9780415159838

Spurlin, William (2002) Willa Cather. In: Aldrich, Robert and Wotherspoon, Garry (eds.) Who's who in gay and lesbian history: from antiquity to the mid-twentieth century. Routledge. ISBN 9780415159838

Spurlin, William J (2002) Theorizing queer pedagogy in English studies after the 1990s. College English, 65 (1). pp. 9-16. ISSN 0010-0994

Steuer, Daniel (2002) In defence of experience: Goethe's natural investigations and scientific culture. In: Sharpe, Lesley (ed.) The Cambridge companion to Goethe. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 160-178. ISBN 9780521665605

Surprenant, Celine (2002) Qu'aurait pensé Nietzche de Proust? In: Surya, M and Nancy, J L (eds.) Lignes nouvelle série 07: un autre nietzsche. Léo Scheer, pp. 298-307. ISBN 9782914172349

Surprenant, Céline (2002) Freud's mass psychology: questions of scale. Renewing Philosophy . Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9780333997420


Thomas, Sophie (2002) The return of the fragment: "Christabel" and the Uncanny. Bucknell Review, 45 (2). pp. 51-73. ISSN 0007-2869

Thurschwell, P (2002) A different Baby Blue. In: Corcoran, N (ed.) Do you Mr. Jones? Bob Dylan with the poets and professors. Chatto and Windus, London, pp. 253-273. ISBN 9780701172800


Vance, Norman (2002) Irish literature since 1800. Longman Literature In English Series . Longman. ISBN 9780582494787


Watts, Cedric (2002) Conrad's foes. In: Bychenkov, Vladimir and Sebezhko, Yelena (eds.) Joseph Conrad Studies. Kaluga U P, pp. 123-138.

Watts, Cedric (2002) [Review] John G. Peters (2001) Conrad and impressionism. Studies in the Novel, 34 (4). pp. 473-6. ISSN 0039-3827

Watts, Cedric T (2002) Transactions and transtextualities: 'The Lagoon', 'Because of the Dollars', 'The Warrior's Soul' and 'Christmas Day at Sea'. Conradiana, 34 (1-2). pp. 15-30. ISSN 0010-6356

Wheeler, Max (2002) Morfologia 5: Flexió verbal irregular i verbs defectius. In: Solà, Joan, Lloret, Maria-Rosa, Mascaró, Joan and Pérez Saldanya, Manuel (eds.) Gramàtica del català contemporani. Vol. 1. Empúries, Barcelona, pp. 647-729. ISBN 9788475969077

Wood, Marcus (2002) Slavery, empathy and pornography. Oxford University Press, Oxford ; New York. ISBN 9780198187202

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