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Anderson, Laurie and Piazza, Roberta (2001) Talking about texts: Production roles and literacy practices in university seminars in Britain and Italy. In: Bamford, Julia and Bondi, Marina (eds.) Dialogue within discourse communities: metadiscursive perspectives on academic genres. Beiträge zur Dialogforschung (28). Max Miemeyer Verlag, Tübingen. ISBN 9783484750289


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Barnett, David (2001) Joseph Goebbels: Expressionist dramatist as Nazi minister of culture. New Theatre Quarterly, 17 (2). pp. 161-169. ISSN 0266-464X


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Hadfield, Andrew (2001) The name 'Philautus': Barnaby Rich and John Lyly. Notes and Queries, 48 (3). pp. 313-314. ISSN 0029-3970

Healy, Margaret (2001) Fictions of disease in Early Modern England: bodies, plagues and politics. Palgrave, New York. ISBN 9780333963999


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Kane, Daniel (2001) Gertrude Stein's 'Tender Buttons'. In: Haralson, Eric L (ed.) Encyclopedia of American poetry: twentieth century. Routledge, pp. 690-691. ISBN 9781579582401

Kane, Daniel (2001) John Ashbery's 'Clepsydra'. In: Haralson, Eric L (ed.) Encyclopedia of American poetry: the twentieth century. Routledge, pp. 26-27. ISBN 9781579582401

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Marcus, Laura (2001) Dreaming and cinematographic consciousness. Psychoanalysis and History, 3 (1). pp. 51-68. ISSN 1460-8235

Marcus, Laura (2001) How newness enters the world: the birth of cinema and the origins of man. Forum for Modern Language Studies, 37 (2). pp. 186-203. ISSN 0015-8518

Marcus, Laura (2001) Introduction: the project of mass-observation. New Formations (44). ISSN 0950-2378

McEvoy, William (2001) Butler 'Redundant'. TLS : Times Literary Supplement (5138). p. 19. ISSN 0307-661X

McEvoy, William (2001) Failing to happen. TLS : Times Literary Supplement (5109). p. 19. ISSN 0307-661X


Newell, Stephanie (2001) Literary activisim in colonial Ghana: a newspaper-novel by 'A. Native'. Current Writing: Text and Reception in Southern Africa, 13 (2). pp. 20-30. ISSN 1013-929X

Newell, Stephanie (2001) 'Paracolonial' networks: some speculations on local readerships in colonial West Africa. Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 3 (3). pp. 336-354. ISSN 1369-801X

Nicholls, Peter (2001) The Swinburne nexus. Parataxis, 10. pp. 33-53.

Nicholls, Peter (2001) A homemade world? America, Europe, and objectivist poetry. In: Giorcelli, Cristina (ed.) The idea and the thing in Modernist American poetry. Editrice Ila Palma. ISBN 9788877043986


Piazza, Roberta (2001) Authorship and responsibility in television news narratives: applying Goffman's model of production formats. In: Bettoni, Camilla, Zampolli, Antonio and Zorzi, Daniela (eds.) Atti del II congresso di studi dell'Associazione Italian aid linguistica Applicata (Conference Proceedings). Guerra. ISBN 9788877155733

Piazza, Roberta (2001) Une analyse contrastive des questions posées par le enseignants dans le séminaires universitaires anglais et italiens. In: Paganini, Gloria (ed.) Differences et proximites culturelles: l'Europe. L'Harmattan, Paris, pp. 115-135. ISBN 9782747501972

Plag, Ingo and Uffmann, Christian (2001) Phonological restructuring in creole: The development of paragoge in Sranan. In: Conference on Degrees of Restructuring in Creole Languages, UNIV REGENSBURG, REGENSBURG, GERMANY.


Salgado, Minoli (2001) Anita Desai. In: Fallon, Erin, Feddersen, R C, Kurtzleben, James, Lee, Maurice A and Rochette-Crawley, Susan (eds.) A reader's companion to the short story in English. Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn, pp. 133-142. ISBN 9780313291043

Salgado, Minoli (2001) Complexity and the Migrant Writer: Chaotics in Michael Ondaatje's Fiction. In: Hale, Nanette and Khair, Tabish (eds.) Unhinging Hinglish: the languages and politics of fiction in English from the Indian subcontinent. Angles on the English-speaking world (1). Museum Tusculanum Press, Copenhagen, pp. 89-105. ISBN 9788772896724

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Sinfield, Alan (2001) Pastoral, Pierre Macherey and the ideology of literary history. In: Grabes, Herbert (ed.) Literary history/cultural history: force-fields and tensions. Gunter Narr Verlag, pp. 149-160. ISBN 9783823341710

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Steuer, Daniel (2001) Essay, play and form: on finding a place for Freud's 'The Interpretation of Dreams'. Psychoanalysis and History, 3 (1). pp. 39-50. ISSN 1460-8235

Steuer, Daniel (2001) Goethe and Wittgenstein on the limits of science: towards a critique of abstraction. Publications of the English Goethe Society, 71. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0959-3683

Steuer, Daniel (2001) Thomas Bernhard's 'Auslöschung. Ein Zerfall': Zum Verhaeltnis von Geschichtsschreibung, Autobiographie und Roman. In: Durrani, Osman and Preece, Julian (eds.) Travellers in time and space: the German historical novel. Amsterdamer Beiträge zur neuren Germanistik (51). Rodopi, pp. 61-77. ISBN 9789042013957

Surprenant, Celine (2001) Translation: The speculative remark: one of Hegel’s bons mots, by Jean-Luc Nancy. Stanford University Press, ix-xviii. ISBN 9780804737142

Sutherland, Keston (2001) Edit Chant.

Sutherland, Keston (2001) The trade in bathos. Jacket Magazine, 15.


Taylor, Jenny Bourne (2001) Received, a blank child: Charles Dickens, John Brownlow and the London Foundling Hospital - archives and fictions. Nineteenth-Century Literature, 56 (3). pp. 293-363. ISSN 0891-9356

Thurschwell, Pam (2001) Supple minds and automatic hands: secretarial agency in early twentieth century literature. Forum for Modern Language Studies, 37 (2). pp. 155-68. ISSN 0015-8518

Thurschwell, Pamela (2001) Literature, technology and magical thinking, 1880-1920. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge ; New York. ISBN 9780521801683


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Vance, Norman (2001) Volunteer thought: William Crawford of Strabane. In: Boyce, D George, Eccleshall, Robert and Geoghegan, Vincent (eds.) Political discourse in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Ireland. Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 257-269. ISBN 9780333712610

Vance, Norman (2001) The problems of unionist literature: Macaulay, Froude and Lawless. In: Boyce, D George and O'Day, Alan (eds.) Defenders of the union: a survey of British and Irish unionism since 1801. Routledge, London & New York, pp. 176-187. ISBN 9780415174220


Watts, Cedric (2001) "The Death of the Author": Roland Barthes's Unappreciated Satire. The Humanities [Hong Kong], 1. pp. 81-90. ISSN 1605-5802

Watts, Cedric (2001) [Review] Andrew Michael Roberts (2000) Conrad and masculinity. Textual Practice, 15 (2). pp. 398-402. ISSN 0950-236X

Wood, Marcus (2001) High tar babies: race, hatred, slavery, love. Clinamen press. ISBN 9781903083833

Woods, Nicola J (2001) Internal and external dimensions of language change: the great divide? Evidence from New Zealand English. Linguistics, 39 (5). pp. 973-1007. ISSN 0024-3949

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