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Unset (2000) Beckett/Aesthetics/Politics. pp. 207-293.

Royle, Nicholas, ed. (2000) Deconstructions: a user's guide. Palgrave Macmillan, 336 pp. ISBN 9780333717615

Watts, Prof Cedric, ed. (2000) Joseph Conrad: "Lord Jim". Broadview. ISBN 97818551111728

Spurlin, William J, ed. (2000) Lesbian and day studies and the teaching of English: positions, pedagogies, and cultural politics. National Council of Teachers of English, Urbana, Ill, xxxiii + 326. ISBN 9780814127940

Boxall, Peter, ed. (2000) Samuel Beckett: 'Waiting for Godot' / 'Endgame': a reader's guides to essential criticism. Palgrave Macmillan. ISBN 9781840460827

Watts, Prof Cedric, ed. (2000) Wiiliam Shakespeare: "Henry V". Wordsworth. ISBN 97818402224214

Watts, Prof Cedric, ed. (2000) William Shakespeare: "Hamlet". Wordsworth. ISBN 9781853260094

Watts, Prof Cedric, ed. (2000) William Shakespeare: "King Lear". Wordsworth. ISBN 9781853260957

Watts, Prof Cedric, ed. (2000) William Shakespeare: "Macbeth". Wordsworth. ISBN 9781853260353

Watts, Prof Cedric, ed. (2000) William Shakespeare: "Romeo and Juliet". Wordsworth. ISBN 9781840224337

Watts, Prof Cedric, ed. (2000) William Shakespeare: "The Merchant of Venice". Wordsworth.. ISBN 9781840224313.

Watts, Prof Cedric, ed. (2000) William Shakespeare: "Twelfth Night". Wordsworth. ISBN 9781853260100.

Barnett, David (2000) Access denied: Werner Schwab, the explosion of character and the collapse of the play-within-a-play. In: Williams, Arthur, Parkes, Stuart and Preece, Julian (eds.) German-language literature today: international and popular? Peter Lang, Oxford ; New York, pp. 281-294. ISBN 9783906764887

Barnett, David (2000) Collective dramaturgy: a Marxist challenge to the modern stage, or: Heiner Müller's political theatre of destruction. In: Wallace, Ian, Tate, Dennis and Labroise, Gerd (eds.) Heiner Müller: Probleme und Perspektiven. Rodopi, pp. 45-55. ISBN 9789042015616

Barnett, David (2000) Dramaturgies of "Sprachkritik": Rainer Werner Fassbinder's "Blut am Hals der Katze" and Peter Handke's "Kaspar". Modern Language Review, 95 (4). pp. 1053-1063. ISSN 0026-7937

Barnett, David (2000) The Holocaust and documentary metadrama: Heinar Kipphardt's Bruder Eichmann. In: Dochartaigh, Pól Ó (ed.) Jews in German literature since 1945: German-Jewish literature? German Monitor . Rodopi, Amsterdam ; Atlanta, pp. 587-598. ISBN 9789042014633

Boxall, Peter (2000) 'The existence I ascribe': memory, invention, and autobiography in Beckett's fiction. Yearbook of English Studies, 30. 137 - 152. ISSN 0306-2473

Carlier, J C (2000) Roland Barthes's resurrection of the author and redemption of biography. Cambridge Quarterly, 29 (4). pp. 386-393. ISSN 0008-199X

Conrad, Joseph (2000) Tales of Unrest. Everyman's Library . J.M. Dent. ISBN 9780460876568

Davies, Alistair (2000) Faltering at the line: Auden and postwar British culture. In: Davies, Alistair and Sinfield, Alan (eds.) British culture of the postwar: an introduction to literature and society 1945-1999. Routledge, London, 125 - 138. ISBN 9780415128117

Davies, Alistair and Sinfield, Alan (2000) British Culture in the Postwar. Routledge, 29 pp (introductory material). ISBN 0415-12811-0

DeCaires Narain, Denise (2000) Caribbean Creole: the real thing? Writing and reading the Creole in a selection of Women's Texts. In: Nasta, Susheila (ed.) Reading the 'new' literatures in a postcolonial era. Essays and Studies (53). D.S. Brewer, Cambridge, pp. 105-127. ISBN 9780859916011

Dove, Mary (2000) Evading textual intimacy: the French secular verse. In: Fein, Susanna (ed.) Studies in the Harley manuscript: the scribes, contents and social contexts of British Library MS Harley 2253. Western Michigan University Medieval Institute Publications, Kalamazoo, USA, 329 - 349. ISBN 9781580440608

Dove, Mary (2000) Literal senses in the Song of Songs. In: Krey, Philip D W and Smith, Lesley (eds.) Nicholas of Lyra: the senses of scripture. Studies in the History of Christian Thought (90). Brill, Leiden & Boston, 129 - 146. ISBN 9789004112957

Gualtieri, Elena (2000) Virginia Woolf's essays: sketching the past. Palgrave Macmillan, vii - xi + 179. ISBN 9780312227913

Gualtieri, Elena (2000) The impossible art: Virginia Woolf on modern biography. Cambridge Quarterly, 29 (4). 349 -361. ISSN 0008-199X

Gurney, Ivor (2000) Rewards of wonder: poems of Cotswold, France, London. Carcanet, Manchester, 166 pp. ISBN 9780904790900

Imbert, Claude (2000) Gottlob Frege, One More Time. Hypatia, 15 (4). pp. 156-173. ISSN 0887-5367

Jolly, Margaretta (2000) The Exile and the Ghost-Writer: East-West Biographical Politics and The Private Life of Chairman Mao. Biography, 23 (3). pp. 481-503. ISSN 01624962

Jolly, Margaretta (2000) Feminism and After: Pat Barker, Penelope Lively and Contemporary Women's Writing. In: Sinfield, A and Davies, A (eds.) British Culture of the Post-War: An Introduction to Literature and Society 1945-1999. Routledge, London, pp. 58-82. ISBN 9780415128117

Kilfeather, Siobhan (2000) Disunited kingdon: Irish, Scottish and Welsh writing in the postwar period. In: Davies, Alistair and Sinfield, Alan (eds.) British culture in the postwar: an introduction to literature and society, 1945-1999. Routledge, London, pp. 9-30. ISBN 9780415128117

Lebeau, Vicky (2000) A child in question. Angelaki, 5 (1). 149 - 157. ISSN 0969-725X

Murphy, M Lynne (2000) Knowledge of words versus knowledge about words: the conceptual basis of lexical relations. In: Peeters, Bert (ed.) The lexicon-encylopedia interface. Current Research in the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface (5). Elsevier, Amsterdam & New York, 317 - 348. ISBN 9780080435916

Newell, Stephanie (2000) Acada girls in Yoruba marriages: Funmilayo Fakunle's domestic scenes. In: Brown, Stewart (ed.) Kiss and quarrel: Yoruba/English, stategies of mediation. African Studies Series (5). Centre of West African Studies, University of Birmingham, pp. 123-140. ISBN 9780704422834

Newell, Stephanie (2000) Ghanaian popular fiction: 'Thrilling Discoveries in Conjugal Life' and other tales. James Currey, Oxford. ISBN 9780852555569

Newell, Stephanie (2000) Popular publishing in Nigeria and Ghana: production processes and marketing techniques in the non-textbook sector. Book Collector, 49. pp. 61-87. ISSN 0006-7237

Newell, Stephanie (2000) Redefining mimicry: quoting techniques and the role of readers in locally published Ghanaian fiction. Research in African Literatures, 31 (1). pp. 32-49. ISSN 0034-5210

Nicholls, Peter (2000) "Deeps in him": Ezra Pound and the persistent attraction of Laforgue. Revue Francaise d'Etudes Americaines, 84. pp. 9-19. ISSN 0397-7870

Nicholls, Peter (2000) John Ashbery and language poetry. In: Kelly, Lionel (ed.) Poetry And The sense of panic: critical essays on Elizabeth Bishop and John Ashbery. Costerus NS (124). Rodopi. ISBN 9789042007208

Nicholls, Peter (2000) Phenomenal poetics: reading Lyn Hejinian. In: Delville, Michel and Pagoulle, Christine (eds.) Postwar American poetry: the mechanics of the mirage. Universite de Liège, Liège. ISBN 9782872330256

Nicholls, Peter (2000) Pound's places. In: Davis, Alex and Jenkins, Lee M (eds.) Locations of literary modernism: region and nation in British and American modernist poetry. Cambridge University Press, pp. 159-177. ISBN 9780521780322

Quinn, Vincent (2000) Fostering the nation: Patrick Pearse and pedagogy. New Formations, 42. pp. 71-84. ISSN 0950-2378

Quinn, Vincent (2000) Loose reading? Austen Sedgwick and critical practice. Textual Practice, 14 (2). 305 - 326. ISSN 0950-236X

Quinn, Vincent (2000) On the borders of allegiance: indentity politics in Ulster. In: Phillips, Richard, Watt, Diane and Shuttleton, David (eds.) De-centering sexualities: politics and representations beyond the metropolis. Critical Geographies, 6 . Routledge, London & New York, 253- 272. ISBN 9780415194662

Rhodes, John David (2000) 'Our beautiful and glorious art lives': the rhetoric of nationalism in early Italian film periodicals. Film History, 12 (3). pp. 308-321. ISSN 0892-2160

Salgado, Minoli (2000) Migration and mutability: the twice born fiction of Salman Rushdie. In: Davies, Alistair and Sinfield, Alan (eds.) British culture of the postwar: an introduction to literature and society, 1945-1999. Routledge, London & New York, 31 - 49. ISBN 9780415128117

Salgado, Minoli (2000) Tribal stories, scribal worlds: Mahasweta Devi and the unreliable translator. Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 35 (1). 131 - 145. ISSN 0021-9894

Shakespeare, William (2000) Henry V. Wordsworth classics . Wordsworth. ISBN 9781840224214

Sinfield, Alan (2000) Royal Shakespeare: theatre and the making of ideology. In: Shaughnessy, Robert (ed.) Shakespeare in performance. Macmillan. ISBN 9780312233129

Smith, Lindsay (2000) Photographic portraiture and the forgetting of colour. Journal of European Studies, 30 (117). 91 - 110. ISSN 0047-2441

Spurlin, William (2000) Gertrude Stein. In: Aldrich, Robert and Wotherspoon, Garry (eds.) Who's who in gay and lesbian history. Vol I: Ffrom antiquity to World War II. Routledge, pp. 419-421. ISBN 9780415159821

Spurlin, William (2000) Remapping same-sex desire: queer writing and culture in the American heartland. In: Shuttleton, David, Watt, Diane and Phillips, Richard (eds.) De-centring sexualities: politics and representations beyond the metropolis. Routledge, London, pp. 182-198. ISBN 9780415194655

Steuer, Daniel (2000) Morphologie und Moderne: Goethes ironische Erkenntnistheorie und die Frage nach dem Organismus. In: Bartel, Heike and Keith-Smith, Brian (eds.) 'Nachdenklicher Leichtsinn' : essays on Goethe and Goethe reception. Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, 39 - 52. ISBN 9780773475519

Steuer, Daniel (2000) "[...] aber das Muhlrad dreht sich als fort ohne Rast und Ruh": Buchner's Gegenwortkunst und der Satz von der Erhaltung der Schonheit. In: Barkhoff, Jürgen, Carr, Gilbert and Paulin, Roger (eds.) Das schwierige 19: Jahrhundert. Studien und Texte zur Sozialgeschichte der Literatur Niemeyer 2000, 77 . Walter de Gruyter, 365 - 376. ISBN 9783110936551

Sutherland, John and Watts, Cedric (2000) Henry V: War Criminal? & Other Shakespeare Puzzles. Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-283879-2

Sutherland, Keston (2000) Nervous breakdowns in Chris Emery's 'The Cutting Room'. Quid (5). pp. 10-15.

Taylor, Jenny Bourne (2000) Lady Audley's secret, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon. Penguin Classics, London, xlv + 454 pp. ISBN 9780141905150

Taylor, Jenny Bourne (2000) Nobody's secret: illegitimate inheritance and the uncertainties of memory. Nineteenth Century Contexts, 21 (4). 565 - 592. ISSN 08905495

Thomas, Sophie (2000) The ends of the fragment, the problem of the preface: proliferation and finality in 'The Last Man'. In: Eberle-Sinatra, Michael (ed.) Mary Shelley fictions: from 'Frankenstein' to 'Faulkner'. Macmillan, pp. 22-38. ISBN 9780333771068

Thurschwell, Pam (2000) Sigmund Freud. Routledge critical thinkers . Routledge, London, p. 176. ISBN 9780415215213

Vance, Norman (2000) Niebuhr in England: history, faith and order. In: Stuchtey, Benedikt and Wende, Peter (eds.) British and German historiography 1750-1950: traditions, perceptions and transfers. Oxford University Press, Oxford & New York. ISBN 9780199202355

Vance, Norman (2000) Secular apocalyptic and Thomas Hardy. History of European Ideas, 26 (3-4). pp. 201-210. ISSN 0191-6599

Watts, Cedric (2000) Bakhtin's monologism and the endings of 'Crime and Punishment' and 'Lord Jim'. The Conradian, 25 (1). pp. 15-30. ISSN 0951-2314

Watts, Cedric (2000) Cedric Watts on the ambiguity of the title of 'Heart of Darkness'. In: Bloom, Harold (ed.) Joseph Conrad's 'Heart of Darkness' & 'The Secret Sharer'. Bloom's Reviews : Comprehensive Research & Study Guides . Chelsea House, p. 54. ISBN 9780791041277

Watts, Cedric (2000) Darkest Greeneland: 'Brighton Rock'. Graham Greene Birthplace Trust.

Watts, Cedric (2000) Introduction. In: The collected poems of W. B. Yeats. Wordsworth Editions, Ware, v-xvii. ISBN 9781853264542

Watts, Cedric (2000) Radio interview:- Missing Persons: Cunninghame Graham. [Audio]

Watts, Cedric (2000) Wrogowie Conrada. Przeglad Humanistyczny, 44 (1-2). pp. 99-106.

Wood, Marcus (2000) Blind memory: visual representations of slavery in England and America 1780 - 1865. Manchester University Press, Manchester, 341 pp. ISBN 9780719054464

Wood, Marcus (2000) 'The abolition blunderbus': free publishing and British abolition propaganda. In: Raven, James (ed.) Free print and non-commercial publishing since 1700. Ashgate, Aldershot, 67 - 93. ISBN 9780754600855

Woods, Nicola (2000) New Zealand English across the generations: an analysis of selected vowel and consonant variables. In: Bell, Allan and Kuiper, Koenraad (eds.) New Zealand English. Victoria University Press, 84 - 110. ISBN 9780864733641

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