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Bennett, Andrew and Royle, Nicholas (1999) An Introduction to Literature Criticism and Theory. Prentice Hall, 288 pp. ISBN 0-13-010914-2

Boxall, Peter (1999) [Review] Richard Kearney (1997) Postnationalist Ireland: politics, culture, philosophy. Textual Practice, 13 (1). 198 - 205. ISSN 0950-236X


Coates, Richard (1999) Tangmere. Sussex Past and Present, 88. pp. 5-9.

Crozier, Andrew (1999) Zukofsky's list. In: du Plessis, Rachel Bau and Quartermain, Peter (eds.) Objectivist Nexus: essays in cultural poetics. University of Alabama Press, Tuscaloosa, 275 - 285. ISBN 9780817309749


DeCaires Narain, Denise (1999) The body of the woman in the body of the text: the novels of Erna Brodber. In: Conde, Mary and Lonsdale, Thorrun (eds.) Caribbean women writers: fiction in English. Macmillan, pp. 97-116. ISBN 9780312218638


Gualtieri, Elena (1999) Three guineas and the photograph: the art of propaganda. In: Joannou, Maroula (ed.) Women writers of the 1930s: gender, politics and history. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 165 -178. ISBN 9780748611126


Healy, Tom (1999) And none but thee: England and the Renaissance. Bulletin of the Soceity for Renaissance Studies, XV (1). pp. 32-44.


Jolly, Margaretta (1999) Between Ourselves: Letters as Propaganda in the Second World War. In: Thornton, T and Taithe, B (eds.) Propaganda: political rhetoric and systems of beliefs. Sutton Publishing, pp. 239-61. ISBN 0750920289

Jolly, Margaretta (1999) Defining a Field: The Encyclopedia of Life Writing. Auto/Biography Studies, 14 (2). pp. 309-316. ISSN 0898-9575

Josipovici, Gabriel (1999) On Trust: Art and the Temptations of Suspicion. Yale University Press, New Haven, 294 pp. ISBN 9780300079913


Kane, Daniel (1999) Richard Howard. In: Shatzky, Joel and Taub, Michael (eds.) Contemporary Jewish-American dramatists and poets: a bio-critical sourcebook. Greenwood Press, Westport, Conn, pp. 306-311. ISBN 9780313294617

Kane, Daniel (1999) Sex, politics and poetry: a look at the history of 'Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts'. Arshile, 11. pp. 106-107.

Kohlenbach, Margarete (1999) Kafka and the German-Jewish double bind. In: Timms, Edward and Hammel, Andrea (eds.) The German-Jewish dilemma: from the Enlightenment to the Shoah. Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, 177 - 192. ISBN 9780773481954


Lauret, Maria (1999) Alice Walker. Palgrave Modern Novelists . Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke and London, ix 252. ISBN 9780333592700

Lauret, Maria (1999) 'The approval of Headquarters': race and ethnicity in English studies. In: Bulmer, Martin and Solomos, John (eds.) Ethnic and racial sudies today. Routledge, London ; New York, pp. 124-135. ISBN 9780415181730

Littlewood, Ian (1999) Introduction. In: Jane Austen, 'Pride and Prejudice'. Wordsworth Classics . Wordsworth Editions, Ware. ISBN 9781853260001


Marcus, Laura (1999) Introduction: histories, representations, autographics in The Interpretation of Dreams. In: Marcus, Laura (ed.) Sigmund Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams: New Interdisciplinary Essays. Texts in Culture . Manchester University Press, Manchester, pp. 1-65. ISBN 9780719039744

Murphy, Richard (1999) Theorizing the avant-garde: modernism, expressionism, and the problem of postmodernity. Literature, Culture, Theory (32). Cambridge University Press. ISBN 9780521632911


Newell, Steph (1999) Du marche de la litterature a la 'litterature de march'. Vivant Univers, 442. pp. 22-26. ISSN 0042-7527

Nicholls, Peter (1999) Beyond the Cantos: Ezra Pound and recent american poetry. In: Nadel, Ira (ed.) The Cambridge Companion to Ezra Pound. Cambridge Companions to Literature . Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 139-160. ISBN 9780521649209


Oldfield, Sybil (1999) The collective biography of women in England 1550-1900: a select annotated bibliography. Mansell Publishing, xvii + 168 pp. ISBN 9780720123210


Piazza, Roberta (1999) Dramatic discourse approached from a conversational analysis perspective: Catherine Hayes's Skirmishes and other contemporary plays. Journal of Pragmatics, 31 (8). pp. 1001-1023. ISSN 0378-2166


Royle, Nicholas (1999) E.M. Forster. Writers and their work . Northcote House/ British Council, Plymouth, UK, 99 pp. ISBN 9780746308417

Ryle, Martin (1999) Journeys in Ireland: literary travellers rural landscapes cultural relations. Ashgate, Aldershot, 190 pp. ISBN 9781859282007

Ryle, Martin (1999) Relevant provision: the usefulness of cultural studies. In: Aldred, Nannette and Ryle, Martin (eds.) Teaching culture: the long revolution in cultural studies. National Institute for Adult Continuing Education, Leicester, 39 - 52. ISBN 9781862010451


Sinfield, Alan (1999) Out on stage: lesbian and gay theatre in the twentieth century. Yale University Press, 406 pp. ISBN 9780300081022

Spurlin, William J (1999) Culture, rhetoric, and queer identity: James Baldwin and the identity politics of race and sexuality. In: McBride, Dwight A (ed.) James Baldwin now. New York University Press, New York & London, pp. 103-121. ISBN 9780814756188

Steuer, Daniel (1999) Die stillen Grenzen der Theorie: Übergänge zwischen Sprache und Erfahrung bei Goethe und Wittgenstein. Böhlau, Köln. ISBN 9783412042998

Sutherland, Keston (1999) The Accomplishment of Knowing One's Place. In: Dorward, N (ed.) Unset Unset.


Taylor, Jenny Bourne (1999) Forms and fallacies of memory in 19th-century psychology: Henry Holland, William Carpenter and Frances Power Cobbe. Endeavour, 23 (2). pp. 60-64. ISSN 01609327

Thurschwell, Pamela (1999) Elvis Costello as cultural icon and cultural critic. In: Dettmar, Kevin J H and Richey, William (eds.) Reading rock and roll: authenticity, appropriation, aesthetics. Columbia University Press, New York, pp. 287-310. ISBN 9780231113991

Thurschwell, Pamela (1999) Ferenczi's dangerous proximities: telepathy, psychosis and the real event. Differences, 11 (1). pp. 150-78. ISSN 1040-7391

Thurschwell, Pamela (1999) Henry James and Theodora Bosanquet: on the typewriter, 'In the Cage', at the Ouija Board. Textual Practice, 13 (1). pp. 5-23. ISSN 0950236X


Vance, Norman (1999) Irish literature, a social history. Four Courts Press, Dublin & Portland. ISBN 9781851824502


Watts, Cedric (1999) Drake's trumpets in Conrad's 'Nostromo'. Conradiana, 31. pp. 213-216.

Watts, Cedric (1999) Indirect methods. In: Swisher, Clarice (ed.) Readings on 'Heart of Darkness'. Literary Companion Series . Greenhaven Press, pp. 177-183. ISBN 9781565108233

Watts, Cedric (1999) Interview contributions: 'Don Roberto'. [Audio]

Watts, Cedric (1999) Joseph Conrad's maritime politics. In: Chung, Ling and Ting, Chen-wan (eds.) Poseidon and the muses: proceedings of the International Conference on Arts, Literature and the Ocean. Sun Yat-sen journal of humanities series (4). College of Liberal Arts, National Sun Yat-sen University, pp. 3-20. ISBN 9789570249071

Wheeler, Max W., Yates, Alan and Dols, Nicolau (1999) Catalan: a Comprehensive Grammar. Routledge Grammars . Routledge, xvii + 638 pp. ISBN 0-415-20777-0

Woods, Nicola (1999) Archaism and innovation in New Zealand English. English World-Wide, 21 (1). 109 - 150. ISSN 0172-8865

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